Sony C660X ‘Yuga’ unveiled in benchmark

by XB on 12th October 2012

in Rumours

Rumour time again. We’ve already reported about the Sony C650X ‘Odin’ being the 2013 Sony Mobile flagship. Well its sibling phone – the Sony C660X ‘Yuga’ – has made an appearance in the AnTuTu benchmark. The AnTuTu benchmark shows the Sony C6603 ‘Yuga’ running on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean at a 1.5GHz processor speed, recording a total score of 11,321.

According to a close source of ours, both phones will run on the Qualcomm platform, powered by a quad-core Snapdragon S4 chipset (APQ8064 & MDM9615 with Adreno 320 graphics). Yuga will have a different appearance to Odin, but hardware will be similar. Looks like rumours are starting to come in thick and fast now.

Benchmark info from Blog of Mobile.

  • Xlash Andraid

    “S4 chipset”, that means power and speed.These upcoming phones are going to be true beasts inside, but beautiful “ladies” (lol) outside. You know, SONY style matters.

  • Xlash Andraid

    “S4 chipset”, that means power and speed, no matter if it’s dual or quad core. These upcoming phones are going to be true beasts inside but beautiful ladies (lol) outside, you know, SONY style matters.

  • naathaanS

    Well, i guess I’m going to wait until Sony’s next year line…again

  • Why do people even want quad core when dual is enough to handle most circumstances….

  • M Usman

    Ahh amazing news if true! Xperia ARC upgrade = Xperia Odin!

  • aaronrymer

    Sony are always gonna be bringing out new phones.. I wouldn’t advise you keep waiting all the time, they’re will always be something better 6 months later, just get the new one as soon as it comes out :) that’s the best way

  • DeepUnknown

    Lets hope they fix power issue, a powerful phone with a weak battery is not a good idea, it’s battery shouldn’t be less than 1500mAh if Sony didn’t want to include a great battery.

  • Adrian

    I guess the UI still will lagg with S4 Pro….

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    1500mAH minimum? NO MORE LIKE 2100mAh

  • jxPerience

    xperia the only mobile brand i know.

  • bk

    Odin being the father of Thor in Norse mythology, you’d think this was an indication that the phone will be using a chipset from ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor platform. Perhaps, this was the original intention but maybe STE didn’t have chip powerful enough ready. But I reckon, as was the case for 2012, this is Sony’s hedging strategy going forward: release a H1 family of phones predominantly based on ST-Ericsson’s chips and a H2 family of phones predominantly based on Qualcomm chips. If one chipmaker doesn’t have a chipset that’s appropriate for a particular phone then bring one in from the other, as was the case with the xperia s.

  • M Usman

    I doubt that very much. But I think looking for Xperia AX software videos, the software is more advanced and probably needs more power. Plus don’t forget it will launch with JB. Project Butter. I don’t think it will lag at all

  • samo

    No the upgrade for Arc is Xperia T and xperia V

  • Anirban Das

    Just hoping that Xperia Odin would be Xperia Play Succesor and this would Xperia Arc Succesor…Just like they did in 2011…plz let it be true :’) dieing for an upgraded xperia play…let the design be same..just want a more powerful phone with that awesome gamepad of PLAY so that i can just open the pad n play wenever i m getting bored…nd as tech is advancing…i guess they can put a 2500mAh battery inside the new xperia play n make it remain the same 16mm as it is now..i dnt have any problem with thickness coz it helps during gaming..:) n also an edge to edge display like razr m :D that wud be awesome :D

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  • uidesigner_sony

    More opportunities to see possible changes in the NEWest Android (4…), vote to make this concept available(for example percents available now!):

  • JDM

    dual is enough but at the same time if the same device can be produced with more power to it wouldnt hurt the us the consumers. Besides, the only reason i buy sony products is because i want to stand out and tell the i-sheeps and the fansungs that i have a better device than they do..appearance-wise and spec-wise

  • M Usman

    I meant when my upgrade is due in March 2013, I will upgrade to the Xperia Odin. I never said the upgrade to arc was an Xperia Odin

  • Coolkid

    What’s the RAM for this mobile…???

  • H-R-K

    sony release with oled display ………..

  • jxPerience

    Xperia UI never lags since GB 2.3.3 as compared to HTC, LG and Motorola
    Samsung UI has minimal lags but the interface was horrible and looks like china phone

    FYI Xperia UI is the most classic, beautiful and elegant as compared to other manufacturers skinned interface.

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  • Xlash Andraid

    The saddest part is some people that cry like baby demanding a quad core don’t even know what they need it for.

  • Dürer

    Android goods but Sony should make their own operating system as well.

  • naathaanS

    True, but for now, maybe, i will wait for next year’s line up since there is exmor rs waiting, or maybe i could just get lumia 920. Still deciding

  • yeah, but this year’s smartphones UI even more beautifully, smooth, and easy to use.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    a lumia? Thou traitor! Thou shalt not earn a seat in Valhalla doing that!

  • DoucheyTuesday

    It lags because of the crap that keeps running in the background on android and is so awkward to shut off…Google need to accept the blame on that.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Don’t you know shitsung?

  • Looks like T and TX upgrade 0.0 same specs diff design

  • Well, the Japaneses tend to have very good designs :)

  • Brapicoco

    Oh well, these rumors kinda push me back from buying the TX, it really takes some time to be released globally, and its launch date globally really is not timely because 2013 is near and definitely new devices will be announced at CES and MWC. 2012 line will slowly be abandoned because Sony will focus on the 2013 line giving 2012 crappy updates in order for customers to buy 2013 xperia. Learn it from 2011 line. Learn it from the Xperia S users. Learn it from the X10 owners.

  • TheDutt

    Nooooo! Not Quad-Core! We don’t want or even need quad core! just better RAM management!

  • TheDutt

    I would want Gorilla Glass 2 more than an OLED display. :/


    I fully agree with you. While Samsung is releasing JB, Sony is still rolling out ICS to its 2011 portfolio.

  • paul4id

    I have heard of Samdung.

  • paul4id

    You forgot to mention how ugly the stock Google UI is. I mean, what on earth are the widgets doing on the application tray, the animations are trying too hard and are distracting, many of the icons are just damn ugly, and the whole Tron thing just reeks of what some spotty Google geek kid thought would be “awesome”.

  • paul4id

    Mobile review sites are some of the worst offenders. I don’t get the obsession over “flagships” nor excessively large screens.

  • naathaanS

    No, No! Please… I didnt mean to, I was brainwashed for a while…
    on the serious note though, i like it a little bit but i’m still interested in TX and V more, much much more. Especially the V since its waterproof

  • 2 days ago phonearena and a lot other sites reported abt XPERIA ODIN specs… but to my surprise XB didn’t even care to report those leaked specs…
    Actually i was the one to tip phonearena abt the specs of ODIN(i found all that info in esato forums).
    The same specs are now being confirmed by XB tipsters.
    i am now going to provide a lot more detail abt SONY’S 2013 lineup!!! Here it is—
    In 2013 there will be 3 SONY flagships.
    In CES 2013 there will be twin XPERIA phones (DOGO) with slightly less specs as compared to ODIN and YUGA.
    In MWC 2013 SONY will unviel ODIN and YUGA(another twin phones)
    And in the 2nd half of 2013 there will be another flagship(even more powerful than ODIN, YUGA)
    These are more specs of SONY’S upcoming flagships-
    * 5 inch IPS screen with 1080p resolution (manufactured by JAPAN DISPLAYS, a joint venture of SONY). Japan Displays will start the mass production of these screens during this month.
    * 2-3 gb ram (nothing is confirmed as of now)
    * 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 chipset (APQ8064)
    * android jelly bean/nxt android iteration (jelly bean is only for prototype devices)
    Exactly same specs as ODIN, but screen of YUGA will be of 6 inch with same resolution
    that’s why YUGA codename is higher(C660x) as compared to ODIN (C650x)

    THE nxt Flagship in 2nd half of 2013 will come with either QUALCOMM MSM8974 or NovaThor 9600.
    Diff. bet APQ8064 and MSM8974

    – 28nm
    – Quad Core Krait 1.5-1.7GHz
    – Adreno 320
    – Can capture 1080p@24/30fps
    – BT4+WiFi a/b/g/n + No Cell Modem

    – 28nm
    – Quad Core Krait 2.0-2.5GHz
    – Adreno 320
    – Can capture 1080p@60fps
    – BT4+WiFi a/b/g/n/ac + LTE + HSPA+ networks

  • hamboy

    Where the fuck is my international SX?

  • well if Sony ever released a flagship of 5-6 inch display then i would never consider of buying it i’d rather have 4.3 – 4.7 inch display then 5 – 6 inch displays :S and as for RAM really 3 GB ?? i mean come on 2 GB is the maximum for Android Devices … what Sony must consider is that people looking for more balanced device so if they put 4.3 – 4.7 inch displays with Quad Core CPU then they must at least put 2100 mAh Battery in their devices now that would be a COOL flagship cause anything lower then 2000 mAh in battery is in the past and it’s OLD ! so please Sony Consider on putting Battery on your devices with much higher capacity and 2100 mAh is the minimum capacity for your next devices .

  • Ukrainian Kid

    UI lags bcus android os sucks!! im so bored and i think that Sony needs a unique software system for its devices.
    I just don’t get why sony was only waiting for google’s android?, It dose not make sense!.

  • kust0r

    Well, I don’t think it’s so ugly. It’s modern, more like the winphone one. But Xperia UI is no doubt the most elegant (and simply and plain and maybe lightweight..) out there.

  • kust0r

    I think they need something really innovative, not just an improvement of hw specs. Sony made a good movie with the sola, but they have to pursuit good things like nokia has made with wireless charger. It’s plenty of powerful “all-the-same” handset out there (chinese ones are far cheaper)…

  • Brapicoco

    Never lags? have you read the Sonymobile thread and see for yourself..

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  • Brapicoco

    what’s wrong with agreeing with someone and giving you a thumb down? maybe these people are fanboys that are really blinded and cant see reality or just fanboys who have not witnessed SE/Sony’s trend because they never had any Xperia device on 2010 and 2011

  • evita

    bullshit, pure speculation!

  • really ??? not even a single part of it is speculation!!!
    all the info i mentioned here comes from “randomuser” from ESATO forums…
    he knew about Xperia ODIN, YUGA, DOGO, GAGA and their specs back in JUNE 2012 when nobody even had a clue about what sony 2013 flagships will be like.
    Head on to ESATO forums( u can find the exact link in phonearena’s post abt leaked specs of ODIN) and see and confirm urself through his posts made in june 2012.
    You should confirm everything before calling anything bullshit!!!

  • evita

    care to explain who is “randomuser” and how reliable of him?

    pure bullshit with all speculation i.e. wet dream

  • jxPerience

    Yeah it never lags, use it by yourself and do not rely on forums, See for yourself!

  • I think the Odin may be the Xperia Play 2. Think about it: 5 inch OLED display, CPU and GPU quad core.. the same specs of Playstation Vita :)

  • evita

    3 hours already passed dude… who is “randomuser” and how reliable he is, give me proper answer unless all your quoted just another pure bullshit speculation.

  • hansip

    Really hoping Sony to up the ante on the battery side. Xperia fan here, but really teased to give Motorola RAZR Maxx a try simply because of its battery. Sony, if you really don’t strive for slim profile, then give us at least 2500mAH battery!

  • @evita even tho these speculation are rumors you don’t have to take it seriously and bullshit everyone ?? no matter if it’s true or not everything should take as a rumor until Sony officially announce it .. maybe not anyone like 5 or 6 inch screen but there are other people who would come to have these kind of phone so nothing is bullshit it may happen or may not it’s sample as that :/

  • Dacha

    Randomuser is a very active member of the esato forum. Mostly he has accurate rumors but he has also been wrong in the past. Based on his knowledge ODIN will have a 5″ screen but it will be the same size as the Xperia Ion. If that is true, the whole front of the phone will be screen only.

    Abhishek is bragging to know everything. I should not have posted the link to the esato forums when I was asked how I knew some details about ODIN. Now he will ruin every post on XB with his stupid comments.

  • Aj

    Hey no need to insult any company….they r the leaders at the moment so show some respect

  • hola

    hi out of topic… some1 know f the xperia tx microSD card is supported of UHS-1

  • WTF ? I have used every phone from 2008 :P 2011 portfolio is the first devices to receive the ICS update. Who said it’s still rolling out. I have a XS & X Arc, I got the update for Arc first…..

  • Brapicoco

    @jxPerience:disqus I personally own xperia X8, Ray and S and it lags. maybe you dont know what a lag means? or you’re just too blind to see that. I have these devices and no bloatwares installed, just stock and from time to time it lags for a short while.

  • Brapicoco

    Rolling out means not all regions have the update, and most updates are crappy. ICS for most 2012 line up are late for ICS even though JB is out

  • too confused to buy which one .
    arghh .
    wish i had more money and buy all of it .
    LOL !

  • jxPerience

    may i ask you do you know how to use smartphone? if not i recommend that you need to refrain from using it and go back using featured phones. PROBLEM? was not Xperia UI the problem is you who doesnt know to use SMARTPHONES!

    By the way i used Xperia Mini, Ray, Pro, Arc, U, P and currently Acro S and all of them any single day i dont experience LAGS.

    Im not depending SONY im just saying USERS pls get rid of annoying complaints about XPERIA, be REAL its not the phone that make it busted its the INNOCENCE of USERS who dont know how to use it properly.

  • jxPerience

    Just buy one and wait for the NXT one. or else you will wait in VAIN

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  • Nlasoda

    I own an xperia… and only have one thing to say about it. Bootloader Unlock Allowed: NO … That is really shitty… Samdung/Shitsung don’t have that problems… so I can’t be so happy as you are…

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  • i am not bragging to know everything!!!
    i have already mentioned that i am providing all this info courtesy of randomuser.
    So, please stop being critical of the info i posted.

  • Rune Christiansen

    I think it’s quite juvenile with name calling, but ‘respect’? seriously? It’s not a popularity contest.

  • Rune Christiansen

    it’s called project butter, get with the times man! ;-)

  • Rune Christiansen

    lol, get real, why would they compete with their own products(Vita)? I would venture a guess and say there’ll never be another Play.

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  • Brapicoco

    @jxPerience:disqus I know how to use and maybe you’re the one who is really blind to see that? so this argument is pointless because you fail to understand something and just keep your mind closed for others opinions and just “shove” them and saying “you dont know how to use a smartphone”

    I think you’re just a silly kid who really knows nothing about the smartphone world and industry for you to say that.

    GET REAL! maybe you’re mentioned phones there are still running on GB and yeah it’s smooth lag is unnoticeable but try running it on official ICS and see for yourself.

    and to answer your question “Yes I know how to use a smartphone effectively and it’s your INNOCENCE or just plain IGNORANCE that makes you say all those statements”

    Peace out I don’t want to stain this thread anymore with nonsense arguments with the likes of this one.

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  • TjaldidTjaldid

    because there will be better and better games

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  • Sid

    Why not ‘Key Lime Pie’ in 2013 flagship? Why Sony wants to be behind all others?
    Given hardware will be ‘old’ in 2013, so want to see any better A15 based chipset in Flagship.
    Please think big.

  • mozhdeh

    any way!i think xperia is not the best

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