Xperia Z sells 140k units in first week in Japan

by XB on 20th February 2013

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The Sony Xperia Z (SO-02E) launched in Japan through NTT DoCoMo on the 9th February. Reports are suggesting that around 140,000 units have been sold during the first week. DoCoMo representatives described the performance as a “fairly encouraging start” (translated). The handset sits atop on the smartphone league tables in Japan, as you would expect considering it has just launched. It will be interesting to see how it fares once the initial hype has died down.

  • sacca

    yeeesss c’mon crush your target sony…

  • 3zeez

    Sounds Promising enough.
    Now World wide release !

  • goldenblls

    I’m itching to get hold of one. It’s like I’ve been waiting since the dawn of time.

  • lovebmw

    Looking good

  • e.d

    i wanted to be the first to buy this but now there are lots of people owning this beauty.

  • xperia Z only a few days away…ordered it today :D

  • loking good!!!!

  • good sony

    sony as expected

  • dereknobuyuki

    Worth pointing out that from the new Docomo line up is only the Xperia Z, Panasonic Eluga X (Which is also a decent device although not as nice as the Xperia Z), and one Sharp device (Aquos EX) targeted to women.

    So, while the Xperia Z is definitely the best smartphone in the Docomo Spring lineup that I’ve played with (I haven’t played with the Huawei Ascend D2 nor the LG Optimus G-Pro) and that should contribute a lot to inreased sales, some portion of numbers could be because there are only 3 smartphone devices actually available from the spring line up.

    Nonetheless, if they can actually keep devices in stock for a change, I’d expect to see some pleasant surprises for Xperia Z sales figures from Docomo.
    Sales for the Xperia Tablet Z will undoubtedly be less than the Xperia Z but I’m eagerly awaiting the Tablet Z (or a purple Tablet Z if they suddenly launched that at the same time although the chance of that is nearly zero ~__~).

  • this is the answer to all the trollers who are just bashing about Z’s screen.

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  • Will have to wait 2-3 months to see it here then another 2-3 months to see the prize tag goes down so I can afford it.but definitely moving to xperia z from my current sgs3 :D

  • yeo wee kian

    is 140k consider high or low??

  • yeo wee kian

    still need wait 1 week b4 i can get mine at starhub..

  • jag

    one week more to wait!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhHhHhhh!!! im getting mine from singtel. better 4G

  • Ben

    I know you got the GX. Did you get the Z too? or tempted?

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  • dereknobuyuki

    I posted my review of the Xperia Z on gdgt

    My conclusion is that the Xperia Z is a great device that I highly recommend but it’s not worth upgrading from the Xperia GX. The Xperia GX is a beautiful device and the Xperia Z as well but in it’s own way. Many will like the Xperia Z’s design but others will find it less unique and slightly iPhone-esque (at least from a distance). The Xperia T and AX/V are less unique and inspiring designs so upgrading from then wouldn’t hurt except for the wallet. In the end, I don’t believe it worth upgrading from any high end device from the last 6 months. But, it’s definitely a great upgrade for anything older than 6 months.

    I presented the Xperia Z to another person in my household though… encouraging them to buy it =P As for me, I’ll wait until 2014’s spring line up. Tablets on the other hand . . .

  • AlexBurnout

    I want one, but hopefully a Sony Nexus is coming this fall.

  • LancerEX

    there are a few sellers here in PH selling Xperia Z from Japan for P25,000 or roughly $614 :)

  • yeo wee kian

    still need to wait.. i really hope to get on it now.. even the dummy unit is already so beautiful.. but i prefer starhub gift better, thats why.

  • jag

    aah.. yeah.. i was hoping for singtel to give NFC headset too.. but hey, the NFC speaker is a good gift also. ^^

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  • Ben

    Cool. The TX didn’t come to my country. Was sad at first but I guess it’s sort of a blessing for now I can look forward to the ZL. Upgrading from my 2 year Arc :D

  • Xperia_Infinity

    hi! may i verify where exactly is the xperia z rolling out? i’ve checked the sony stores and no word yet as to when will the new flagship phone be released. kimstore has no stock of it as well, so…yeah, i’d like to buy one for myself (if it’s, indeed, already available in PH).

  • LancerEX

    I believe they’re grey market units and a seller actually included in the description that it’s an unlocked Japanese version. :) The other seller (black Xperia Z) said he bough it “secretly” from the BoC :) Funny thing is some people thought it’s a scam, but the Z has been available in Japan for weeks :P

    here are some links to the ads I found:,Position,1-1,1,Position,1-3,3

  • roeshak

    Wellmthat’s in Japan. Sony needs to stop being so Japancentric and do more globally. The HTC one which was only unveiled two days ago is already available for pre-order on all the major carriers in the UK.
    The Z on the other hand despite being older news is still only available in any meaningful way on O2. VF and 3 have some poultry offers but that’s it.
    Sony stop behaving like a typical Japanese company. So inward looking.
    Well I suppose the same is true of most islanders but if they are going to reach the levels of Samsung and Apple, then all this quick off the mark in Japan and slow everywhere else nonsense has to stop. You don’t see Samsung prioritizing Korea or HTC Taiwan do we.

  • LancerEX

    Agree. Here in PH, you coud hardly find any Xperias being offered by carriers. I think Sony should improve in better product marketing or penetrate markets where high demands for smartphones exist. I guess this is also the reason behind Samsung’s popularity and high market share.

  • M Usman

    Just ordered my Xperia Z white for 28.50 a month! Free handset (129.99 handset fee waived by phones4u as its an upgrade). Those free headphones. 600 mins unlmtd texts and 1gb data. 2gb if your under 24 like me. Free sky sports to stream live on mobile and free TV. No data charges incurred. All from phones4u. Just letting my fellow UK buddies know as its an amazing deal. Delivery for 28 Feb!

  • Xperia_Infinity

    that pretty much explains the early availability here then. garapal talaga mga taga-BOC. lol! thanks for the links! :)

  • LancerEX

    Sad truth! :(

    UPDATE! It’s officially launched by Sony Mobile PH! SRP is P32,900. :D Pretty expensive IMO, but I think it’s much worth than HTC’s Butterfly :)

  • Carlos

    From my xperia z. I got it yesterday in switzerland by mobilezone, it come with 2 smartags, the DK26, it was a good surprise. By mobilezone it cost more or less 565 euros.

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  • NICE! I was waiting for the ZL but I’m tempted to get the Z

  • A good start. 1 week on 1 carrier and country! Sony get it out worldwide asap!

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  • DStyle

    I’m sure Xperia Z will sell more than 1.5M devices around the world. I will contribute to this.

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