Xperia Z to launch in New Zealand in March

by XB on 30th January 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z looks like it will have a truly global launch by March 2013. Apart from some key markets such as the US and India, where Sony has still not confirmed launch dates, it has said that it will release the Xperia Z across a number of other territories around the world in February and March.

One of these is New Zealand, where Sony announced that the phone will launch in March, although pricing and availability are unknown right now. We also don’t know whether the Xperia ZL will launch in New Zealand. We’ll bring confirmation as soon as we have it.

Thanks themanspirit!

  • Jam
  • kickerr

    According to explanations from sony, XZ wil be available in march fot TURKEY to. Additionally, there is no information about price unfortunatelly. However according to the predictions it will be about 1100 $.

  • absolete

    Yeaaa NZ!
    My next phone for sure! Cant wait

  • Lunkz

    1100$ you must kidding, I think you mean 1100 YTL (TRY)

  • kickerr

    No man, here is Turkey. In our country we supposed to pay a lot of money for taxes. :(

    All upper-level phones enter the market with approximately this price in our country.

  • Lunkz

    This is overkill!
    It’s the same when you buy that phone over Germany or UK?

  • kickerr

    We cannot buy a phone from abroad, if you buy it, it will stuck at the custom and they sent it back. Therefore, we must buy a phone in from domestic.

    Moreover, if you buy it yourself from the abroad you can can bring it with you.

  • Lunkz

    Pretty restricted, and interesting.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    I call it fucked up to the core, not interesting :D

  • mountain

    It will launch in china by the end of feb. for $800

  • Helbert Gascon

    How about if it was sent to you as a gift? I mean you can flag a package as gift…

    Here in our country we use it as a means to avoid tax but loses the warranty of the courier.

    Or 2nd option is using a private courier instead? Like DHL, FedEx etc. Packages from those couriers usually don’t get in the customs office(At least here)

  • kickerr

    the risk is higher if you use dhl, fedex sth like that, Additionally these restrictions is not just about phones. We have 90$ limit. If you buy anything higher than 90 $ you have to pay taxes as 20 % of the product.

    although the package is gift, it is gonna supposed to pass from x-ray and they understand what is in the box than they sent it back .

  • I just want to know when and where Sony will be releasing the pentaband HSPA+ model for this US user. Seeing as Sony hasn’t announced or recognized the need for a LTE model that works with AT&T’s networks, I’ll go for HSPA+ instead.

  • When will XPERIA Z. release in INDIA?…

  • prashant

    if they release this time late in India after march i swear I’ll move to some other brand then Sony.
    its frustrating they always ignore India while samsung sell their crappy phones like hotcake.

  • Phillip

    I am in new zealand, sony new zealand has announced xperia Z offically on 16th January, but no news of zl .

  • Phillip

    yeah, they first said the phone will be released before the Chinese new year, but now somehow delayed to the end of Feb or even on March

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