Sony Xperia Z formally unveiled: 5-inch 1080p display, Quad-core, Water resistant

by XB on 8th January 2013

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Sony Mobile has formally announced the Xperia Z. The handset has been well leaked, therefore there were few surprises for us to digest. In terms of specifications, the Xperia Z will come with a 5-inch 1080p OptiContrast Display (443 PPI) with Bravia Engine 2, 1.5GHz quad-core chipset (APQ8064 + MDM9215M) with Adreno 320 graphics, 2GB RAM, 13MP Exmor RS rear camera, 2.1MP Exmor R front-facing camera NFC, MHL, LTE, 16GB internal storage, microSD memory card slot and a water and dust resistant ((IP55 and IP57) chassis.

As expected, the Xperia Z has tempered glass on the front and back. We can’t confirm whether Dragontrail or Gorilla Glass is being used, although we’ll update this post if we find out. The handset also has an anti-shatter film on the front and back. The frame of the handset is made from glass fibre polyamide (the same metal substitute used in car parts).

Sony is using a new OmniBalance design for the handset, whose focus is to “create balance and symmetry in all directions”. It has an enhanced reflection coating on the top, bottom and sides, which Sony says mirrors the world around you.

On the camera side of things, Sony has finally introduced Burst Mode into its Xperia line-up. Sony says that you will be able to shoot an unlimited number of images at 10 frames per second and 9 MP resolution. In addition, the rear camera supports HDR videos and both front and rear cameras support HDR photos. There is no dedicated camera button on the Xperia Z. Located in its place is the phone’s speaker. We imagine the lack of a camera button relates to an engineering issue with keeping the phone water resistant. Saying that, Sony has had water resistant phones with dedicated camera buttons in the past.

The Sony Xperia Z will launch with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and will get updated to Android 4.2 “after launch”. The Sony Xperia Z will weigh 146 grams and has dimensions of 139 x 71 x 7.9 mm. In terms of battery, the Xperia Z should come with a 2,330mAh capacity battery (although we haven’t seen Sony confirm this in their own spec sheets so far). The handset will arrive in Q1 2013 in three colours: black, white and purple.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Via Sony Mobile Developer and Sony Mobile Press.

  • tour

    can’t wait i need it

  • Sandy

    de best phone i have eva seen!!! :D

  • Tohar Lalua

    Pak chik pak raja babu, na raha dil be kabu….love u X Zed

  • 568 pounds is a freaking too much! Instead buy a laptop or something better than a phone!

  • Well it looks nice but very fragile!

  • lovebmw

    Phone of the century but a little too big for taste… I know I will have to buy it but I only wish it was a little smller

  • adsada_arc

    great phone

  • keep calm and wait for the price .

  • Gonna get this. This phone really near perfect in all term

  • Kjetil B. Thomassen

    Does this mobile phone have a USB Micro-AB receptacle?

    Kjetil B.

  • Ah!!!! I want this smartphone so much but I take Xperia S just half year. Y_Y

  • Hallon

    Just saw a handson, the reviewer was very much impressed by the colour reproduction. Personally I’d rather have livelike colours than AMOLED, but Sony can at least try to compete with AMOLED phones, the technology is in house.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I thought the ZL was the way to go due to the relatively compact size and the notification light, but it appears that the differences between them don’t end there. If we are to believe the accuracy of the spec sheets from Sony Mobile’s own site, each model has some features the other doesn’t, as you can see below :

    Z-specific features :

    •Smile detection
    •Superior Auto
    •Picture Effect
    •Quick Launch
    •Front-facing camera (2.2 MP 1080p)
    •HDR for both picture/film
    •Burst Mode
    •Sony Exmor RS for mobile image sensor
    •Album art
    •Clear Audio+
    •Dynamic normaliser
    •PlayNow service
    •mineral glass
    •Wi-Fi Miracast
    •Xperia Link
    •Screen mirroring

    ZL-specific features :

    •IR Remote
    •TV Out
    •Wi-Fi Direct
    •NeoReader barcode scanner
    •Expansion slot: microSD™ card, up to 64 GB

  • Hannad Ahmed

    R.I.P. Ericssons logo

  • You think a laptop is going to be pocketable? You want light phone? then go get an iphone 5 and get it bend, scratched.

  • McJobs

    black or white ?

  • Jan

    I think purple is nice, i will consider this colour.

    Still, nothing new on PSM PlayStation Mobile! Move on with supporting countries. Poland is waiting for PSM. VERY SAD

  • Paolo vitalis

    Is it true that zl model will be dual sim ? P.V.

  • Zhyriel ZA

    so sad so bad no dedicated camera button….i’m using most of sony phone model since the previous brand sony ericsson and dedicatedcamera button helped me on taking pictures….

  • ronish
  • TjaldidTjaldid

    do you know if WhiteMagic is included?

  • Cp2020

    1 to rule them all…Well done Sony

  • adsada_arc

    I actually don’t like superAMOLED, I mean I get why its popular, colours look so good and viewing angles are amazing, but what I dont like is the over saturation of colours, doesn’t actually show images true to life. The reality display does however, and that’s why I really like it. The issue is that the viewing angles for it aren’t the best, which arguably isn’t much of an issue, but it does make the phone feel cheaper and less high quality, also when showing photos to friends large viewing angle helps here.

    I just think if sony had stuck a OLED screen with 1080p display it would just be the best, if you have seen how good the PSvita looks!

  • TjaldidTjaldid


  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I think something is wrong with that list, well allot if you are making a list of features that the other phone doesn’t have

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    no, one is for MicroSD and the other is SIM

  • Asa

    Xperia Link, PlayNow, Smile detection and a whole lot more features you just listed are available on every Xperia phones lol.

    There’s something wrong with the list you found.

  • XperiaX10.aweome

    Except for design nothing extraordinary or catching thing in Xperia Z…now Samsung will start creating buzz about Galaxy S4 n by the time Xperia Z release globally everybody already start saying that Xperia Z is outdated..

  • arcwindz

    Yeah, it’s big, I’d go for ZL instead, a lot of hands-on out there and it turns out to be almost the same exact size as one X

  • arcwindz

    I’m a little bit confused, the ads, the representative and even the sony homepage clearly said that both phone got the same Exmor RS capable of HDR, but the spec sheet state otherwise 0.o

  • rickiking

    My only problem is… Black or White?

  • Nakata

    Yeah! i second that
    In fact i relly love 5-inch screen size but Xperia Z is too tall.

  • Ryan G

    And almost the same size as Xperia TX.

  • lovebmw

    I would have gotten the zl if it was water proof… And I bet you there will be smaller models announced in march.

    Here is what sucks / great about Sony, they will shoot their own foot, once you decide on buying the z, one month before release they will announce another better phone, xperia t then the v was announced lol

    So I will say z for now until they announce the other phone

  • sergy

    Xperia S owner, but this is my next phone !!! when i can buy it in Estonia ?
    Sony is awesome !!!

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  • Sagar

    Sony undoubtedly makes phones with awesome designs. The best in class phone after the Xperia S.

  • APai

    it’s already dated in the news. qualcomm said that the new 800 that replaces s4pro is 60% faster, the 330 adreno is double of 320, and we’ll see the first 800 based phones in Q2. so, when does sony intend to release the Z ? they just get 2-3 months max of lead time.

    the sooner sony releases this phone – the better the chances for sony

  • Dr a N g
  • Hallon

    tbh, the HTC ONE X has a great LCD screen too, and that screen does have propoer viewing angles.

  • DJMashup

    So you deem 5″ phones as pocketable, get real. Also, don’t make yourself sound like a complete knob by saying an iPhone will bend, wtf? but more to the point, you made 2 comments relating to wanting a lighter phone, so what exactly does an iPhone getting scratched have to do with a lighter phone? You need to put a bit of thought into your comments in future if they’re all as irrelevant as this one !!

  • The cheap material used on iphone 5 is what makes it light. They get scratched easily.

    So you indeed want a bend phone huh?

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  • Nexuskin

    Sorry but 2013 is supposed to be Sony’s year so why put in old SoC when Qualcomm just announced 600 & 800 and no inductive charging. At least put JB on initial release because we all know Sony’s record for updates. Water resistant 1080p only highlight given supposedly is their flagship..but disappointed.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Dont know why but my sixth sense is saying that I can see Galaxy S4 before Xperia Z atleast in Singapore !! :-D
    Hope Sony proves me wrong..

  • Evita

    Yes, Sony made

  • Evita

    Man, you gotta go with lovely Purple

  • Evita

    F*uk that Snapdragon 800 / 600 just got announced later the greatest Xperia Z

  • Alex Ruiz

    Obviously white, man.

  • why no Pic from the other side??? I WANT TO SEE TO OTHER SIDE TO :o

  • kurtdean

    Hw cn sony put Qualcomm 800 on xperia z when it just launched today? it doesnt make sense to me and ur comment is ignorant

  • Lunkz

    Yeah Purple looks really sexy, but it’s a women phone IMHO

  • roeshak

    From the press photos, I thought ZL looked better but having seen them both now, the Z is clearly the more premium looking and better designed phone.

    Don’t forget boys and girls, when they say update to 4.2 after launch, they actually mean at some point late July but most probably from August onwards given the high number of 2012 devices they have to update to 4.1 before that.

    Kudos to Sony, they have done what they do best with these 2013 flagships. And that’s presentation. It’s inconceivable that there’ll be better looking devices anywhere on the planet this year.

    Trouble is when the higher speced S4 and M7 are showcased running 4.2 from the off, I suspect these two phones will be knocked down a notch to the 2nd tier of high end devices.

    The same saga continues….Fabulous looking devices handicapped by dated OS. Jellybean 4.2 will very shortly become the standard of the 2013 flagship. Once that happens, these two devices will start looking like they are 2013 flagships in waiting. Like there’s just something important missing from the impressive spec sheet. Such a pity as is always the case with Sony, nearly there but not quite. Well in 2013, they are more nearly there than they’ve ever been. Progress of sorts I suppose.

  • AsadMulla

    No induction charging.
    I like the white and I must say I love the glass back.
    If camera button was an issue regarding IP rating what about the 3 other buttons.

  • Silverwagon

    Why are people so concern about the viewing angles on the phone? Aren’t people suppose to look straight at the screen when using it? I just don’t get it…..

  • Nabil

    Yeah I thought exactly the same, even if you’re showing a picture to some friends or something, they aren’t looking at it at a 175° angle, I just don’t get why it has to be perfect at 180° ^^ But I admit it’s something cool to have on a phone, even if it is enough on the Z.

    Otherwise, this is the first phone that I think (honnestly, not because I am an Xperia fan) is more beautiful than the iPhone 5, it just looks elegant, thin, classy and robust at the same time, even if it has glass everywhere. Great job Sony !

  • Nabil

    Nah, it would have broken the whole design of the Z. I loved it on the old SE phones, but it’s not in the same style anymore.

  • roeshak

    Not only that, timescape ui seems a thing of the past too. It’s now Sony’s custom flow ui.

  • APai

    February says one news source. that’s good news. I’m kinda done with sony for another year though, i just picked T

  • Madsham

    I agree purple could be the winning colour, i suspect Sony brought it out for their feminine side but I’ve a feeling a few blokes will opt for it too,

  • Little Elephant

    All of 5 inch phones should not have a thick bezel surrounding all four sides of the display bcuz the screen size is already big. Hey! Sony may be this is the time to make this cool patent come to live, this

  • PRo

    Anyways the 64gb expansion point in Xperia ZL is a true :(
    But Z is Gorgeous :)

  • Nabil

    I always thought inductive charging is a bit useless because you still have to plug the charger with a cable and make conctact with the phone (and it’s also not usable when it’s charging, dumb isn’t it ?). The dream of wireless charging isn’t that, instead you’d be on your bed while your charger is plugged in (with a cable or not, whatever) without having to make any contact with the charger.

    Also I suppose that with inductive charging you’re phone charges slower ?

    I really don’t see the point of this ‘wireless’ inductive charging, useless as hell.

  • 600 & 800 are not available for OEMs yet. There is probably another couple months until full production can even start for most manufacturers, and shipping will have to wait even longer. There will always be something greater around the corner. In ten years kids wil laugh att our weak computers.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo
  • paul_cus

    I like the Z, but the design of the S was much cooler and compact.

  • AsadMulla

    The reason I say is because its ip rated with induction charging you wont have to open the flaps. I know its got pogo pins so thats the alternative. I also know that induction charging would take longer. I am an electrician so I understand how it work. The dream on wirefree chaging is a long way away I believe, because you would have to send large magnetic fields through the air which harmful. and it would also have to be very directional. Unless somebody can think of a total new system. Could be very lucrative though.

  • Tony

    I believe the camera button has nothing to do with “an engineering issue with keeping the phone water resistant” as demonstrated by the xperia acro s, which has a camera button and its still waterproof.

  • Nezar

    Damn it sony!!! Why didn’t you make the white Z white all around like the ZL? You can never do something right. You always have to ruin it somehow!!!

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    the Snapdragon 800 was announced and unlike the S4 it has 4x A15 processors instead of 2x A15 and 2x A9, and they say it consumes only 50% of the energy, so I am going to wait to see if they have perfected the Zl design by making it waterproof

  • Ugly Truth

    But the new UI is very unappealing.

  • Stop trolling.. You’re bad at it.

  • Ashua

    Sony has now made the UI Lighter then the previous Ones making updating the phones eaiser than before and 2013 is year of Sony and these two phones indicates exactly what Sony is capable of now that Erricsson is out of the way these phones are pure Sony! :)

  • Michael Hofmann

    I think the power button makes up for the loss of the energy ball

  • Michael Hofmann

    Wait to see what sony has to show us at MWC

  • sony

    Because Xperia Z using Opti contrast Panels

  • Michelle

    Only 16gb of internal storage with a useless MicroSD slot. Apps can no longer be moved to SD cards so internal space can be used up quick. Once again a great phone with limited space.

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  • Chi Chi Oppai

    oh boy there goes sony again
    doing what they do the best.. charming and fooling people.. once they
    get your money, they wouldnt give a shit about you anymore.. all this is
    based on my experience with the Xperia S.. yellow tint, bad customer
    service, camera issues that despite being flamed on their community for 6
    months, still, no response from them or even maning up to admit that
    they messed up or even get our hopes up by stating they are sorting the
    prob. no nothing. almost a year now and we all still got the same faulty
    camera focus and blurry issues. after that, we have the JB announcement
    where inferior phones such as go will be prioritized over S.. and
    superior phones as well. and S was the last in line. so much for being a
    flagship.. and i can’t believe they are proud enough to post all their
    handsets in 2012 in a single picture.. they released so many handsets
    that they cant keep up with updates and now you got the nerve to post
    the pictures of all those handsets asking us which one is our favorite
    knowing that we all hated that marketing part you did?? plain dumb..
    also, how come xperia go which has lower specs than U is getting JB?

    what I hate most about sony is they dont give a shit.. you flame
    their community, email, phone calls and you will still get no decent
    response from them. Xperia S will be my last sony handset. im so fucking
    dissapointed.. oh and by the way, Xperia S is the most beautiful
    handset ive ever seen. the design is too unique and beautiful but
    because of your poor customer support or should I say, no customer
    support, Im giving you up for samy.. :(

  • Xperia S addict

    Just check properly. From the standby mode you swipe up to unlock the one.

  • jag

    Haha! This one made me laugh.. You really want to be that updated?just announced by Qualcomm then you want it to be inside the phone right away? Ridiculous one

  • ZEED

    What a pity! but I just dont get why sony gotta make z and zl, i mean why their not make the real one perfect phone, Z+ZL = absolutely perfect smartphone, HD 5 inch screen + universal remote + water and dust resistant + great camera + small bezel + thin + glass fibre polyamide flame. Oh Lord!!

  • weeeeooo

    amazing ,cant wait 4 it

  • lets wait for the crash test.. hehe

  • Hannad Ahmed


  • Avery Navas

    I sore not to buy a Sony device ever again after waiting for jelly bean update for my SXS, but this looks so sexy that I feel like a cheated wife forgiving and forgetting over the false hopes from a pretty face….

  • Cheng

    Does anyknow, if that bunch of text and logo (CE, 0682 etc.) will be also in the final handset for consumers? I mean..the phone is totally sexy, if the back bottom is also clean that would even better… TBH……

  • She hai kim

    Sony if can release smaller size of Xperia Z, it would be my next xperia phone, maybe named it as ‘ Xperia Z mini’ ? Device 4″ screen, body both side temp. glass, quad core S4 SD processor & 1gb ram.

  • Guest

    Sony if can release smaller size of Xperia Z, it would be my next xperia phone, maybe named it as ‘ Xperia Z mini’ ? Device 4″ screen, 7.9mm thk, body both side temp. glass, quad core S4 SD processor & 1gb ram.

  • jag

    hey… i just remembered!!! i was thinking where i saw the power button design… then when i was turning on my ps vita this afternoon.. i saw the same exact power button and then i realized that it is the same as the one in the Xperia Z! nice huh?! ^^

    now im really feeling the “Sony” thing in this new xperia ^^

  • Given some of the known issues with 4.2 (BT issues, other random oddities, and apparently some not great source code from ramblings around the web), it’s probably OK it doesn’t have 4.2 JB just yet. And really, that update came out only a few months ago with ZERO non-Nexus manufacturers even announcing its availability for their handsets.

    This all coming from a semi-impatient Xperia S owner running ICS 4.0.4. :)

  • This is their fault every year. If they could have this out in early February, I’d consider it a huge win for Sony. A month lead time from announcement to shipping to consumers isn’t bad and companies like Samsung and Apple have done it.

    No point in endlessly filling your marketing and social media channels talking up a phone nobody can get for 2+ months.

  • Fraulein

    The UI has never been called Timescape, that was a media error. Timescape is an app/widget/framework

  • Fraulein

    There are no Sony- or Ericsson-people in the company. They were just “Sony Ericsson”-people, which now has been renamed to Sony Mobile, and just fully owned by the Sony Corporation. And both Z and ZL started development before the name change.

  • Guest

    ????? Z ??????

  • omg cute :3

  • Marco

    Which camera sensor size and wich aperture size does the xperia z have? Thx

  • Sony

    compare Xperia Z vs Xperia T

  • APai

    the finish looks immaculate!

  • it now makes me sad that i bought Xperia T….

  • vijayan

    what happen to xperia z CE 0682 kitkat update……

  • I need Help

    i have broken my xperia z1 white
    screen where can i buy can someone help me sending a link to a web to buy it online

  • bigdave43

    u all need to shut the fuck up and be grateful for what sony has to offer you guy’s!!!! NO SHIT”””

  • Renan Aguilar-Valenzuela

    DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!, my phone is completely useless because cannot charge it. The micro usb entry is broken. It just happened, without any hard use.

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