Is Sony Mobile’s 2013 signature power button its new design hallmark?

by XB on 24th January 2013

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The Sony Ericsson liquid energy logo was beloved by many. There were a number of people that would have loved to have seen the small green logo carry on being used by Sony, after it formed Sony Mobile. Whilst we saw it appear on last year’s H1 flagship, the ‘Sony’ branded Xperia S, it was removed from other phones that hit the market shortly after.

The question then becomes, what becomes the ‘signature’ of future Sony Xperia phones? Well, according to Wikipedia, the “Sony Mobile Signature Power Button replaces Sony Ericsson Liquid Energy Logo as easy to identify design hallmark.

There’s no doubt that Sony plans to use this classy new power button in much of its 2013 range – after all it has already appeared on the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL and Xperia Tablet Z. However, will we see in all future Xperia phones? This we disagree with. We believe that this new signature power button becomes a design hallmark for 2013, much like the NXT design graced the company’s H1 2012 smartphones such as the Xperia S, P and U.

There’s also no reason why Wikipedia has any real authority or inside track on this, after all, much of the content is user generated. Anyway, it got us thinking, does Sony Mobile need a new logo or design hallmark? Is the ‘Sony’ and ‘Xperia’ branding enough? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this below.

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Thanks Jad!

  • still looks better than the generic 4 rounded corners

  • As talked about in the beginning of the article, the liquid logo was really great! I don’t know why Sony decided to get rid of it.

  • Looks very nice

  • Strange

    This also makes us be more appreciative of the power button, a neglected yet very important physical switch.

  • Chris Feliciano

    The button looks like the ps vita power button without thw outer edge

  • adsada_arc

    << not many people realise this but this logo actually incorporates and 's' and 'e' in the design. So if sony were to have carried it on, it wouldn't really make sense because it was a Sony Ericsson logo and now it is basically a completely fresh brand for the company.

    I will miss it, for sure, however we shall always remember the great SE phones and this logo marks that era of mobile phones.

    So it's all good :D

  • Because the Liquid Energy writes down S and E, there’s no E anymore

  • wtf

    would be nice to keep this for future phones and tablets. its those little details that count..better looking then ordinary power button,try to imagine XZ with square black power switch..

  • Ambroos

    I quite like it, but I don’t think they still need a real logo. Xperia is turning in to a pretty strong brand and Sony’s design language is easy to distinguish and recognize.

  • i would love if they got some type of logo back

  • jjghj

    As nice as it is, its not a real logo…

  • Imagine that when you push the button it will make an engine sound….how cool it can be.

  • jag

    yeah! i also noticed that too ^^ but no one wants to listen to me last time hahaha

  • PRo

    It is also present on Xperia E and E dual……

  • hnk

    “Whilst we saw it appear on last year’s H1 flagship, the ‘Sony’ branded Xperia S, it was removed from other phones that hit the market shortly after”

    This is not entirely true. For example, the Xperia P was announced and released after the Xperia S but still carries the liquid energy logo on the back.

  • Majo

    the new power button is on Xperia E and E dual as well… it wasn’t announced in 2013, but their codenames are like the 2013 phones… so they are 2013 phones too :)

  • Majo

    *they weren’t announced in 2013 :D

  • ROB

    Well being a Sony fan, I am excited to see Sony is back in the mobile phone game after so many disappointing years. I am glad to see Ericsson go and to see a true Sony designed phone emerge. I have a PS Vita and the new Pulse headphones and both have design cues similar to the Xperia Z/ZL button. So the design language is still Sony and is consistent with other Sony products. (PS Vita buttons and on the side headband of the Pulse headphones. Google it if you think I am lying)

    For those who miss Ericsson, please stop. This is a good thing, if I have to explain myself well you already lost.

    Long live Sony!

  • ROB

    First time I saw the Xperia Z /ZL button I thought of the PS Vita and noticed the Pulse headphones had the same design language. It would seem only true Sony fans notice these things.

  • afzal

    No need a new logo.. xperia names itself already mades other very envy.. :-)

  • ROB

    Xperia blog, to answer your question Sony did mention that the button will be in all future flagship smartphones and tablets. Sorry that is all I have right now, I will look through CES posts and get back at you

  • weeeeooo


  • David Hallowes

    I like the Z’s water/dust-resistance but don’t care about the power button. What is most important is that phones work properly! Over 100 customers have complained to Sony since December (see link at end) saying that the new Xperia V (also water/dust-resistant with a 4.3″ screen) is full of bugs with constant freezing, catastrophic battery drainage, WiFi and alarm function problems.
    Nobody is mentioning this, least of all Sony in its daily marketing barrage about the upcoming Xperia Z. Does this mean the Z will also not work properly once released and if so will those unfortunate people who paid money for it also be ignored and left with a sub-standard product?
    I see the UK Regulator fined Sony £250000 today for what it called “one of the most serious breaches of the Data Protection Act ever reported” in failing in 2011 to keep its Playstation Network software up to date, thus allowing hackers access to its customers’ personal, bank and password details. Is Sony actually incapable of quality products any more and has it completely given up on customer service?
    There are now 12 pages of complaints on that Sony Mobile site yet still no communication from Sony, let alone a solution. Those people have spent a lot of money on a Sony product either directly or through signing an expensive long-term contract. They deserve not to be ignored and they deserve the mobile media to take up this issue with Sony on their behalf and hold the company to account. In fact the law should force Sony to do so and fine it if it fails.
    Personally I would not risk spending money on this new Xperia Z until I saw if it worked properly once released to the market for a few months first. Because, apart from the poor record of Sony smartphones in the past, one thing is certain having looked into this — Sony’s commitment to its products once they have been released and to its customer service and their satisfaction appears to be virtually non-existant.
    Compare this with two friends of mine who experienced problems with their iPhones a year or two ago. They contacted Apple and the company simply replaced the products, no questions asked. It clearly cares about its reputation for technical excellence and customer satisfaction. Sony does not even reply!
    You can read all those complaints about the problems with the Xperia V here:

  • rickiking

    Looks great to me.

  • UPu

    U r an idiot, do u pull things out of ur arse and type it?

  • ScrewU

    GoddamnIt!!! The power button looks like a everyday power button!!!

  • ScrewU

    R u retarded???

  • ScrewU

    Why??? Is the Sony logo not good enough???

  • I am a Sony fan and I have to admit that I am disaapointed to hear about the Xperia V issues. I really hope that Sony does something to satisfy the numerous unhappy XV customers as 2013 seems to be a good year for Sony…

    Don’t lose hope though, who knows, Sony will offer you the Xperia Z as replacement for your faulty XVs. :D

  • mountain

    I don’t know if any of you remember, but up until a few years ago, Vaio had a signature circular power button with a light around it. People will know it is a vaio from far away.

    I must agree, Sony’s customer experience is bad. Bugs in their products hardly get fixed. Instead, they want you to buy a new version of the product. However, they are already much better than most company out there. We all know that Siri works even on iphone 3gs, but apple choose not to give user access to it on older devices. Compare this to Sony, who gave the new media apps to older devices.

  • true,My acro S and my friend his Xperia T also have the liquid energy logo :-)

  • David Hallowes

    Dear William,
    I do not have a Sony phone. I would like a high-end protected smartphone. Great idea, and they are very popular in Japan. I have tried very hard to be a Sony customer but it is the company itself who make it impossible. Crazy attitude and a shame.
    Good luck with yours though and I hope it remains problem-free.

  • Kristian66

    Looks similar to a design element of a previous Sony Ericsson phone from about 6 years ago (now on my 9th S/SE phone) that was targeted at the Walkman brand….though obviously a lot slicker now!

  • Herman

    It reminds me of the SE Satio’s camera button. Beautiful design, both devices.

  • Why would Sony need to? They never have. The only reason they had the energy logo is because they partnered with Ericsson. Sony has nothing on any of their product except ”SONY”. To me that is more than enough and it speaks volumes.

  • skrug

    PlayStaion has the PS logo,
    Sony’s Alpha DSLR has the alpha logo
    Sony’s Vaio has the Vaio logo

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  • i am the one who liked the liquid ball and no i don´t think that “sony” and “Xperia” written in silver is good enough, i would love if they get a new logo that makes them unique from the other phones when it comes to naming and logotypes

  • Fraulein

    “if I have to explain myself well you already lost”

    Oh great argument wizard, explain ye to us minions the ways of discussion

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  • testor

    that’s the point. once people associate that power button with xperia or other sony devices, that’s the time litigation starts. they’ll try to own that button and make money from it.

  • mediar

    “Compare this to Sony, who gave the new media apps to older devices.” Yea, just like we got the 2012 media apps and half-baked NXT skin in our 2011 Xperias with the crappy ICS update… >=(

  • Though The ‘SONY’ & ‘XPERIA’ Brand name is present…..I think a new Logo should be a style statement ….. :)

  • Xperia has the Xperia logo :-?

  • adsada_arc

    lol, hi to you too… only sometimes, if I’m feeling like it

  • If Sony want to stand out, they need a proper logo. I mean think about it, Motorola has the “m”, apple has the bitten apple, LG has the face looking thing, but Samsung and Sony just have plain silver writing. Come on Sony, give us something sexy. How about an “S” in a circle, but the thing lights up? Just anything other than “SONY” written in silver, please

  • Chris Feliciano


  • Chris Feliciano

    I love sony and how they care about almost all the detail

  • Xperian

    Because now almost all xperia devices are waterproof :D :P

  • P9

    the word XPERIA on any xperia so beautiful, I love to see it, so nice if also on font like XT, but no see font of XZ, I love WALKMAN logo also, hope to see xperia with Cyber-shot or/and WALKMAN in it as its hardware as well. sony best! ;)

  • P9

    no they mean the main high end flagship, 2012: XS, XT
    2013: XZ, XZ1

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