‘The Bond Phone’ edition unboxing video [Xperia T]

by XB on 22nd September 2012

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Want to see the unboxing of the special edition James Bond version of the Sony Xperia T? Well check out the unboxing video below. It comes with snazzy Skyfall 007 packaging and a number of other assets from the new Bond film including ringtones, screensavers, geotags and making-of images from the new film. We want.

Via Telekom Presse.

  • budakjb

    Seems nice…but will it come to Malaysia?

  • m-cd

    My Xperia S got stolen :( Should I buy the T?

  • Aj


  • ProWeirdo

    V is better than T, I recommend you V.

  • lovebmw

    Who ever liked your comment really sucks…

  • lovebmw

    No gun?

  • Did anyone notice that the NFC label was not even place properly at the back of the phone bu Sony? I am surprised that the QC is so bad now…

  • m-cd

    I doing the research now. Well, I LOVE the S, so naturally I was thinking SL, but now that I’ve checked the V it looks really nice. However, it doesn’t have the transparent strip, the SE logo and the S is just minimalism transform into a phone.
    I’ll stay with a dumb Blackberry until I decide.

    Thanks for the help. I’l probably end up buying the V :)
    Pd: I miss my S

  • it’s a sticker only not an NFC logo it can be removed =__=”

  • Rex

    V in the true flag ship. Sony was forced to delay its release as not to take to many buyers from the T/TX. Sony will start selling the V at the end of November.

  • Hope it will release to all country :)

  • aj

    You can choose any mobile you like Xperia SL,T,Tx,V …i bet u will love anyone of them

  • Aj

    Nah…..you just get the feeling of the gun

  • m-cd

    Thanks, the T is way to big for my taste. I was also considering the J (looks great on the Sony ad). Hope XperiaBlog does some nice reviews. I’ll have to wait until the release.

  • m-cd

    I was wondering the same thing. In the spanish Sonymobile.com the J appears as “coming soon”, but there’s no V, wtf!

  • Rex

    Remember, Sony and Ericsson has invested alot of time and money on the T/TX. They’ll want to see a return first before they unleash the real beast, The V.
    If you noticed, the V does not have the Sony Ericsson logo. It’s the Flag ship. Sony’s first monster phone ( and water resistant ). Gotta love it.

  • Rex

    End of November

  • where did you get information about released date of V ?

  • Rex

    On line retailers here in Sweden ( 14 of them ) have listed the release date as November 28th.

  • Nick

    the worst James Bond ever ..but phone looks very nice ,i own the S so thinking better buy the tablet S than sell cheap the S and buy the V with almost the same money and after all iam very happy with the S

  • m-cd

    How much? I have a friend in Sweden, maybe i can have it deliverd.

  • Xperia Bond mission only on UK or all over the globe

  • Rex

    5,000 Sek. It’s about 550 €

  • your lucky ;) i am also thinking to buy xperia v , but released date and camera button makes me think about xperia t :(

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  • Rex

    Camera button is no big deal. The v is the only one with Sony Bravia engine 2!
    The T/TX are not on sale in Sweden. Only the J ( on sale next month ) and the V.Also the T weighs in at 139g, while the V weighs in at 120g.

  • Rune Christiansen

    Well…That was kinda lame..

  • afzal

    Xperia tx will be in malaysia. And maybe xperia j n V. Due to xperia v are lte eneble means you can switch network and we have digi to offer lte network ;-)

  • Well, your absolutly right , new technology display and new sound system , water resistance , make to think twice about xperia v , only problem is camera button is missing

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