Xperia Z pre-order promotion starts in UK; free Sony MDR-1R headphones worth £200 included

by XB on 1st February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Mobile UK has kicked off a pre-order promotion for the Xperia Z today. If you pre-order the handset on contract from select retailers you will be entitled to a free pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones worth around the £200 mark. These cans have got very good reviews, so it’s a great promotion if you were planning on buying the Xperia Z anyway.

The promotion is only available at O2, Three, Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse. The offer will be limited to 1,000 headphones at each retailer. The promotion runs until Wednesday 27th February, confirming that the handset will be released in the UK on 28 February 2013.

Pre-orders are open at all above mentioned retailers. O2 have the black and purple (UK exclusive) handsets to order on contract (no Pay As You Go options unfortunately), with the cheapest tariff starting at £13.50 per month on a 24-month contract and £479.99 upfront cost.

Three UK is also running the promotion, but be aware, you will only get the headphones if you order through a retail store and not online. Strange decision but there you go. Prices start at £34 per month on a 24-month contract with a £69 upfront cost. However, Three does offer the handset on PAYG for £449.99 plus £10 or £15 add-on. This makes it the cheapest to order in the UK, even once you add the £15.32 sim-unlocking fee. Do note though that the phone may have a locked bootloader, same applies with O2.

Carphone Warehouse is currently showing four tariffs – two from Vodafone and two from O2, whilst Phones4U doesn’t have any ordering information on its site yet.

  • reptile64

    I still prefer the crazy dock!!

  • raheemdot

    WOW that is sick!!

  • maxiobor

    Watched the hands on video of Xperia Z in slovakia, they had Xperia Z dock included in package and they said that speaker sounds bad (probably because it is waterproof…) and also the speaker is in bottom right of the Xperia Z and you can mute it holding the handset in right hand cause of bad location… – if you want to watch it at least…

  • maxiobor

    Maybe you will have it check my comment below…

  • wow such amazing “bundled” headphones? its rare :/

  • azmadu

    No no no no no!!!!

    What’s wrong with these people?!?!??!

    We want the wireless Bluetooth/NFC headphones in that deal not the wired ones. Doesn’t it defeat the point of having all that nice tech if they’re not going to entice people properly?

    I say again NO!!!!

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    he is an idiot………

  • azmadu

    I’m still getting the phone though, and if they throw in wired headphones I’ll just have to get the wireless ones.

  • Aokde Gharra

    £200 as a gift! 4 carriers, 1000 headphones each, that’s 800,000£ of gifts OMG :O! i wonder what will sony give gifts when they are #1 :D!

  • Ashz

    I am left handed so no problem here :)

  • AsadMulla

    If you but from clove you get a free speaker SRS-BTV5

  • surethom

    If they can give away £200 headphones, then this just proves Sony has OVER priced this phone. It should be at least £100 cheaper

  • bubblewrap

    Maybe it’s the headphones that are overpriced ;)

  • Wireless headphones suck in terms auf audio quality. And you probably won’t be using these in public due to their size. So what is the problem?

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Imma go live in the UK.

  • azmadu

    It’s not the fact that wireless headphones aren’t as good as their wired counter parts, it’s just that the Z is being shown off with all it’s wireless capabilities, so why have an offer that doesn’t give wireless headphones?? That’s the problem!

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  • SomeBody

    Because quality matters above all else. If there would be an Xperia Z with the sensor of the Nokia 808 (and twice the original thickness to fit the large sensor), then it would be a no-brainer for me… Why do people prefer wireless, thin and shiny stuff over top-notch performance? Yes, they are cool, but kinda useless without having high performance too. “Z” stands for ultimate, not for shiny garbage.

  • azmadu

    You’re completely missing my point, and even so are Sony/O2/Phones4U/CW/Three.

    It’s an offer that should be could have been used to further highlight/sell the capabilities of the Xperia Z nothing else. The wired headphones will probably sound better, but this offer is for 1000 units/shop and that’s it, so why not give the wireless headphones and build on the NFC and wireless capabilities of the phone?

    Am I the only one that thinks someone is missing a trick here?

  • razec

    iPhone + Beats users says the otherwise ;)

  • roeshak

    Very expensive indeed. If I choose to get the z, there’s absolutely no way I’m paying such prices considering how rapidly these phones drop in value especially Sony ones. There is no way the phone will maintain that price once the s4 launches so I guess I’ll be waiting until April before taking the plunge.

  • SomeBody

    You are talking as if wireless is better. Wireless is not a capability, it’s a useless feature. People are buying wireless headphones to dull the the noise while they are mowing the grass. Sony is selling the non-Bluetooth version because it’s the high-end device and they want to promote their headphones. If people get their hands on the MDRs they will realize how good it sounds and will buy Sony headphones once Sony releases the new flagship model.

  • theres always one ungreatful fool whats wrong with you its free stop your stupid moning

  • suck? why? if you transfer music via BT, it loses quality? do not talk rot.
    I have creative BT headset, and it beats a lot of its wired compact competitors for its price.

  • for its price Z should have dock and wireless headset included

  • azmadu

    I haven’t a clue about what you’re speaking about regarding mowing lawns but if you actually read what I said, “wired headphones will probably sound better” I’m not saying anything to the contrary.

    Furthermore, take a look at the accessories that can be used with the Z and it’s not limited to wired headphones as you’ll find NFC speakers, remotes, Bravia TVs, even the forthcoming Xperia Tablet Z all being part of the new shift for wireless connectivity that Sony are promoting with their products. So again, I say why have a promotion with wired headphones?

    It’s a promotion so surely promote those things that also use the wireless technology, no? Where would we be if TV remotes were all wired? ;-)

  • Tough as metal!
    How solid does a precision engineered smartphone need to be? How
    about as solid as a car? Xperia Z’s frame is made from glass fibre
    polyamide, the same material that’s used as a metal substitute in
    automobile parts.

    And the good news is that i copied this from SONY india obviously they gonna launch the solid smartphone in India :)

  • SomeBody

    Yes they do. 3.5mm jacks are ANALOG while Bluetooth is Digital. Digital speakers do not exist, thus the device needs to convert the digital signal to analog before it can send the data to the speakers. This process is done by a dedicated chip called DAC (digital-to-analog-converter). Bluetooth is digital, so the conversion will be done with the headphone’s built-in DAC, which is clearly inferior to the one found inside your smartphone or any other mediaplayer.

  • Ramy Ayash

    MDR-1 is Wireless and supports NFC.

  • adsada_arc

    lol man that’s retail price, I haven’t checked with these, but my MDR-V55’s were MUCH cheaper than what sony had listed them as on their website. So say most shops sell these cans at £170 Once all suppliers have got their cut, and including the production costs, sony probably sell it and profit a much smaller return per unit than the retail price

  • Lunkz

    Guys clam down, the Prise is not overrated.

    No body who has an iPhone 5 crys about the Price, or SGSIII by the way the SGSIII is a plastic bomber, the Xperia Z has a better materials then two of the phones above listed, so whats the problem? In not more than a month the prize goes down.

    I buy it in April than I extend my contract ;)

    Has the iPhone 5 an dock or wireless headset even a great in-ear headset? Or what about the SGSIII?

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  • Ass

    damn, sad that this is only for carriers- not unlocked phones.

  • Exactly. Plus, Bluetooth doesn’t really have high bandwidth, which is another downside.

  • I don’t think the Xperia Z would sell any better when bundled with wireless headphones instead of wired ones. Especially when this offer is limited to 1000 bundles per shop.

    I get your point on promoting the Z’s features, but I don’t agree with it. Why would I want wireless headphones when they have inferior sound quality? Remember, those are big over-ear phones, no small in-ear that could be used outside. Not many people use such headphones outside of their home…

  • Meteor in Ireland will have the free MDR-1Rs also

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