New Xperia U firmware certified [6.1.1.C.1.10]

by XB on 18th November 2012

in Firmware, Xperia U

Just a quick heads-up to let Sony Xperia U owners know that a new firmware version has been certified on the PTCRB website. Firmware version 6.1.1.C.1.10 is interesting as it is the first 6.1.1.C.X.XX version that we have seen i.e. the ‘C’ in the firmware number. Sometimes the change in letter denotes a different region, but we can’t be confident this will be the case here. The last version to be certified was 6.1.1.B.1.54, so maybe this new 6.1.1.C.X.XX version is an update on that. We expect this to be another version of ICS, so don’t go expecting JB just yet.

  • I really hope that this update solve the wifi problem and boost the performance that is really slow at the moment :(

  • sonysucksonupdates

    i bet that this update will remain crappy.

  • Paarth

    Gr8 I hope that this update fixes the bugs in ICS!!!!!

  • ilovexperia

    when will Sony update 2011 Xperias?
    current ICS still not stable on them

  • MyLive

    Yes.. Pleaseee sony.. I’m waiting for that also. If 2011 won’t get jelly bean at least update current ICS, at least it become as fast as when in GB, or even smoother would be alot appreciate… Just asking is kernell thing has something to do with smooth operation? Coz I saw xperia miro UI is really smooth with kernel 3 as it has lower spec than 2011 xperias..??

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  • Hi people, I know this is quite not the right place to ask, but how do I update minor firmwares upgrade like this one manually? My phone(A.K.A Xperia P) have unlocked bootloaders, thus disabling OTA & SPC updates. And XDA doesn’t keep up with this either, but there’s been a lot of new fixes from the stock ICS.

  • UberGeek

    Ask someone on XDA for a FTF and flash using flashtool accordingly :)

  • fidfidelis97

    @admin, can you suggest ptcrb to display OS version too ? :D

  • yep smoothnes is just about kernel

  • No, I have xperia P and I’m still on .544 FW, because they have lots of FW certified but still no one of them came out except some from Vodafone and O2

  • angelfj

    Cuando para Perú…. Pero acá la operadora claro no suelta android 4.0 es un abuso total……

  • I’m Still on 6.0.B.3.184 on my
    Sony Xperia U in India
    SI :- 1261-6383
    and i don’t wanna to change the SI build of my smartphone by flashing it with France made ICS FTF file ………. please somebody post me a link for Indian Made ICS FTF file of my SI no. :)
    and sorry for bad english :p

  • Rohit

    Im still waiting for ics, just hope this is the one

  • dinny

    how to update this new frimware ,my frimware is 6.1.1.B.1.10

  • sony a best phone

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