How many Sony products can you spot in this Skyfall promo TV ad?

by XB on 23rd October 2012

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The new James Bond film Skyfall has its Royal World Premiere in London later this evening, so we thought it would be an apt time to show you this new TV ad. The “Sony Skyfall Intelligence Gathered” commercial is product placement galore, with Sony leveraging its position to showcase its latest brands.

Sony is trying to get the message of how its products interact and this comes across well in the strapline: “Even a man known for working alone needs technology that works together.” Check out the video below and see how many Sony products you can spot, it’s not hard as the product placement isn’t subtle.

Via Sony.

  • LancerEX

    5! XPERIA Tablet/Phone, BRAVIA and VAIO? :)

  • 5!!!! Xperia Tablet s/ T Bravia Tv Sony moniter and a Vaio Z series

  • The Truth Must Be said

    It does not matter since Xperia T, TX and V barely compete GS3 + OneX (the phones of the first half of 2012)
    Galaxy Note 2 + HTC Butterfly j + LG Nexus are going to kick Xperia hadsets’ asses softwarely and hardwarely

  • reptile64

    4! Tv, Ultrabook, Tablet, Smartphone

  • hamada

    5 ….. Xperia Tablet, Xperia T, Sony Monitor BRAVIA, Vaio laptop and the camera

  • SomeBody

    Galaxy Note 2 is not a phone, HTC Butterfly has shitty sound output (Beats crap) and we know nothing about the LG Nexus… so far none of them are clearly superior to the new Xperia lineup

  • The Truth Must Be said

    Dear SomeBody,
    Keep lying to yourself.
    The End.

  • reptile64

    Security camera? O_o

  • Opinions are not Truth

    hmm.. that is an opinion… there arent exactly too apps to take advantage of quad core… and even after all that if things run smoothly in a dual core.. i guess that should be okay..? its more to do with how well your software and hardware are combined… not saying i know how good these 3 phones are… and i am pretty sure sure you are just saying all this based on pure specs.

    anyway.. i would go for a water proof phone over any of the phones you mentioned… considering i lost 4 phones to water damage :( btw.. i like timescape… another opinion.. just saying..

  • Opinions are not Truth

    hmm… well i am pretty sure you are comparing raw specs considering they are all just released and you definitely do not seem enough of a sony fan to rush to the nearest sony showroom lol…

    anyway the thing is… what you said isn’t the truth.. its opinions..

    -Not many applications take advantage of quad core to actually make real world difference
    -if it runs smoothly on a dual core anyway, why use a quad core
    -software and hardware implementations is important
    -considering i’ve lost 4 phones to water damage, i would pick a V any day…
    as i said.. opinions..

    btw… i like timescape and a handset with a much better materials than glossy plastic too..does not make it the truth

  • owl

    you like samsung’s software? seriously?

  • Opinions are not Truth

    srry double post.. net disconnected.. please ignore.. actually had to retype all that again..*sigh* lol

  • xperia t, sony vaio, bravia tv, xperia tablet s

  • SomeBody

    lol Why? is it so hard to understand I don’t like phones with 5+” displays and the beats audio (which sucks) is a deal breaker for me, because I like to listen to hi-fi music? The Sony phones are better for me. For you, maybe not. So they are not “superior” to each other, just different. Go catch a butterfly for yourself and be happy with it, i guess you will find tons of those in the garden…

  • Zhyriel

    whatever peoples say about how good the quadcore of Samsung , LG & HTC…..i dun care…what i care is my super duper Sony Xperia Acro S…..can take it anywhere…under the rain or in the pool….Xperia V will be the next or….Xperia Dogo……what point u got super performance Galaxy Note 2 but not waterproof……hihihi….accident can happen anytime & place…..

  • XperiaX10.awesome

    Xperia Tablet – Failure
    VAIO – Golden days over now
    TV – Everybody buying Samsung or LG these days
    Xperia T – God knows when you are going to release globally !!

  • salesman123

    You like samsung, lg, so kindly leave the forum and join other, Xperia T is not the best but consider the pleasant experience with usage good camera and fluent OS and sony (ericsson) durable phone since i still own x10 and work well. It is fair to say that Sony is certainly above the standard of 2012 as the higher middle class phone, Consider my self as the sales manager of the mobile shop I must say that most people does not care whether phone have qual, quad core or 1 or 2 gb ram or even 8-12mpix camera or is it 2.3 or 4 android more 50%. People ask me can i take picture upload on the facebook or is facebook is working. What the battery is like which lies 35%. Only 15% people ask me (like you) is it quard core or staff like that or games. So we as “experts ” or more appropriately computer and mobile gigs would care but we are certainly in very small population comparing to other where people care how it lay on the hand or does it fit to my pocket ? That my 10 years of experience

  • JDM

    determining how great a phone is based on specs is a start but one cannot used that as conclusion to how great that phone actually is. I own an Xperia S and my cousin owns an S3 and my friend owns OneX.. as far as application performance, considering Xperia S is only running on a dual core vs the onex and s3’s quadcores you don’t see that much difference. as far as holding the phone the onex and s3 feels too plastic and cheap IMHO, to add to that the screen on the S3 is way too bright and contrast is way too high for my eyes and it makes the homescreen icons very unrealistic. so as far as you claiming the truth that “Galaxy Note 2 + HTC Butterfly j + LG Nexus are going to kick Xperia hadsets’ asses softwarely and hardwarely” is false. these devices will only kick Xperia handsets in paper(specs) but in general usage, I completely disagree. can you use any of the handsets you mentioned underwater and while it’s raining? the xperia acro S and V can!

  • M Usman

    keep this thread on topic. lots! at least over 100 Bravia TV’s!

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  • M

    Fuck lagdroid devices

  • Devils_95

    That’s 4…….

  • mountain

    I have all the products shown there, and I don’t regret it. Sony had been and still makes great products. I have tonnes of non-Sony products, because I need the best of each class.
    Vaio: definately the best of usibility of all laptops. It easily has the best of all displays in terms of colour
    Bravia: I also have a Samsung and LG TV, but again, no Koreans can compete with Sony’s colour reproduction. Though Panasonic is very close in terms of colour
    Tablet/phone: The xperias is quite a master piece. God knows what kind of human are the Galaxies designed for, but as far as I know, Xperias are the only phones that I find it natural to operate single handed.

  • DJMashup

    Not everybody is a clumsy fucker … I’ve never dropped my phone in the sink, down the toilet or whatever other variations of water you can think of so a waterproof phone really is the least of my concerns.

  • DJMashup

    So the people that you refer to in your stats basically should all be happy with the many shitty, average at best phones that Sony have recently brought out. If you aren’t one of those you can get the T or similar and enjoy a handset bordering on my Nexus 7 when it comes to size … On the other hand if you want a small(ish) phone with decent specs and a good camera then you are fucked because Sony have switched to huge handsets with decent specs or smaller handsets with pathetic features, funny really because all the fanboys argue about the size, saying it needs to be bigger to have better cameras etc … My Xperia Ray begs to differ !!

  • Rune Christiansen

    I guess it never rains where you are, huh ;-)

  • iliketowritearticles

    Skyfall is a Sony product as well.

  • iliketowritearticles

    The Xperia T was released before those three phones.

  • iliketowritearticles

    Xperia Tablet – Kinda agree
    VAIO – VAIO Z series are considered one of if not the best windows laptops
    TV – Many experts say that BRAVIAs are the best TVs in the market right now.

  • LancerEX

    I didn’t know tablets are in the same league as smartphones? :)

  • Stephen Raharja

    Did your iMap make you come here?

  • Evita

    oh well, this guy must be sandman

  • Think before you act


    1. Agree that ONLY HTC Butterfly J will kick Xperia handsets on HARDWARE(for now), and Beats sucks. Compare with Senn, Audio Technica, Bose, B&W, Harman Kardon/AKG ect. and you’ll know the difference.

    2. Disagreed. Software(UI) and optimization on Samsung(i dont like Samsung’s UI, juz my taste), HTC and Sony are VERY GOOD, LG sucks at optimization, the LG Optimus G proves it with 7000+ quadrant score, while the HTC One X+ is 100 -200 marks behind. As expected from a Quad core Krait device, quadrant score should be around 10k to 14k.

    3. Xperia T, TX and V KICKS Sgs3 and One X on HARDWARE, while Note 2’s performance and hardware can be said as equivalent as Xperia T.

    4. IF you’re to talk about RUMOURS (LG Nexus), I can talk about Xperia Odin, which kicked many asses, including sg note 2.

    Think before you act.

  • Carey Lawrence

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