Sony Mobile’s New Year message hints at what’s to come in 2014

by XB on 31st December 2013

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Sony Mobile New Year MessageSony Mobile published its New Year message earlier today thanking its fans in what “has been an incredible year.” The post reflected on some of Sony’s most popular products in 2013, although strangely there was no mention of its mid-range champion, the Xperia SP.

However, what was interesting within the post, was some teaser information about what we can expect from Sony Mobile in 2014. It appears that Sony’s OmniBalance design used in most of the 2013 range will continue to be used in new 2014 handsets. Also, perhaps unsurprising is the news that water resistance will be a key feature going forward.

Sony also confirmed that the Xperia Z1 will remain its flagship as we move into 2014. However, what we don’t know is how long this will remain the case. Sony has traditionally launched a new flagship at the end of Q1 in every year since 2010, could the company be breaking that cycle in 2014?

Sony also talked about new form factors, although this teaser doesn’t give us any clue as to whether it was talking about new form factors on the phone side or on the wearable front. It sounds like there is a lot to be excited about in 2014 and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Snippets from Sony Mobile’s New Year Message

The OmniBalance design will also appear in 2014 Sony Xperia phones

Our OmniBalance design is, and will remain, a key element of what makes our products special.

Water resistance will continue to be a feature

The water resistance design feature resonated with both the media and customers in a way that even we had not anticipated. The message coming back from consumers was clear. They loved being able to text in the rain and listen to music by the pool, safe in the knowledge that they weren’t risking damage to their smartphone.

Xperia Z1 will remain Sony’s flagship into 2014

[Xperia Z1] is our strongest selling smartphone to date and will continue as our flagship into 2014.

New form factors on the way from Sony?

2014 is going to be an incredible year, we’ve got some truly exciting products coming up, new form factors to explore and more from our wearables team.

SmartWatch 2 exceeded expectations

Our second generation SmartWatch 2 has exceeded our expectations in terms of sales. We are leaders in this space and there will be a lot to talk about in 2014.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

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