Sony gives update on Jelly Bean plans: Roll out commences from Feb 2013; budget models won’t be updated

by XB on 17th December 2012

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Sony Mobile has updated on its plans to roll out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to its 2012 Xperia line-up. As expected, the JB roll out will commence in February 2013 with the new Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V being updated first. Sony says the Jelly Bean update for these phones will take place between February and March 2013.

The next batch of phones (Xperia P, Xperia go and Xperia J) will be updated from the end of March. Following this, the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion and Xperia acro S will be updated from April onwards. Unfortunately, Sony Mobile confirmed that a number of lower-end Xperia handsets will not be updated to Jelly Bean. This includes the Xperia U, Xperia sola, Xperia miro and Xperia tipo.

  • sami

    and…? whats up with this short article?

  • YEAH…!!!! I’m Waiting for my Xperia GO

  • fafasdf

    Unfortunately, Sony Mobile confirmed that a number of Xperia handsets
    will not be updated to Jelly Bean. This includes the Xperia U, Xperia
    sola, Xperia miro and Xperia tipo.


  • xperia ray

    not fair…. they left out xperia ray … how come xperia E will be having jelly bean update

  • ashishxperiaromea

    That’s after the entire world gets jelly bean.. N when 4.2 should have reached….. :|

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Xperia S, only in April. are they out of their mind? Key Lime Pie will come in May…

  • vifiore

    Oh sony…

    What the hell? Xperia U won’t be updated???

    You gotta to be kidding me Sony!!!!

  • ahomad hosin

    their best selling phone in 2012, the xperia S, will be updated last, WTH is wrong with them. other flagships are already updated (SGS3 and HTC ONE X) and the xperia S will be ~6 months late, not just a week or two. this is probably going to end my ~10 years of buying sony/ericsson devices.

  • ciccio35

    I don’t get it: just a couple of weeks ago they said xperia u and sola will be updated to JB and now they changed their mind? I mean, they share the same hardware with the GO, the only difference is basically the display. I don’t think this little difference could give so much problems…

  • Brace yourselves, Angry Sola, Tipo, Miro, U users are coming.

  • Not Happy

    WTF?? xperia S after April? that’s not their Fault , IT’s mine , i bought the handset in the first place.

  • callubababi

    How can they update P, Go & J before Xperia S!?!?!

  • fafasdf

    wtf make xperia go, J and E get ICS ?

  • Angel Manuel Ramos Batallas

    Will work Bravia Engine in Xperia S with unlocked bootloader in JB?

  • That’s it. This is my first and the last Sony phone. I am not going to make this mistake another time.

  • santhosh

    its realy bad news….wht abt
    xperia U and sola….

  • They are doing the same thing again with xperia s.
    I brought Xperia Neo for ics Update but its got the ics after one year, Now I got Xperia S for JB and its the same story again :'(

  • another257

    i understand why there is no jelly bean update for miro and tipo, but no update for the Xperia U and Xperia sola, are you sure Sony!?

  • They are doing the same thing again with xperia s.
    I brought
    Xperia Neo for ics Update but its got the ics after one year, Now I got
    Xperia S for JB and its the same story again :'(
    WTF is SONY thinking?

  • DragonClaw

    But it’s natural to have them angry. I really feel for U users

  • Same problem,
    I also Wanna know!

  • :'(

  • mib

    Officially moving to nexus after this bullshit

  • nanana

    Sony first phone update being last batch? Omg. Useless crap

  • DragonClaw

    Sony Nexus preferably

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I am Xperia S owner and I’ve been fucked up.

  • Keon Fraites

    Wait wait wait….. What…. The…. Hell………. -.- what kind of messed of crap is this! Xperia S has to wait SO LONG!? We have been patiently waiting SO LONG and you’re telling me the highest quality and top tier of the NXT (Xperias; P U and S) have to wait until APRIL!? Thats an outrage -.- like honestly WHY do we have to wait so long… Sony we deserve an answer to this… please be joking and give us the rollout soon….

  • ???

    ?????? ?? ?????????????.

  • odonk

    Ohh i was bought xperia sola bcuz i believe sony will update to jb but for now i have dissapointed. Planned to sell fuck*ng shit xperia sola and go back to samsung

  • nillo


  • p@@rt#

    Sony has gone mad!!!!!
    Wat the f***ing anouncement??????
    How can sony say that Xperia u will not recieve jb????
    At first only given the ivs so late and now this f****** announcement???

  • Keon Fraites

    Like seriously…. thats a piss off…. Last to get ICS in their line-up, last to get Jellybean also….. -.- Sony.. wtf.

  • odonk

    You’re poor sony, u can only give update for your newest phone, hate is too nice word when i hear SONY name

  • Make me sad to heard this bad news. Xperia S is the best selling Sony devices in 2012. And, Xperis S is the giant smartphone, but less-update. Very very disappointed. What are you doing Sony? Are you sure, to make us for the last on who will get an update. Come on, Sony.

  • that’s one of the reasons I will buy xiaomi mi2 instead of xperia (owning x10)

  • Norio24

    i swear that i’m not going to buy Sony stupidphones again ! bye bye Slowny

  • Im in a mixed emotion..happy knowing that my TX will get JB
    first in xperia lineup but dissapointd coz sony phnes including mine is the last flagshp phne 2 get JB update cmpared to other phnes such as galaxies,the raZrs,and htc one series,.Sony is now gaining nice profit with their latest xperia lineup,well guess what,.having this news will make us sony fans change to other smartphones in the next flagshp is not innovating anymore,poor software support.

  • Someone

    That’s just stupid !! I’m more than happy my Xperia P got bricked (after three months -_-)

  • AsadMulla

    You could have just wrote ” I really feel for U guys”. xD

  • DonRox

    Seems like there’s only one team of like 5 developers responsible for updating ALL their phones.
    but im still getting the Yuga once released

  • AsadMulla

    If they said 4.2 than maybe. but 4. that’s bad

  • Mark phillips

    This is shit I mean I should have bought galaxy S3 rather than Xperia S! Disappointed

  • APai

    excellent. people who have bought sola wouldn’t bother with another sony product. the product is perfectly capable of jb. but that’s okay, sony is magnanimous about losing customers

  • Flow_of_Life

    Got my Xperia S with a 2 year plan.
    1 Year of GB, 1 Year of JB
    Plan’s up, time to change phone =)

  • Norio24

    I tottaly agree ! i wasted about 480 euros for the Stupid Xperia ass ! i mean S

  • EMRE

    WAT DA FUQQQQQQQQQQQQQ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    XPERIA S 4-5 MONTHS LATER TH?S TIME ????????????

  • Robert

    Im so happy i’ve ordered a Nexus 4, so tired of sony and their slow updates!! by the end of april 4.1 is old shit, never a sony again! Go nexus!!

  • odonk

    Sony phone is not a smartphone, i was guaranteed to enter heaven but unfortunately sony pushed me to hell

  • APai

    Even if Xperia T is the first to be updated, I feel Sony has its priorities wrong and I feel Samsung has got it right. well, Cannot expect too much from the japanese senile businessmen. they’ve gotta hand over the reigns to younger dynamic people for decision making. 2 more months before ANy phone gets JB. that’s fantastic!

  • Sagar

    An update for the Xperia S after the Xperia P? WTF Sony? You already pissed us off and now ###

  • odonk

    Are they ever read our frustration comment ?

  • Keon Fraites

    Probably not…

  • Marek Kaminski

    DDoees any one will by new xperia? I think its over for Sony. Its Samsung time. My next phone will definetly not sony

  • Keon Fraites

    The phones a good phone, the company is whats shit. Shit makes the good phone yet refuses to give updates regularly…

  • APai

    well, sony should read this blog. they’d know how much they’d be toast. samsung will get my money next. galaxy s3 has premium suite lined up now. and here we are announcing when our next announcement will be. wow!

  • Norio24

    Samsung ! open your doors for me coz i’m coming!

  • Keon Fraites

    Honestly contemplating on that. I really wanted the Sony Xperia Yuga but with this? Hell who knows I might not even get JB at the rate things are going with this company…

  • odonk

    When i have a decision to buy sony phones, my parent and my friend tell me how poor sony after service is. My fault is ignored them.

  • Ramy Ayash

    If my Xperia Ion doesn’t doesn’t know how to tie my shoes and make me breakfast after this update, I will seriously not even bother with Non-Nexus phones.

  • Keon Fraites

    Because Sony doesn’t give jack shit about us, I am suspected to believe that they even know their own branding…. Hell I wonder if the Xperia S is their flagship instead of the Xperia P. Makes me wonder if they even know their own phones and their phones fan base…

  • This is a joke from Sony. After the X10 debacle of being told we had to settle for 1.6, then they released 2.1 about a year after everyone else etc, I said I’d never go with Sony again. But then I made the mistake of going for Sony’s “flagship device” of 2012, the Xperia S – as it seems they have now forgotten all about it and couldn’t care less about their user base.

  • APai

    they are pretty sure, they do not want customers

  • Hi guys, just before rage comms are coming, wanted to remember you that sony ICS has lots of improvments and all 4.2 features are already in this, so we don’t really need a stock JB as soon as we already have the stock features,

  • xperia P > xperia S

  • jack

    guys atleast ur getting the update !! I am XU user . fuck u sony for seeing the budget not the specs . I am a big fan of sony . hating now . even XJ is getting JB . why not xperia u ??? really hating !!!

  • APai

    “WTF is SONY thinking?”
    they are not. clearly!

  • dzzt

    They should, especially Xperia U and sola users. They got 2.3 out of the box, a buggy 4.0 update (I read a lot of complaints) and then they won’t get Jelly Bean.

  • costa

    What’s wrong with ice cream?!!!!..every body whant’s jelly bean.;:))..xs works fantastic with ICS

  • i have Xperia P :))))

  • WTF Xperia GO getting update WHY NOT Xperia U and Xperia SOLA? What the hell is SONY doing?

  • I don’t even want to think about how long it’s gonna take for my AT&T TL to get the update. Maybe sometime in 2014…

  • Michael Felton

    Where is my Xperia Tablet??

  • I swear to the MOTHER OF GOD I will never ever buy a Sony phone again. First and last. Mistake ho gaya really. Mistake.

    Google phones only. Can’t live with WP. Can’t live with iOS. Want Android. Google only!

  • APai

    they will get into a recursive announcement rut, as to when the next announcement will be. sony should give up on phones.

  • just_being_real

    I’m glad i use CYANOGENMOD 10 for my XPERIA S with the xperia theme. I don’t rely in Sony for software updates. They suck at that true story!

  • APai

    sola is a nice piece of hardware. but if they don’t upgrade it, then whats the point of rolling it out ? sony has gone mad! dont release a mid range which will not be updated.

  • you can get CM10 Jelly bean on Xperia S

  • Guest

    I found I am not that “die hard” fan of Sony anymore. So disappointed this time.

  • just_being_real

    and when i buy the xperia V when it gets release in the U.S. the first thing i would do would is erase Sony’s bloatware and install cyanogenmod 10.1 using android 4.2

  • APai

    because it has google now and a few other goodies

  • Xperia P is better than xperia S dude, also you can get JB on xperia S thanks to CM

  • jack

    my head aches reading this post . what a silly reason BUDGET PHONE when it is capable of running JB . from XU user

  • xperiaSfans

    Sony is suck.

  • xperiaSfans

    Sony make shit.

  • Downloading the rom now. Will never buy a sony phone again

  • APai

    support they promise for the device is 18 months. if they are 6 months behind schedule of android release, the last 6 months will most certainly mean just maintenance updates. so that means sony will generally give one iteration per device – liks say 4.04 and 4.1 no further.

    sony has proven this over 2 years now, they are pretty consistent and reliable at being late in the game. congratulations samsung!

  • Dear Sony, after hearing about your plans of upgrading Xperia S after April, kindly be informed that I decided not to buy any other Sony handsets. Thank you for your commitment

  • Evita

    This is nothing but PURE SHAME..

  • xperias


  • osamaH Al-Amri

    Was really looking forward to buy their next flagship! but after this… I wonder when will we get Android 5.0 KL if we bought their next phone -_____-

  • U owner here. I’m done with Sony (and LG) and I won’t buy their products again (unless it’s a Nexus). These day, it seems Samsung is the only one who can make their products right. Even their TV is the only one that properly play MKV video with DTS.

    Well at least I can still enjoy the colored illumination light which no other phone has.

  • Sam

    LOL! R u on from planet earth?

  • I actually have an Xperia Sola. I was planning to buy a new Sony LED TV even when I saw a Samsung better one. And with this I wanted to buy an Xperia V because I use to love Sony products. Sony you’ve disappointed me. I guess the only device Sony that I’ll have in my home is the PlayStation.

  • Sagar

    Xperia S is a high end phone whereas the Xperia P is a mid ranged phone. Get your facts right.

  • sath

    sony this is really shame on ur part, i am a owner of 2011 xperia i already know we wont b getting jb ………..but was happy that atleast all the owners of 2012 vl b getiing the update …………..but its a bull shit ur giving to ur customers these day i dont find even a single reason y x ur peria u is not updated to u ,its ok with 2011 u said due to low internal memory but now ur doing the same mistake with 2012 users xperia u a dual core processor ,that too this is the most part u should b ashamed of people trusted ur brand nd encouraged u nd bought the phones with nova thor processors which r urs u already lost ur 2011 owners no one from 2011 who bought ur phone is 2not going to buy phone nd now ur lossing 2012 customers with this ur going to b out of the market by 2013 even u release a huge phone with mind blowing specs people vl b afraid whether their phone vl b updated with the next update as is the case with 2011 arc s nd 2012 xperia s nd the future 2013 yuga ur loosing sony all the best iam sad iam a huge fan of ur brand

  • Auni

    Chill Let them Update the Xperia P, Go and J first. I am quite sure there will be bugs. Cause Sony always release firmware with lots bugs included. Once released and after the review, we would i hope get stable firmware. So let the P, Go and J get it first.

    We Xperia S owners waited this long, so 3-4 months more won’t kill us.


  • truthhurts

    haha knew this was coming lol, Glad that I sold my xps and got myself a Nexus 4 :)

  • so consider this report as a good joke , because if it is true, then the whole world – all Samsung, HTC, Motorola and their main phones already have JB and others are preparing . You mean SONY serious? after all, they run customers. That’s just tragic.

  • ahm

    This is not cool, but still, people are being way too emotional about it, nothing is groundbreaking or that necessary in Jelly Bean. just a few cool tweaks here and there.

  • SeVeMaS

    Same here, not fair, they should upgrade in the order that they comme out, the S 1st and the T the last one. Not happy at all.

  • Sony is dead

    Sony you lazy Japan bastards, 1st the Xperia Arc S now Xperia S……last, last, last, last! WTF Sony change your customer care! I’m bying a flagship from Sony and I will get JB in April fuck this, I’m buying Samsung, LG or HTC (flagship) for sure, no more Sony for me you lost it! I won’t buy from you even a Nexus device, oh wait you will never have a Nexus device because you suck like a bad sushi!
    ”Sony makes you throw your device in trash”

  • APai

    I thought sony changed over the last year and a half. well they are pretty much the same. it’s going to be a massive PR disaster for sony. congratulations samsung!

  • so consider this report as a good joke , because if it is true, then the whole world – all Samsung, HTC, Motorola and their main phones already have JB and others are preparing . You mean SONY serious? after all, they run customers. That’s just tragic.

  • I owned a x10, and waited for the mi 2. Got tired of waiting(If it ever was coming to EU), so I just bought the Xperia V, and are going to get CM on it, even tough Sonys timescape is just as beautiful as vanilla android. (Which can’t be said about others such as TouchWiz and HTC Sense) :)

  • SeVeMaS

    Hope Sony really reads this comments and see how pissed off we all are about the Xperia S (you know, the 1st one from the Sony Xperia brand to come out after the Sony Ericsson era) been the last phone to be updated. Think again Sony and lots of your fans will appreciated.

  • Auni

    And btw, this is the second time SONY screwed totally :) First with ARC S and then Xperia S now.

  • Sony Xperia S has just been rebranded the Sony Xperia FU

  • Kiran

    Xperia Go has the EXACT SAME performance affecting configuration such as
    processor: 1GHZ dual core
    GPU: Mali-400
    RAM: 513 MB
    Mobile Bravia Engine
    My Question is…. When Xperia GO can be updated to JELLYBEAN, then why not XPERIA U & XPERIA SOLA…??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m a huge fan of Sony Products since so many yrs.. but now my opinion changed… because I’M SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED WHEN MY XPERIA GO Can’t get JB :( :( :(
    All the users are waiting for an explanation for this.. besides, both these mobiles are 2012 released!!!!!!!!!

  • oh no ! fevrier ou mars ou avril ????????????????, I will change – I am going to change Sony for Galaxy or Razr or Find 5

  • Guest

    How quickly do people forget? When ICS was rolled out people were screaming that their brand-spanking new XS be updated first over the Arc, Arc S etc. Now Sony seems to have listened and tries to make sure the “latest and greatest flagships” are updated first, people still bitch about it.

    Can’t please everyone as always.

  • zerocares

    lol people complaining about updates when still 50% of anddroid phones run GB

  • Guest

    Well… fuck you Sony! Cyanogenmod, here I come!

  • CM10 FTW.

  • APai

    it’s not about one device, it’s their whole strategy they’d have to give a serious thought about.

    OR. we can just move over to samsung or any nexus device. if its a sony nexus fine. or else samsung will also do.

  • Reader

    That’s why I bought NEXUS 4. Sony makes great phones, but waiting for software half a year for tech gadget lover like me is a pain.

  • sillan

    its ridiculous to give updates in this order.. Latest released gets first?… Do they have no brain , why would they want to do this when wait will be more longer for formerly released phones than latest phones….

  • By then google would be getting ready for the next major update and what’s to say my Xperia T would ACTUALLY be updated in Feb. Sony FIX THE HELL UP WITH THESE SLOW UPDATES ITS VERY FOOLISH considering your top company.

  • Evita

    Sorry but Project Butter is way too important of performance update from Android 4.1, I don’t even care about Google Now.

  • puru

    NO NO NO This is soo NOT good….why are u doing this sony.This time u will definitely loose a lot of fans..

  • mitchel

    I Loved Sony but this action. Ooh wow…
    Never a sony again going back to htc.

  • Avery Navas

    TOTALLY agree… feel the exact same way… like a f****ing mor*n!

  • Have you even tried JB? It’s a difference like day and night. The smoothenss of JB is just unbeatable at the moment.

  • Keon Fraites

    If there’s nothing groundbreaking in JellyBean why is it taking Sony so long to release such update.

  • Asa

    Exactly what I was thinking about after reading his post. Guess it’s true that you cant please everybody, there’s always some people who get a kick out of being negative all the freakin’ time.

  • Rex

    I’m happy:) I’ll be first to get my Xperia V updated to Jelly Bean!!!!!!

  • APai

    it’s a given that a device is supported officially for 18 months, and that sony is perpetually 6 months behind. they always launch one iteration behind, and the last 6 months is anyways maintenance. that would leave for one major iteration to be updated by sony. a single update for even a flagship is BS. that’s not being negative. look at the bulk of devices they have orphaned – sola at least was in the strongest position to receive an update. whats the point of releasing sola with its glove mode etc ? if they had no plans to upgrade, why peddle it still ?

  • pixlas

    Well if you only have x amount of guys being able update the whole portfolio I guess this is how you have to prioritize.
    Some phones had too be later and some sooner. Just a weird order I agree on that.

  • [mango]

    Honestly, what’s YOUR logic leaving the Xperia S behind?

    -Well, we are sorry.. you bought the wrong flagship model of 2012.

    Wtf, get things right and start to focus on the CUSTOMERS buying your flagship models. Right now, you are so off track.. How come that you didn’t learn a SH*T from the X10 xperience?!

  • RD

    Absolutely crazy stuff… Sony Xperia S is the last product I buy from Sony. We are not coming back. No ways!!!

  • Carl

    Have a feeling that the S will be bumped off the list . . .

  • von


  • Guest

    Agreed on the lateness, but the question in this sub-thread is about the rollout order of the updates, not the update timeframe themselves.

    As for the low end devices not getting updated, this is indeed a problem, most likely due to the fact that they have too many devices in the lineup. I agree with most around here that they should have less devices (but not just 1 as some of the more extreme viewpoints suggest) so they can focus on better design, test, and support.

    However, I do have to note that Sony’s low end phones do seem really crap. I would not kid myself that if they are so underpowered that they can’t really run updated Android’s good enough (people may argue about Project Butter, but that may be a problem of too many devices rearing its ugly head here).

  • jmx2012

    OMG! My phone getting is JB on April next year. that’s the roll out date God know when I’m getting JB. go to hell Sony!!!

  • cDh

    First the X10 then the XPlay and now the U, Sola, Miro & Tipo.

    Updating the xperia J & E and the very late update for the XS is $ony’s way to say “fuck you” to it’s costumers.

    I was looking foward to the Sony Yuga but after this I won’t waste my money on $ony again.

  • APai

    I have the sola along with T, but sola is pretty good enough. I’m really incensed about this whole issue. why bring out devices which you can’t even support for a few months ? U/sola are barely 9 months old. ok, the miro/ tipo might be too anemic – but doesn’t nokia support their low end offerings ? why bring out so many devices in the first place is my fundamental question.

  • Subramanian

    GO is bloddy cheaper than SOLA…but GO getting JB…why not SOLA… this is not right…
    being in same platform…SOLA should not be missed….its irritating…

  • FUCK YOU SONY for updating xperia GO xperia J and xperia P, before xperia S, even when the specs of this last one are bettwe than those three…. fuck you for taking in mind the release date. F U C K Y O U!!!

  • APai

    possible sony reasoning being sola has 512 ram and that might not be enough to push pixels for the 854×480. sola barely has any spare ram. ideally sony would go out of the way and make a JB rom that supports only 512 ram.

    however, GO has a 320×480 resolution while having 512 ram. so lesser demand on ram. P has the same processor as sola, so this is what I figure out.

    the decision is a poor one – either they should have given sola 768 mb ram or supported JB.

  • mabz

    Xperia s for sale, anyone interested?

  • APai

    vote with your wallet next time. i have made up my mind. along with protest, carry out your threat of boycott, buy samsung or nexus.

  • phantom_p

    With Sonys pace ‘April onwards’ will be well into the summer, just a half a year later than Samsung and HTC 2012 flagships. Wonder if things like Bravia engine, proximity sensor bug and incredibly low speaker voice will be fixed at all.

    Like many others, I’m not gonna buy another Sony product again. But hey, Sonys strategy seems to be launching a new phone for each lost customer, lol.

  • APai

    screen resolution – GO has 480×320. lesser pixels to be pushed. sola has 854×480. that’s 2.5x the amount of pixels

  • Dimitar

    i’m very disapointed , how about that the xperia p to be updated before xperia s this is a very big mistake from sony and also my mother need a new mobile phone i wanted to buy for her xperia t or v but i wont really because i know what i can excpect from sony: ” After 6 months to be forgoten and to realise new mobile phones …”

  • f! dis!

    :( so much to “xperia s being sony’s flagship”… yeah for 1 month maybe

  • get ur facts rit

  • JB update will sound funny in April when all other manufactures already probably updated to keylime :-).

  • ThilinaC

    Xperia S users must be the ones who feels most f***ed up right now,sony’s strategy with flagships are very confusing.They should’ve updated T,TX & S first since those were their 2012 flagships & specially SXS since it was their major hit after a while.SXS is 6-8 months behind while other flagship counterparts (sgs3,one x+) already have updated to 4.1.2.

    I guess this will be the same story for Xperia T,TX when they gonna update to 4.2 since new 2013 models will be out :/ Way to treat the customers who pays a premium prize for your flagships sony !

    After Neo I almost brought Xperia S(since 2-3 months ago it was THE 2012 flagship & btw still Xperia T is not available in here o__O ) but then thought to change things a little and went for S3.Now I am very glad I went with S3 cos atleast when it comes to updates Samsung knows how to prioritize an update for their flagships & always give new features(yeah I know most are just crap including touchpizz :P still they give new features to older models) to their main flagships with each update.

    On a side note while Sony abandoned their 2011 flagship Arc S/Arc in jb update samsung is gonna give 4.1.2 to both S2 and note in January(although leaked official 4.1.2 works well on both).

  • Norio24

    No ! i’m not interested because i’m selling mine too XD

  • Norio24

    XPERIA ass

  • F#$%& you!! for updating xperia S after xperia go, J, and P….

  • It’s no just about features, My Sola is rather unstable and laggy at the moment. The ICS came three months later than promised. When it was out it turned out to be buggy. This applies even to the latest firmware. And now this… Don’t want to mess wiht another sony phone ever.

  • ProWeirdoGotExcitedA_Lot

    Stop crying kids, update is just an update, it will make you excited for some short time, later you will get used to it and shout for KLP as much as now. Be happy, at least my Xperia S WILL get JB, not like 2011 models + 2012-low-ends. I dont regret buying Xperia S in this situation. I hope Sony won’t get forced by crazy fans to make some update that will lag my phone. I experienced that on Xperia X10, when Sony released lagging Gingerbread. Be happy for what you have/will have very soon! Just 3 months!

  • ThilinaC

    S users must be the ones who feels most f***ed up right now,sony’s
    strategy with flagships are very confusing.They should’ve updated T,TX
    & S first since those were their 2012 flagships & specially SXS
    since it was their major hit after a while.SXS is 6-8 months behind
    while other flagship counterparts (sgs3,one x+) already have updated to

    I guess this will be the same story for Xperia T,TX when they gonna
    update to 4.2 since new 2013 models will be out :/ Way to treat the
    customers who pays a premium prize for your flagships sony !

    After Neo I almost brought Xperia S(since 2-3 months ago it was THE
    2012 flagship & btw still Xperia T is not available in here o__O )
    but then thought to change things a little and went for S3.Now I am very
    glad I went with S3 cos atleast when it comes to updates Samsung knows
    how to prioritize an update for their flagships & always give new
    features(yeah I know most are just crap including touchpizz :P still
    they give new features to older models) to their main flagships with
    each update.

    On a side note while Sony abandoned their 2011 flagship Arc S/Arc in
    jb update samsung is gonna give 4.1.2 to both S2 and note in
    January(although leaked official 4.1.2 works well on both).

    btw don’t think I am trying to trollpromote samsung on a sony forum,its just the obvious bitter truth.I was a sony ericcson fan and a dev from 2005(k750,w810,w660,w595,w995 & xperia neov) for more than 6 years.But the sad truth is Sony is again going to loose butt load of customers(specially SXS customers) due to these crazy update schedules just like they did with X10 in 2010.

  • ThilinaC

    Flagships should be updated first since the guys who brought flagships simply paid the premium prize mate,then midrange & llow range

  • Ashua

    How about all of you guys just give Sony a break think about it it just ended a 10 year co-operation ship with Ericsson. When starting something new entirely you don’t expect it to be completed over night do you ? and plus reason why the Xperia S and other are probably getting the update last is because most of the designs based from Sony Ericsson before the buy out

    The Xperia Yuga, E, Dogo and Odin are only just the beginning of all the phones official made by Sony and plus the 2012 phones were made in Sweden before they moved back to Tokyo plus Sony is way better then LG and also take into account of course Sony would be late because it has only just started fresh after buying out Ericsson’s share plus I am sure the 2013 Xperia’s would most probably be updated quickly because they are the made Sony phones and Sony is making the next Nexus so Key Lime Pie would most likely come early to the 2013 models and plus the new models will be released with Android 4.2. rather then be stuck with 4.1. and Sony made a flash tool so that way you can go between updates or stay with the ones that suit you either way just give Sony a chance 2013 is a new Era of Sony Xperia phones ! ;)

  • As long as the rollout doesnt take months this time this is fine with me.
    Btw xperia S isn’t that much better than P: The cpu found in S isn’t the most efficient out there.

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    They didn’t abandoned manufacturing airplanes and started business with submarines, you know, when they took over Ericsson share.
    What’s big deal in simple rebranding and continuing the same business, with the same brand of phones, with the same approach to software, etc etc…
    This “Ericsson” argument for Sony’s laziness is just absurd. The customer-care approach was pretty much the same in the time of SE like it is now when there is just S left. And I’m pretty much sure that Sony was “head” of operations in SE times anyway.
    Also, I’m not whining here like the most of the people, and I’m very often finding myself in situations to defend Sony, even here on this blog. I guess I’m just real. And I think Sony is far from being “shitty”, “terrible”, bla bla…
    What I’m trying to say is that blaming Ericsson for anything is absurd, and saying that Sony needs time to “recover” is also a bit silly. Like they are some amateur company, just jumped into this business, so they need time to adapt.

  • my xperia p has the same cpu and gpu and a resolution of 960*540, just double the amount of ram. Besides a phone that can run ics will be able to run on jb.

  • fail too late even samdung 10 times fater

  • Nikos Kakogiannakis

    greedy and lazy Sony..thats all , they wannabe apple ,they just dont care

  • Lunkz


  • Michael Salib

    Fuck u Sony….GS2& GS3 alreadu getting 4.1.2 & u put the xperia S in the last place & u don’t update xperia sola…going to nexus phones…Sony will never learn.

  • Huynh Nguyen

    this news set me free from Xperia. I’ve got XS and wait until April for a flagship phone? I don’t think so. And thanks got, Get a warm greetings from Nexus 4 will receive tomorrow to get through a cold Xmas and New Year from Sony. Never again Sony. Hope Sony will get to the place 2nd biggest smartphone on the market, but upside down.

  • grrrr

    Thanks Sony.
    Fuck you
    I’ve been without a phone for 7 weeks now because they took the part out of the phone…and haven’t replaced it yet.

  • Jerry Berglund

    OK. there the answer about why XPERIA S dont get any updates. Sony actually dont care about their 2012 flagship. I was really wrong when I though that it ment that something good was on it way. Sure I do agree that is better too get a update that works better than ICS did when that was release for XPERIA S. But this isnt right. What have Sony being doing this couple of months? Xperia is getting JB almost exactly one year after ICS update. Im almost getting the feeling its Sonys way to be able to stop updateing the phone for the next Android version.

  • Xperia S is a device from 2012… i feel like Xperia S is from 1999

  • Xperia Ion owner

    Heh…yeah I’m done with sony.
    This might be the point I switch to Windows

  • Puma Nike

    Really too too LONG!!! NOt good at all!!

  • Disappointed Sony customer

    VERY disappointed, Sony. Don’t count on my buying Sony again.
    Was very happy with the 180 € Xperia U I have for almost two months now, happy to upgrade to ICS and then this bs announcement? SAME specs as P and Go (Novathor) but STILL you just decide to NOT update all same phones??? o_O wtf.
    Xperia J even slower than U but J the one getting the update? Hooooly *** ! ? -.-

    My old Sony W850i was very good… What is this policy?

    [quote] Oh wow here we have the dual core devices far superior than XGo and XE which will not receive JB. I wonder what excuse Sony have up their sleeve this time.[/quote]

    I lost much faith in Sony…

    [quote] This Is The Worst Decision From Sony[/quote]

    Do I also have to regret now buying a Sony smartphone? Come on Sony, show me/us you are worth it.

    if you are not, [quote]No more Sony phones for me I guess[/quote]

    [quote] If Sony continues such sh*t support then I guess I will have to boycott them. [/quote]

    [quote] i will warn to all off my friends on facebook, i have about 2000 friends, hi sony, are you ready to lost about 2000 customers ? [/quote]

    [quote] Its war now. World War III XDA vs SONY. I need a lawyer. I hate Sony. They betrayed us…. [/quote] In some way they did…

  • Grishm

    How the fuck are U and Sola are lower-end compared to J and Go? Both U and Sola have better display than ‘Go’ with other features same. Also, U and Sola outclass J in everything for crying out loud.

  • roeshak

    I’ll bet you anything that the xperia t, tx and other H2 devices will not be updated past 4.1 just like the arc s isn’t getting jellybean.
    I’m not too bothered personally about the S and the from April onwards time schedule. I getting another phone once the 2013 flagships appear so it makes little difference.
    HTC look like they are fighting back after years of uninspiring devices so they are the front runners for my money. Who knows what the GS4 and LG optimus will be like too.
    I’m done with Sony, their mindless nonsense is just too much for me.
    The craziest thing is, they’ve treated their best selling phone with nothing but pure contempt since it’s release. I’ll bet you anything they even toyed with the idea of not updating the S past ICS but the fear of what that would do to the brand frightened them into giving it grudgingly. Imagine that, a company that goes out of it’s way to piss of it’s own customers. A joke!
    The good will that followed Sony after their takeover which was already waning, will die out now. They’ve just pissed off seriously the majority of their customers. The bad blood will surely come back to haunt them.
    The xperia S is truly the older brother of the x10 and the phones they release next year will be treated with as much scepticism as the the Arc after the bad blood that followed the x10. History repeating itself with the same inanely stupid company

  • roeshak

    If you seriously think that updating the S to 4.1 nearly a year after the OS was released will in anyway advance Sony’s reputation, you’re just as inanely stupid as Sony themselves. On

  • sony hater

    What the fucking hell??thanks Sony…I spared 600e for shit!at least xs has cm.sola and u users what will do..again Sony proved dickheads

  • mabz

    Someone shoulf find out the email addresses of all Sony top generals and post it up so that everyone could flood it with complaints so that they could see all the hate and not be able to ignore it

  • How is it possible that the Xperia U, a dual-core phone, won’t be upgraded but the Xperia J which ins’t wil recieve it… it’s hilarious! Well done Sony, killing products below 1 year of market,,,

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  • Mohammad Javad

    Kiran . I am the Same as U . SONY ! Good Bye For Ever

  • malih

    not updating Sola and U makes me feel angered, I don’t own them, but they’re 2012 Xperia, these dual-core phones should be updated.

  • Keon Fraites

    No wonder we have yet to see a Sony Nexus, that shit would never get updated….

  • Lemz

    Don’t ever believe this, they will update afterwards this miro,u, and sola. Like what happened to X10i, they say that the last update is 2.1eclair, but they updated afterwards into 2.3gingerbread.

  • chrisphillers

    Brand new Xperia V… and a JB update 9 months from google launch!???? Seriously Sony?

  • And, finnalny Xperia Sola n Xperia U cannot upgrade to jelly bean…

  • Keon Fraites

    Three months in the world of technology is a very long time… and its oblivious to anyone as to why they would place the most anticipated device to get jellybean to be last, and others that people adored for their style and unique attributes (sola and U) to not get jellybean. No ones crying (well at least I hope) we are angry at the customer service scheme sony fails at pulling off.

  • Guest

    Sony,….forget it……

  • Andrew D

    Being the First Sony, without Ericsson, S should have been updated a long time ago.
    When others are getting 5.0+ we will be getting 4.1…. WTF?
    SXS was the flagship but i cant understand how they change flagships daily? Keep SXS for the Xperia serie,. and make another name like Sony Pebble or whatever other name they want,. and make there a new flagship..

  • Andrew D

    Def. of Sony….




    Y in world bother buying it?

  • sonywhy

    budget model left the game is ok……….but xperia S take too long :

  • ALFA

    Since (i bought) April 2012 silently i followed/watched carefully everything about Xperia S what Sony did. Never complained about anything. But now;

    This is the picture of your ending, Sony!

  • APai

    absolutely! I cannot fathom what stops sony from delivering JB to sola.

    sony lost me as a customer – just after I picked 2 sony phones in the last few months. I was planning to get another 3 for my family. but now, I will turn to samsung, or lg/ htc, anyone else but sony.

  • The upgrading plan is simply not reasonable for Xperia S and Ion users.

  • odonk

    for the owner of U, Sola, tipo and miro, don’t ever sell your phone to buy sony phone that can be updated to jb such as Go or you’ll be fucked up, who the hell knows, consider sell your phone to take an samsung device instead :D

  • thank you. xperia sola owner here. i feel TROLLED

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  • Steve Blows Jobz



  • Fuh

    Xperia J get JB update? wut? and sola didnt? wtf r u thinking bruh? eh? single core 1ghz get jb and dualcore 1ghz of sola and u didnt get an update?

  • To think I was telling my friends to buy the Xperia P or Xperia S.

    I called them today and told them to not touch a Sony product with a 10 foot pole.


  • Samsung Ace2 will be updated on JB. Sony bad.

  • one more ungry Xperia S user here. yellow tint problem, camera autofocus lame problem and now update to 4.1 5 months after samsung and HTC…. well i can only say 1 thing #switchtolumia

  • This is just very stupid I swear so ill wait till april dis is vry stupid wt re they thing no problem dey’ll hv to wait a while b4 I think of changing my xperia s what rubbish den xperia t will get update first
    My xperia arc was the best I used wif update

  • Tenene

    Fcuk this! Why Xperia Sola that not JB while Xperia Go and Xperia J get it? Sola better that J -,-

  • Tenene

    I’ll never buy Sony forever -,- Move to Nexus! Nexus get update veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fastest -,-

  • Džiugas Petruškevi?ius

    I believe my SXS will be last phone from Sony. I am totally irritated with new Sony strategy..

  • Iggy

    Goodbye Sony! I have Xperia U, the phone freezes and very slow GPS fixes. JB will not? Well, my next phone will not SONY.

  • APai

    yeah, if 4.1 comes so late in the day, there’s no hope for T getting anything past that. forget 5!

  • eff

    Arc simply cannot handle JB with that specs,I know cause I tried a ray with ICS.But the J is updated because its a new phone.So there’s some contradiction with what Sony reps say.But I’d take any Xperia over Samsung.I’m not even considering a Samsung until they change that home button.Personally I like capacitive or on screen buttons.

    And by the way I think Xperia T would be released here next year,not this year.Sony is just downgrading a premium product to a midranger by these late release like they always do.

  • AdamS

    The catchword for Xperia S should had been “The first smartphone from Sony – the last one to be updated” when it was released

  • Maime Hoshi

    better head to XDA.

  • Aiman Mohamad

    I wait software android jellybean for my sony xperia go. Thanks sony ^_^

  • MRo

    Very Bad!
    I Hate Sony!
    I will never buy Sony products

  • Sign petition to ask sony to release update for Xperia U and Xperia Sola!

  • Crytek Pfff.

    its better to update to newer version of android. never version of android improve speed,battery life etc.

  • jhdevos

    Extrapolating from the extremely slow update process for ICS, this means I’ll have JB somewhere in… end of May / beginning of June?

    Seems like Sony is seriously understaffed in development and QA departments. This seems like a big mistake; with active and quick support, Sony could be one of the top players… But not like this. My next phone is NOT going to be a Sony one.

  • Never go for Sony

    Very disappointed at this news. My xperia sola will remain on ics :(((( I’ll never buy Sony again. Look at Samsung. Even their low end phones have JB. I’ll go for htc or Nokia wp8 phones in future. Very bad Sony.

  • Samuel Serafim

    Sony do not deserve his clients.

  • panggih eka

    I was disappointed why can not update the xperia sola jelly bean …. but i really hope sony would provide equalization update android os on each of his … xperia go the same specifications can be jelly bean why not xperia sola … Do not make your customers disappointed … I was really disappointed with sony

  • Rob

    I emailed the Sony Japan tablet support, asked what was up since we were promised back in September an update to 4.1 “shortly after launch”. Well, they responded very quickly and told me “we can neither confirm nor deny the possibility of 4.1 for the xperia tablet.”


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  • parikshit

    Sola not lower end handset ….it is expensive than. Xperia go….why. sola. Not receiving jb

  • PRo












    Bloody Joke Frm Sony….. Will Never buy a Sony Phone !!!!!

  • davidF

    Sony could leave pure android on their smartphones to google the update so users would be happier, and offer the application of walkman and Album, movies and improve fast photo capture, on the other hand what about the Xperia S that received help from google with version 4.1.2

  • Chetan M.P

    Hey, sony guys, Sola was my first android and though that my phone would be upgraded to jelly bean and said to all my friends that I would get jelly bean, I wish I had to buy the Samsung, If my phone wouldn’t upgraded to jelly bean, this would be the first and last product from sony. GOOB BYE SONY :-(

  • If you need another, please take mine

  • You mean customers?

  • Norio24
  • Xperia S on April? Cool! I will ask Santa for a Samsung this year and flush my S down the toilet.

  • nitro888

    Sony mobile doesn’t respect its customer, by not giving tech support for 18 month, as promise…means that sony mobile really doesn’t respect its customer at all…beware of this fraud

  • I fear U and Sola users have to settle with a smooth and stable cm10 when that’s released.
    Or xperia p firmware has to get ported to u and sola..

  • APai

    yeah, while I count on xda/cm guys to bail me out, it probably would be impossible for most non tech oriented guys who will be disappointed with sony.

  • Eone

    P had 1GB ram

  • APai

    yeah P has 1gb ram, but what stops them from giving a slightly less bloatware version of the JB to sola ? why release a device that would get just one update ?

    ideally it should have released with ICS, so, no JB is just horrible for anyone buying a sola. they might as well write off the remaining sales for that phone

    this will thankfully set a precedent for sony. anyone looking for a good mid range phone can safely ignore sony.

  • oghut

    this is really a goodbye sony. So so disappointed

  • Ashua

    True I do agree with you on that one and plus isn’t it true that most of android devices still have Gingerbread and Ice cream sandwich on most devices now with Jelly bean still been on only a few devices and plus what about the Xperia Flashtool once it is out of beta you can just upgrade your phone in between updates for some of the older phones from Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwhich and Jelly Bean and hopefully Key Lime Pie. !

  • Sam

    Again Sony?? Keep your fingers crossed, they might again give you a shitty reason and piss you off.

  • shanefalco

    Xperia U is better than xperia J!!! Sony a group of loosers!!! No more sony product in my home!!! I sell U and i buy a samsung or a nexus model!!!!

  • vilas1958

    Feeling completely fucked up… Wtf!!! Xperia s update , that to april!! Baaaaaad?!!!

  • aqsotea

    xperia J be able, sola & U, why?????

  • danial

    WTF! Sony Xperia U no Jellybean……

  • Bill

    they know well what they have in mind…the will give you jb update as late as possible so the 18 month support commitment will be over and they will say “This device will not be able to handle key lime pie well..but no worries …….. buy our newer flagship that costs 800$ to have the update running smooth and fast as light”…BUT FUCKING SONY YOU SAID THAT WITH XPERIA S ive paid 600euros to get your flagship and i got ics last and again will get jb last(which will be xperia s’s last update for sure)with those anouncements sony lost lots of customers! (one of them was me…….xs is my last sony phone after k800i,w900i,w910i,x10,xperia s)

  • Sony

    yeah visit for free update

  • Sony

    the world will end tomorrow guys dnt worry about the update

  • What if they’re planning to skip a version like what they did with X10 and the 2.2 update?

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    In case you are wondering how is that the low-end Xperia J is getting the Jelly Bean update, while the dual-core U and sola aren’t – despite Sony didn’t make any statement, we guess the GPU is the one to blame.

    All three phones have 512MB of RAM, but the Adreno 200 GPU on the Xperia J uses far less RAM than the Mali-400 inside the Xperia U and sola. We also know that Project Butter needs more GPU power than what the ICS UI. And the insufficient RAM due to GPU usage is probably the reason why these phones won’t be getting to taste Jelly Bean.

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    In case you are wondering how is that the low-end Xperia J is getting the Jelly Bean update, while the dual-core U and sola aren’t – despite Sony didn’t make any statement, we guess the GPU is the one to blame.

    All three phones have 512MB of RAM, but the Adreno 200 GPU on the Xperia J uses far less RAM than the Mali-400 inside the Xperia U and sola. We also know that Project Butter needs more GPU power than what the ICS UI. And the insufficient RAM due to GPU usage is probably the reason why these phones won’t be getting to taste Jelly Bean.

  • Disappointed

    Sony S first before anything else. We patronized this out of love and loyalty for Sony…and this is how we are being repaid. Please be fair.

  • Ganesh

    Dude in this case can u tell about xperia go it also has mali 400 GPU and 512MB Ram.

  • U won’t get JB ….

  • I f it is the case, what about a firmware to reduce RAM consumption of the Mali-400. Moreover U has 1 GB of RAM ..

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    No dude U has 512 mb ram…but yeah if they really wanted they could have underclocked the cup…..

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    Yeah man.ThThat’s the very reason iam still ll ll not satisfied with their answer…

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    xperia go will be recieving jellybean because of its low resolution.The processor uses less ram compared to Xperia U and Sola. This resolution factor is the same for all devices…..try running full hd youtube videos and 640p videos on youtube….if you have an old pc you will definitely have playback performance issues for the HD ones….

  • gunboat_d

    considering the performance hit i suffered on my U, i wish I’d stayed on Gingerbread.

  • bahad?r

    Sony bu durumdan dolay? utanmas? laz?m xperia s için nisan dan sonra güncellemesi almas? ne demek.bu yapt?klar? aptalca.ürettikleri cihaz?n arkas?nda adam gibi durmalar? laz?m.telefonumdaki mevcut en güncel yaz?l?mda kameras?nda odaklanma yapam?yorum bile kahretsin telefonda görüntü kayb? ya??yorum.?arj? çok çabuk bitiyor.Sony kullan?c?lar?n? bu lanet durumdan biran önce kurtarmal?.

  • Die Sony


  • Michael

    I was thinking about buying Sony Xperia Miro , but now when i saw this and all these comments i’m sure that i won’t buy this phone from CRAP COMPANY THAT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS !!

  • Mehran

    u sure about this Include Sola

  • sony hasn’t learn a thing from their competitors! Flagships are supposed to get the latest update faster than other phone they released. S,SL,ACRO S, ION should get it first than the TVJ ,STUPID sony

  • No, my guess would be, U have multi colored illumination light instead of white-only like in P / S. And Sola have floating touch tech.

  • David Hallowes

    So true it seems, though sad to say it. I love the water and dust protection that Sony do to some of its high-end smartphones and want one. Nobody else seems to do them, certainly not in Britain anyway. But having done some detective work on finding out about Sony phones past and present it is clear the company has a 0% commitment to its customers. Also its phones have many problems and do not receive updates. Put those together and I do not think I can afford to take a risk in signing up to a 2 year contract with my first ever Sony mobile phone. How crazy is that? They do the model I want but their attitude is so bad they have made themselves impossible to trust or do business with! I think they are arrogant and dishonest and should be publicly disgraced for only then I suspect will the the company get the message and make the necessary changes in management and attitude.

  • David Hallowes

    Re: new Xperia V (and other new products in 2013)
    As of 24th January, 2013 over 100 customers have complained to Sony since it released the Xperia V in December about bugs causing constant freezing, catastrophic battery drainage, WiFi and alarm function problems. Nobody is mentioning this, least of all Sony in its daily marketing barrage about the upcoming Xperia Z. Al it cares about is sales, not service. Does this mean the Z will also fail to work properly once released in a month or two?
    I see the UK regulator fined Sony £250000 today for what it called “one of the most serious breaches of the Data Protection Act ever reported” in failing in 2011 to keep its Playstation Network software up to date, thus allowing hackers access to its customers’ personal, bank and password details.
    Sony smartphones had a poor reputation in the past. There are now 12 pages of complaints on the Sony Mobile website below. Those people have spent a lot of money on a Sony product either directly or through signing an expensive long-term contract. They deserve not to be ignored and they deserve the mobile media to take up this issue with Sony on their behalf and hold the company to account.
    Compare this with two friends of mine who experienced problems with their iPhones a year or two ago. They contacted Apple and the company simply replaced the products, no questions asked. It clearly cares about its reputation for technical excellence and customer satisfaction. By comparison Sony stops updates on products less than a year old, doesn’t fix problems or even communicate with its customers when they report them.
    It’s not good enough and Sony should be continually fined when it habitually fails to service its products when they do not work properly. Only then perhaps will it take customer service seriously. Until then everyone should think carefully before parting with their money.
    I will not give my money to a company only to get problems and no solutions or service for 2 years, which is a shame because I really want a water and dust resistant smartphone and Sony seems to be the only company that makes them. They are very popular in Japan.

    What a ridiculous company approach. New management required!
    You can read all those complaints about the problems with the Xperia V here:

  • When People get Jellybean Updates For this Xperias Google will Realise their Next Android Version! :P

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    s3 mini has same specs as xperia sola and U but still got jellybean……the logic is more messed up than one may think…….

  • saurabh

    Jb! Why not for tipo

  • dazzyboy

    Updated to jellybean and no sound works on Xperia t

  • screw you, sony! it’s always the same – your update policy sucked ever since – talking about vaio notebooks as well as xperia handsets..They create a “flagship” model that is FAR behind expectations (what is this backcover-piece-of-shit?! and what about the battery life…or should i call it battery death?) and then they don’t even update it in time…

    I’m pretty sure, that android 5.0 will be available when sony releases 4.1 for the SXS…

    even though i love the Xperia Z – i think this has been my last sony handset..

  • yulio randi

    look like sony need to upgrade the JB software for Xperia V again….,because after update to JB many phone had a SOD (sleep of death)

  • gabachu

    why do my acro s must wait to april???

  • saad

    yes why

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  • WenXuan

    how the xperia z 4.2.2 ??

  • Saurabh

    March is already ended…
    when u will provide jb update for Xperia p???

  • xperia go – realy fed up with is since i have updated it to ice cream sandwich, eagerly waiting for Jelly Bean befor i loose my temper with this phone and break it.

  • i got my hand set once replaced but the service center was just a collection center there was no technical person to understand the problem, now again i am getting battery problem and system freezing, etc

  • Trevin

    when will you update Xperia Ion to JB..?

  • hull piseth

    Sony should not announce anything like at the end of March or so. It should state clearly when it is based on the prediction they can finalize the firmware even though they can finish it before the date, it doesn’t bother having received the update before the date but should not be later than the announced date. Because it can make customers think about the date a lot but when it doesn’t meet their expectation they become frustrated. It is better if it does’t announce anything and gives the update unexpectedly.

  • deepak

    I request to sony that am waiting for update 4.1.2 in my sony xperia p so please launch as soon as possible

  • Gorgon

    Hump! Xperia Go receive updte in end of March?!
    It’s already April man…

  • Elliott

    Why won’t the xperia u get JB?

  • Faris Fahim

    Xperia u is lower end handset? I think it’s not

  • ressh’s xperia miro

    why there’s no jb update for xperia miro st23i… even samsung galaxy ace and young got jb update..

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