Xperia Z gets flexed to its limit

by XB on 22nd February 2013

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The Sony Xperia Z is a very well built handset using durable tempered glass on the front and back to make sure it doesn’t shatter at the first sign of a scrape. Exactly which glass is used still remains a mystery although it looks like the Xperia Z may use a combination of Dragtontail and Gorilla Glass.

It’s heartening to see that the glass has some flex as the video below shows. The Xperia Z is bent hard enough that you can see the handset arc. Thankfully the glass doesn’t shatter, highlighting it’s likely to be a durable handset. If that wasn’t enough, check out another video we have attached below showing some guys goofing around knocking the Xperia Z to the floor at every opportunity. The handset certainly appears to stand up well to the abuse. See both videos below.

Thanks vcfirstben!

  • DonRox

    off topic question but does anyone know if the android navigation buttons area is customizable on the Z? on some vids its black on others its grey. in this ad its gorgeously deep black.

  • Aokde Gharra

    am i the only one who can’t see the videos?

  • Nicolás Cornejo

    The second video is strangely FUNNY!

  • M Usman

    I know I posted this twice before but as this is a new post. I want my fellow UK buddies to see this! The other 2 posts got lost in all the other comments! Just ordered my Xperia Z white for 28.50 a month! Free handset (129.99 handset fee waived by phones4u as its an upgrade). free sony mdr-1r headphones included at a retail price of £300. 600 mins unlmtd texts and 1gb data. 2gb if your under 24 like me. Free sky sports to stream live on mobile and free TV. No data charges incurred. All from phones4u. Just letting my fellow UK buddies know as its an amazing deal! Delivery for 28 Feb! I think its the best deal anyone can get right now. It can be for new customers too. Recommend me as a friend and we both get £50 cashback too lol! CarphoneWarehouse have reached their 1000 preorder limit. Phones4u hasn’t! They have both black and white for delivery on 28th Feb. Purple for delivery on 11th March. If anyone is looking to get the Z or to upgrade then this is the best way forward. Good luck! Btw an amazing post about the flexing of the Z! :)

  • M Usman

    LOL at the 2nd video. They wouldn’t be laughing if it was concrete floor haha. These videos just make me more impatient to receive my Z!

  • SomeBody


  • M Usman

    yup your the only one lol. click on the youtube button on the vidoes and watch them on youtube instead :)

  • adsada_arc

    it’ll be very very dark grey, its the darkest colour an LCD can physically make, so it wont be the same as the true black the front is made of, that image is just a nice photoshop where they have made it to look nicer, as if the buttons aren’t part of screen

  • DonRox
    Check this vid here from CES, at the 1 min mark. u see it is in fact very black, not very grey. no photoshop here, and It actually looks muchh better than in any reviews ive seen

  • adsada_arc

    hmm interesting, but that’s probably the way he is holding it or just the way the camera is, see when he opens the camera at about 1:19 that is what colour difference will be found when you actually use the handset. Any darker than that is physically impossible unless you look at other display types

  • Xlash Andraid

    I noted a little lag when activating the camera via lockscreen shortcut. A little bit disappointing considering the hardware aswesome power of this phone. Guess this is due to all that layers and bloatware from SONY, CM10.1 or pure Android would run like a the god of the speed.

  • Ambroos

    Wrong. On the most recent builds of the software the background of the on-screen buttons and the notification bar is actually a 10% gray and not completely black. This is also why the display sometimes looks washed out on photos even though it isn’t.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    so what color, I CANT CHOOSE.

  • M Usman

    In the same boat as you hannad. Definitely not purple lol. I went for the white one. Hope I don’t regret it as the black looks gorgeous too

  • It returned to its original flat shape afterwards. No plastic deformation, so that isn’t quite its limit.

  • adsada_arc

    uhhh, kinda exactly what I was saying…

  • really awesome!!!

  • i have the black…the reflective surfaces work better with it

  • M Usman

    That’s what I was thinking jimi but have you seen the white one. I’ve not seen either one which is why its so difficult to choose. I can always swap it I guess but the guy over the phone said the white one looks slicker

  • Ceramic Tile is a pretty hard surface that they were dropping it on.

  • White is great for less finger prints and outside the box

  • Paul

    2nd video: Dogs have a damn good smelling sense. Might be the reason why it didn’t want to get near the phone.
    Take off the back from the Xperia Ray when it gets warm for example, has a pretty bad smell. And i’m not speaking of a brand new one, it’s almost 2 years old.

    Not here to bash the phone. Just saying.. way too many companies are still using “unhealthy” chemicals for their plastic parts.

  • M Usman

    I know bruv but concrete is rough and has sharp bumps in it. Well in England anyway lol

  • M Usman

    absolutely agree with you there. I know it has less fingerprints than on the black version but the black is gorgeous too. which 1 would you go for

  • jag

    i cant choose either. 60-40 for white vs black. 1 week to go! yeah!

  • Tokyo, February 21, 2013?AGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.; Head Office: Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazuhiko Ishimura) will newly set up a chemical strengthening facility for Dragontrail™, specialty glass used as cover glass for smart phones and tablet PCs, at its Kansai Plant in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. This new chemical strengthening facility can handle up to sixth-generation (1850mm x 1500mm) glass, enabling the efficient production of thinner next-generation touchscreens. Operation is scheduled to begin in March 2013.

    Conventionally, touchscreens of smart phones and tablet PCs have been triple-layered, consisting of a cover glass, a touch sensor and a display. Recently, however, demand for double-layered touchscreens, which can make the touchscreen even thinner, is expected to grow, and a technology(*1) to attach the touch sensor into the cover glass is drawing attention as a means to manufacture double-layered touchscreens.

    A key to efficient production of double-layered touchscreens is large-size chemically strengthened glass. A large number of cover glass with built-in touch sensor can be manufactured at a time by neatly arranging touch sensors on a large sheet of chemically strengthened glass and cutting the glass into pieces of the intended size. As the touchscreens manufactured based on this method are increasingly adopted for use in smart phones and tablet PCs in 2013 onward, AGC’s high-quality G6-size chemically strengthened Dragontrail manufactured at the new facility will contribute to the creation of even thinner smart phones, tablet PCs, Ultrabook(*2) and other touchscreen devices.

  • Thiago

    Someone can tell me if the Xperia Z would work in Brazil? I’m not asking about the 4G cuz I know that they have diferent frquency, but the thing is: The Sony in Brazil wont launch the Xperia Z, but Xperia ZQ that is not whater resistente and its a little bit larger. =/

    I was wondering if I import the Z from US I would be able to acces the 3G and make phone calls.

  • Koko

    R u wrkin for cpw ur practically posting ur deal on every article, on Xperia blog … First time buyin a phone huh ??? Suggestion contact the Dailmail for a better coverage.

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  • First look at what 3G bands your carrier operates on to see if they match the SXZ.

  • LOL you twat. Firstly I was talking of the deal I got from phones 4 u. I posted it on 3 articles and if you check the other article, I actually helped someone get a better deal. Which was the whole point of my post. And no not first time buying a phone. You name a phone and I’ve probably had it. I don’t see why anyone should pay 41 for a phone when they can pay 28.50 instead… No one reads the daily mail lol

  • Loken

    xperia z arc? :)

  • DDD

    Those guys on 2nd video are totally idiots, and stupid jackasses.

  • arc z

  • Hannad Ahmed

    I even went to multiple stores here in Rotterdam, they all have the black one in display. So I too haven’t had the opportunity to compare then. Although the black one is stunning! But all the phones that I’ve had were all black soo I kinda want a change. I think I’ll go for white. Thanks for the comments Sony bro’s.

  • White is the new black

  • I agree but I think that the Z will be fine on pretty much any surface. My only concern would be the sides, corners or edges when dropped on a surface that has similarities to concrete.

  • :P

  • Fk

    Yes it will work , ordered mine today

  • KaoticL

    Xperia Z – Bitch Proof

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  • Emil Fakhruzi Rasyad

    In latest .253 firmware, the navigation button background no longer in grey,,, its almost black,,,

  • Sonya


  • Putin

    ??? ?? ?????, ???? ???? ???????? ?? ?????????.

  • Enrique Iglesias

    best smartphone in world is xperia z i really really wonder about this phone design

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