Xperia Z survives a trip to the toilet

by XB on 18th February 2013

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A UK survey carried out back in 2011 brought some interesting results in how people damaged their phones. Close to a third of the people surveyed damaged a handset by water damage. Of the hundreds of phones suffering from water damage each year, close to half (47%) of these incidents were caused by people accidentally dropping the handset into the toilet. Other accidents included people spilling liquid onto their handset (21%) and people dropping it into the bath (12%).

The water resistant feature of the Sony Xperia Z means this is one handset that won’t suffer from any kind of water damage (as long as the port flaps are closed). To prove this, check out the video below that shows the Xperia Z being dropped into a toilet bowl. Not pleasant viewing but as mentioned above it’s one of the biggest causes of water damage for mobiles. We’re told the handset was thoroughly disinfected with Dettol after use, a relatively easy cleaning task compared to a costly repair. It shows that the Xperia Z’s water resistant feature is a very practical one, check out the video below.

  • jj

    wtf :|

  • adsada_arc

    would be a shame if you dropped it down the toilet and it did a ghostie though

  • lovebmw

    Delete this article, made me cringe

  • Morons

    OK, Now people getting way too obsessed with the phone being water proof and here is the guy testing if it is shit proof too?

  • Any one do videos like that they are retards because this phone cost a fortune

  • metalhead

    This is wrong on so many levels

  • M Usman

    No more false insurance claims LOL

  • omg

    we already know that it’s water proof.. your toilet uses WATER.. -.-“

  • HardyHarHar

    If he really wants a real life test he should have dropped it for %%feet for a test. I mean come on! When a guy drops a phone in the toilet does he hold the phone and place it there nice and easy? lol! And they should have put **** in there let’s see how the xperia Z’s waterproofness and security framework of android work on the viruses that will try to attack it hahaha!

  • gazelle

    unless you toilet use fire or bullet, i wont be surprise. xperia z is waterproof so what else to expect? -_-

  • ani

    we all know Xperia Z was water and dust proof , this video proves its shi* proof too lol….

  • Crazy! But good to know for the average Joe! Lol

  • Cheng

    LOL! Sjit proof! hahahah~~~

  • shjt proof test?! c’mon!

  • jag


    sammy fan boys are getting all crazy because of the said mid-march release of GSIV. hehe!
    any thoughts on this?

  • AA

    Disgusting… not gonna watch this clip. BTW it should be ‘water-resistant’ and not ‘water-proof’.

  • Dave

    There is no Shi* in there, need to smear some on it.

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  • HardyHarHar

    Expect allergy in the face of the person who uses it to call hahaha!

  • Andrew D

    Sick of all this Xperia Z. Every time i wanna see if anything else is new,. i get to see the Z..
    Drop it off a building and then we can see a new review of it..

  • arena

    until now i can’t still quite understand why it seems too normal for caucasians to treat their toilet bowls like it’s not one dirty object. we have a relatively clean toilet bowl and i can’t even bear to get my face a foot close to it. putting your hand on a bowl with that filthy stain is certainly worse.

  • lovebmw

    Hey honey sorry, I got your message when my phone was taking a dive in my urine… dinner?

  • Stephen Raharja

    It’s bean-proof though :D

  • A

    That man is one fucking disgusting Human Being! at least wear gloves or something!

  • hahahahahahahahahhahahaha

  • Critic

    It does not matter. Xperia Z officially has been destroyed by this beauty

    Ultrapexel camera

    Snapdragon 600 cpu

    Super LCD 3 Screen

    It’s decided. I am not buying Xperia Z but I will buy eaither hTC One or GS IV


    The Truth Must Be Said previously

  • lovebmw

    But but but it won’t survive swimming in the toilet

  • Chelios

    It isn’t normal for “caucasians” (not sure why it would be a racial thing according to you). First, if you’re so dump that you drop you phone in a toilet bowl (I NEVER take my phone out of my pocket in a toilet) then you don’t deserve the phone in the first place. Second, if I, for some weird ass reason, would drop my phone in a toilet it would be a total loss for me. Even if it still worked and as expensive as it may be, I wouldn’t even touch it with a barge pole.

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  • kust0r

    yeah, HTC, what a nice ORIGINAL phone…

  • Me

    It depends on you. I personally clean my toiler regularily, use sanitizing products etc. so if you’re touching your junk it’s more germed than touching my toilet…

  • Me

    Have you seen photos made by this “ultrapixel camera” ? Sorry but they suck… previous HTC One X made better photos.

    Regardless, go buy S4, plastic squeaky crap seems more suitable for you.

  • bonbon

    after watching this video, nobody dares to borrow XZ!!!! im soooo buying XZ

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