Sony Xperia Tablet Z accessories detailed

by XB on 26/02/2013

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Along with the global Sony Xperia Tablet Z announcement yesterday, the company also unveiled a number of accessories to go with it. This includes the Sony SGPCV5 Carrying Case, the Sony SGPDS5 Cradle and Sony SGPFLS4 Screen Protector.

The leather carry case (SGPCV5) will come in three colours (black, red and white) and also acts as a deskstand with three viewing angles (20, 40 and 70 degrees) to choose from. It has a magnet that puts the tablet into power save mode once the case is closed. The cases will cost around €80 on launch, so not on the cheap side at all.

The Sony SGPDS5 Cradle mainly acts as a charger only, there are no video outputs on it. However, the stand can be adjusted to varying angles (from 20 degrees to 75 degrees) which can be quite useful. The cradle will come with a €40 price tag. Lastly, Sony will be making available a screen protector (SGPFLS4) specifically for the tablet which will cost €20.

Sony SGPCV5 Carrying Case for Xperia Tablet Z

Sony SGPCV5 Carrying Case

Sony SGPCV5 Carrying Case

Sony SGPCV5 Carrying Case

Sony SGPCV5 Carrying Case

Sony SGPCV5 Carrying Case

Sony SGPCV5 Carrying Case

Sony SGPCV5 Carrying Case

Sony SGPDS5 Cradle for Xperia Tablet Z

Sony SGPDS5 Cradle

Sony SGPDS5 Cradle

Sony SGPDS5 Cradle

Sony SGPFLS4 Screen Protector

Sony SGPFLS4 Screen Protector

  • caiofmart

    I want a keyboard dock

  • Mohamed Al-Ahmad

    Screen protector from Sony. Something interesting :)

  • NikAek

    They charge the bag ,not the leather for 49E for Xperia tablet s ,just greedy ,i spent about 200E more for the accessories for the xperia tablet now i cannot sell it -150E ,i love Sony but for sure the wanna be Apple and i Dont like this

  • azmadu

    Is that it?? Oh this is just lame compared to the effort they went to with the Tablet S which had 3 or 4 different stands, a case/keyboard combo and other accessories. Well it’s better than nothing I guess so I’ll look forward to its release. :-)

  • Silas Arentsen

    they had this with the Xperia Tablet S too

  • A normal guy

    Is that so ? Apple is known to steal idea’s from other companies like sony. A nice quote from steve jobs.

    Steve Jobs once said “Good artists copy; great artists steal” and “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” So it’s not surprising that Apple, now embroiled in a patent war with Samsung over the look of its iPhone and iPad might have borrowed the iPhone’s design from another company: Sony.

    Apple is more a religion then a brand for to many people. Apple got famous with the minimal design, but wasn’t the first.

  • NikAek

    Apple is known for a lot of things ,iam a Sony fan not an Apple hater ,i dont like what Sony want to do ,sell the tablet for lets say 500E and then spend 50-200E more for cables connectivity that should offer out of the box + cases,cradles overrated ..Well in this they have a lot in common with Apple and that is my point ..

  • M Usman

    Lol did you even read the guys comment before replying

  • goldenblls

    I too have seen a hybrid / keyboard case, there is a picture of it over on Esato.

  • Jodi78
  • Tech Gospel

    Xperia Tablet S had better accessories.

  • Trafalgar

    A bit off topic…was the Xperia SP not announced at MWC? I was really looking forward to the announcement of this phone.

  • Severin Lochinger

    Feel free to buy any third party accessories. Original first party accessories are always more expensive than others, no matter what brand.

  • dereknobuyuki

    What about the keyboard case?

    I took a picture of it back in January

  • dereknobuyuki

    Would a keyboard case suffice? I’ve seen one and posted a picture of it

  • dereknobuyuki

    They showcased tons of different accessories to use with the Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z back in January including a keyboard case.

  • Jan

    Zajebiste ! Great carrying case and cradle big like

  • uidesigner_sony

    If it was made in the same way as xperia tablet s’s Carrying Case
    then the reason of damages will be the same – Carrying Case. Tested on Xperia tablet s, fortunately there was a bed. End of story: Carrying Case coming back.
    Sony, please rebuild it!

  • Mohamed Al-Ahmad

    Oh, really interesting. Thanks :)

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  • mohan

    assume i love this all picture what a beautiful post

  • ChrisH

    Great accessories, but were are the accessories for the Xperia Z/ZL???

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  • Jim Paget

    I had one of the official cases, but I have to say, for what you pay for them (most of them about 40-50 bucks) I was really unimpressed! The thing kept falling off the stand, so it totally scratched up my screen, and it didn’t come with much in the way of accessories! Thankfully, alot of the so called cheaper ones are much better. One particular model I came across on Amazon even had a Built-In Magnetic Sleep Sensor which automatically turns my tablet on and off whenever I open or close the lid. (Thankfully as it’s in sleep mode, all my files are totally saved and in the exact same state when I open it too) But what I particularly liked about this, is that the on and off happens INSTANTLY. (I mean, my old laptop used to take a good few seconds to go into hibernation mode, but this one doesn’t! It’s literally split-second stuff, so was EXTREMELY useful whenever I have been travelling on planes and things like that! The case was so lightweight and strong aswell that I can’t believe I only paid 10 bucks for it from some company on Amazon! In case anyone was curious, I’ll try to dig out the link for you all, but yeah, I was basically WELL IMPRESSED!! This is the one I got… Totally made my Tablet the best darned portable computer I have ever owned, and now I no longer even bother with my laptop when travelling!

  • Philipp Velimirovic

    that would be cool!

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