Xperia V now on sale in Sweden; coming soon to Hong Kong and Russia

by XB on 4th December 2012

in Xperia V

The Sony Xperia V (LT25i) is now available to buy in Sweden across a number of retailers. The Phone House has the black version in stock for SEK 5,290, although it can be found cheaper on comparison sites.

It looks like availability will widen across other regions too. The handset is due to go on sale in the middle of this month in Russia for 24,990 Roubles. The Xperia V was also announced for the Hong Kong market for HK$ 4,398 and will be released in a couple of weeks.

  • Vish

    Sigh, I so wanted the Xperia V when it was announced. If it had been released earlier, I’d be on contract with a V right now. But my patience only went so far. I gave up and just bought a Nexus 4. I’m also thinking about switching to LG when I buy a new tv next year (my friends LG tv picture looks way better than my Sony tv), so that’s a double loss for Sony. The N4 is pretty incredible though.

  • Whayne

    8 Dec is Singapore release date

  • thirds

    Ha ha ha, none of the company beat Sonys display.

  • weeeeooo

    sigh * Lg

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  • Any idea about the pricing? Without contact.

  • Rex

    I leave in Sweden and got mine yesterday!!!! Build quality is great, easy to use ( feels great in the hand) and it came with 2 NFC tags. I’ve already tried out the *partial Colour effect ‘ on the camera and it works really well. Love this phone…………………..

  • pixlas

    Yes yes, we see that LG has put people on this blog to make hidden advertisment. We get it! now please get out.
    This is the 4th response that say ” ooh it was sooo late, I bought a Nexus…”
    Your’e so fake and it si so obvious what your agenda is.
    Ojn the Nexus topic: I don’t get why you’re so happy. It has heating issues and the benchmarking shows up kinda bad results. Not at all close to Optimus G which is the same phone. But hey, it’s an LG ….

  • Aaron


  • arrowthefirst

    It is already on sale in Russia.
    25000 rur (830$)
    Shame comparing to nexus4
    If only it had s4pro, metal and price of 20000 rur

  • Vish

    That is total bullshit. I make an honest comment and you go and attack me like some fanboi dick foaming at the mouth? Bitch please. My first Sony phone was the W880i, then the W910i, then the W902. I got an X10 after that which after a year got stolen and the insurance company sent me an Arc S instead, which runs CM7 at the moment. I don’t care if I am the four hundredth person to say it, not everyone has an agenda and you’re a total douche for attacking people.

    I haven’t been ‘put on this blog’ by anyone. I’ve been following this site since was up, and get text messages everytime an article is announced. Hell, I’ve even been responsible for my sister getting the Xperia Mini Pro and the Xperia S, and earlier bought my other sister an X10, all mainly because of this site.

    So don’t give me crap about being some fake LG ninja marketer. People like that would probably try to big up the Optimus G rather than a cheaper phone with vanilla Android. It took me from the N4 launch to the Saturday just gone to finally give up on Sony, and my contract expired in October. Granted, I was very skeptical about getting an LG made phone, but for it’s price I couldn’t argue much. It does feel like a premium handset though and I haven’t felt any sort of lag so far. I know about the benchmark issues. CM 10.1 will take care of that for me but I’ve been using smartphones long enough to know that benchmarks aren’t everything. If the phone heats up on me I’ll be the first one demanding a refund/exchange. For now, I’ll continue to be amazed by Jelly Bean 4.2.1

    Get a life and stop trolling people who have made the (frankly for me quite hard) decision to switch and are voicing their honest experiences. It’s people like you that perpetuate the ‘fanboi’ stereotype and give decent people who are fans a bad name.

  • Quark Gluon

    LOL. Yeah, the V is a bit too late. But I own an LG TV and I think it’s not that good, average quality maybe. I found Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba are better. Well, see you in 2 years I guess.

  • Vish

    Granted, I was comparing my 2010 40″ Sony tv to my friends 2012 47″ LG. That would explain why I feel his looks better. When it was announced, I was googling the V every hour trying to find a release date in the UK (apart from the great features, my name starts with V so that was a bonus reason to get it for me) but it’s December now and I’ve had enough. Sorry Kaz, you took too long.

    That said, I’m not on contract anymore, and might get a 2013 Sony phone as an upgrade later next year. I do love Sony’s design. No rush though.

  • Mixu

    I’m from Finland and I got my phone today, they had it yesterday but I was too busy to pick it up.

    Amazing phone.

  • Mixu

    Anyone experiencing any issues with the FB and Play Store app?
    Can’t get mine to start, browser works fine though so I don’t think its my connection either..

  • so much expensive :(

  • It’s been available in Nordic countries for almost a week now, as I wrote in the forums last Friday. Guess XB didn’t see that, but I don’t know how else to “tip off”.

  • Anders

    I live in Denmark and got it last week for 3799 DKK, so you would have saved a lot of money by taking the small trip across the bridge.

  • Vaidas

    Snony xperia V will be released this month in Lithuania too. Local operator Omnitel has already anounced it.

  • Rune Christiansen

    You’re talking about 3? That’s at least 4.368 DKK because you’re bound to 3 with their expensive contracts and you’ll get a 3-“infested” phone (crap software).

    Anyways -I think it’s gonna fall in price quickly. I’ll wait till CES Jan 8, and if nothing nice shows up, they’ll, perhaps, get some money out of me ;)

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  • Anders

    No, I got for it for 3799 without a subscription.

  • Do they have it in stock at Gigantti?

    I am planning to make a trip over to Lappeenranta but am kinda puzzled about availability…

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