‘Make Magic’ Xperia Z promo videos hit Japan

by XB on 17th February 2013

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Sony Mobile Japan has released a couple of new promotional videos for the Xperia Z. The creative 30-second videos don’t showcase the phone but draw on the emotional experience with taglines such as ‘Make Magic’ and ‘Be Moved’. We’re yet to see any marketing activity on the Xperia Z in the west, but to be honest we wouldn’t expect anything until launch at the end of the month. In the meantime you can check out the new promo videos from Japan below.

  • don’t show the phone ?

  • I like the end when the white stuff coming and “Xperia Smart Phone” text comes with it.
    Thumbs up for Sony around the glob,
    Thumbs way down for Sony Xperia NA, maybe whole A

  • They do in the end. But this is actually Sony’s concept. Focus on the content, make the phone blend in and don’t distract from what you’re doing.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I love that camera sound

  • dereknobuyuki

    As much as I think SEMC and SMC’s TV spots in Japan are always interesting, I could never understand why they always embark on these campaigns that don’t clearly show the merits of their products.

    Characters doing creative things do NOT directly translate into “this product is creative” or “this product will help you be creative anytime anywhere with the new and improved Exmor RS Camera in the Xperia Z that will facilitate your creativity even in low light situations…” etc…

  • arenaflour

    I agree. These kinds of stuff are good for showing at booths or exhibits, not for mass media presentation. If you want to compete, you have to highlight how good your product is. It is important to cite the main points that differentiate your product from competitors.

    But this may suit a market like Japan where Sony already has a reasonably good market share and where people are already quite educated and capable of accessing the Internet for more Sony content when or if the ad piques their interest.

  • Japan is where Sony is strongest. The Japanese people would buy practically anything Sony would put put forward on the table.
    Sony does not need to show off. Japan knows what Sony is capable of.
    If anything, the ads above are more for “Hey, look Xperia Z!” than “Look Xperia Z can do that, do this, blah blah blah…” :D

  • hans

    Because as we all know Sony now and then, they are never a spec boaster.. they are all about experience (as illustrated by the device name) so it’s logical to hold true to its root. Nevertheless they too have their spec sheet ads previously about the Z, it’s just you that missed it ;)




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  • Cheng

    Flagged. people like u without ANY education should just disappear forever

  • It’s about people identifying with their phone and building the idea of the phone, people see the type of phone they have similar to the brands they buy – they identify with what it represents and therefore buy that phone or product. Therefore building associations of creativity excitement helps to sell.

    Really they need both these types of ads and the more informative benefits of the specific phone.

    But the other posters are right, in Japan Sony doesn’t need market share so these ads don’t need the same focus on market penetration and informative approach as in the USA

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  • Cheng

    I just learned that Galaxy S4 will have confirmed: A15,Exynos 5440 chip, only 2G Ram, 1080P Display, only 1000 megapixels camera, running Android 4.2… that’s surprisingly low! I thought they would come with something super “new” as they always like doing. It seems also their design stays the old rounded plastic and middle home button. Well Im glad they are so weak with S4. Xperia Z beats it easily with water & dust resistance alone! hell yeah~~!!! Now the next step is the 6.44 Inch screen Note Killer later this year!! >.<

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  • roeshak

    Sorryh I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to get at.
    Those specs have been rumoured for a few weeks now and they seem pretty good for a 2013 flagship.
    1.8 ghz a15 quadcore cpu, jb 4.2, 2gb ram plus excellent storage options and a 13 mp camera.
    I’m pretty sure we’ll see also included more software innovations like pop up play and smart stay etc.
    I just don’t see it not winning the best phone award this year again.
    The water resiatance feature of thee Z isn’t the great crowd puller you think it’ll be.

  • Cheng

    yeah and today the specs were confirmed. Im not saying its bad, but I expected more actually, seeing how they did last year against every competition. I was maybe expecting (even though I dont want to see..) that they have more than quadcores+ or even 8 cores -.-” and maybe higher than 2 ram etc. Surprisingly its not (or not much) better than Xperia Z. And indeed not winning the best phone award of the year..

    Z’s resistance features do matter a lot people. A friend (iphone & HTC user) just told me today that he likes this water res. feature a lot more than other brands.
    In China, all we see on Weibo (the Chinese twitter + facebook) are water & dust resistant pro-comments from users. Sony China is also promoting this feature more than anything else -.-” If Iphone and HTC and other brands dont come up with better wow-specs or other new features Id say that Z has a big chance of becoming the device of the first half year… If the 6.44 inchi Xperia note comes along..that might beat the note 3 the 2nd half year~~. Keeping my hope up high for Sony >.<

  • Asa

    You’re wrong. Sony’s presence in Japan had faded away. The only Sony brand still alive in Japan is the PlayStation brand, even though the PS Vita sold poorly over there aswell.

    I hope Sony step their game up on all markets with more aggressive and creative ads soon! I really like their products.

  • roeshak

    More than 2gb of ram? For a phone? I think you were expecting too much. The rumored specs seem pretty heavy to me as they stand.
    Hardware wise, all flagships will be pretty close this year.
    The water and dust resistant properties of the Z are its stand out features so it’s not surprising that they dominate the ad campaigns.
    I actually believe the Z design will be its biggest.selling point

  • great…! :) love u sony.

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  • Cheng

    agreed~ I love the design the most~~ the restistance is just a bonus. Today and yesterday using my Xperia S, and it was raining, I immediately thought: damn if I just had Z now..I can fear no rain and watch my phone without concerns -.-” haha.. but the design is the best thing I like about the Z~~~

  • Lol, sony kicks ass in japan

  • go fuck yourself moron hahahahha

  • Shubhs

    Agree with the first part the second part is a little harsh don’t you think

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  • Cheng

    I dont think Im harsh here. Look at his two posts. especially this one. CAPS and whole comment consists only of swearing and shouting. He should disappear forever from this forum. For life, I dont know, if he has other targets in life….such poor little life…wasting time by swearing here.

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  • dereknobuyuki

    Actually, I agree with this.
    I think Sharp “aquos” has strong (perhaps the strongest) branding in Japan among domestic smartphone makers. However, Fujitsu’s “arrows” is also pretty strong and now that SMC can finally be considered a domestic maker, “Xperia” branding is pretty strong. NEC’s “Medias” and Panasonic’s “Eluga” don’t seem to have as strong brands though.

    As more and more time passes, people care less and less about Sony in Japan.
    They still have a lot of brand loyalty in Japanese compared to in other markets but a lot less when compared to Japan 20 years ago.

  • dereknobuyuki

    There’s a lot of competition domestically between Sharp, Sony, Fujitsu, and Samsung in addition to the rest… Panasonic, NEC, Hitachi (where’d they go recently?), Toshiba (Where’d they go too?!), LG, Huawei, HTC (barely present anymore), etc…

    Sony needs to work hard to hold on what market share they have.

  • dereknobuyuki

    I always see Xperia ads on TV but they are rarely about the phone experience nor what people can do with their devices nor even showing off their beautiful products. Undoubtedly, they are all from the same ad company.

    Their print marketing material is all feature and experience focused (understandably more feature focused than spec focused marketing materials) but the consumers see a lot more of the ad campaigns than they are to actually read through a brochure.

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