Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for 2012 Xperia devices rolling out from mid Q1 2013

by XB on 19th October 2012

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Sony Mobile has this morning confirmed that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for its new Xperia devices (Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V) will start to receive the update from the middle of Q1 2013. Sony Xperia devices that launched earlier this year including the Xperia S, Xperia acro S, Xperia ion, Xperia P, Xperia go and Xperia J will be upgraded to Android 4.1 in “due course”. Looks like Xperia miro, Xperia tipo, Xperia tipo dual, Xperia sola and Xperia U users are excluded.

The release date for Jelly Bean is later than we expected, we had always assumed it would launch later this year. Recent owners of the Sony Xperia T/TX may feel the most annoyed especially since Sony said that the handsets will be “upgraded to Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) following launch“. We interpret ‘following launch’ as near enough immediately after release – certainly not four months later.

We suspect that the JB launch for the other 2012 Xperia models could take as long as early Q2 2013, given that no concrete information has been given. It’s hard not to commend Sony Mobile for updating many of its mid-range handsets along with their higher-end models. However, Xperia sola and Xperia U owners will rightfully be arguing why they won’t be seeing the update. It’s certainly not a question of hardware specification.

What we do know by now is that Android version upgrades are a slow and painful process for all manufacturers. There’s also every likelihood that Sony Mobile is hindered with the sheer volume of handsets it has released this year and last. Trying to update and certify a new Android version update for all of these handsets must be a logistical nightmare. Let’s hope that as time goes on, Sony gets better at releasing more timely updates.

Thanks Stojan!

  • Herman

    I’m not exactly waiting for Jelly Bean for my Sony Xperia S.

    Oh no, I’m waiting for the Android developers to have finished the stock Android (Nexus-like) so I’d get all the updates immediately.

    That’s still in the works, right??
    Haven’t heard from it in a while, and I’m starting to fear they chose to abandon the Xperia S after all and continue with this real Nexus device, the one which was shown on these leaked images a couple of days ago.

  • sfu11

    we’ll get it in 31 March.

  • PRo

    Why no Sola and U ??? J is getting it !!! did nt get it

  • IBremen

    So true… 31/03/2013 23h59mn59s…

  • That’s exactly what I’m waiting for as well.

  • Arc s ?

  • if u r lucky and no second delay as usual

  • felix lefort

    what the fuck…

  • M Usman

    so the T gets it before the S and the V gets it before the S. they did that with the x!0. And then they promised the first device that came out first would get update first. hence arc s got before arc, so i’m surprised the xperia s won’t get it before the V and T

  • strongful

    As always very disappointed news from Sony, there will never get my money again.

  • AsadMulla

    2011 phones got ics before 2012 phones. so 2012 phones (early) should get JB before 2012 (late)

  • Kinder
  • Udhab

    will be waiting for this update for my Xperia S :)

  • chisto

    WTF, Xj & Go get JB , Sola & U ???

  • Sarthak Rola

    well since p,u,go,sola all share the same chipset,u and sola might also get jb.

  • metcarded

    Very disappointing from Sony. Hopefully the AOSP project gets JB running soon.

  • jxPerience


  • U User

    there’s no U and Sola? damn sony!

  • Prasanth

    They haven’t yet stated that Sola and U wont get it, but its disappointing to see that they haven’t come up with a proper reply till now.

  • bkh

    If the xperia j can cope with jellybean then clearly the higher specced xperia arc can.

  • they say Xperia T to get mid Q1 i say late july..

  • riby

    And Android 5.0 will launch 01/01/2013 ? :-)

  • Zack

    In due course doesn’t sound very reassuring.

  • riby

    And android 5.0 will launch to 01/01/2013 ? After 4.2 to 29 october, and 4.3, 4.4….. ! My xperia S? July? August 2013 ? This is a joke????

  • bollocks


  • san

    Sony ,cheater………… u are playing with us mid Q1 2013…. world ends on dec-2012 sony wake up

  • RamyRamzzz

    What about the SL? Is it considered an Xperia S?

  • plusAnthony

    My whole family was Sony Ericsson exclusive from my K800i until this year.

    We now have a HTC One X and a Nexus 7 in the household, but I was still holding out to get an Xperia TX or V for myself. This delay though is making me seriously reconsider. I still like Sony, but if there is a solid Nexus device announced month end then I’ll probably seriously consider it.

    Said simply, to me, the advantages of timely updates outweigh anything in Sony’s customisations. Sorry Sony. I hope one of those Nexus phones is an Xperia

  • lovebmw

    with the usual some phones get it and some don’t for some error while downloading… add another month.

  • Avery Navas

    “Due curse” …? Not good enough for me… and my SXS… How long do they expect me to use this phone? Better hope for a Sony Nexus phone….. or ANY nexus phone for my next adquisition… -__-‘

  • go to hell sony

  • Avery Navas

    that seems like our best option… +1

  • Carl

    Once again great products let down by the poor R&D of a company that was at the top during the 90’s. Sony a word of advice, if you guys wanna go up againslt the likes of Apple or Samsung or even HTC and Nokia, work on software consistency, along with reliability

  • Dacha

    SONY is the new LG. That is way to late for t he update. Not only are they late with the updates but they are also 6 months behind the competition on hardware as well.

  • felix lefort

    Same here.

  • I think it is “acceptable” because we will have to update later in the year of media applications

  • Xperia U will not get the update! !!!!!!!

    what R U doing SONY ?? O.o

  • Jao

    It’s sure now, i’ll discourage anybody I know to buy SONY products, especialy mobiles!!!

    Come on, when was the sola released? a few moths ago, and it should not get the update? What about 18 months of support and upgrades???

    Even a great phone, with this kind of support, sucks!
    I wil never buy anything from SONY again!

  • trowftd

    Actually it says the s, acro s etc will get jb and the timing will be announced in due course. Not that they will get the update in due course.

  • dude

    Hey! ull LOSE BRAVIAN engine then! and camera app of sony…

  • gmala

    maybe next time i’ll just get a samsung or htc… sola and U has better specs than go and J but looks like it won’t get jb… very disappointing :(

  • Mika

    That´s it. Never ever buying a sonyphone again, I have been nothing than dissappointed in my Sola. How hard can it be to release updates a little quicker?! Or to more phones? No way i can wait to 2013 Q2 to get jellybean, that´s just plain stupid. Bye Sola, hello any other brand!!

  • trowftd

    I think they will. the timing for the early 2012 models is what is “going to be announced in due course”. That suggests the JB update for these will be before the late 2012 devices

  • altitud63

    Well, Xperia S, my last Sony Phone

  • drmobile

    only 3 of htc device will get jelly bean and the time is in2013(not announced even),lg is worse than htc in update,samsung will update some of device but i am sure those handset which not get ics will not recive jelly bean or if get they will get in mid 2013,(i am sure only note,s2 ,s3,note 2 and tabs will get and note and s2 will get in 2013),so why u treat like children? i myself not happy to hear these news but think fairly and look to other manufacture list and time then argue with sony. i hope sony launch 4.1 fot T and TX,V and S sooner.just this and not argue with sony

  • The_Newtype

    I know what my next phone won’t be.

  • Herman

    If I want Bravia Engine back, I can always install it as a mod. And if I do, I’d take the Bravia Engine 2 of the Xperia V, which is even better :)

    Also, I don’t quite think the camera app of Sony is that great. It just has all basic options that can be expected from any camera app.

  • Sagar

    Very disappointing, Sony is very slow with the updates. Didn’t expect this from Sony! Shame on you!

  • RAYMOND Chan

    well xperia sola, my last xperia phone

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Good, good! Shooting itself in the foot…… with a 200mm CANNON! :D

    Sony is the new LG of lagdroid. Mediocre hardware, and 6 months late on updates!

  • blurb8

    In the comments they said they are still evaluating the U with more news following shortly.

  • I have a Xperia Sola and I’m very disappointed about this announcement. I guess my next phone will be a Galaxy SIII Mini. Thanks for the good old times, Sony.

  • Very Bad Support

    Sony is going downfall with this.seriously, next year? S3 got its jelly bean just in a nick of time. Well xperia s will be my last Sony,Sony Ericsson phone. they are not gettin anywhere with this style of support.

  • This is a bad news for Sony fans… I am a bit jealous what Samsung giving the update for S3, I am personally thinking of buying of buying one, but I’ll wait for Sony to change to have redemption. If the specs 2013 phones are impressive then I will buy it ASAP, if not maybe i”ll consider Galaxy S4…. All I want Sony is SUPERPHONE with a faster update…

  • ThilinaC

    Imo Sony fails again by not launching T,TX,V with jelly bean.Just like they did with S earlier this year.If Samsung can give a fully working JB update to their flagship phone in September then I don’t see a reason why Sony cannot launch or at least give JB update in 2012 to their flagship.These kinda things that make Sony always loose in smartphone dance.

    Glad I moved to S3

  • AMG38

    it DOESN’T matter if it’s a logical nightmare or not, WE, are the customers and WE pay for their products which THEY want us to BUY it, WE are getting Displays with yellow tints and still WE have to wait so long for an update !?. WTF is wrong with Sony ? Come on, Q1 2013 ?
    We waited long enough for ICS.

  • I guess so. Can’t see why not.

  • angel

    Presionen a las operadoras q suelten la actualización android 4.0 xperia S en claro Perú. ….

  • too late , too late .

  • Feanor

    With ICS updates the excuse was that Android 4.0 was a completely different build comparing to 2.3. Now that 4.1 is not that different, what is the excuse?
    I don’t like reminding to Sony fans or Sony Mobile the bitter truth but Galaxy S3 is receiving currently Jelly Bean and the two latest handsets (Note II and Galaxy S3 Mini) run Jelly Bean already from launch. Samsung may be notorious with updates, but if they offer latest software from the beginning, then this is even better, right? They are obviously improving.
    If Sony has problems with limited manpower or resources, the solution is to reduce the number of handsets, not of timely updates.

  • You dont have to worry with the update,you just download a custom rom whcih is faster than the normal android go,much better than official update dude.

  • You cant be the best developer if you still stupid like this,LET ME BE YOUR CEO!!

  • bbbb

    I wonder when they will realise ICS in Serbia for xperia sola???? wtf

  • Mattia

    Why not upgrade Sony Xperia U and Sola?????????????????????????????????????

  • surethom

    Xperia S sometime in Q1 is Pathetic Sony, By the end of December Or prove you dont care about your flagship phones

  • L1A1

    Same old sony. Nothing different from the x10 days. Like my XS with a few tweaks, still next year ‘possibly’ for an update is poor. Less time on lots of phones, more time on sorting the software…

  • roeshak

    All the people who are surprised by the timing of their update plans have been living on another planet for the last 3 to 4 years. Sony Ericsson were crap on software from day one. Nothing but razzle dazzle eye candy that never worked well. This is absolutely nothing! The x10 was left on the hopelessly old 1.6 for many moths while others were on 2.2
    It was impossible that these same jokers after launching their final ics build in Sept 2012 with the xperia t would update to JB in the same year. Impossible!!! for Sony.
    The best we could have hoped for was for them, after having been so late with ICS, to announce an update to 4.2 sometime early next year. I can bet you my life and all my worldly possessions that their 2013 line too will start again with JB while others launch with 4.2.
    I’m now convinced that it’s all done deliberately. They must know surely by now that the market responds negatively to this dated OS nonsense but still they persist. They have a philosophical objection to the rapidly developing nature of android and try to constrain it and that’s the bottom line.
    It would seem that all the goodwill that followed Sony following their takeover of Ericsson and the launch of the xperia s is about to start dissipating as people realize that nothing’s changed. It was all just a re-branding exercise. The same shit underneath

  • jezz, JB was announced 3 months ago and we are getting it next year Q1, if android announced 4.2, we could be waiting year end of 2013! =_= thats dumb, not cool ,Sony!

  • SOLA

    i have xperia sola
    i hate SONY
    i hate sony
    i hate sony
    i hate sony
    i hate sony i hate sonyi hate sony
    i hate sony i hate sonyi hate sony
    i hate sony i hate sonyi hate sony
    i hate sony i hate sonyi hate sony

  • hamboy

    Isn’t Android 4.2 coming later this month? And yet Sony is only upgrading to 4.1 in 2013, a shame.

  • riby

    I think Nexus smartphones Sony would have been a good thing for people who want the latest updates, shame that this is a joke! But what are actually the market for phones updated 2 to 3 times a year!. How many people around you are interested in the version of their brand new phone? And even after a few months! Basically, Sony has not phone version of “geek” and it is a bad for the brand! But I recalled that Sony is again the smartphone market! Ericsson is the little brother is gone! Sony is taking place! and it is us! their customers, users, their fans, who must give their the cards for offer the best modern toy! ;-)

  • odonk

    oh damn. i sell my samsung device for xperia sola. bcuz i believe sony will rolling out any android update to their device. but it seems i was making a mistake. my xSola not receive JB. sony cannot make me believe again. sola. p. and u share same hardware why u not make jelly bean for both U and Sola

  • Cambodia

    no JB for sola! is this Sony said JB for 2012 model? I swear bye bye Sony forever… I wish this stupid Sony corporation will bankrupt…

  • Sola user

    Please give jb for my xperia sola

  • exactly….. While go will get JB WHY THE F SOLA/U ARE EXCLUDED???

  • agus

    Why not sola

  • How true is this news? 2013 what kinda update is that?
    den ur expected to get a new phone?
    am a die hard of Sony smartphone
    I choose Xperia S cuz it should b the first to get any update before 2013
    if dats the new strategy then ill b slow in getting any of there new handsets cuz, am giving them time to learn instead they release phones instead of support

  • bohasan

    htc one X, One S in October 2012
    Samsung S2 in November 2012
    Samsung S3 in October 2012
    Samsung GS2 was released one year before the xperia s and it is getting the update 5 months before. November – December – January – February – March.
    Its really discusting to be Sony Fan.
    Bye Bye Sony

  • RamyRamzzz

    You’ll probably get an update because your phone uses the same chipset in the Xperia P and Xperia Go.

    They’re just probably testing the Sola’s magic screen and the U’s transparent bar because they require much software work than all the other phones.

  • MicroShell

    Too late, Sony’s always so fucking late.

  • Dude

    BTW how do i get The BRAVIA E2 from SXV to instal to SXS?
    XDA? im rooted stock rom.

  • Michael Oruga

    you mean that xperia neo l isnt get the official 4.1 jellybean update sony that sucks :@

  • What about sola and u ?!

    It Xperia go specifications ..

    fuck you and go to hell sony !!

  • Herman

    I’m not sure if this mod exists yet, but I do know some day an XDA developer will make it available.

  • Make.Unbelieve


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  • why it’s xperia s in the ,,nexus” family when jb comming q1 2013?! go to hell sony supporter. this is my last smartphone from sony… support for nothing… realy???

  • xperia

    Lets sony focus on upcoming flagship model…

  • mohsen

    why sola excluded>>>>>
    what the hell>>>>>>>
    i hate you>>>
    is that my chance>>>
    i hate you:(

  • adsada_arc

    This is really disappointing in many ways, and its stuff like this
    that’s making it very hard for me to keep supporting sony. I’ll explain,
    so remember the X10? released on 1.6 it was told a 2.1 upgrade was to come later on despite already being outdated. SE at the time had focused so much on their timescape look that they didn’t have time to release it on up to date firmware. And this didn’t pay off because their skin was heavy, buggy and slow. Eventually 2.1 came with improvements, and after a long fight they eventually gave the phone 2.3.

    Now I can remember at the time (it was only almost 2 years, start of
    2011) that they apologised and stated that they had learnt from their
    mistakes and would be upgrading in a timely manner. This was backed up
    by the fact their new 2.3 timescape was light and easy to update the software (as it wasn’t tied into the phone as much as sense etc. is).

    What also gave me confidence was that they released the Xperia arc on
    2.3, once of the first manufacturers to release a phone on that version
    since the nexus device. That year of 2011 I was very impressed with many
    updates proving extra features, fb intergrating Xloud. They also gave
    the phone all the features the new arc s had (panoramic photos etc.).

    ICS 4.0 was revealed at the end of 2012 and it was pretty exciting, what
    was more impressive was that SE stated they would update all their 2011
    devices to ICS no matter if they were lowend, or highend. I was pretty proud to own an arc, and it really make sony look like a good company and was met with lots of positive feedback.

    However the software received when it finally came out (June 2012 time)
    it was full of bugs and pretty unusable (in my experience). I could
    appreciate the time it took them because they were update all their phones and it takes time. But the software they released was a joke, and this is when it started to go downhill for me.

    I got my xperia S in April time, now I won this phone of sony so of couse I really cannot complain at all about this device. However looking at it, I am going to pretend for this sake, that I did go out and buy it!

    Right so the xperia S was released on gingerbread 2.3. I thought, you
    know what I don’t mind its a very stable release and works well, plus
    sony say the ICS update will be released soon after the phone goes on
    the market. What I didn’t realise was that the 2011 phones would get
    the update first. So after waiting and waiting eventually I got the
    update, and yeah the battery life sucked but I liked all the additions and was mostly pretty pleased with the update; but it was far long overdue.

    Fast forward to now, and sony has released their new devices…on ICS promising an update ‘soon after launch’. When I heard this, I thought yeah I do not buy this I bet people will
    be waiting for this update long into 2013. And sure enough sony specify a
    date in March 2013. A good 5 months after the release of the phone. To
    make matters worse they aren’t updating their 2011 devices.

    I personally think this isn’t good enough, though for the 2011 devices
    in theory owners should be thinking, “oh well, at least I’ve got a
    really good phone that works well on ICS” but the true fact is, it
    doesn’t. So now sony is leaving the 2011 phones on ICS. I also fully
    appreciate that companies need to make money and can’t keep updating
    legacy devices. But what annoys me is that they don’t come out and say this, but make the old “guarantee owners of these smartphones the user experience you expect and we demand” which is utter BS.
    I mean, you stuck ICS on the phones, badly, but the jump from 2.3 to
    4.0 is far bigger than 4.0 to 4.1 and I just don’t buy the excuse. Plus
    the fact you have to laugh that they state user experience when they gave 2011 xperia users such a bad update to ICS…

    As for an Xperia S owner, I am happy that we will get 4.1 in due course. Although who knows when that might be…

    But basically to sum up, Sony/SE seem to be right back where they were 2
    years ago getting such bad criticism for releasing phones on outdated
    software. But this time around it seems like they don’t care and seem
    think its fine what they are doing. 2011 was such a good year for the
    company, and gave back much lost confidence in the brand. But its sad to
    see this happening again.

  • Z

    What about Xperia SL? is it will get JB?

  • tom

    found this, hopefully its true

  • tom
  • heartlockermehra

    Why the hell i can’t experience buttery smooth jelly bean in my xperia u ???
    Please SONY don’t do this… :(

  • Thoriq

    Will Tipo and Miro get update?

  • Bluerain

    Thank you Sony for your hardwork and effort. Not like other brands, they just only update the high spec’d phone, for example Samsung (only GS2, GS3, GN, GN2) only while the other’s can’t be upgraded. So take your time Sony, I / some of us isn’t on a rush. I know you got lots of phones to work on and programming isn’t that easy. Thanks again and God Bless Sony. Just ignore those who rants about it.

  • PVV

    The reason is simple – compared to consumer electronics market in 90s the roles of Sony and Samsung are reversed (as many people I also still cant get used to this fact). Samsung is first grade premium player on Android market and Sony is just one of many who tries to catch up. One day Samsung will rehire some of Sony designers (or just find someone with creative approach) and this will be the end for Sony phones completly.

  • PVV

    Sony, we all wouldn’t mind to wait a little longer for your updates if the
    result would worth waiting. But I don’t understand one thing – why are we waiting
    for so long (up to half year compared to other brands) and still getting the
    crap instead of the honest work?!!! You know that your Android 4.0 update this
    year is really just Gingerbread with ICS interface cause it still has the
    memory partition with dedicated apps space and major functions like Wi-Fi direct
    are not working, and it has tons of bugs, not to mention serious impact to
    phone performance and available memory?! Who are you hiring as your soft
    developers – first grade students from some community college? Actually I am
    terrified by upcoming update to JB – cause I am sure it will mess my phone up
    and I will wait another 6 months while you will clean at least some of that mess if you bother to do it at all for an “old” model.

  • roshak

    If they listen to fools like you. They’ll die a very slow painful death as a company. The simple truth is people only ever talk about the best and that’s the high end segment. Samsung still sells more low and mid range devices than Sony despite Sony’s mid-rangers being far superior. That’s because of the reputation of the brand created by it’s top-enders.
    Sony can keep wasting it’s time developing numerous phones and stretching itself to the point were it keeps delivering weaker contenders that can’t keep up in the high end segment. Samsung concentrates it’s efforts on it’s galaxy s brand delivering everything they need to in software and hardware development. That’s given it a reputation that makes it easier for it to sell more lower end devices than Sony. We live in a world where brands rule and Sony just isn’t what it used to be. It’s rivals have caught up and now now much ahead.
    It’s not just in the mobile game. Samsung is outselling Sony in televisions and other electrical goods too.

  • will xperia sl get the 4.1 update?

  • By this time Android 4.2 will have already been out for months.

  • Matthew Cheung

    Can’t wait for the Android 4.1 Jellly Bean update for my Sony Xperia P :)

  • yeah.. but please make sure you make a good android update this time for xperia s.. ICS was very buggy.. and yeah improve camera software please.. add the latest feature to it.. like burst shots, best picture selection,time lapse and capture while shooting videos.

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  • APai

    sola users are not asking for the moon – sony, it’s just a firmware. get over with it already. sola/ U has been released ages ago. if S3 samsung’s flagship gets JB now, what stops sony from releasing JB for their flagship phone!!! at least by the end of 2012 ? if they cant manage a plethora of models, why release so many ? I’d say go for samsung or anyone else who will give a timely update.

  • Xperia Go User

    I find it hilarious that they’ve announced a Jelly Bean release when I’m still waiting for ICS, lol.

  • Gilbert Cunanan

    Xperia SL was just released last month (Sep 2012) yet already not slated for JB update!?

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  • nirjhar mistry

    No update for xperia U?????????

  • nirjhar mistry

    2min ago i got this from sony via Email
    “We would like to inform you that we are not having any information or updation regarding Jellybean update so we cannot tell you anything regarding this issue.”

  • nirjhar mistry

    Not sure about that huh???

  • nirjhar mistry

    Nice one..Sony should think about that Or they might be inspired from Terminator Salvation

  • rupesh

    pls update jelly bean for xperia neo l,why update is not available 4 my phone

  • xex

    What about Xperia Pro?

  • adrian strozier

    personally i don’t really care about the Android OS, it seems to me Google changes that stuff way to often. They can’t go through one year without having 2-3 different OS changes, with minor fixes under a new name. ICS to JB being a example of that. So of course cellphone manufacturers can’t catch up. Not to praise Apple but they came out with 6 different OS since they appeared in 2007. While Google has up to 7 since showing up in 2009 not counting honeycomb WTF. I like Sony devices and stuck with them not for Google’s OS, but for Sony’s software, their hardware, built quality and original designs.

  • googli

    Nice.but nothing is going to happe on Dec. Also I don’t wait for update from Sony.
    XDA rocks!!!!

  • APai

    Sola has good specs , sony better upgrade sola to JB at the very least.

  • If sony 2011 won’t update to jealy bean i will stop use sony forever…….:@

  • Ashua

    Good news they are now planning to release the Xperia V with Jelly Bean out of the box ! ;) around December time or January ! ;) this is showing things are getting better and better at Sony now ! ;)

  • AyiemSulaiman

    I thing the tsunami had made the company becoming 6 month late than others.

  • Raju

    Dear Sony, Please give us JB. ( On behalf of all Sola users )

  • Areeb

    Please we need update for Xperia U. Please Please Please. I will help you sell more of those phones if you roll jelly bean for it.

  • abinesh

    what about TIPO ???

  • Naman Gupta

    :)) Great going Sony!
    So it turns out that we 2011 Xperia owners would not the only one to get betrayed. Even the 2012 Xperia owners such as U, Sola, Tipo etc-2 would be anoyed with there bad luck in getting updated. You too would be stuck on the buggy ICS after all. Superb! welcome to Xperia 2011 bandwagon. ;)

  • Naman Gupta

    You are wrong! Xperia ARC is a 2011 model. So, there is no question of updating that. It’s not about copeing. It’s all about being obsolete. Arc is already obsolete for Sony. ;)

  • Wat abt neo L? Wen vil d update fr it b out?

  • Customer

    WTF. No update for my tipo.
    If this happens, this is my last handset from sony. :-*

  • soumeet

    that’s not fair! why no update for Xperia u?

  • Yo mero

    Xperia Sola no va a recibir actualización? Hijos de su puta madre… Que poca madre tienen esos cabrones de Sony.. Ya ni la chingan…. Culeros… Ojetes!!!

  • FirzaVista

    Can i upgrade Sony Xperia SL to Android 4.1?

  • Sameer

    No updates for my Miro

  • I’m right ticked off that my miro doesn’t seem to be getting this update sony you guys are seriously messed up

  • You’re dumb the world is NOT ending

  • I don’t get why they would not include the miro it launched in Sept didn’t it I’m super mad if it’s not included

  • How is that good news for me using an Xperia Miro or other users with same model that’s not good news

  • I’m just sad I have a miro too

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  • telbert

    My Xperia U can barely cope with ice cream sandwich. Processor too slow. Glad it’s not getting jelly bean!

  • Rakesh

    i have bought the Xperia Sola now what it means they will not give the update for Sola and U …this must not happened they need to give the update for both the sets also …..

  • Sola User

    how would J with 1 core processor and much less specification get HB and sola with dual core wont get it, if this indeed happens iam changing to Samsung.

  • mamamamamammaa!!!

    xperia sola is the only one that have floating touch in the world!!!! why would you end its legacy by not upgrading it to jb!!???

  • Wind TV

    Xperia T has no Sweep Multi Angle! Why?!?! I hope Sony won’t remove it from my Acro S through a firmware update!

  • firoz

    wat about sony Xperia miro

  • shivashankar

    It’s mid December where is the schedule for update

  • shivashankar

    Update for jellybean, we don’t want update for ICS

  • xperia sola

    befor sony = Make believe
    now = ———-

  • eugene

    i just read sony official site…their not giving to xperia sola and xperia u user.. stay ics forever..but u can update to jb by using unlockbootloader

  • eugene

    i think the xperia sola 6.1.1.b.1.54 update is very good because it improve battery life…no changes to other feature

  • eugene

    not really…sola got to update late cause the floating touch…and xperia u is late cause of transparent bar..
    other device has no special feature, so its fast

  • eugene

    ikr…stop buying sony product.. got plenty.. feels like trading for samsung or htc

  • eugene

    if u want any good device or best device for xperia sola price…buy lg nexus 4…same price but 5x better spec than xperia sola!!! trust me

  • Deepak

    How about Xperia neo?.. Nothing mentioned!!

  • rohullah amiri

    why sony ericsson xperia ray not upgrade to version 4.1 jelly Bean can you help me to know why?????

  • so the sony j is getting the jelly bean do we no when

  • siva

    when is sony gonna give JB for sola…..

  • klasse

    I need that upgrade for my experia v now.

  • Crash

    why not upgrade Sony Xperia Miro? I am very disappointed for sony :/

  • why sony did not update sola and u ????
    sony go and p are same processor sony was making mistake with this devices…..

  • asd

    Why not upgrade Sony Xperia U and Sola why why why ?

  • Kho

    What about Xperia Acro S,I had been waiting 4 the whole March until April…Now Mid April aldy…where’s sony jellybean update????

  • Mamad

    go to hell , when i get old think can see Xperia S Update

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