Is smartphone technology ‘good enough’ already?

by XB on 15th October 2012

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The mobile spec-hardware race continues apace, if anyone wondered what improvements could be made to smartphones, then recent rumours show just where it’s headed. It was only this year that we saw the introduction of a 720p display in a Sony Xperia smartphone and now early next year it looks like we will see a 1080p smartphone display as the new flagship.

Sony isn’t the only one though, HTC is also rumoured to bring out a 1080p smartphone – there’s every chance that 1080p displays could be the new norm in the flagship race next year. However, how far can the boundaries keep being pushed before the difference to the average consumer becomes negligible?

We were wondering this yesterday whilst posting about the 5-inch 1080p JDI display with 443PPI pixel density. The 342PPI pixel density display of the Xperia S is one of the best we’ve seen and unless you have your nose to the screen you’d never really need anything better (obviously we’ll reserve judgment though until we’ve actually seen these new 1080p 5-inch displays in person!)

With Sony Mobile looking to use quad-core chipsets for the first time in the 2013 Xperia range, we also do wonder how fast progress will be beyond quad-core processors. We just have to look at the desktop PC market to see that we’ve not seen the same leaps and bounds in the processor market that we saw since the early Intel Core 2 Duo and quad-core days.

How many of you run anything greater than a quad-core PC? We’d imagine it is very few. It will be the same for the mobile market – yes, the chips will get more efficient, fabrication sizes will decrease – but we doubt we’ll see more processor cores and higher clock speeds will massively increase until battery life is much improved.

Moving on to cameras, smartphone camera technology is fast rivalling point-and-shoots and for many people photos taken on their smartphones are ‘good enough’. Yes we complain about noise, sharpness and most of us would love to see a return of a xenon flash on a Sony Xperia. But let’s get real, most people don’t print huge canvases of their smartphone pictures. They’ll use it to share onto social media sites and that’s it.

For us, there is one fundamental area where smartphone technology has stood still and that is battery life. Whilst we’ve seen seismic shifts in most other components of smartphone technology, the same cannot be said of battery life. Back in the day, battery usage on feature phones weren’t even a consideration for most people as they just lasted for days. Fast forward to today and it’s generally accepted that you need to charge your phone every night.

We’d love to be able to get even two solid days usage out of a modern smartphone – including tethering, GPS, watching movies etc. We’re a long way off this for now, but this is what we long for most. So for us, the answer to our title question is an unequivocal no. Whilst there are some areas of smartphones reaching diminishing marginal rates of return (displays, chipsets), there are others that can still be much improved with battery life heading the list. We’d still like a xenon Xperia too if Sony is listening.

So over to you, have you reached smartphone fatigue? Are new mid-range smartphones good enough for your day-to-day use? Or do you still find excitement at the very cutting edge. We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • lantis

    I guess all the mid range with these spec are enough
    – Dual cores n a 1 Gigs Ram
    – Enough GPU
    – 4 – 4.2 inch is sufficent and fits in palm
    – capable camera .5 mp ( SONY should take back their camera censor from IPHONE )
    – MOST of it A GREAT BATTERY LIFE ( replaceable )

    A more affordable Xperia S spec phone ( + BIGGER BATTERY ) from sony will be good & become a HIT

  • eisuke

    I’m sure everyone would agree on the battery life bit but for me personally, I’d like to see mobile phones (& IT/tech industry in general) spend a bit more R&D in doing more with less. Rather than cramming a 4500amh battery could we have a mega-phone that can run for 3 days on a 1500amh battery? A phone that doesn’t utilise rare earth metals? Has a much lower embodied energy? A phone that would keep us happy for more than 2 years in performance, design & robustness?

  • Arex

    It’s only normal this happens, as it happened in PC. I think Sony with their guided towards emotions strategy is really really good, just 2 years ahead of it’s time, today it’s all about what the paper says. Unless someone has a brake through in batteries (as in a whole new technology), i think this is pretty much it for a few years.
    My dream phone tbh, is the Tablet P from 2011, with only one 9-10″ screen when opening it, and not two screens divided by a huge bezel like the P had. An external screen would also help (think Kyocer Echo, but cool)
    That is where i see the future, when all the power of current day desktops (or laptops) will be packet into that tablet P of the future.

  • somethingsoniq

    Can’t see why anyone would want 1080p on such a small screen, it would suck so much battery life, 720p on 4.2 – 4.5 inch screen, `342ppii is perfect.
    Maybe 1080p on 5-6inches could be worth it.

  • xperialover

    I aggree 4-4.3 i pefect with the bigger lenses and sensor you forgot to add

  • I’m using a Xperia Sola which I believe it’s considered as a Mid-ranged smartphone.

    Everything is fine but I would prefer it to be a little bit smoother. It’s only for my day-today use, I don’t need fancy camera as I own a setup of DSLR & always carry a higher-end P&S camera with me.

    What I miss really is better sound quality not only for loudspeaker, but when used with better headphones, IEMs or earbuds. We used to have cool walkman phones in the past and we also have the Walkman Apps in 2012 Xperia. But will there be any Xperia Smartphone dedicated to be Audiophile quality? We already have plethora choices of large display smartphones, we have capable cameras-equipped smartphones, but I think we should have more Audiophile smartphones. Let say better chip & DAC used in the phones, better audio format support (Xperia 2012 currently support FLAC, but not APE), better equalizer and better stock earphones.

    What I don’t really want to see, are the fancy branding of audiophile-related marketing, like Beats from HTC, they’re basically rubbish.

  • Snickers

    Xperia V’s specs are pretty much what I’m looking for in a phone. If only it had 2GB of RAM, and at least 2000mAh of battery, I might not be buying another phone for another 3 years. A 4.3 inch screen is pretty much fine – not too large nor small. I’ve still yet to see how the Exmor RS will perform on future Xperia phones but I do hope there will be a significant improvement from the 2011 and 2012 lineup. WhiteMagic on a 720p screen with a 340+ is would probably look insane already and that 443ppi sounds overkill.

  • i’m gamer

    good enough ??!!

    all of them are the same ???



    so please stop information like this , sony-mobile wil don just what they want , not what customer want

  • Even my humble 1 GHz singlecore Xperia Neo runs snappy on Jelly Bean MIUI, the camera is better than HTC’s potatocams, and screen ppi is sufficient. If the next Android versions don’t get much heavier, I can see myself using the Neo for the next two years. I will certainly keep it another year unless I can get a great bargain.

  • All we SONY is that you will create a SUPER SMARTPHONE that even Samsung and Apple will say how i wish we can create that phone. I don’t care how much as long as you make it….

  • phil

    for me one of the most interesting developements is the ability to transform the smartphone into a bigger device e.g. tablet
    i think asus is going into the right direction with their PADPHONE. Transform the phone into a tablet, add a keybord an you get an ultrabook. I suggest the same possibility for the vaio tab 20 and many similar devices!!

  • malih

    Exactly, we need smooth fancy animation but we also require good battery life

  • jxPerience

    i hate the fast phase of smart phones innovations. Once you bought new mobile today with 600 usd price, tomorrow new phones available in the market and in your surprise your hard earned 600 usd mobile phone depreciate fast for only 399 usd. So sad that smartphones and other electronics are not a good investment nowadays and the reselling value is not that good. I hope there is a law that smartphones company will release new technology every after 1 year. But im a looking forward for the 2013 xperia phones. But for the mean time i will sell my xperia acro s and buy xperia v once it is available. So next year i will replace my V with so called c660x

  • xpcx

    Agreed. But the phone should be also smaller, not as Xperia T and V both have the same physical dimensions but first has 4.7 inch and second 4.3 inch display.
    For me a phone 4 inch with accordingly smaller size would be ideal.

  • boosook

    Actual programming languages do not scale well above 4 processors, because the overhead of multithreading and shared memory access starts becomes predominant. The benefits are limited, unless you use languages and software design patterns optimized for multiprocessing. That’s why IMHO we won’t see more than 4 cores for a long time.
    But this does not mean that smartphone development has come to a dead end at all!
    In the next years we will se high resolution displays, more RAM, bigger batteries, 64 bit processors so that more powerful CPUs and GPUs can be developed and powered so it will be possible to implement new advanced OS features and complex applications (like augmented reality, better speech recognition and voice synthesis, facial recognition and in a future recognition of text, gestures and maybe objects…) and more complex games.
    Phones will be smarter and smarter. Google Now will look as an early experiment in 10 years, when our phones will probaby be our virtual assistant and we will talk to the phone in natural language.
    In 30 years… who knows what our phones will be able to do.

  • jag

    you forgot to say “f*** you SONY!!”?? hehehe!

  • jag

    mid range phones are enough for me. i dont need all that power in my phone… unless they make a ps3-like games for it.. hahaha! but seriously, dual core is really enough

  • electrash

    3300 mAh battery like motorola razor, 5inch display 1080, 13mpx xenon, 16gb internal plus sd card, s4pro procesor (adreno 320, 2gb ram), support for 60,120fps video (slow motion), exmor rs, HDR support, RGBW support. and aluminium unibody.
    That i would like to see as new sony xperia flagship.

  • Smartphone advancement will not slow. Computers have not. It’s just our perception of them.
    Ultrabooks and tablets are evolutions of the netbook and should be seen as such.
    Remember when mobile phones were all the size of the x10 mini, and you could call and text with them? People thought the phone had reached it’s peak then. Just because we can’t see what’s behind the horizon does not mean there is nothing there.

  • Jake

    At our malaysia market , xperia P and xperia S come with livesound .
    The quality is not bad indeed .

  • fried_egg

    the issue is like with pc tech, the operating system doesnt remain basic with the tech improvements, which means even though we have more power, its more bloated and so lags again. so where the o/s & apps are good enough, what happens is they bloat out with new features with the speed increase available and the end result is poor again

  • Kaostheory

    I disagree, the pc is not portable, therefore has hit it’s limit. Phones have a long way to go. I for one want a phone that has the best camera possible. More and better sensors, something that detects oder, I would like to see better gps, so when using something like my rtracks it doesn’t just show a

  • Brapicoco

    I think dual core is enough and 4+ inch screen for day to day use.. Motorola’s move on packing their phones with high battery capacities is very good, why does other manufacturers follow that trend? at the end of the day someone with high and mind blowing specs phone will just rely on the battery.. the pace of the smartphone industry is moving so fast so consumers should buy the product they want and not wait and wait because eventually after few months their precious device would be replaced and become obsolete..

  • Arc S user

    In Singapore, I do see a gradual rising number of people using Sony smartphones, particularly the Xperia S, Sola and Ion. There are friends and kins of mine also using Xperia. The reason is simple, they love Android and the Xperia phone designs are really stylish (compared to other manufacturers’ phones). Although the specs maybe a bit lagging behind, I do not see that as in issue. I believe any manufacturers can simply add in the best specs into a phone but bringing the best user experience and best UI/phone design are other issues. That’s why Sony Xperia users are willingly to compromise a little on the specs, and truly enjoy the best phone design and user interface experience.

    As for 2013, I believe Sony is fast catching with the rivals. Under one roof without Ericsson, will accelerate the planning and decision making of each upcoming smartphone. Look at those old days when Sony Ericsson delivered the new phones about 4 months after the official announcement and the rolling out of updates (especially X10) were simply upsetting the eagerly awaiting users. Nowadays, the release of new smartphones are accelerated, within 2 months from the announcement (of course not all new phones will be released at the same time, look at Xperia S, P, Acro S, T/TX). In addition, the roll out of the ICS updates for 2011 Xperia phones are very promptly, according to their schedule without any delay (minor delays are due to the carriers in rolling out the update to their customers). And yes, Sony’s ICS build is heavily skinned. Unlike others (eg. Samsung), look more like the vanilla version of ICS, an example is the Main Menu. That explains why Sony has to take a slightly longer time in rolling out the updates.

    So yes, 2013 may be the turning point of Xperia where the flagships can truly FACE-to-FACE challenge the rivals’ flagships. All the best, Sony!

  • Cheng

    agree with you guys.~~ I think no matter Android system, or new functions, better camera… and stuff will just be just better and better. The one problem that still remains is really the battery life.
    I love my Xperia S really, and my wife loves her Galaxy Note, but we both can only use the phone up to 1 day less. I have to charge my phone at least 2 times a day cause I use a lot to play games on it (100 games on my phone~~). so yeah Like @disqus_JtHFpVTwcJ:disqus said; or we have to have a BIG amh battery or just a small amh but durable for more than 2 days… that would be already a breakthrough IMO.

  • lovebmw

    I bought tickets for this race and I thrive to see Sony in particular to go back to the top. However, current phones are just amazing and I am loving them, but battery sucks above they need to work on that.

  • Hakan

    Good news is Sony… I’m waiting Android Jelly Bean 4.1.x for Xperia S. Just release JB for the Xperia S in the world (and Turkey/Turkiye).

  • dual core 1ghz is enough for a phone, whatever you do with it, don’t need quad core for angry birds and phone calls

  • jxPerience

    well that’s Good news! I want SONY XPERIA becomes the household brand SOON.

    calling SONY PEOPLE you should replace all your sales person on your store. They dont know anything about xperia and they dont know how to promote and show features of the mobile they are selling. and what disappoint me a lot was the sales person was just chatting with their work mate and ignoring potential xperia buyers.

  • Amit18

    We want Xperia smartphone with gamepad, walkman series sound enhancement chip and xenon flash and plz screen size not more than 4.7 inch.
    Xperia Z plz

  • saju

    I would prefer mobilephone with 2 days battery life;excellent camera’decent display,fast processor,4.5″display,16gb internal storage with card slot and clear audio and decent sound in my smartphone pls

  • I do agree with what you said guys … Sony should realize that the market need innovation more then a power smartphone … whats the use of just adding hardware spec while in software wise still the same … Sony should look at Samsung and Motorola and LG … and try to make things new by Sony … like Samsung : smart stay,video pop,burst camera shot and direct call . from Motorola how to squeeze a massive battery capacity in a smaller form like with Droid Razer Maxx HD with it’s massive battery capacity 3300 mAh with a thickness 9.3mm ! …and From LG they should look at their software features like Q slide and dual screen dual play … If Sony looked on them and tried to make something new and try to combine all this in one phone then i don’t see anyone who wouldn’t buy this device especially with Sony support and their best in designs will i can see that Sony would rise up again… so stop wasting your Mony and your work on releasing same thing every year and start innovate something that everyone will have great experience with Sony Devices !

  • Zong Sien Ho

    But only a select group of people would want the play 2… Not all consumers are the same. But I do want to own one though. Teehee

  • Extra ram, whilst I have not encountered any issues relating to ram on my xperia s, my girlfriend’s s3 uses 650 out of 770mg of ram doing nothing which causes the home screen to be constantly redrawn. This can be temp fixed by resetting the phone but still makes me wonder if some androids benefit from 2gb of ram, so I’d like 2gb to become the norm

  • paul4id

    The technology is more than good enough in all but 3 respects:
    1. Battery
    2. Camera zoom

    … And last but not least:
    3. The complete abandonment of hardware QWERTY keyboards and the SUPERIOR text input capability that they offer.

  • Batterys are way behind in developement.

  • PVV

    Actually, I think that there is not a progress but rather a regress in some features of new smartphones. IMHO, many of the smartphone models several years ago had many advantages over the new “flagships”. As the article states it is a battery life, but not only that. These old smartphones had a better cameras (with less mpx, but who needs that marketing crap if they did a better pictures cause of good optics and normal sensor size), they had a much better STEREO speakers and they were much easy to use cause had normal buttons for menu and handling calls instead of this stupid sensor buttons which you press than you dont want too and cannot use without looking at the phone.

  • I find on screen keyboards much better than hardware. Specially with features like the gesture inputs in the Sony keyboard. I think people are overreacting over this hardware keyboard thing. I used to be one of them until I started using the on-screen one.

  • So far I’ve been buying Sony Ericsson and Sony flagships pretty much every time they have come out, and in my average lifetime, I guess I’ve been changing phones every 1½ year at most, and in more recent years, once a year.
    X10, Xperia Arc and Xperia S is my latest editions, and I am going to get the Xperia V as well.

    So I like the cutting edge. I don’t care about the specs THAT much though. I rather like the feeling of a new phone that works flawlessly for what I want to do with it.

    Regarding the things I want improvements on, it is DEFINATELY battery time. I can consume a whole charge in less than a half day… Heavy use of course, but still…. It’s pathetic.

  • mountain

    From what I see, smartphone is where the innovations should be, both hardware and software,but unfortunately, most android makers are thinking it as a race. I agree, clock speed, pixel count and screen density is the minimum, but we need other kinds of innovations, such as PureView, Razr MAXX. The reason why I am still carrying multiple devices when I go out is because not a single phone in the market has everything I need. I do not think I am aking too much if I want a smartphone with quality of P&S, or sound quality that matches with the new Walkmans. (Really, I do not care much if they have the gaming quality of a PSV, but it would be nice as well). Not until the day that I could leave all these devices at home, that I will call a smartphone complete.

  • amsaKANNA C

    Looks like *Big Crunch* for me. All goes into mobile device.

  • PRo

    I think “Yes”, as it looks that Sony is trying to increase their product utility as they Have a huge fan base. They will actually release the Walkman Phone in near future, when People will actually need it. They are still keeping Walkman alive by Walkman app. Also this years Smartphones were just Short to be Perfect (As you can See If Xperia U had SD card Slot, Any one would have purchased it). Also Sony is trying to say that Xperia phones without Sony Ericsson Liquid Logo are Actually Pure Sony phones (See Xperia T and Xperia V). Its Marketing. I think they are increasing the thirst by making phones that any consumer cannot deny but leaving some misperfections, and then they will deliver the perfect phones. Only Beast is not enough, proper marketing is inevitable as you can see other companies have Made their Flagships but failed poorly.
    I am nt saying I am Absolutely sure bt I am believing my Assumption. This might be the case…….. Lets See in 2013 wht Sony Can Deliever !!!!!!

  • Smartphone development is completely in its infancy. It will evolve to “continuous presence”, where it will be like your friends and contacts are with you all the time (according to personal preferences of course). The world around you, or at least the man-made world, will react to your presence in a fashion that you wish.So shops will know who you are based on NFC or similar tech. Likewise government offices. You won’t make phone calls, and certainly won’t text. It will all be voice and video.

    The main things stopping this are battery time and the cost, both for the user and to develop bandwidth. Soon we will get into huge issues regarding privacy. What should be obligatory and what is optional?

    In short, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    The Display is the main thing that needs improving.
    1. Anti-glare displays improve Viewing-angles, brightness and power consumption.
    2. OLED/PHOLED Improves image quality and power consumption.
    3. In-cell touch is pretty much standard
    4. White-Magic doubles the brightness on LCD’s and reduces power consumption by 50% if you use it on the same brightness level

    Also power consumption

    1. Reducing the Chip size can improve power efficiency up to 60%
    2. Reducing chip size means that your able to have more cores which ironically reduces power-consumption and with the added 1080P resolution that might not be so bad

  • The next evolution is 64 bit os and processor. Clearly there’s always room for improvement on the os experience as well

  • Mehdi Solamannejad

    Tablet is NOT a kind of netbook. It’s a whole new device, with SOME similarities with netbooks.
    And also, I guess the focus of the article was on the processing speed and cutting-edge technologies in the form of smartphones, not the portable devices evolution.

  • tru

    Pls hear Sony we need xenon flash, s master amp with atleast 15 hrs battery. Pls make it with 4 inch be2 display.

  • All I have to say is I hope Sony retains what I consider to be its number one quality : unique design. I loved the whole concept of the NXT series and I hope they bring them back with improvements (better materials for S for example, slimmer chassis, more unibodies, less covers). I also hope they prioritize SHARP AND CLASSY, screen SHARPNESS (bravia is amazing) and CAMERA QUALITY because they rock at that!

  • sharp and classy designs** sorry

  • I am waiting for a Xperia TX LTE. This would be enough for many years.

  • jj

    Just give me a mini nuclear battery!!

  • Sean

    On a 5.5 inch screen are we really going to see any difference between 720p and 1080p?? Pixels wise it would be hard to spot. Battery life and stability in software is two things for me. I also feel Quad Core is over kill anyway.

  • Ray

    I’m a big fan of Xperia smartphones. Well seriously, Sony has to reconsider about the processors that they fit into their phones. Provided that the competition out there is all about quad-cores, Sony should make some progress instead of sticking to dual-cores. Nevertheless, two cores are already reasonably good for daily usage.

    One thing I like about Sony is their camera performance and their gorgeous displays. Thank god Sony did make that as a main selling point for their phones. Sony designers did a really great job to make smartphones with cutting edge designs. And yes, it’s great that Sony preferred LCD screens over AMOLED that produces unnatural colours with too much contrast.

    I’m currently using an Xperia ray, 1GHz does fine for me as I use it only of casual web browsing, snap pictures and making texts or calls. Maybe the Xperia V would be my next phone, or probably some other 2013 Xperia phone. Provided that I’m a photography geek, I’d like to recommend Sony to improve more on their cameras since Xperia phones are still not the best cameraphones among rivals. Maybe they could get some inspiration from their NEX series. Who knows, an APS-C sensor may not be impossible on a phone some day?? xD

  • smartphone technology is excessive now, i’ve just bought xperia u for 200 euros. it fulfill all my needs : communication, web browsing, social network, gaming, with good speed. what do 500 eur phones offer? just bigger display, faster chipset, better camera, they aren’t important (for me)

  • sharu

    and a phone that doesn’t cost more than 200$ xD

  • sharu

    power efficiency of processors and chipsets is always a matter of usage scenario.
    Ironically when put to 100% load nothin can beat a Core i7 6-core processor though it uses about 140watt.
    but when the usage scenario is mostly idling, which it is in a smartphone and a usual desktop computer it is more power efficient to have less cores

  • sharu

    welcome to the fast market of information technology.
    by the way: where have you been the last 20 years? ;)

  • sharu

    everything was better, back in the time when we still had telegraphs! :D

  • sharu

    long battery life and gaming cancel each other out.
    look at laptops, the ones that can be used for gaming don’t even last for two hours when put under load.

  • sharu

    gnah, ever saw a mobile number cruncher? ;P

  • sharu

    just because most programmers don’t care about more than 4 processor cores doesn’t mean that the programming language can’t scale above that.
    I’ve seen fortran90 code running parallel on 24 cores and above really well.
    and fortran is obviously old…

  • When the Xperia S will be updated to jelly beans

  • Stan S.

    Imho, smartphones are the reason that ultrabooks have been slow sales.

    Look at all this technology in your pocket. It’s a computer that happens to have vo ice communication and decent camera. Thinking about it in this manner makes the pricing model more in line with other computer devices. Unlike laptops and desktop computers there are huge economies of scale and little variable components.

    We’re still a couple years out from better batteries. Whether it will be faster charge times (10 min) or greater capacity without lithium ion, the discovery has been made but the cost and mass production issues still need to be solved. The industry needs to get behind the research and development and promote one or two solutions.

    Smartphones software is continuing to improve. I have Google Now on my phone. This is a peek at the future. That with the Field Trip app, and your phone becomes almost magical, reminding you of your appointments by the travel time, how long it takes to get to the office or home, and even random things that you have a interest in, such as historical sites, architecture, restaurants, sports games, all without your asking.

    I’ve gone into Apple, and fondled the new phone. It is a excellent form factor, very comfortable in the hand, and appears to be highly responsive. The narrow width relative to the other phones is much better than my GS3 (which I am not 100% happy with). Compared to Sony’s current designs which seems to me, to be compromise between esthetic design and engineering necessaries to reduce returns due to cracking.

    Smartphones do need better cameras as they are eating into sales of point and shoots. As we are mobile we need phones that are less of an eyestrain and can sub for our hd televisions while being able to drive those devices via MHL or microhdmi. Even larger mSD cards and more internal storage are needed for ever more interesting applications. I have a 100 apps, but most are tweaking related or replacement apps for built in ones (music players).

    When I started with technology, storage was things like cards and tapes. Later a 100 mb hard drive was the size of a truck tire and cost tens of thousands. Now I have a 64GB sdxc cards that is the size of my smallest fingernail. Things will only get better.

  • Stan S.

    I also wanted to mention that Sony, unlike Apple or even Samsung, is not deciding on a single device that is all things to the customer. This year Samsung appears to have reduced the number of phone models. Apple only offers 3 with the only difference being storage. HTC has been the same, lining up behind a just a few models. This gives huge cost savings as their phones allow them to get true ‘economies of scale’. Sony on the other hand is trying to get all the outlier customers, with multiple conflicting models for sports, weather resistance, size, glitz, cuteness (kawai) and price point. As a result, they are bigger gamblers, increasing the number of perceived failures in the press because of cheaper hardware decisions, and reducing the profit margin of each offering by the inability to capitalize on production costs.

  • Oscar Mark

    If you’re rooted you MUST try AC!D Audio Engine.
    It’s a collection of many software mods from Beats, Xperia, Walkman and Dolby, to make bass and overall sound quality better.
    It worked really great!

    It also includes SRS Walkman app, EQ, and BRAVIA Engine 2.
    Here’s a link if you’re interested:

  • Stan S.

    This is nothing new. When there were more SonyStyle stores, and the x10 was announced in the US, they gave all the employees the phone. The vast majority of employees didn’t want it, they had iPhones or Blackberry/HTC/Samsung, and gave them away to family or sold them. As a result, few knew anything about the phone that mattered. At the same time, they were still selling P1s in the stores. Go to a Sony store now, and they’re selling two and 3 year old phones as ‘price leaders.’ I say, unlock ’em, put em up in a ebay store and get rid of the old stock. And hire a marketing person to figure out why you have so many different new phones, it’s confusing.

  • kapilkandhare

    That is sooo true! I shrug when i see the insane competition in terms of processor speed.
    1. UI should run smooth, it doesn’t matter if you are packing 1GHz or 2GHz.
    2. 8MP camera is more than sufficient. It is time to deal with noise, night photography and blur. (All of these are taken care by Nokia Pureview.)
    3. In sound department apple and now recently HTC gives dedicated chip to handle music. It is high time other OEM do it.
    4. In case of battery, look at what Sony did in Xperia P. They actually reduced the rating from 1500mAh to 1300mAh.. i mean..were they afraid we will use phone continuously for more than a day?
    5. 1GHz RAM is that i can connect mobile to tv and use ubuntu :p

  • Ned

    They have ClearAudio+ on Xperia V. Maybe it’s not exactly what you want, but it’s a cool addition. And that we know that it’s progressing.

  • Ned

    WhiteMagic is only that effective when displaying white or pale colors, while it does nothing with chromatic colors or dark colors. It is helpful when used as outdoor mode (super bright), but when it comes to indoor mode (power efficient) you will sacrifice the luminosity of colors which have no white element.

    I would prefer that they move the white subpixels to the back and increase their luminosity, so we can have a 1:1 dynamic backlight display to support highest (if not infinite) contrast ratio (and so they can call it BlackMagic, but I think that’s not a good idea). It would be better than their current LCD TVs which have area-based dynamic backlight.

  • Ned

    Well, smartphone is not like any other device. It’s the closest and most personal device to its owner. That’s why, to IT manufacturers, smartphone market has become a gold mine. I said a gold mine, singular. So they would do anything within their powers to gain more and more soil of the gold mine. And we see they come up with new phones every now and then. The development is so rapid and in an ever accelerating pace that only geeks and fanboys can keep up. While the rest of the people fall into obscured vastness and take echoed voices of marketing preaches as their guidance.

  • testacorsa

    Why the huge display? It´s not a tablet!

  • I’m using Sola so the stock earphone is pretty bad. Anyway I own myself a better earphone which is from Sony too, the XBA-S65. What I hope Sony offers, are decent chips & DACs. :)

  • jag

    im just saying the good old lines from @i’m gamer. because whenever i read his comments, it has always those lines which i mentioned above. ^^

    but i also have a XPlay, though i dont use it now for gaming because android games are not for me. im a console-game kind a guy.

  • amsaKANNA C

    ??? didn’t get you

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