New ICS update (6.1.1.B.1.54) for Xperia P, U, go and sola rolling out

by XB on 3rd December 2012

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A new Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware update started to roll out to handsets last week running the NovaThor U8500 chipset. Firmware version 6.1.1.B.1.54 is now available (or gradually rolling out) for the Sony Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia go and Xperia sola.

Sony Mobile confirmed that this update brings a number of bug fixes and performance tweaks to “stability, Wi-Fi, tethering/portable hotspot, camera (capture and playback), NFC and Messaging”. The Chrome browser app is also installed when the firmware is updated.

However, all is not perfect. Sony Xperia P owners are reporting issues with taking 8MP pictures with half the picture not processing properly. A number of people are also talking about issues with lag, especially when navigating the gallery. If you have downloaded this new firmware update, let us know what issues you are having.

Thanks Edwin, Jahad and Nabendu!

  • Someone

    I found it lagy, unfortunately reverted back to .544 after 48 hours of testing !!
    Skype + connecting earphones = phone FREEZES !! just because the smart connect app lunched the music app for me :-/
    Had to wait couple of minutes for it to get back to normal state. (didn’t face such thin on previous updates)

  • And now I want to that my company give me a new phone, which I want – Xperia Go.

  • DJMashup

    All these updates for phones but nothing to address the LED issue on the Ray etc … People say Sony are a good company, if it wasn’t for XDA !!

  • Jan

    So… is “update” making more issues than improvements?….? so what sony devs are doing in work-days? i hope 80% of them is working for 2013 xperia user interface. But also still waiting for bugless (bugless makes sence) Jelly Bean for XS! :) Have a good time..

  • anuwak

    In starting I found some lags in album app and phone app and bit of others.. But after 2 days I think its working fine till now..nut yes no battery improvement..

  • APai

    only remedy, they should stop releasing more phones than their developers :P

  • sahit karale

    On my Xperia P zoom in zoom out is not smooth in video recording mode

  • these are the bugs I found: Camera 8MPX (fixed in XDA forums)
    sound problem, seems like cracking somehow, more noticeable with xLoud on, fixes it sometimes by disabling xLoud and re enabling, but cracks backafter a while, the problem persists after reflashing twice and it only cracks when unlocking phone (the little “Click” that makes the phone on unlock) and when pressing icons or when navigating the settings menu. about Lags I didn’t seee any =)

  • india

    xperia Neo L ??????????????????? no media app for neo L ?????????????????????????

  • Luai

    All the companies are thinking of upgrading their phones to JB 4.2.. Sony is still stablizing their ICS 4.0 firmwares.. I love you XDA!!!

  • ?anthosh

    iam in India and using Xperia p, not able to update this….in update center….. How to update….

  • Xperia u captures photo very slow at night. !
    It take to much time to focus!
    Pls help n give some solutions !
    it is an 1ghz dual core processor it should not be this much slow!

  • Xperia U starts lagging… Otherside, got new features & new looks are impressive… But, its tooooooooooooo slow now…

  • Inzamam

    Im xperia p user……..
    camera is not processing whole picture specialy with flash..half pic become dark…
    slight lagy album…
    notification sound problem still not fixed….


    hheee old interface in xperia Neo L Not good and not at all comparable to the rest of the model year 2012 blasted

  • Vincent De Lisio

    i have an xperia go from fido (canada) my phone didnt receive a update notification, but i did a repair, ( cause i had to) and it updated to 6.1.1.b.54

  • fakfar

    Xperia neo l just 1ghz…should not be xperia 2012 lineup :(

  • Boanq Young

    WhEn Indonesia get the fw?

  • dave priyank

    i think ur using ICS 4.0 .degrade ur version 2.3.7 or 6

  • dave priyank

    jus wait 4 few days 2 release the official version through sony center ..v r upgrade by ourself…so wait 4 the official version 4 few days.

  • dave priyank

    In Xperia u somtimes camara captures a nice image bt somtim really sucks is anybdy facing same prob. and any sol n…

  • my xperia p is perfect yet, :)

  • stvn7

    Updated my xperia p last night, only issue I noticed is a lag when browsing photos from gallery. Like when swiping you’ll notice the lag immediately. About the camera, taking 8mp photos has no problems. The whole photo is processed properly just like before the update.

  • Xperia P user

    its obvious that sony is f***ing the handsets with updates,other than a new look,i dont think i minded using gingerbread,ics laggs,its fact that it really laggs,gingerbread was more stable,some apps after upgrading wid ics lagg,unstable,or even bug out….so sad,i trusted sony,bring more stability guys,or it wont be long if people start switching to samsung or htc,sorry to say but its the truth….

  • Xperia P user

    And the blog says “Sony Mobile confirmed that this update brings a number of bug fixes and performance tweaks to “stability””
    i wanna ask something,is it really?

  • daomingsi2012

    I have the same issue, sometimes half the pictures is very dark. or if it’s in a bright space, very bright, I hope for a fix soon.

  • Krishna Teja

    This update was really helpful. My Xperia P is so smooth now. I particularly noticed difference in the contacts and camera responsiveness. Will have to check through cons now, if it has any..!

  • FurrukhT

    Has the new firmware update resolved the unexpected closure of notification sound??

  • Michael Salib

    this new firmware had made a lot of improvements…it made the phone works much more smoothly, thanks to saving up to 180MB RAM….it also updated the NFC software. it’s really came with a lot of improvements, Thanks Sony

  • GK

    do not update, camera app in Xperia P has gone for a toss…not being processed properly, leaving the image to be half-black (@ 8mp)

  • Ali

    I have a problem with my Go’s compass: it shows North instead of South (approximately). can anyone help?

  • parth2401

    change your camara mode from night to norma..or iso automatic…may be it will fix your problem…

  • skyrock21

    i have experia p and i updated os to ics 6.1.1.B.1.54..after the update my phone became the worst mobile i ever had.too many bugs.when taking pic on 8mp w/flash the image is half dark.also fb integ to timescape is not working.and the instagram camera show only 1/4 of the screen.3/4 is total black.laggy on fb app.this update is really pissing me off.bulls**t!!

  • my Xperia P xperiencing the shadow-like thing that occupying almost half of the 8mp shots it will be gone if you lowered the mp to 6mp its really sucks i followed everything in updating the phone right! i regret updating it how i hope sony will do something and release an update with this my instagram camera doesnt work also as well as the timescape fb integration is completely useless restarting the phone makes the 8mp problem fade away but just for a while! :( i dont want to root my phone

  • Hello. I just received my Xperia P updated to the new firmware. (12/14/2012 at 21:00)
    I’ve already discovered a few bugs.
    -First, the screen hangs when I try to go to the menu.
    -Secondly crashes my Facebook app after starting the program.
    So now my question: Can I uninstall the update? or downgrade?

    Greetings from Germany
    Marc Kühl

  • I just noticed that the picture quality has been improved … : D

    Really nice thing. :D

  • “Ok”… I also have the problem of the camera (“half dark”) when the flash is on! X(
    _Xperia P_

  • xperia U – my earphone doesnt work if i dont use loudspeaker – which i don´t want to… Obviously!

    anyone else with the same problem?

  • Why should I hav to degrade it yrr?
    update is for improvement. :(

  • Pls sony give me a solution for my camera problem!
    Sometime its vry shameful when I take someones picture at night and it take so much time!
    not expected this. :(

  • i upgraded my xperia p and now i’m facing the same above mentioned problems :(
    please do something or anybody knows that how i fix it??

  • ramit

    After the update released on 3rd dec.. I m having the issue with camera not processing 8 mp half pictures….can anyone please suggest anything about this…..

  • dan

    Iim owner of the Xperia P.. Same issue – newest update by Sony, half picture dark in 8MP mode…

    How to solve that?

  • Patrick Joseph Aloña

    after i update my firmware, i have a problem on my instagram camera, i can see 3/4 black color on cam. pleease fix this kind of problem. the new update for ics is ALL CAMERA PROBLEM >.<.

  • Hi there… Is it worth the upgrade? doesn’t it get laggy? If rooted, do I lose it? GB worked perfect, but when upgrading to ICS I had two awful weeks with an almost dead phone due to the lagginess. I rooted and it solved the problem greatly. Now I’m afraid if I upgrade I’ll lose the work done.

  • By the way, if Anyone of you guys knows of this issue: I can’t put the volume up more than 60% when listening to music with headphones or speakers. I try to put it higher than 60% with the volume control and it always goes back to 60%, it actually doesn’t move higher than 60%. If you try to change volume through the touch screen it seems like it is going to work but then phone returns immediately to 60% volume. It happens only when playing media. Do you guys know what’s going on?

  • anonymous

    u were using night mode, use simple mode it will be okay then

  • bigdedy

    i am facing the same problem!

  • sajju

    timescape not working.. say could not update from facebook

  • Aung Naing Htun

    Mine is Xperia P and after update to 6.1.1.B.1.54, my WiFi freeze. I have to restart everythime to rework. plz check

  • Rohit

    Make sure u have pc companion installed and have a broadband connection.
    Call 8275449729

  • Tim

    Is it safe to update to version 55 on the S? No camera or sounds problems?

  • Guest

    It won’t work. Always try with PC Companion.

  • Dileesha Kawyanjana

    It won’t work..Please try again with PC Companion

  • lookitsgreen

    I just upgraded, and my phone is just a little laggy overall, when navigating through the menu and launching certain apps…

  • vaj

    after 4.0.4 same thing happens to my pics, half black and half normal. I wanna know when will new enhanced version be released?

  • Eeyore @ Malaysia

    After Upgrading the NEW ICS released on 3rd Dec 2012, SONY Xperia SOLA response is slower and most of the apps are not so responsive,for example, the dial screen, after you press for dial icon, it will take at least 2-3 seconds to show up the numbers/dialed list you have in the list. For the Battery consumption, it is worst than the Gingerbread 2.3.7 (Last GB version). Still have lots to improve for the OS itself.


  • prakash

    After new update 6.1.1.B.1.54 accelerometer not working

  • xiaokhat

    mine’s the same, there’s this black shadow at the bottom of the picture when I use it with flash. without flash, the picture is grainy and the colors are washed out even on 8mp. Please fix Sony

  • D2

    How can I update an xperia go to android 4.0?, the update site doen´t include this model in the updates list.

  • I DOnt know its almost 50days from when sony launched update for xperia u its available in india and my phone is behaving worst like nokia symbian phones ccant use only its lagging lot fix this thing soong else i have to root my phone thats the solution i have i just hate update service of sony its crap phone was so awesome when it was in gingerbread

  • Mihai

    I have a problem with my camera after this update. When i make a picture with flash a black line appears in the bottom of the scren. Let me know if you have the same problem

  • newdud

    Mine start updating then stack. it is saying “finishing boot” for hours. how do i fix it.

  • me tooo :'(

  • Adry_Soy

    I am having problems with the camera in 8MP mode, the pictures are full black and sometimes only a part of it shows the real image. when changing to 6MP it works normally. One thing i have noticed is that it gets worst when there is less light and taking pictures at closer objects, the flash works perfectly but it seems that the camera doesnt get the light back from the objects.

  • P user

    I updated my Xperia P and now my battery notification does not increase at all although I have recharged it. Only when I reboot the phone it shows the right battery life. I have no problem with my camera though.

  • deep 9876663369

    what the shit update is this…all my 8mp pics are half black with this update..
    deep 9876663369,

  • Penni

    I have an xperia p and this update has been the worst thing I have ever done! The battery runs out sooo fast you can watch it disappear before your eyes – the gallery was removed – I have been up all night trying to go back to gingerbread which gave me no problems what so ever but I cant roll back. I am so upset – I use my phone as a camera and go on holiday today and it only lasts an hour before it needs re-charging – I have looked everywhere for a patch and can’t find one. This version of software SHOULD NOT BE OFFERED OR INSTALLED IF YOU HAVE AN XPERIA P. Sony please help me – I can’t rely on my phone now at all :-(

  • Naliee

    I have updated my xperia p with the latest 6.1.1.B.1.75 and still I have the Lag when navigating the gallery and half the picture not processing properly when using 8MP and some time phone stuck.
    Also there is a notification sound problem when using USSD.

  • I am updating something on the xperia p phone. Does anyone no how long the phone shows 02 sign before it swicthes back on?

  • Ying

    My phone is xperia sola Ice cream sandwich rooted, I cant update to that latest update using update centr but my camera wasn’t working properly comparing when it was still on gingerbread because now when I start to run the camera it shows a very dark lighting and it lags way too much.

  • noname

    Don’t install .54 if you are rooted or want root, as Sony has closed the nice easy way to root. So, you will then need to reflash with an older firmware which kind of defeats the object of the exercise.

  • Dewaker

    I’m in India and experiencing photo darkening at 8 mp camera setting in Xperia p…. Plz help….

  • Dewaker

    Same problem here too on Xperia p

  • valtek

    i need arabic firmware for xperia sola

  • valtek

    i need arabic firmware for xperia sola

  • jii hf

    could you uninstall it ???? plz respond

  • Rishabh

    Capturing still images with my xperia p gets half dark when the flash is on and 8mp selection. Thisis one major issue other vise its working perfectly with ics. Pls fix this issue. Thanks in advance

  • tori

    I recently updated software on my Xperia p everything is fine except my gallery containing all my pictures has vanished… It has been replaced with an album icon only problem is I can’t open the icon a correctly and none of my picture seem to be in it.. Has anyone else had this problem????

  • Almas

    I am having problem with my camera on MT27i image Quality become very poor after updating the os 2.3.7 ti 4.0.4 how i can go back to previous version of os

  • penny-hamilton22

    Since downloading I can not get into my album at all… How do i get it off or get bk into my album as this is all internal storage baby photos and everything will be lost! I need help

  • Very Good Oh This Post an Old Sorry !!

  • tanijuska

    I have this problem with the camera, but i read that it will be fixedwith the new update. I also have problems with sending mms. Half of them get stuck. The phone just says that message could not be sent after two days! :-/

  • Philip

    am from Ghana. after the update my xperia U everything is working perfectly and smooth. there is no any problem thanks to sony mobile

  • ho

    sony fix it!!!!!!

  • Sofia Pires

    My phone just freezes on wifi menu and I can’t turn wifi off or choose another network! When I reboot it works perfectly but sometimes I need to reboot 8 times a day and it is really annoying. What can I do?

  • Kinnar

    Xperia P is having a problem in capturing image in 8MP Mode…. only centre part of the image is visible rest is all black… not expected from sony… poor quality of camera

  • Kinnar

    better to go for Samsung Grand insted of Sony Xperia P……camera problem is comon in Xperia P… Sony has to find out the solution and need to provide the free replacement being manufacturing defect…. dont buy any more

  • Huzo1

    Hey, Am From Egypt, i cant get any updates till now on my Xperia Sola.. ANY HELP?!?!

  • Adrian Bolchis

    Nothing but problems with the new upgrade from Album not loading any pictures to a very very slow phone, it wont ring on occasions, the already installed apps like iGo, Navigon and others do not work anymore even after reinstall. Very Disapointed. Im on the verge of buying another fone. Not a happy chap!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Renato

    I have a Xperia U and after the update it was necessary to do a factory reset.
    When the fatory reset wasn’t made, the phone was lagging every five minutes, in games, in contacts menu. =/
    After the factory reset it runs smoothly, sometimes it “thinks” a little to open new apps, but that is ok, I guess =(.
    Looking foward to a JB version to Xperia U.

  • Dennis Parrenas

    The same with me… why they still can’t fix it. and i can see that this comment is 6 months ago.. no update yet?

  • shashank

    I update my sony xperia sola from ginger bread to icecream sandwich but after upgradation my phone is working so slow even sometimes hangs….please suggest something

  • Alex

    hi,i from malaysia.
    after i updated it…
    my xperia sola cant connected to my portable wifi!!!
    please help~~
    thanks a lot

  • someone

    please some help…

  • Piano Player

    I got the same problem …. it’s annoying :(

  • Mac De Villa

    Build # 6.1.1.B.1.10
    This version after this update my phone gt more lag and with in the day i experienced when o try to ringsignal dropping thats why i need to restart again.

    very disappointed with my udate hope and pray thatnexy update
    typing browser move any where…

    how we believe on your work its not perfect

  • Iftakher

    I upgrade to ICS in my Sola ….All things are ok except Camara..Why????

  • ArcaneDesires

    I just updated my brand new Xperia U last week and this Instagram problem is STILL. An issue. My partners HTC Desire C can use Instagram Adcanced Cam just fine…

  • Mostafa Hussein Shady

    i got these update to my Xperia sola and now my phone go very slow and alaways hang out

  • Paul Marc Tambis

    I have a Sony xperia sola and my OS is ICS 4.0.4 and build number is 6.1.1.B.1.10 I want to root my sola in 6.1.1.b.1.54 , is that okay? still get screenshot? and no issues if i get the 6.1.1.b.1.54 in my sola? Please reply thanks! Godbless.

  • egoeus

    Same problem for the last two weeks with an Xperia Go S27a. There are many complains about it:

    Did anyone find a way to fix it?

    It seems that Sony don’t want to do anything about.

  • Michael Wanyoike

    I updated my Xperia sola phone over the weekend. No camera problem. However, there was very significant lag and high RAM usage but managed to resolve that by disabling all animation effects in the Settings > Developer Options. I’ve also managed to disable some of the apps that I don’t use (e.g. Facebook). However, I plan to completely remove Facebook, Google+, Hangouts, Smart Connect & Google Search – apps that I don’t use ever. The phone dialer is still very slow and am very frustrated with it.

    I hope to install JellyBean and hope everything will work out.

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