Xperia Z Charging Dock DK26 gets priced in the UK

by XB on 10th February 2013

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The Sony Charging Dock DK26 for the Xperia Z might be an essential accessory for some. It means you will be able to charge the handset without worrying about port flaps. The dock does this by charging the Xperia Z via two exposed metal pins on the side of the handset.

The dock will be included in the Xperia Z package in some territories, but for those not lucky to have one bundled in (the UK being an example) then you may want to know how much it will set you back. The official Sony Mobile store has listed the Charging Dock DK26 for £24.90. It is available in all three colours of the handset (black, purple and white), but you can’t actually order it right now – the listing says it is “Coming Soon”. It is worth noting that no power adaptor is included in this price, so you’ll have to use the micro USB charger that you get with the phone.

  • goldenblls

    Not a bad price I suppose it will probably end up cheaper elsewhere.

    I think phones with such large screens demand a horizontal dock, so we can watch TV programs on our phones.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Awesome I want it. And in the netherlands you also get a headset for free!

  • jjghj

    It’s good that it comes in all the colours, I hate it when accessories only come in say black.

  • Mazin Hanna

    This is remind me with Xperia P when they announced the dock to be included, then, never seen, I have bought XP for my son hoping that the dock will be an advantages, but unfortunitlly never happened. Well, Sony has to think twice while revealing new products, customers are taking it serieslly even if the dock cost $1. Wish Sony these voices before losing more and more customers as the current situation is.

  • I want to get the phone first :(

  • azmadu

    This is good that it’s being done in each of the colours. Gives people proper options so they can decide what colour suits them best. Well done Sony.

  • surethom

    Another sony & Another dock, When will we get ONE Sony or Android dock for All Sony or Android phones.

  • Serenity Now

    Love that the dock includes no power adapter. Penny wise, pound foolish…

  • probably never :/

  • Chris Anderson

    if in the UK and buying sim free asda are bundling the dock, a speaker and a Roxfit case for under five hundred ;-)

  • To be fair, anyone that owns a device from, say the last 3-5 years allready has at least one power supply unit for USB charging. Plus you get tons of USB cables with the devices. No need to produce more waste with unnecessary charging units. I welcome that.

  • MyLive

    the dock should ‘match’ the phone in term of design.. it would not look exclusive if the dock are all the same.. IMHO

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Please include it in the box, its a must have thing to avoid opening flaps while charging !!

  • Adsa do it again. I never thought to look on adsa for phones

  • m sacha

    this is the first phone im going all out for…just pre ordered this on clove too…:) :)

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  • Serenity Now

    To each their own. I’m a Nokia convert with tons of 2mm chargers and no micro USB’s. Guess its silly of me to expect a complete product here.

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  • The point is “tons of 2mm chargers”… all worthless once the phone they came with is not used anymore or even dead. This ist just a massive amount of electronic waste. Unacceptable nowadays!

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  • Jeff Herd

    Yes and Last month I get my compatible dock from UK CHOETECH Amazon Store and i can use any qi enabled phone with this dock like Samsung notes, galaxy series, HTC, LG, Sony and its available on very comfortable price.

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