New Sony C3602 model spotted in benchmark; 720p display and S4 Snapdragon

by XB on 9th November 2012

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A new mid-range Sony handset for 2013 has just been outed by NenaMark2. The Sony C360X (C3602) is listed confirming a S4 Snapdragon chipset (MSM8260A or MSM8960) with 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Adreno 225 graphics. The listing also confirms a 720 x 1280 display with virtual buttons. The handset tested was running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and scored 60.1 FPS in NenaMark2.

This is an unsurprising move, with Sony Mobile wanting to use the guts from some of its flagship 2012 line-up (Xperia T/TX, V and Xperia GX/SX in Japan) to power at least one mid-range handset next year. It’s quite clear that Sony is adopting its 2012 strategy of releasing numerous mobile phones next year too. So far, we count seven rumoured models for 2013, including this one, and we can confirm more are on the way. . .

Thanks Stojan!

  • Sony… Wat R U Doin… Sony… Stahp!!

  • jip

    Hi, Could you open a thread in the Forum listing all the rumours of the 2013 Xperia phones with links to yours news ?

  • arex

    Could you please list those 7?
    I count Yuga, Odin, E and E dual so far.
    What i missed?

  • kurtdean


  • eff

    Sony Xperia E – C150X NanHu SS (C1505)
    Sony Xperia E Dual – C160X NanHu DS (C1604/C1605)
    Sony C210X (C2104, C2105)
    Sony C550X Doga
    Sony C650X Odin (C6502, C6503 and C6506)
    Sony C660X Yuga (C6603)

    Here you go,

    Source :

    Scroll down a bit and you’ll see them right here in XB!

  • XperiaBlog

    We regularly update the ‘Rumoured’ list on the Specifications tab at the top ( We haven’t yet included this model, but will do soon.

  • XperiaBlog

    Thx – we were too slow!

  • XperiaBlog

    Anyone is welcome to do this – all of the rumours can be found in the appropriate category in the side bar.

  • kurtdean

    * 15th- Dogo – 720p Qualcomm S4 Quad Core based Q1 Xperia flagship, CES announcement
    * 15th- C650X/Odin – 1080p 5 inch Q2 Flagship with Qualcomm S4 Quad Core and 2GB RAM.
    * 15th- C660X/Yuga – Same specs as Odin, MWC reveal.
    * 15th- Q3-Q4 2013 Sony flagship to come with Full HD OLED screen
    * 15th- 6 inch phone/tablet hybrid Xperia to arrive in Q2, same specs as Odin/Yuga
    * 15th- C150X – MSM7227A based HVGA screen budget device
    * 15th- C160X – Similar handset as C150X, both might be ODM devices.
    * 15th- Honami codename leaked
    * 15th- Togari codename leaked
    * 15th- Gaga codename leaked
    * 16th- Nexus Xperia X pic leaked, proved to be fake. But apparently there does exist the Xperia Nexus.
    * 23rd- Xperia E and Xperia E dual leaked. Both run Android 4.0.4, feature HVGA screens and same chipset as Tipo.
    * 31st- Sony C210X leaked. FWVGA resolution, 1 ghz CPU. Expected to be lower mid range device. On screen buttons

    From esato forum

  • eff

    Oh never mind,you guys beat me up with the news!I regularly check the Nenamark site.

    Sony gimme a good midranger in a compact body like the SX please.[S4 plus,not the S1 like in Xperia J.A beautiful device,but underpowerd for my liking]

  • You should put a space before the closing parenthesis as it got part of the link, which broke it.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Bad Sony… Bad

  • XperiaBlog


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  • Miharu Hirano

    Hopefully I can either buy PS Phone or Xperia Play 2 from Sony next year.

  • DragonClaw


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  • XYZ

    People complain about Sony releasing so many budget devices, but forget that Samsung did the same thing and is now king of the Android hill….

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  • :Confession bear: I don’t want Sony to be too famous here, so I’m the only one who has a unique design, Sony phone x)

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  • Xlash Andraid

    So, if Samsung goes throw itself to a well, SONY should do it too?

    Samsung, the king?. Yeah they sell a lot of phones because they release a lot of different models but that doesn’t mean they feature quality and productivity. A friend of mine owns a galaxy ace and he has stupid wifi problems (I have never had any in my Xperia), a coworker owns a galaxy sII and his charging port is busted, and so on. Yes, I’d call Samsung the king… Of failure.

    Unfortunately, it seems that only big sales are important for the companies no matter if they sell a bunch of crappy cheap products. SONY should stop doing such a thing. We all know we are pointing to Odin, Yuga and maybe E, but we don’t give a shhit about all others, unless those phones would offer something unseen until now, but I doubt it.

  • Bobbit

    who really gives a shit about the future. I’m ecstatic about my Xperia T. I’ll start drooling after CES, I’m happy with what I got, the way I see it I can’t really get excited about what isn’t in the market

  • weeeeeee9

    too many xperia phone …

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  • :Confessionbear: I don’t want Sony to be too famous here, so I’m the only one who has a unique design, Sony phone x)

  • Still the Nokia Rule the Mobile market but it failed in smartphone :/…. why nokia still rule ? even they produce 20$ phone !! same as Samsung ? and the SONY ? minimum is 200$ ah crap.. We can spend lot of money on phone ? take a look at the low level peoples. they sure go for 20$ instead of 200$ where they can’t achieve. SONY should produce old phones such as W200 :) Still the sound quality is amazing !! C905 I love this phone still no camera can beat this photo quality :/ though video sucks !!! and they first screwed in SATIO, the floppiest phone I ever used !!

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  • howarad

    in my country, brazil, there is no world about the most of 2012 phones, only S, P and U are in the stores.

    now with the 2013 series, i wonder when they will come in my country.

    sony have already the best entry-level and mid range phones, also including the big support for them.

    the only thing good from samsung is the S and note series.

    and the bad thing from sony is the battery. they should include more than 2000 mAh and make more high end un-sealed phones.

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  • mqs

    need A-15 based chipset for flagship :(

  • jag

    Haha satio! i also had that phone… but it still looks good even though it is so outdated back then.

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