Sony Nexus X hoaxer reveals all

by XB on 19th October 2012

in Rumours

The guy behind the recent fake ‘Sony Nexus X‘ images has revealed all in a fascinating post entitled “anatomy of a hoax“. In it the hoaxer goes through why he decided to it, the timeline of events and how he created the fake (mainly parts taken from the Xperia TL and Xperia ion).

Whilst some may be annoyed about why this person would create such images and build people’s hopes up, he appears to be a Sony fan at heart. “I wanted Google and Sony to see how much of a demand there is in the market for a premium Nexus experience from a manufacturer like Sony,” says the guy behind the hoax. We’ve reproduced some of the images from his post below, but do go and check out the full post to get the full insight on how/why he did it – a fascinating read.

  • This proves you guys posts the news first at least

  • slick


  • WoW I don’t know if I’m seriously impressed or upset for him getting my hopes up!!!

  • AnP

    I am 3D Artist, so on that note I’d say hats off to the work! But in all fairness, it’s not justified to spread rumor just ’cause he convinces himself to be equally desperate to see a Nexus device from Sony. Neither did I believe when all this started and though I was hoping for some news on the same, I also wished that this wasn’t the one for real. Now am glad it isn’t…

  • Enzo

    He did a pretty good job though

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  • Afrit

    I do really hope that Sony & Google see this!

  • ugly design mock up, I won’t be proud if I were him. Sony should stick to their arc and s design.

  • electrash

    he broke my heart, but i support him

  • It’s not about keeping our hopes up. It’s about sending a message.

  • joseph nero

    aww . dream killed

  • Can Not Believe This Shit Is Designed By SOny

  • Moe Joe

    i thoght the design of the phone was pretty nice

  • Lunkz

    It’s a fake? You don’t say?

    This looks like crap so it can’t be a Sony seriously. so waiting for the next one.

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    You lifted my up and than smashed me back down.

    Awesome work anyway!

    I hope Sony could learn from this, it really looks like original Sony design!

  • Michael Salib

    Man I really like wut u have done…he simply showed how u can make a rumor or fake news & how it can spread without even any effort to make sure of the rumor…& this is something I personally hate

  • Xlash Andraid

    So, hey SONY, if you don’t give JB to Xperia 2011 line and Xperia U, what about getting closer to Google and work together to create Xperia Nexus? That’d be a good redemption.

  • JDM

    darn you hoaxer you played with my emotions! my life will nver be the same again..EVER!

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  • Steve Blows Jobz

    If Sony makes a nexus phone it will still be updated 7 months AFTER all other Nexus devises and in one year you would not be able to install any updates on it regardless :D

    That is the reason why Google will never mess with sony for a device like that. Let’s face it – Sony sucks. And that is THE FACT.

  • nomnom

    Sony, hire this man. He is a genius!

  • Herman

    Now that this Sony Nexus X appears to be fake, I think it’s more certain the Xperia S will get all the ‘Nexus stock Android’ attention it was meant to get.

    As an Xperia S owner I can only be happy about this news. I wouldn’t buy a new phone this soon anyway.

    And to the hoaxer, I must say: you did a pretty darn good job at this!

  • Pheroh

    Oh boy I already started saving for that one :(

  • XYZ

    If Sony suchs so much, why are you always here? But then Trolls lack the necessary grey-matter in their cranial cavity to do things that a normal person would consider logical or sensible.

  • XYZ

    I really hate these hoaxers.. WTF is the point?

  • Ned

    He has never had me, he would have if he did the shadows and icon labels. Anyway I’m glad he finally revealed the truth, and also that this will make people more hoax-resistant.

    (Looking forward for your next work. Maybe a theme like “2013 Xperia running 2009 OS” will kill?!)

  • owl

    I think this cause is quite noble. It may be a fake now, but if it gets noticed, maybe not for long.

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  • i<3cake

    HAH! I knew it!

  • i’m gamer

    too ugly ..

  • Someone Hire Him!

    dafug pro!!!

  • Smart Guy

    Figured from the start it’s too ugly to be considered a sony device.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Why? So and idiot like you would always have something bright and genuine to read, like my insightful comments. I thought that was quite obvious, well, maybe not for you, but still :D

  • now you should know Sony how much we want and how high our hopes for Sony Xperia Nexus !!

    Sincerely, your loyal customer ever .

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  • Smart Alack

    No doubt Sony can be slow with updates. But all Nexus’s updates are handled by Google. Get your facts right before you start blabering biebers.

  • Naci

    Good job huh? Really? C’mon guys! this fake mock-up is 100% shit!

  • Derp

    If it were shit, why would XB post it?

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    You’re obviously don’t know what ‘sarcasm’ means :D

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Oh yeah and “slow” – tell that to 2011 line owners with their 1-year-old devices :D

  • Alvin

    see this, XperiaBlog!!! if it’s real leaked, I will be madly happy….!!

  • Alvin

    2013 Xperia Flagship leaked!!!×367.jpg , believe me, it’s not malware site…

  • Azam Marden

    Dear Sony .. It’s time to rise & shine .. plz have no mercy .. I hope you lead the market soon .

  • kust0r

    That was awesome and funny. He made a great work and he taught a big lesson to all.
    Btw no one is tearing his hair out for the outrage here, and this is also a good thing I guess…

  • Stephen Raharja

    I found what appears to be C650X ‘Odin’
    IMO this is real.

  • ElderOfTheInternet

    This highlights how screwed up technology reporting is…

    Well done for calling out all the lazy copy and paste “journalists” out there for a quick buck.

  • Dweaver1

    Sony & Nexus sounds great. Best thing I’d heard for a long time…

  • Roy


  • Roy

    It goes to show, XperiaBlog is on top of all things Sony. They were the first to report it AS A RUMOR, everyone else picked up afterwards. :)

  • Michael REMY

    any news of the xperia omega ?

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  • Chris Winkley

    I work in the mobile phone Biz and I asked a sony rep if it was Sony to make the new nexus and was it homani? He said yes it is Sony to make it and it was not based on homani so my guess is its based on the Z or ultra I’m guessing the 5 will be a 5″ screen…

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