Watch the Xperia Z being constructed in just five minutes [Video]

by XB on 17th January 2013

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If you have any interest in how the water resistant Xperia Z is put together then the below video is a must-watch. It shows engineers constructing three Sony gadgets in just five minutes, this includes the Xperia Z, Cyber-shot RX1 and a Handycam camcorder.

The skill involved is immense as these guys slowly piece together a beautiful phone from a number of component parts. Click through for the video below (the Xperia Z is being shown on the bottom-left window of the video).

  • ShinOrochiX

    SUPERB! I’m speechless…

  • It looks fun!I want to construct xperia z for myself too…

  • P9

    really nice!!! :) love sony.

  • cp2020

    Should be on the shelf by tomorrow.

  • mountain

    I never had that theme on my RX1…

  • Paddy

    Looks like the Battery cannot be replaced :-(

    there are no screws to remove the back, what means it’s glued!

  • howard

    there should be a way to replace

  • DragonClaw

    Right. It’s amazing how they made the phone in 5 minutes, yet take so much of time to bring it to the store. :P

  • Cloud_Connected

    Nice pieces of craftsmenship – go SONY!

  • azmadu

    Absolutely stupendous the precision with which these devices are made and then the skill in which they can be put together by hand is staggering.

  • azmadu

    Yes there is a way to have a replaceable battery, Samsung Galaxy SIII, easy! Oh wait did you still expect it t be waterproof as well?

  • wtf

    go troll somewhere else with that ugly Soap Galaxy SIII :)

  • Ben

    The only thing nice about Samsung Galaxy SIII is that Sony camera sensor…..true story.

  • cyun84

    Really amazing……I’d never be able to do that…maybe give me 10 hours :)

  • Keon Fraites

    I can see xda-developers taking a breather now they know how to dissassemble and reassemble without having to play around with the housing, they just jump right into it!

  • Jin

    Yeah, i can see it…..

  • Gech

    I’m cleaning the toilet with da soap….

  • Good job sony, now samsung can look at how you build this thing and make the S4 even thinner!

  • FixMax

    What’s the song name ?

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  • Babylonbwoy

    Nobody noticed the right hand of the guy who assemble the XZ ? Look at his right hand middle finger (@ 4.29 for exemple), look like elephantman of finger ! sorry…

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