Xperia T display looks washed out versus the Xperia ion

by XB on 30th September 2012

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We had always thought that Sony would have sourced the same display for the Xperia T as that used in the Xperia ion. After all, both displays feature a 4.55-inch screen size and 720 x 1280 pixel resolution. However, judging by some pictures comparing both screens below, the Xperia T’s display looks distinctly inferior.

It looks washed out when comparing the displays at various angles and the Xperia T contrast levels are also not as good as the Xperia ion with the latter showing deeper blacks. What we don’t know at this stage whether the users handset display is faulty in some way. However, there are others that are also talking of a “washed out” display. It would be a shame if Sony is sticking inferior displays in its new flagship, although we’ll wait to hear of further reports before concluding that that is indeed the case.

Xperia ion display (left) versus the Xperia T display (right)

– 100% full brightness on both screens

Xperia T display versus the Xperia ion

Xperia T display versus the Xperia ion

Xperia T display versus the Xperia ion

Xperia T display versus the Xperia ion

Xperia T display versus the Xperia ion

Xperia T display versus the Xperia ion

Xperia T display versus the Xperia ion

Xperia T display versus the Xperia ion

Xperia T display versus the Xperia ion

Via xda-developers.

  • lovebmw

    As everyday posted pass by, the V sounds way more appealing

  • dyepnoodle

    now that sucks!! xperia t looks like a cheaper phone

  • Xwow

    Gamma lvl is too high

  • until we see the same thing on the V

  • felix lefort

    LOL , see the last screenshot, that picture sucks ass on the ion.. overall there are more details on the xperia t , better screen imo.

  • This is a display setting, not a lower quality screen.

  • Sajib Ahmed

    It’s the bravia engine bug I think. Unless the one who took the pictures turned off bravia engine or the Xperia ion is running ics, it might actually be due to the bravia engine not working on ics for the Xperia t.

  • Pondering

    Is the T worth it? Or should I wait for the V, Lumia 920 or the new Nexus phones..?

  • Choose between T and V depending on preference in screen size, LTE and waterproofness.
    I wouldn’t go for a wp8 phone as it’s still not a mature OS.

  • t

    look the pictures more carefully.
    they weren’t taken at the same angle.

  • Aj

    Fake a

  • Aj

    Hmmm guys i am sony fan but things are not looking great… lumia 920 or xperia t,tx,v ??????

  • Aj

    The more i look videos of nokia lumia 920 the more i feel converting to wp8….maybe i am slowly converting to wp8 :|….why sony interface has to lag always specially the homescreen widgets??????

  • I am an Android user myself and i dont think Android is ‘mature’ with the exception of the apps..I mean, it may be mature but i dont think it has the ‘stableness’ of Windows Phone..Maybe thats what project butter will bring along Jelly Bean, but well just see..Windows Phone (8) may not be a lot faster or stable, but it makes you think it is cleverly designed, with its transitions during loading times etc. I think thats something Android is lacking..

  • scorpio

    opti contrast thing?

  • José Noguera

    I’m the owner of these pictures. I can say for sure that there’s no any trick on these photos. Bravia Engine is activated on both devices, brightness is set at 100% on both but anyway you set the level of brightness the Ion has way deeper blacks and stellar contrast, and the angles are exactly the same. Like I said on xda post, Ion has the best screen that Sony has ever made, very closer to the best ips panels out there. The question now is to know if my screen is faulty or Sony it’s not putting their best screen on their flagship phone.

  • GT-T

    I think it is fixable. Waiting for update with fix from Sony.

  • if media streaming means alot for you, then stick to android, because XBMC is coming out for it officially.

  • Happy with my “Xperia Ion”!

  • Wow, that looks terrible. The display on the T is pretty terrible compared to the Ion. When I first heard about the T I wanted it, but the more and more I hear about it, it just sounds less and less appealing. Isn’t really that much of a leap from what I already have. Also, the battery isn’t as large as on the Ion.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    well done sony, well done! :D

  • What is the reason that made you feel happy? In fact?Xperia T is also a Sony’s product. If it cannot beat off Xperia ion?how can it fight with samsung note 2 or even nokia? Just think about it.

  • Brapicoco


  • kc the ppl judging from a random post. Looking at other pictures of the Xperia T, the screen does not look washed out like that.

  • I know someone who bought on eBay France and says he has that problem.

  • salah

    thats the screen of our flagship ?!! :(

  • afzal

    I dont think its a display issue but more to display setting.. one thing for sure when using high level brightness the color will be less seing due to to led backlight technology and this happen also to my xps in high level brightness. Maybe xperia t had more brigtness compare ion. But better wait from sony itself to response with this enquiry.

  • sonywhy

    Sony you are on the top of color with both camera and screen ………..I couldn’t believed this happened on Bone Phone ………Xperia T :

  • something doesn’t work in your Xperia T imo

  • nfs2010

    It could be a faulty display. I had two x10. The one I bought on the launch day had a pretty washed out display. I bought the other around 3 months later. That display was way better than the first one. First batch of devices tend to have some issues that get ironed out over time. This could be the case here – just my guess.

  • pixlas

    could it be that you are using 100% brightness in a dark setting? How about lowering the brightness to what is best case (for your eyes) and compare that?
    Maximum brightness does not mean best image quality, obviously…

  • djabag

    So many idiots wrights so many stupid things on this forum !
    Of course you should not have the screen on 100% brightness, try that on your computer screen and you get the same results.

  • José Noguera

    enter to the post of xda and see that there is also evidence to the brightness to 25% on both devices. The Ion screen has more contrast on every brightness level, the T has too much gamma, it’s very simple.

  • truthhurts

    Lol… Go check out xda, you will find ur answer :)

  • CloudAtlas

    Nothing wrong with mine. Screen is just perfect.

  • boosook

    It seems very strange to me that this is the quality of the display of the xperia T. IMO either the display is faulty or the settings are wrong or the comparison has been made intentionally with wrong settings to spread FUD on this phone. If this is really the quality, than it would be an epic fail! But IMO we can’t say it now and I think this news should have been verified before posting it.

  • boosook

    It could also be a problem with just a batch of displays coming from a given OEM. All phone manufacturers use a number of different OEMs, so if you buy, say, an iPhone your display could be made by LG, Samsung or whatever. There might be very slight differences but they are small and barely noticeable as long as the OEM respects the specifications from the designer, but sometimes there could be problems with some OEMs…

  • miki69

    it’s an isolated case, most likely “lemon”. User has already sent it back for a replacement. I wouldn’t worry too much, as many others praise Xperia T screen for its vibrant, punchy colors.


  • when talking about screens Xperia P with White Magic should be listed within the above test

  • dyepnoodle

    sony can fix this. its just software. on my galaxy nexus u can change the color preferences, contrast and gamma just by installing a custom kernel

  • YuuriAyano

    The SX V will have the next best display!!!!! ……i hope

  • pleitti

    aw . what happened to xperia T ?

  • tiktok1

    mobile-review website also came to a similar conclusion about the screen – inferior…

  • Bull..shit with the photos. Bad angles or faulty handset. Don’t believe the spammer.

  • xperia s user

    ion looks too dark I think.. like an OLED phone :S I think some screens are better on Xperia T but some just need a little bit more contrast

  • Anirban

    might be due to WhiteMagic Display unit on the xperia T??

  • Nezar

    How do you know the user has already sent it back for replacement? Is Sony paying you to spread lies?

  • miki69
  • miki69

    No WhiteMagic for T, though T has new Opticontrast panel that should increase contrast and reduce glare.


  • Xperia blog have to stop to make public all the things that they see in others blogs, i trust in the videos that we see from the ifa 2012, when the most important reviwers show us in video all the beautiful features of the xperia T, also compared with the sg3, where the beautiful screen of the T shine up, so for the owner of the pics drop that chinese fake version of the xperia T and do other something

  • Arex

    These are all screenshots of media. Was the bravia engine on on both models?

  • Now Look at this results…. T display looks better than HTC one X, iphone 5, and Xperia S…. Sure The “T” they have is Faulty…..
    Also look at 0.16, where T Screen is much Sharper than S…..

  • Widod

    my xperia S also has experienced same problem, after they replace my screen due to yellow tint. it seems now the color of the LCD is really inferior compare my previous screen, the black color looks grey seems like the gamma really high and the white color appear yellowish (warm color) all the screen , Sony really make me disappoint

  • FYB

    yup! but i want Sony to use OLED technology with their smartphone.

  • I think they will use it in their Nexus phone. Remember 4.3″ Oled Displays they were importing !!!!!

  • imy

    Mine Xperia t is perfect no problem with display I checked even with my mate’s galaxy 3 he was amazed how rich and real color is from Xperia t thanks to bravia engine reality display is just awesome

  • Did@

    My screen in Xperia T looks like this. Angles are horrible, gamma is 1,6 and for green, red 2,4. Compared to XPU IPhone 4S screen looks awful.

  • Mario Heredia

    I own Xperia T and have exactly the same issue and exactly the same question
    Is this how Xperia T’s display should look like or is my screen faulty
    Colors look really pale and washed out, I compared it to a SIII and there’s a world of difference between them

    Should I ask for a replacement?

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