Xperia V’s new camera filters demoed on video

by XB on 9th October 2012

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The Sony Xperia V (LT25i) has been given a thorough hands-on by the Sony Mobile Russian team. They have posted a 16-minute video of the handset, all of it in Russian. We couldn’t catch the gist of most of it due to the language barrier but did spot some new camera UI features towards the end of the video.

It shows a number of camera filters that will now be enabled when taking pictures. There is also some kind of slider on the right which turns the brightness up and down. If there is anyone that speaks Russian and can give more details on this we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

  • available Q4 in Russia, four colours
    nothing special is said in that video, actually
    they said more video coming soon, they will be more detailed

  • JDM

    I am excited and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Hurry up and send one over to the U.S Sony. Samsung S3 and Iphone aint got nothing on the V! i would battle my friends phone to phone in a swimming pool and show them their hero junk phones got nothing on the Sony Xperia V.

  • lovebmw

    It is nice, but this news will only slow down the sales of the T… I mean come on Sony I just bought my T… going to turn it and wait for the V

  • dam this phone is sexy !! it has everything ! even water resistant! but i don’t know should i buy this or wait for Sony to bring up S4 pro processor on their device with 2 GB RAM and a bigger screen … cause i want 4.7″ screen >>fall in love with HTC one X screen when i hold it for one day :P … so what do you guys think should i wait or buy this once it’s available ?

  • Xlash Andraid

    I want to walk in a rainy day, taking pictures of some water drops and videos of people running.

  • We’re already in Q4, so guess that was expected, but 4 colors? Is Russia getting the turquoise one too?

  • the xperia v gets better with every news post!!

  • Aj

    I think you should buy it becoz it is water resistant and i doubt that sony next flagship will have 2 gb ram or water resistant tag….and only improvement might be with the processor ,gpu and better camera sensor but i think this xperia V processor and gpu can easily help you keep this mobile for atleast 2 years if not more and its camera is already outstanding so i guess you should go for this when released

  • PVV

    Regarding the camera part the review explains the HDR mode, praises the new Auto mode (which

    surprisingly called SUPER AUTO MODE!) and also describes 9 filters that can be used right then you shoot a picture, so you see as it looks like before taking the shot. They are called: Nostalgic,
    Miniature, Living Colors, Filter, Fish Eye, Sketch, Partial Color, Harris’s
    Shutter, Kaleidoscope. After that the three of them is explained more thorough, as shown in video – Nostalgic (there you can set the some kind of contrast level with the slider and you get something like old photo in the end), Miniature (there as it said some toon like effect is applied to a picture) and Living Colors (this time really cool one – the picture is black and white but you can restore color to selected objects by simply touching them).
    P.S. Really like the phone from this review (with the exception of lost dedicated camera key) and hope it has some decent camera compared to that crap Sony sold me in Xperia S.

  • Aj

    No it wont T has its own values and style

  • PVV

    Sorry, my mistake the filter that I described as Living Colors is really Partial Color and the Living Colors just makes the picture colors more vivid.

  • jag

    is it not Superior Auto Mode? it’s like in my cybershot camera TX20. also has some of the filters shown in the video for Xperia V. so they’ve put the features of the cybershot in this fone… woohoo! xperia V FTW!!

  • FlowXT

    The video also mentions that:
    – The miniature mode is based on selecting a ‘focus zone’ using a rectangle, while apply a clever blur effect to the rest of the image.
    – The HDR function is based on taking 3 photos and combining them together by the camera application
    – Sony couldn’t include a camera button because of build constraints
    – the charging dock will not come bundled with the phone (unlike Xperia acro S). – the back is made from scratch resistant plastic- Sony is not using quad core CPU because they are less power efficient, do not offer performance advantage over dual core since Android OS is unable to utilize quad core. – Bravia Engine 2 is based on improved image processing algorithms – Sony will stream online TV channels to devices- The phone will be available in Russia in two colors.

  • rex

    Looks like the Acro S is now a relic from the past. Bring on the V!!!!!

  • Mupoxa

    About the camera (My English is not very well):
    Camera with HDR, which allows you to shoot even when backlit (12.33 – 13.00)First, there was a super auto mode, which automatically defines the optimal conditions for shooting (13.05 – 13.16)Secondly, there were effects (13.18 – 13.25)There are 9 built-in filters (13.26 – 13.46)
    “Nostalgia mode” Touch the screen can change the style. There is a special slider that allows you to configure additional filters. (13.50 – 14.08)
    There is a mode “Thumbnail”. You can specify the area of ??focus and take a photo. She received a little cartoony. (14.12 – 14.40)
    The “Live Colour” enhances color reproduction, the picture will be brighter and more saturated (14.44 – 14.53)
    “Sketch mode:(14.58 – 15.07)
    The effect of “partial color”. When the black and white photo, you can select a single object, which returns the color (15.13 – 15.31)

  • s-emo

    This is the main I got from it
    New technology using only 2 layers (controller+glass together and screen) instead of 3 layers (glass, controller, and screen)
    The result is a thinner, brighter screen with larger viewing angles
    New mobile Bravia Engine 2 with enhanced algorithms
    Arc series with a mix of sola due to the slightly standing out screen
    New generation soft touch at the back cover, longer lasting
    MHL at the micro USB port
    Fast charging using a dock (using the two visible electric connections next to the MHL port)
    Justified the use of dual core processor: Longer battery life, often faster than quad cores, quad cores not yet fully optimized in Android – calls it a marketing trick
    ..Operating system:
    Android 4.0.4, updates coming soon after release
    ..Video and albums:
    Gets additional information about the watched movies when connected to the net
    Allows fast wireless transfer of video to an external screen (using WIFI direct)
    Album became very interesting with many ways of seeing photo lists, including positioning on the globe where they were taken
    Slide show with music and effects
    HDR based on three photos
    Super Auto Mode – calls it very useful in real life
    Drawing effects using 9 different filters which allows taking photos with the chosen filter
    Filters: focused area, live colors, sketch, partial color, etc.
    partial color allows to touch an objects and make its color visible while the other colors remain grayscale.
    Sales in Russia start in Q4

  • Any one else thinks it dosent look like 10.1mm thick??? it looks really thin and dosent look like a water resistant phone! amaze your friends!

  • Aj

    Xperia acro S and Xperia go are not relics from the past because they both have WET FINGER TRACKING which means you can operate them underwater but Xperia V does not have the WET FINGER TRACKING (correct me if i am wrong) so SONY is very smart and every Xperia they launch has its own exclusivity :)

  • The Xperia V is like a DSLR camera with its features , With a shutter button this wud have been a GREAT PHONE

  • Rex

    We all know that no one uses their mobile underwater! The choice is simple. A chunky / heavy Acro S , Xperia Go with one of the worst displays out there, or the slim, fast, hardware packed high end beauty, the phone that we’ve all been waiting for, Xperia V.
    Enjoy your acro s / go.
    I’m gonna love my XPERIA V! :)

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  • LHEE


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