Some Xperia V units suffering from ‘Sleep of Death’ bug

by XB on 24th January 2013

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A number of Sony Xperia V (LT25i) owners are reporting that they are suffering from a Sleep of Death (SoD) bug on their handsets. For those that don’t know, ‘Sleep of Death’ refers to a problem where a user will have trouble waking their smartphone from a standby state – often users will have to remove the battery and restart the phone to get it to work again.

There are dozens of reports over at the official Sony Mobile Talk forums of users complaining about very similar issues. Reports of this problem first started around the phones release, in early December. Since then, new people have steadily been chiming in with their own stories of woe.

The Sony Xperia Support team appear to have gone AWOL since their last post on the matter on 10 January. At that point they commented: “I’m just posting to inform you that this is being investigated with high priority at the moment. I will get back to you all as soon as I have more information or even better a fix.

Their doesn’t seem to be any fix for users right now. Some users report that upgrading to the latest firmware (9.0.1.D.0.10) helps, but others are saying it makes no difference. The support team, earlier on, suggested booting the phone in safe mode, but many users say this also doesn’t resolve the issue.

It seems that this bug affects at least a sizeable minority of Xperia V owners judging by the number of comments on the support forum thread. We hope Sony Mobile comes back with a proper fix for all Xperia V owners, for what is one of its current flagship handsets. We also hope no such issues plague the upcoming Xperia Z, especially after garnering much positive attention since it was unveiled.

Comments from Xperia V owners suffering from ‘Sleep of Death’ bug

“I got my Xperia V a couple of weeks ago and I am really pleased with it. I only have one problem which I do not know how to fix. Sometimes when the phone is in standby, I cannot turn it on again by pressing the power button. There is absolutely no response when I do so. I can see the phone is still on because when I have a message, the LED is blinking. The only thing that works is taking out the battery and power it back up. I think it has happened to me 4 times over the past 2 weeks.”

“I upgraded my Xperia Arc to Xperia V a week ago and the first days it worked perfectly. The last two days I noticed that the alarm did not ring and then when I investigated the phone I could not start it with the on/off button on the right side. I could see it was on since the light blinked blue for new message but I could not start/open the phone. I had to remove the battery and put it back and then the phone kicked on.”

“Sometimes when the phone is in standby, I cannot turn it on again by pressing the power button. There is absolutely no response when I do so. I can see the phone is still on because when I have a message, the LED is blinking. The only thing that works is taking out the battery and power it back up.”

“I need to report yet another freeze-in-standby-problem. It usually happens during night-time while my phone’s out of use for many hours. Only way to get going again is to re-insert the battery. This is a serious joy-killer on an else absolutely wonderful phone . . . ”

“I have woken up late, and hence came to work late 3 times, due to this “sleep of death” problem on my Xperia V. Can’t imagine after so many years using the phone as alarm clock, now I have to rely on the mechanic alarm clock again.”

Thanks David and @tgw123!

  • laughingoh

    this happens to my XS as well….

  • How can one obtain a Xperia V? Is it released somewhere already?

  • Farhad K

    so report it

  • Concha

    I had the same problem at firat butiken changed my simcard to a newer one. It helped!. =)

  • same with my Xperia S, but it started as I got huge amounts of apps like wall papers with motion, I blame it to the 1GB ram, I have heard the new JB has a most efficient RAM usage. has been a like 8months without cleaning my phone from shit(worthless apps), it might be due that as well.

  • Nikos Kakogiannakis

    never happened to my XS ,have it from April ,maybe an app cause this ,power saver ?

  • chrisphillers

    Hasn’t ever happened to mine, had it since launch day..

  • chrisphillers

    Loads of places – I had to import mine from Sweden though…

  • pit

    “users will have to remove the battery” – that’s why most new phones come with embeded one :)

  • electrash

    My xperia s suffer from this problem also…
    Happened to mr dozens time, i didnt now for SoD problem.
    i was thought that i didnt press my power button enough.

  • goldenblls

    Sort it out Sony. This better not happen on the Z.

  • scorpio

    This happen too in nokia phones without a memory card inserted. but when there is one, it does not happen

  • afzal

    This happen to my xps also. But just press power key and volume up to reboot. Maybe the ram usage to high at that time happen cause iam running viber, whatapps, line, voxer, instagram, facebook, facebook msger, yahoo mail, gmail, yahoo msgger not include apps that running itself like astro, office and etc. Learn for pass mistake iam using task killer apps to close all apps that i dont need to run in stanby mode. Now my xps not facing any issue related to this topic.

  • mountain

    It happend to me about once a week. Alarm still rings, but i cannot switch it off.

  • Not few user have this issue but all xperia user possiblely have this problem. I don’t know why xperia phones have big issue. Because of that it make me worry to buy new xperia phone even xperia z.

  • Lunkz

    Know that problem with my Sony Ericsson Arc CM10.
    I think some apps causes this error or afzal sayed to much ram usage

  • Billy De Fretes

    my acro s still doing well, i hope it will never get SoD

  • :)

    Ebay has tons of them for sale!

  • soncarl

    My Xperia V always reboot when wifi is on and then I turned off the screen. So I set my display time to 30mins when I’m using wifi at home :(

  • actually this is a well known android problem caused by messaging app, just uninstall the app you installed like viber,whatapp, line, tango, facebook etc then install it again, hopefully the problem will be gone

  • Also never happend to my XS

  • Jp

    This happened once with my Xperia T. I suspect many newer ICS Xperia will have the potential to SoD.

  • branex

    maybe same problem with Xperia sola

  • I believe early batches of devices released to the market tend to have some glitches and will eventually get fixed by firmware updates. Basing from my XPERIAnce with Sony, I’m absolutely sure that this issue with the XVs will be solved shortly.

    My Xperia T had issues right out of the box like alarm not shutting off, camera zoom noise , distorted sound on walkman, reboots every 20 minutes (when not in used) and SoD. I did repair via PC suite and all is well. (The zoom noise was later fixed by firmware update).
    And I couldn’t be happier with my XT :D

  • roeshak

    If I were an Xperia v owner, thiss would be thee least of my worries. I’d be more disappointed that my phone has been relegated to a mid range device in just a couple off months.
    The V and the T have got to go down as some of the worst buys in smartphone history. The T has already lost over £100 of its value. A phone just 3 months old. How weak is that. We can only hope a page has been turned and we’ll never see such again from Sony.

  • “Their doesn’t seem to be…”

    What ?

  • qqq

    I have the same problem with my xperia v, updated to latest firmware but not fixed, I have been suffering the remove battery to turn it back on. As this is water proof phone keep removing the back will also damage this function. I have complained in the Sony forum as mentioned in the article but no use. SONY IF YOU ARE READING This please DO SOMETHING QUICK

  • It just happened to me yesterday. What gives Sony?

  • Critic

    What a shit quality these phones made of !!

  • Never Happened to my Xperia Acro S :)
    Though I really need more RAM :l

  • bombay

    been having same problem on my xperia s

  • tegn

    just got the same problem today with my xperia s after couple days ago got OTA firmware update 6.1.a.2.55.
    Before that, it never hapened. Can wake up after pressing camera button. Or press power button several times.

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  • Sagar

    Happens to my S also rarely, the screen does not wake up after pressing the power button for sometime, also when i receive calls only the LED and the illumination bar sparks up, the screens stays off for 4-5 secs.

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  • Xlash Andraid

    I think it’s a problem related with proximity sensor. I had a similar problem with one of my devices running jelly bean. What I did was “calibrating” the sensor but I don’t know if this would work with Xperia V.

  • bodhi

    Feel free to Google Galaxy S3 Random Death, and Note 2’s burning up round the charging port. Then Google how to shut the hell up.


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  • carlos altamar

    so, everyone has the same problem? i want to buy this phone but now im afraid

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  • Geza Balogh

    Read it out loud and you will understand. ;-)

    Their -> There

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  • Xperia p

    I’m Xperia p user and got worried now when read this news as sometimes I also had the same error. But when I pressed the power button more than thrice, screen got to wake up

  • I think Wifi function is one reason.
    When the phenomenon occur,always Wifi is On.

  • bango the badman

    My Xperia tx It is the bond one does the same thing turns of on its own can’t be returned without removing the battery what a joke love ripping the back of the phone apart every 5 hours without fail apart from that I actually like the phone fix it now or bugger of from the smart phone industries people like there phone to actually be on

  • yulio randi

    look like i solved mine Xperia V sod bug,just go to the settings – press wifi -select advanced – change the keep wi-fi on during sleep to never ,and solved the xperia V bugs at JB

  • Tom Po Po

    At the official Sony forum, there are several owners that have had their motherboards replaced. It appears to be a hardware problem.

  • i have the same phone and the same issues, it was ok if left on charge but then it stopped that way. this morning when it started doing it i left it to it once it had died i recharged it and now it doesn’t turn on. 5 months into a 24 month contract and no one wants to know, did get a sony support member suggeest i send it to be looked at but thats it.

  • bnmalmo

    Same problem here with my Xperia V – from December. S/W update didn’t help.

    Agree to some posts – that WiFi has something to do with it. With WiFi On – it for sure happens more frequently..!

    Often it’s when the phone is standby or charges over night, and then in the morning I can see the LED is blinking, but I’m not able to call the display back – have to pull the battery out ! :-((

    Hope Sony fixes this sooooon !!

  • laura

    same here! i bought my xperia v for 3 months and it started to sleep and not wake up! i just took out the battery and restarted the phone… now i am thinking of whether to send xperia v for repair… oh well…

  • Angry MF

    This is still a problem!
    WTF SONY?!

  • Common user

    Unfortunately still same evergreen. Many types of models from Sony appears same failure.

    There are meny, meny users with th same problem – black screen, sleep of death etc…

    I have had Xperia Ray – same problem, no solution from sony support – bla bla bla, only crap.

    I have send it to guarantee – answer –> no problems during tests appear from Geramny service.

    There is only one solution – don’t buy sony mobile. It is pitty (great design but pproblem with display). I’m angry as well.

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  • quote:
    Sony Mobile Denmark has confirmed that the latest firmware update for the Xperia V has finally rectified the long-standing Sleep of Death (SoD) issue, which has plagued the handset since launch. Firmware version 9.1.A.1.140 landed on the Xperia V last week and all owners should make sure they download it as soon as possible.

  • Aria Fathi

    i have Sleep Of Dead problem with my Xperia T Custom rom
    the only way is i have to open my battery cover and disconnect and reconnect the battery connector to the board!!
    is there any fix?
    i have 9.1.A.1.148 ( i think this is )

  • Aniket Rane

    i have Sleep Of Dead problem with my Xperia Neo L the only way is i have to open my battery cover and disconnect and reconnect the battery connector to the board!!
    is there any fix?

  • Krunal Dave

    i have sony xperia e.
    i suffering from same problem.
    but my one is differ than it.
    whenever no process are running on my phone it will be restart frequently.
    please help me ?
    any solution ?

  • VeryAngry

    Please, fix it. Anyone that might have solved this, please, let us know.
    Every time it happens (A LOT lately), I have to leave it alone otherwise I just feel like throwing it straight at the floor/wall with everything I have…but then I remember how much I’ve paid for it.

  • VeryAngry

    and I own a Xperia Neo V…
    Just regretting myself for not taking the other brand’s dual core (same price in my country) just because I’ve chosen the Sony’s quality!!!

  • Gerson

    Well I was facing the same problem for a whole week. So, yesterday (exactly 1 day ago) I have uninstalled almost every “trashy” third-party apps and, since then, the problem didn’t show up.
    I kept many apps in it, like the root tools (since my phone is rooted), Whasapp, MXPlayer, downgraded the Hangouts to the old and default Talk and some other music players or radio apps (Rdio, Deezer, Winamp). So, obviously, I cannot point which app was causing the problem but I do recommend: think 5 times before installing any bulls**t in your mobile!!!

  • Geraldo

    Já apaguei todos os aplicativos do meu smarphone, já fiz um “reset” de fábrica…e nada.
    Problema irritante!!! E ninguém da Sony se pronuncia…

    I’ve uninstalled all the apps and even made a factory reset but the problem persists.
    This problem is such a pain in the S!!! And Sony simply doesn’t say anything…

  • S.A.Hak


  • sam

    same issue is occurring for Xperia M2 Dual. Phone is getting turned off automatically and unable to reset it / turn it on again.

  • Maureen Cross

    I had the same problem with my Experia Aqua. Blue light flashing but would not power up. Contacted Sony, they are getting back to me, I wonder how long that will take. In the meantime I rang Virgin Mobile whom I have the contract with. Technical department told me to Press volume button “UP” and Power button SIMULTANIOUSLY fo at least 20 seconds. Hey presto!! Came back to life. They said they go into hibernation. Maybe because I don’t use the phone very often?

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