Kaz talks Xperia segmentation and speed of updates [Video]

by XB on 17th June 2013

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Kaz interviewKazuo Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Corporation, recently took the opportunity to answer some community questions on the Signal by Sony YouTube channel. Of interest to us here at Xperia Blog were questions on product segmentation in the Xperia line-up and how the company plans to clearly define the entry, mid and high-end ranges. Another question was targeted at Sony’s slow firmware updates. Click through to hear his thoughts on these issues.

Kaz on Xperia product segmentation

We do plan to make sure that we have a clearly defined line up so what is a premium smartphone, what is mid-line and, in some territories where it is required, what really is an entry-level. [We] want to make sure whether it is features, whether it is design, whether it is connectivity that the consumers really understand what level they are getting in to as they pick and choose between different models that we have.

Kaz on speed of firmware updates

[It] really depends on the model, really depends on the territory, overall what we try to do is make sure that we are covering as many models and as many territories as possible. The realistic scenario is that sometimes we do need to prioritise, but we would like to get it to as many of the phones as possible and to upgrade them as quickly as possible.

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