Sony using two display suppliers for the Xperia Z?

by XB on 13th March 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

JDCThe Xperia Z’s display has created the biggest talking point for Sony’s new flagship. Whilst there is no doubt that the display offers pin-sharp resolution, viewing angles and contrast have come in for criticism from some quarters. It appears that Sony is using at least two different suppliers for the Xperia Z’s display component – JDC (Japan Display Central, part of Japan Display Inc) and Sharp.

A poll running on xda-developers has been trying to determine which display is better. Just shy of 90 votes have been placed and from these 80% are running the Sharp display and 20% from JDC. Unfortunately, it seems that no one has been able to determine which is better and unless we see two side-by-side with the different panels, we probably won’t come to any firm conclusions. We expect this debate to continue to run and run.

Thanks Ashish & FlowXT!

  • well the only way to see that is by looking at Xperia Z for international and Xperia Z from Docomo in Japan … i think there is a video about that from youtube but we need more people to confirm that !

  • AsadMulla

    I dont really have any complaints about mine. Dont really want to go out looking to compare mine with others.

  • judgey

    what phone is that in the pic on the right?

  • I think that’s just a demo display from when it was presented by Sharp/JD. So, just a display, without a phone attached to it.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    A rumored Sony 6.44 inch Note killer phone, i think …. if im correct…

  • judgey

    Thanks guys :)

  • No phone, only display

  • afzal

    No different between worldwide version n japan version. Both using same 5inch panel made by sharp under renesis brands. The different viewing happen due to kernal used for both device are different.( might effect color colabration ) There already an answer for this enquiry in XDA.

  • Chelou

    Hi guys, I’m ok with the screen of my Xperia Z, just got my phone a few days ago. Last year I had 3 Sony units: Active, Go and Acro S… The screen of the Acro S was pretty good but the phone was hanging because of the insufficient RAM . Recently I was using Samsung Galaxy Nexus – the Amoled sucks a lot of power from the battery… I don’t care about the viewing angles that much. The resolution is ok also. I’m smiling while reading the opinions of so many “specialist in phones and screens ” on the internet… my first phone was Ericsson T10 in 1998. It was a minimalist unit. Most of us is using the phone for calling, messages, surfing the internet and sometimes for games. Most probably in this case the “guilty ” is the Kernel, a future update will resolve the problem. Also the screen calibration software will help… just enjoy using your Xperia Z

  • I have 2 XZ , each SHARP and JDC , SHARP is better than JDC

  • arena

    i think that’s defective. you should send it back to the shop. demand for a better product if you paid the full amount. unless that’s a china phone. there are no problems in other xzs similar to that.

  • afzal

    Here are the link info regarding xperia z screen panel

  • jag

    Getting tired of this viewing angles!! Really pisses me of when they stressed this issue to much!!

  • Arif

    I have no issue what so ever with my xperia z’s display. It’s sharp and crisp. I am enjoying showing it off to iphone-owner friends by washing my phone in the sink and dropping it into water tub. Seriously, it has amazed everyone, some friends even didn’t believe my words until I demonstrated its water resistant capability. Not to forget Camera is awesome too better quality than SGIII

  • Arif

    Xperia Z has hit Australia’s largest carrier Telstra . Available for pre-order now. A wireless NFC speaker is included as gift if ordered before the 26th March

  • m

    hold on a sec.. Sony is using “Sharp” displays? doesn’t Sony have their own display?

  • headblock

    They do but its cheaper than Sony

  • m

    “Experience the best of SONY in a smartphone”
    i thought the hardware ingredients (Screen, Camera Sensor & Speaker) used to make this smartphone was from Sony.

  • Acro S has 1gb ram lol don’t lie ”insufficient”

  • dimos

    What about jelly bean on xperia s? #sarcastic#

  • ToharLalua

    After reading all those reviews claiming Xperia Z to have washed out colours, I decided to check it for my self and visited my nearest Sony center and to tell you the truth I was totally blown off the display, it was so beautiful and in my consideration its colour was well saturated, if you ask me even a bit over saturated, I don’t know why some are complaining about the washed out colours. The model was C6602.

  • Herman

    I agree, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do when you’re already enjoying your screen. :)
    I’m an owner of a Nexus 7, of which the screen is undersaturated. But when I hold it away from any other device, meaning no other screen to directly compare it with, I really can’t complain. The saturation looks fine when I’m only looking at my Nexus 7!

    I would love to spread the word: don’t compare if you enjoy it already. It may only make you sad.

  • skrug

    OLED uses less power.

  • lolzer

    Amoled sucks a lot and battery?? LOL!! What a fucking fanboy

  • blitzarc

    please wait till end of march my friend.

  • lolzer’s father

    AMOLED does suck a lot of battery.. Don’t open your mouth if you don’t know the facts. We all know who the fucking fanboy is :-P

  • I think Sony doesn’t produce their own panel even in their Bravia TVs. Sony buys them from Sharp. But panel alone does not define the quality of the image. Sony’s image processors (xreality and others from Bravia) are just as important. Those things from their TVs are then used in XZ’s mobile bravia engine.

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  • Juba

    2 days ago i purchase Xperia Z and my first impression was what is wrong with these people … contrast ratio are suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the black color is way gray and viewing angles are terrible … pixel density are great resolution excellent but contrast ratio and viewing angles make it totally unworthy … btw I got xperia tx and its got awsome display its beat those crappy super amoled any time and for that i goes for the Z

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