Sony Xperia handsets outselling BlackBerry and Nokia in Europe

by XB on 5th October 2012

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The industry analysts at Kantar Worldpanel recently previewed their latest smartphone sales data and it appears to be good news for Sony in Europe. Whilst Samsung continues its dominance with 48% market share over the last three months, Kantar says that “Sony is making up for lost time with its Xperia series, outselling both BlackBerry and Nokia as a result of strong performances in Spain, Germany and France“.

We don’t have access to the full report, so we don’t know the exact market shares of each of the manufacturers. Regardless of this it appears that Sony is taking market share from other competitors which is good news. Sony Mobile may not be breaking the stranglehold of the big players, but it has every chance of success next year as long as it can release some compelling hardware in a timely fashion.

Thanks Drazen!

  • lovebmw


  • Roy

    With all these new technologies we’ve been hearing from being held for the 2013 line, I’m very optimistic about Sony’s position as a new power player between smart devices next year. Specially excited to see where their camera sensors are going to take us.

  • Roy

    Well, not new, this implies Sony isn’t already, just … more of a.

  • jag

    nice!! good news for sony and sony fans ^^

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Roflmao! The only people I know that use BB are those forced by employers to use it. And I live 10 min drive away from RIM’s corporate headquarters! As of Nokia – nobody wants a Win 7 device, only WP8. So in other words Sony is still alive but the perspective is grim. Awake me when Sony outsells GSIII or iShit.

  • Have been 10 year im use Sony Ericsson until today.what i can say im totaly proud with sony product :D

  • saju

    Well done

  • Samuel Serafim

    Gz Sony. This happens because they dont know how horrible your camera is.

  • you know nothing about the smartphone market, that puts sony well within the top 4, when last year they were struggling to keep within top 8 its progress something i wasnt expecting tbh

  • Prasadchangarath


  • jon

    Way to go Japan!!

  • Cloud_Connected

    Hope so… Didn’t read much about Sonymobile’s plans and lineup thus far… Great news for Sony though that they manage to gain marketshare in that difficult business.

  • Make.Believe

    Europe & Japan Love Sony!
    Fuck The America!!!!!!!

  • AlexBurnout

    I’m glad then…
    Ooo yeah!!!

  • RamyRamzzz

    You do realize that Nokia is a European company and still has the biggest marketshare in Scandinavian countries, right? You do also realize that RIM outsells HTC and Motorola internationally, right?

  • Even though, apart from Nokia’s PureView, Sony delivers the best camera performance?

  • Xperialover

    america is under apple domination – Apple BDSM torture

  • roeshak

    This is nothing to be happy about. The blackberry is now seen as a teenagers phone while windows mobile isn’t very popular.
    What is important is how they are doing against their rivals in android and there they are still lagging way behind samsung in sales. Beating Nokia and RIM means nothing
    They’ve had a bit of success shipping xperia s’s on contract but I doubt any of their other devices will sell that much. Their most recent line of phones are just too stylish and will only appeal to certain types of people (the superficial) and Apple has those firmly in a tight grip.
    Sony learn from the relative success of the xperia s and ditch all these ericsson over stylish feminine phones. If they stick to the nxt design language going forward and come out with the right spec sheet and finally get their act together and stop being so ridiculously late with software, then they might even start challenging the real players Samsung, HTC and LG.
    Now that boys and girls…is how the cookie crumbles

  • Michael Salib

    Same here….have been a SE user since K850 till I got the almighty Xperia S

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Scandinavian countries? 25million total population as of 2012 lol. And RIM outsells HTC in low-end only just because many companies invested heavily into BB’s ecosystem and desperately trying to find a way out right now. So yeah awake me when Sony outsells Samsung and Apple in the US, Germany, France, the UK, (or better yet China as well).

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Top 4 my ass ;D
    But yeah, keep dreaming sunny-boy :)

  • Amit18

    Proud user of w350i, cedar and Xperia mini st15i. Currently using a pathetic Nokia 500. After my xperia mini is damaged by rain because of small budget and in that I was getting only java based phone from sony so I settled down for Nokia 500 with current belle refresh. But I can say even my cedar was way better than current 500 and 500 is nowhere in front of Xperia mini. May be next year when my budget will allow me will get an xperia. May be my mind will divert if Nokia will come up with a meego smartphone cause I very much liked the swipe UI in N9.

  • Soshi

    I always use Sony Ericsson,but quite disappointed because slow update to jb. I hope sony will make nexus tablet or phablet because i still consider Sony as the best but missing vanilla android. And I hope Sony still consider making a flip phone for choice, I believe many still want it and quite sick with too many touchscreen out there with the same form

  • jr

    Thats great news congrats sony better be agresive this coming Mwc 2013 take a risk make a phone a quad core s4 and have atleast 2,000 mah batery. I dont think xperia v or t can match xperia s wow factor. Xperia s needs new legacy.

    Eventhough xperia is not match with s3 or iphone 5 but to me a perfect timing for maximize of dual core is this year I think next year will be efficient of quad core

  • kerekes

    I didn’t like Sony Ericsson… While the cellphones were usual, i prefered Nokia… And when smartphones came out, i saw the xperias ugly… But now, the Xperia by only Sony, It’s beautyful, and gives a high end feeling to me.

  • paul4id

    It is a pity that Americans have such loud mouths. For no other reason do the over-priced crApple and SameSung dominate.

  • H-R-K

    thats a good news for sony

  • Brad Williams

    WTG, I thought I was bad. I just tried to count mine and could only manage to remember 10 from S/E starting with the T610 and 3 from Ericsson. :)

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