Xperia Z owners – any regrets on Galaxy S4 announcement?

by XB on 15th March 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Galaxy S4The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been officially announced and we’re sure most of you have read up on the handset in the last 24 hours. The handset looks largely similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S III, but manages to pack in a larger 5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display in a similar sized chassis.

Under the hood, Samsung includes its Exynos 5 Octa chipset with 8-core big.LITTLE processor (other regions will get the 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 chipset). Camera duties are taken care of a 13MP sensor and a 2MP front-facing camera. Other features include infra-red and a 2600mAh battery.

We have attached the full spec list below, comparing it against the Xperia Z and HTC One. However, specs are one thing and where Samsung really focused its efforts was on its software. This included SmartPause, S Voice Drive, Dual Camera, S Health and Adapt Display. There are a number of other features, some look useful and some gimmicky.

Anyway, now that you’ve seen what Samsung has to offer – is your head turned? In our eyes, the Xperia Z has a lot going for it, namely its design and water resistant qualities. It’s hardware is broadly on par – yes the Samsung chipset is more powerful, but in day-to-day use we’d argue that you probably wouldn’t notice.

So if you own the Xperia Z, do you wish you went for the Galaxy S4 instead? Our view is that the Xperia Z has nothing to worry about and sits unique in the Android ecosystem. We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

PhoneXperia ZGalaxy S4HTC One
Display size (inches)554.7 Super LCD 3
Screen Resolution1080 x 19201080 x 19201080 x 1920
Water Resistant?YesNoNo
ChipsetQualcomm APQ8064 + MDM9215MTwo variants: Exynos 5 Octa and Snapdragon 600Qualcomm 600 (APQ8064T)
Processor1.5GHz Quad-coreEight-core big.LITTLE [1.6GHz Quad-core; 1.2GHz Quad-core] (Exynos) & 1.9GHz Quad-core (Snapdragon)1.7GHz Quad-core
GPUAdreno 320IT PowerVR SGX544MP3 (Exynos) and Adreno 320 (Snapdragon)Adreno 320
Android version4.
Storage16GB16/ 32/ 64 GB32GB / 64GB
Expandable storage?YesYesNo
Size (mm)139 x 71 x 7.9136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3
Weight (g)146130143
SIMmicro SIMmicro SIMmicro SIM
ColoursBlack, Purple, WhiteBlack Mist, White FrostBlack, Red, Silver
Rear Camera sensor13.1MP Exmor RS13MPUltraPixel: 1/3" 4MP BSI sensor, 2.0 µm pixel size, F2.0 aperture & 28 mm lens, Dedicated HTC ImageChip 2
Image StabiliserDigitalDigitalOptical
HDRYes (movie/video)YesYes (movie/video)
Burst Mode?Yes: Unlimited shots at 10 FPS & 9 MP resolutionYes (Drama Shot)Yes: Zoe Mode (Press the shutter to capture up to 20 photos and a 3-second video)
Video Recording1080p Full HD (both cameras)1080p Full HD1080p Full HD (both cameras)
Front camera sensor2.2MP Exmor R2MP2.1MP (88 degree wide angle lens with HDR)
Wi-Fi802.11a/b/g/n802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/ac/b/g/n
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0
InfraredNoIR LED (Remote Control)Yes
Battery capacity233026002300
Embedded Battery?YesNoYes
PlayStation CertifiedYesNoYes
Proximity sensorYesYesYes
Ambient light sensorYesYesYes
LTEYesYesYes (UL model only)
LaunchReleasedEnd April 2013End March 2013

  • Michiel

    absolutely not Samsung aka plastic fantastic

  • uliwooly

    back in the days of the Xperia Arc I remember that I’d posted on myriad occasions that it will be a great feature to use both cameras at the same time, but that’s just software, as for hardware perhaps a bigger battery would’ve been great and OLED instead of TFT

  • Rhenanbelem

    Sony should forget those stupid media apps and invest in some nice features like the S4.

  • For me, The Xperia Z is +1000 better. Sony is charactirezed by the good look, design, resistence and this last phone Xperia Z is honestly Beautiful.
    Of all features that shown Samsung, I would like that add “Object removal” in the software.

    Always Sony!!!!!

  • frost

    Id still prefer buying Xperia Z, guess im in pursuit of a BEAUTIFUL android handset. SONY=BEAUTY

  • Hell no! After having a Galaxy SII, I promised myself to never go back to Samsung again!

    I want premium experiences.
    I want a stylish phone, in and out.
    I want reliable features.

    Samsung phones are good, specially on spec-wise. But touchwiz is so darn ugly and unprofessional looking. Extra features are also good but not that reliable. The screen is huge but it’s too oversaturated.

    Xperia Z is not a perfect phone, but it is perfect for me.

  • Sony only problem is update problem, they take the longest time to update their phone to latest android. Other than that, they are partially perfect.

  • Max


  • Farhad K

    Absolutely the Xperia Z still rocks !!

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Nope. Well the S4 doesn’t really have an’s just 2 quadcores .
    Other than that the specs aren’t really different. If i needed to choose right now between the phones, Xperia Z would win.( not because I’m an xperiafan but Z has more style and is waterresistant

  • metalhead

    Damn shame Sony will be far out in front of Samsung way before the s4 is out in the UK since the z has been on sale since last month

  • I’m happy with my Xperia Z! It’s not perfect but I prefer it to S4. I might just sell it on to get the ZL as I wouldn’t mind an IR blaster in the phone.

  • Julius Buma-at

    There are only 2 kinds of smartphones I really love BlackBerry and Sony.

  • Of course NOT
    awful benchmark of S4
    with silly design and silly pre-install feature !
    that almost of galaxies owner change their stock rom to CM and etc
    nevermind don’t compare SONY with samsung?

  • XZ

  • Sony with all its Ericsson’s and Xperia’s during last decade are awesome and this one will get into my pocket too.

  • zzxx

    GS4 has nothing useful to offer so, no.

  • crazychef

    well i can’t really say nothing because the xperia z is not officially available in the united states. but still if i have to choose i choose sony. the design and built quality looks better than samsung, and everybody has a samsung or an apple. you rarely hear people say i have an xperia wich to me means more exclusive.

  • jag

    No regrets! Xperia Z is the best!!^^

  • Xlash Andraid

    samsung should go back to those times when they only made blenders and washers.

  • I wish Xperia Z had a real 5 inch display without on the screen buttons. Slow software update and a few stock apps are two things Xperia Z can’t match S4. But in design, I prefer Xperia Z, duh.

  • Fabian

    As a friend of mine said it: Samsung = Same-sung, im still a proud owner of Xperia Z, I prefer a less color-saturated screen and im happy with 4 cores.

  • ??

    Now if only Sony can release something that doesn’t have a screen that looks washed out or atleast have JB 4.2.2 by next month.

  • Reese

    The only really useful advantage I see in the S4 is glove mode. Coming from an Xperia Sola I can’t express enough how great it is to be able to wear gloves and use the phone in the winter months.

  • The screen buttons disappear in most if not all cases when viewing media

  • DrazenDodig

    Samsung will be out 2+ months after the Z… probably still some 40-50 days away at least, more for full world wide.

  • Kaostheory

    What’s sad is Sony comes out with some cool stuff and then lets others take off with it. They should of had the ir blaster in the Z, what happened to floating touch? And they need to release with current o’s 4.2, not 4.1. Make a PSP phone already before they get beat there too. Nothing really impresses with the GS4, I do like the front stereo speakers of the One, I prefer the Z overall but it could of been a little better without breaking the bank.

  • My z is awesome but Sony you really need to blow everyone away with your next phone stop releasing one every four months that’s slightly better and destroy all your competition so it will take a year for everyone else to catch up

  • lol didnt read
  • rorshak

    The Samsung is a beast of a phone which scored 25900 in antutu. That’s incredible. However, even though it’s faster, the Z is fast enough and so you’ll not notice the difference much. The ui lag that appears every now and again is down to the very graphics intensive Sony widgets. I suggest staying clear of the social life one.
    Another place the Z is soft on is software, the Samsung is packed with software innovations. Some of then gimmicky but others actually quite impressive like dual video and photo, s translate, and smart stay as well as the option to delete things from photos.
    The Z just feels to lean. In fact there hasn’t been much added this year from Sony. No real new software. The media apps have been around for sometime and I’m really hoping the 4.2 update brings more optimizations especially in the camera app and some new features and improved widgets. The galaxy s4 is the finished article launching with 4.2.
    The Z is still running Sony’s 2012 software. By and large anyway apart from the lockscreen, hdr video, and stamina mode. I’m still waiting to see Sony’s complete feature set for 2013.
    Only when 4.2 hits the Z can we truly judge it. Not because of having the latest version of android but because we’ll see Sony’s compete offerings for the year. Another lesson Sony needs to learn, get you software ready and on time.
    The S4 from all that I saw yesterday will comfortably retain its crown as the king albeit one dressed in cheap robes. Well considering the hardware specs of these devices, all manufacturers cheap out in one way or another. Sony use cheap TFT and compensate with their bravia technology. HTC cheap out on camera and Samsung uses cheap materials to build theirs. No phone is perfect.
    To answer the question asked, no I wouldn’t trade my Z for one. I don’t need the extra power and to be honest I don’t think it really matter on a smartphone. Tablet? Yes but smartphone, not really I don’t think.
    I’d miss the fantastic video playback of the Z and also being able to use my phone happily when it rains. Quite handy when it rains.
    I’m not deluding myself however that the S4 will be nothing but a runaway success. The phone can help you communicate with someone who speaks a different language. In theory anyway. It has a lot that’ll appeal to the masses so I know it’ll sell phenomenally when released.
    The question is Will Sony overtake Huawei to 3rd place and narrow the gap with Apple. That’s the best Sony can hope for with the Z. A lot depends on 4.2 and what new features Sony introduce. HTC are too far behind to really matter, their battle is with the likes of LG and ZTE. The best they can hope for is to stop the rot.

  • Haidar Alamir

    Hell NO. I am extremely happy with my xperia Z. I didnt even bother to wait for the s4 announcement

  • Nope.
    Sure the S4 brings interesting stuff but noting to wow about. I don’t like how Samsung implement the Octa-cores in the international S4. Really? Quad A7 and Quad A15? Normal task uses all A7 cores? Poor energy efficiency. The US variant of S4 seems to be the better.

    But I still love my recently bought Xperia ZL.
    In the society where I live, they think Apple and Samsung are like Gods or something. They don’t even know the Nexus 4.

  • Steven

    why don’t you compare their ability of water resistance?

  • And besides, both the Z and ZL will probably have more performance in the next update.
    And honestly, you won’t notice a difference in real world performance.

  • twit

    not with the browser though when you can really make good use of the lost +-.2 inch. well, you can install another browser that makes the navigation bar disappear. i’m just not sure what browser would that be. or can you configure chrome/android browser to hide the navigation bar?

  • levin

    I would prefer the XPERIA Z. its display, water resistant capacity, build quality,,all are just amazing. All the reviews made by different phone sites are downgrading the xperia z for its viewing angles but i think there isn’t any need of it.. thereby no one around us would be able to see what we are doing unlike other phones..thus i personally prefer this phone..

  • gavin1995

    Nop,?it just looks bad, other than that, personally don’t like Korea brand

  • I love my Z and even if people say it´s just a gimmick it looks beautiful when snow melts on it and drips off it together with the design — brilliant

  • gavin1995

    personally, I do not mind not having any update as the origin rom on it works quite well, and it is hardly any changes in those update usually…I have the Nexus 7 tablet and after the update, so apps just won’t work any more…

  • gavin1995

    For me, Why would I want to view it in some random angle? other than that, it means that when you are in a bus or train, others can’t really see you screen, I would actuallt say that it is a good thing.

  • no… because i never consider samsung as my first choice ..if i want to change my Z, it’ll be next xperia flagship or back to iphone but not in the next 2 years

  • john doe

    I have a question for the xperia z owners
    How is the call quality and loudspeaker sound?
    because i want to get the z this week..

  • yuskhanzab

    atleast its still not water resistant..

  • Xperia Z is still the Winner here Although it got S4 Pro SoC ;)

  • rus_media

    We do mind

  • Paul

    After watching the YouTube video about its features, I decided that I will buy Xperia Z :)

  • Fuck Samsung.. Sony Always Rocks!!

  • APai

    sony has the better product here – no flagship ever has had waterproof/ slim.

    S4 looks like a product brought out to stem the loss of sale of flagship galaxy to phones like Z. even apple is into trash talking (which is funny , how they are reduced to play the game, whereas , just a year back, they were all gloating about being untouchable!)

    samsung has got a few things right – namely better battery & IR. sony as usual has distributed its top features across a couple of phones. not so smart there.

  • Mr. x

    f*cking agree with you..

    sometimes I see my screen from an extreme angel just to confirm that anyone beside me dont know what I’m doing..

    privacy, you know..


  • I actually prefer the on-screen buttons, since the on on Galaxy SIII can get easily touched when watching video and it will minimize the screen, it drives me nuts!!!

  • Pras

    “I regret buying Z because s4 is so beautiful.” said no one ever.

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    Well, sony could’ve packed the Z with a better screen and the Floating touch technology~ other than that, the Z is the best!

  • Hi! I’m from Japan and I really have nothing to worry about my phone. Ofcourse my Xperia Z.

    Maybe Samsung’s spec is bit better than Sony one but it’s just number magic.

    I think Sony is on right rail, and hope they won’t go wrong in the future!

    Though I don’t mean I hate Korea or what, but Galaxy, you aren’t good enough to say (Samsung is better then Sony) this time that is truth.

    No WOW! on Galaxy, maybe some say that Xperia have no wow too, but at least, Xperia has it’s own Sexy looks and Galaxy has cheap Plastic body (well, plastic is lighter than glass I agree.)

    So, it’s hard to say which is best, everyone have own measure, but anyway I choose Z and I think this is the best phone for me this season.

  • Haris Siddiqui

    Xperia Z is the best. samsung phones just look too cheap with their plastic jink. and how come the design hasn’t changed? are they too dumb to think of new designs. on the other hand, the omnibalance, water and dust resistent desing of the xperia z is just too elegant to be true. dont care if the s4 is a best seller. in reality, it will never look, feel and be better than the xperia z

  • there’s so much fanboyism in this topic… S4 is a sweet phone hands down. I already bought an Xperia Z, it’s great for me & good for a change. It suits my needs in a phone most.

  • No regret what so ever……Sony Xperia Z still My Fav.

  • DragonClaw

    Yes. The Extra features are same as the third party apps have to provide. Tilt scrolling in web-pages, for example, is on Android Chrome browser.

    S-Voice = Loolol. Had this since a long time.

    And Touch-Wiz = Childish. They had Comic Sans as their default font. *facepalm*.

  • Puma Nike

    never samsung can be compared with SONY,it is like kia and toyota))!!

  • Puma Nike

    samsung it is well paid reviews and ad.)That is it!)

  • getting the ZL

  • Ameer Zul

    Im Not Hating On Sony or anything but thanks god i wait for S4 and HTC One to be announced. Now i know which one i’ll get :) Galaxy S4 or HTC One, Xperia Z is a nice touch by Sony but hearing the review about the call quality and the microphone muzzle alot because it sits at the corner of the phone and the screen quality, Xperia V is better than Z. im sorry sony, i have to say it. you guys still lacks at software and function. Design is still getting better tho.

  • Ameer Zul

    it is 2 quadcores, they say OCTACORE because its a marketing strategy :3 but Cortex A15 + Arm V7. thats mind blowing.

  • Ameer Zul

    well, let see when sony update the xperia z, can they update fast enough or not. :3

  • Ameer Zul

    Its battery efficiency, sure, using a more faster processor is better but takes a lot of battery life. that why Samsung uses A7 to make battery life last longer and thats a bold move by samsung.

  • Chico88

    or toilet paper. LOL. I’ve seen toothpaste from LG.

  • Redux7

    A+ answer !!! Great answer haha……

  • pongnamu

    Never Samsung! LOL

  • Neh … Xperia Z is still the winner

  • pixlas

    Err its not out yet. So what’s to regret. Wait another 3 monthsand there’s another flagship around.
    Just keep on waiting for the next thing all the time and you’ll end up without a phone.
    The Xperia Z is great. But so is the One and S4.

  • Redux7

    I sure dont regret it. The Z is a beautiful phone. Bold phone with differentiating factors.
    The GS4 should have been called the GS3S. This is so Apple of you samsung !!!
    Just wish the stamina moe would work as it is suppose to. Anyone else has issues with batt life. I am a heavy user. With Spotify on the go, Iheart radio, instagram, I mean I basically really take advantage of my unlimited plan. No I dont live in the states so it is a real unlimited plan. !!!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I will regret if I dont get 4.2update on my Xperia Z and Sony gonna release next iteration with latest software !!
    I am not worried about KeyLime Pie but we should get 4.2 update by April, before S4 releases !!
    I hope Sony will take better care of Flagship devices..

  • u kidding me? i have been gloating my friends who had been waiting for the “INNOVATIVE GOD” samsung to release s4 lol and ended up with nothing :D
    i mean where did samsung innovate here?
    5 inch screen? its still pentile btw
    Octa core? a gimmick as only 4 cores work at any1 time…snapdragon s4 doesnt needs 4 low powered cores as its 4 cores downclock when they dont need the another usless gimmick.
    Floating touch? didnt sony did it with xperia sola? in “2012”
    eye scroll… Lg demonstarted it before samsung so wont call it innovation.
    13mp camera? lg and sony phones of yesteryear had those too.
    2600 battery? emm motorolla has been making 3k + batteries.
    front and back camera at same time is a software and there is already DBLCAMERA on playstore.
    Glovebox does the same waving thing that u do with samy’s wave feature

    so where exactly is the innovation? in the removable battery?? yes sure id feel very good carrying around a spare battery with me lol…gimme a break sammy fans.

    samsung says that the floating touch and eyescroll feature is there so u can use your phone when ur hands r dirty or wet…duh … y not make the bloody phone waterproof? so that u can wash it later….

    samsung has been on apple’s case for not innovating and making the same product over and over… well s4 seems like a s3+ to me… i am glad i own a xperia Z a device which looks 2013..
    top two phones atm imo are HTC one and xperia z. i just wish sony relases a colour calibration tool for xperia z and puts super lcd or IPS panel in its next phones…
    though only a retard wants to look at his phone side ways.

  • Wolf0491

    Ummm no. The xperia Z is amazing. Also no one in US seems to really know what it is. I comstantly get hey what’s that and wow purple that’s cool. Then I dunk it in some water and they are so fascinated. It’s just a real beauty Sony made. I don’t have LTE but don’t miss it or notice anything load slower without it. If anything get better battery lol. Speeds are 4-10 Mbps depending on location.
    So Fuck owning the same thing as everyone else I’ll be the guy that’s different with the purple Z in the swimming pool videoing underwater thanks ;-).

  • And mind you, not all markets will get the octacore CPU. Some will get the quad core version

  • My friend has got hold of a ZL in the states. It has the screen calibration software already on the phone. The software is due end of this month and it makes a difference to the screen so the XZ screen will improve!
    Most of Samsung innovation is Gimmicks! Google will update the translate app. They copied a few things from Htc One and Sony. Sony are only just getting started. They need to get out into the USA if they want to be no 3. Experia Z is selling really well!

  • yeo wee kian

    dont even feel regret after the comparison. xperia z may not have the best specs, but it is already the best for daily usage. the extra power from htc and samsung is not neccessary, and just for advertising their phone.

  • farhan

    Regrets?? Lol… No way… Prospect s4 buyers should think twice now… Same design… The software features of s4 r gonna be available on the s3. Hardware design more or less same and software gonna be the same like the s3.S4 is a complete suicide!!!!

  • aks316

    I love my Sony Xperia Z and i have no regrets.. As good as the Samsung S4 is its not what i want.. When i was looking for a new phone Samsung was not even an option as Samsung brand just doesn’t click with me.. My options were iPhone5, Htc Butterfly, Htc One and Sony Xperia Z.. I bought iPhone5 and Sony Xperia Z.. Htc butterfly was 200$ more expensive than Xperia Z and Htc one was not available.. I have nothing against Samsung or Samsung fans but i dont think Samsung is better than HTC or Sony.. They all have something unique and they all are equally good but its Samsung’s marketing that is working more right now.

  • Unbiased

    Wrong place to ask this question. Obviously very bias comments XD
    That being said, if i were to choose between the 2 phones right now. It’ll still be the Xperia Z.
    Sadly i’m on a 2 year contract with my XS and have no choice but to wait for the 2014 Xperia flagship =(

  • Ameer Zul

    US version Snapdragon 600, International OCTA yeah, i live in asia, can’t wait to get S4 or HTC One or even Z if its cheaper than this two :3

  • SonyFan

    Reason number 1 not to buy SGS4…Plastic

    number 2…Design

    number 3…not waterproof

    3…the software features are gimmick…i’ll never use them

    4…cool small apps for xperia z

    5…Kamera from Xperia Z is better

    6…UI from Sony is more professional than that childish colorful Touchwiz

    7…Dockingstation is cool
    8…i dont want to have a phone thats popular by all…i want one that people dont now about it while its the Best one …aka Xperia Z


  • Maxentius

    Well, the GS4 is pretty good but the Xperia ZL seems more perfect, but two things confuse me: the lack of AMOLED and it’s not available official in Hungary. :(

  • KiranP

    No regrets all. Galaxies simply lack that style factor, not to mention those saturated colors and ugly looking Touchwiz.

    What seems to make people stay away from Sony is not the phone itself but its post-sales service, OS updates etc. Hopefully, Sony repairs its reputation in this regard and it will have hundreds more happy Xperia buyers commenting below…

  • e

    I love exmorRS

  • m sacha

    no regrets at all

  • reptile64

    Made of plastic, it’s fantastic? LOL

  • shahzad

    to be honest never plan to get Galaxy phones its really rubish phone they dont have them own technology they copying others. this is why i’ll never buy galaxy phone….i love sony using since 5 years now using Xperia T & Xperia Z.

  • bader


  • I am waiting for Purple sony xperia z :)

  • Ujas V U

    I wish XPeria Z have a better processor, better loudspeaker and some more new features which s4 soesn’t have. if S4 comes with water and dust resistance with a better design and build quality than Xperia Z, it will tempt even a hard core Sony Fan. but it doesn’t come with those features and now i am waiting for XPeria Z to launch in my country. Sony should be a trend setter and other companies follow sony by launching future devices with enormous power with great design. They also need to ensure that that software updates should reach the customers in right time and to provide better after sales support worldwide

  • weeeeooo

    Lg made toothpaste..??

  • LG Made Toothpaste?! WTF! Internet never fail to Entertain me! LoL!

  • Herman

    Even as an Xperia S owner I don’t feel the need to get a Galaxy SIV.
    It’s nothing major.

  • mj

    i regret sony not develop wonderful features like whitemagic of XP or floating touch of Sola. their best innovation in past years are left to be taken by others

  • David Jay

    To be honest I thought the S4 would be better. I like the hardware under the hood but they have taken away it’s prestige by adding too many gimmicks which don’t make sense. Who want to be so close to the phone and gesture to it, it would have been better to add gestures if your far from the phone for example it being docked and connected to the TV so you can control the phone remotely via gestures.
    The HTC One (which is a design rip off of the Xperia P) has done it correctly with it’s unique take on Android. What I would have liked to see is the screen of the S4 with the internals of the HTC One and the design of the Xperia. I think Sony gets this right most of the time. Sony make excellent TV’s and cameras but they are falling short on viewing angles on their screen and camera quality once the image leaves the phone due to extra compression. Sony also have to wake up to the fact the 16G storage onboard as an only option is a limited choice.
    It will be interesting to see who gets the update to 4.2.2 first out of the Xperia Z and the HTC One. Has Sony learnt from their mistakes.
    I’m still torn between the HTC and the Xperia Z.

  • philippe

    the animation when you turn on the xperia z and then see the beautiful lock screen, thats is already enough to keep me to stay with z

  • boosook

    The problem is that the phones are very similar, but samsung did the things that matter to most people: bigger battery, amoled screen, Android 4.2.2, some innovative software features with the promise that the gs3 will get them as well. On the contrary, with the xperia z you don’t know what will happen: in 6 months there will be a replacement, and will the z be abandoned like the s that has never been updated to jb? What’s more, sony never ports new software enhancements (like the new gallery or walkman) to older models, even if the old flagship is just a few months old. Yes, the z is glass and the gs4 plastic, but to 90% of users this matters less than the things I said above, and that’s why samsung sells so much.

  • James Earley

    I like the IR remote and 32 + 64GB storage options but lets face, it the SGS4 looks cheap and probably feels it too, touchwiz is awful, bright, in your face and childish. Everything about the Xperia Z screams class. No regrets from me. Sony. Always.

  • Cheng

    cant agree with you any MORE. well said bro! everything you said totally totally agreed!

  • David Moslehi

    No, thanks. I have had my Zperia Z for about ten days now, and assure you I would never go for Galaxy S IV.
    1. Marvelous design.
    2. Water-proof body.
    3. Solid polycarbonate chassis (the same material used in Ferrari cars).
    4. Shatter-proof and scratch-resistant screen.
    5. Reliable software and user-friendly UI.
    6. More natural colours (compared to Super AMOLED’s bluish tints).
    7. Better readability under sunlight (compared to Super AMOLED’s disastrous view).
    8. Solid glass front and back (compared to Samsung’s ugly plastic back).

    These will not make me go for SGS4 just because it has got 8 cores instead of 4.

  • aThingOrTwo

    I would wager good money the 13MP camera on the Galaxy S bore is exactly the same Sony Exmor RS(tacked) module used in the Z.

  • Cormac Byrne

    I regret buying the XperiaZ. It doesn’t support the ‘sky go’ app. Also because I live in Ireland I cannot use PlayStation mobile or unlimited video as they are not available in my region #shouldhavegotaniphone

  • TDKR

    You want to Know which is the best phone?

    Throw all the flagships into the water and you’ll come to know which is the Best Phone!

  • aThingOrTwo

    When I had a phone with capacitive buttons I used to press them all the time by mistake. Now with my T I never press the button without intending to. i think it is a far better idea to allow some space on the front on the phone for your fingers without the risk of unintended button presses.

  • e.d

    no Sony fan will ever regret of buying such a beautiful design and great performance of Z.

  • Cormac Byrne

    No sky go, video unlimited or play station mobile if you live in Ireland or the UK, don’t waste your money on Xperia Z

  • sreenamboothiri

    yeah he is not joking!! lg also produces toothpastes and all other household and healthcare accessories…dont u have google to find it?

  • Rebecca Dober

    I will buy the Xperia Z as soon as it becomes available in SonyMobileUSA, and NOT through any carrier.
    The Galaxy S4 looks the same as the S3 and I hate its menu button. I do like some apps that it offers but not enough to tempt me to buy it. Galaxy S3 & S4 looks cheap with its plastic casing yet it comes with a high price tag.
    Put it this way, IF Sony did not have the Xperia Z, I would buy the HTC one XPlus and iphone doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  • sreenamboothiri

    As sony said in the caption…Z is the best of sony in a smartphone.
    I have never owned a galaxy
    coz they only go behind technology
    no creativity in design both software and hardware.
    then the people who go behind octacores…as a Xperia Z owner the performance of quadcore is more than enouf for a phone..
    come into reality!!
    who needs this much cores?
    U are not gonna put Final Cut Pro or 3D Max!
    After using xperia z for several days I found.
    1) This is the first xperia with no lags and hangs. with smooth and fast ui.
    2) Viewing angle is perfect for people are able look straight into screen instead of looking it from 180 degree angle :/
    3) Speaker volume is not xperia s. still good for a waterproof phone :)
    4) Display is Excellent with bravia engine and videos
    5) front camera is really good
    6) HDR video is not much efficient in daylight.but in nights it does a great job with low noise and dynamic range.
    7) im sure xperia z will be the most handy 5″ smartphone out there.with the perfect placement of lockswitch :)
    Love with Sony <3

  • This is better than Sky Go & no subscription required

  • Cormac Byrne

    Well sky go is free, sling box app costs 11 euro, I don’t even know how much a sling box itself would cost. Thanks for the advice though. I’m just annoyed that I was able to use the app with my old htc sensation and can’t use it with my 600 euro ‘upgrade’

  • NikAek

    Absolutely no second thoughts ,despise the hardware on every device Samsung will never be Sony

  • There are some up front cost but the cost more than pay for itself. The source is full HD also and looks amazing on the XZ. Anything that you see on your home box will display on your XZ or XTZ weather is live or recorded. I have been a Slingbox owner for years and it is the best out there.

  • rickiking

    Definitely no regrets. When Xperia Z came out, everybody knows S4 will be coming out soon… despite that, sales volume of XZ, soared. I guess everybody would agree, that more and more people are becoming wiser – wants premium phone and ignores marketing gimmicks.

  • Make.Believe

    Xperia Z is not perfect for me and many people. We believe Sony can do better !!!

  • memo

    Regret? Not for a second! Z is the best smartphone I’ve seen in my life…

  • paul4id

    … or even better use proper tactile hardware buttons like on the 2011 Xperias.

  • paul4id

    Blame $ky.

  • DrazenDodig

    Samsung is not released today, it will be released in 40-60 days world wide. So as to latest Android updates, Sony should get one by then.

  • Cormac Byrne

    It’s not sky’s fault that play station mobile and unlimited video is not available in Ireland and the UK. Also other xperia phones are compatible with sky go so the blame lies with Sony for not having this sorted before releasing the Xperia z

  • osin17

    I never put so much money into a phone, but I really like it. Just because of the design and the sound quality (Tks Walkman).
    Xperia Z is more really to use than galaxy and more simple than htc sense…

  • Silverwagon

    Xperia Z all the way! Spec-wise, S IV maybe impressive; but I doubt anyone can notice the difference.
    The new features on S IV are not exactly useful, XZ’s water resistance is by far better selling point.

  • TechGuyChris

    I don’t really like the touchwiz interface. It makes the phone look like a child’s learning toy and plastic. I want a smartphone with software interface that has that futuristic digital look if you know what I mean.. And a premium design. That’s really why I dont buy Samsung phones. How can you be a tech person who carries around a plastic device with a UI that has an interface that looks like a learning toy? Any one understand what I mean?

  • Mark

    Nope, not at all. In my eyes, the only bonus the S4 has is the eight-core processor. But at the end of the day it’s a phone. Quad-core is perfectly fine right now, and I won’t ever be bothered by it.

    I really dislike the plastic finish too. I put up with it on my previous phone (Xperia Arc), and it’s one reason why I never bothered with the S3. The glass finish the Xperia Z has is very smart, and I’m glad they went down that road compared to previous models. The glass finish is in fact the only reason why I liked the iPhone 4/4S. It just looks smart.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I much prefer having something in my pocket made by Sony, than Samsung. The over all quality of the product will be much better.

  • MemeMaster

    I watched the Samsung Unpacked and… Im not impressed at all.
    The specification might be slightly better, but jesus, nonono.

    First of all, Touchwiz looks the same, damn I hate that look and also the design of the phone is similar to S3, which looks so bad.
    And all the functions they made? If you really are that lacy that you can’t touch the screen to scroll, then you really should be ashamed, I don’t wanna use air while watching photos for example.

    So after the show, I laughed for myself and came to the conclusion, this phone is shit.
    Thank you Sony for the XZ, I really love it.

  • Anukul

    little work on screen and no-one will touch sony

  • Kaostheory

    If you’re number one reason, besides calls, for a phone is games, then the iPhone still has the advantage as long as you don’t mind the small screen. In most every other way it’s inferior. As for sky go just start torrenting your shows, XMBC + PS3 media server works great for streaming them to your phone which you can watch the stream or save to watch later.

  • Because you are lame

  • i agree with you

  • Ken Axel

    if you learn to do ur stuffs u will see some apps can be used wherever u are, as soon as u register a country that do.

  • ryq24

    If the S4 is price the same or cheaper than the Z then yes I would really be pissed!

  • kate

    U my good sir deserve a kiss for making samsung look like a ass , love what u wrote its v true muuaaah

  • amsaKANNA C

    excellent comment in this page. I completely agree with you. I miss floating touch of Sola.

  • Hell no.
    Call quality: Good and noise isolation works well, unlike the review on Phonearena which they must have receive a faulty review unit of Z.
    Loudspeaker: On Z it is at the side of the phone which makes it really “loud”, while the SGS4 is muffled at the back of the phone.
    Display: Why TFT? Viewable in direct sunlight. The display of SGS4 uses PenTile amoled to increase outdoor viewability at the cost of losing sharpness over the Z despite sporting the same 1080p resolution. So, TFT screen is sharper than amoled.
    UI: Z is closer to stock android with a little sony touch, unless you are so in need for colors of touchwiz and fear of the lack of graphic-design-ruining comic sans.

  • Crispim

    Samsung Galaxy S4 is only a great smartphone, but, Sony Xperia Z is a best package Android to acess Sony content, service and technology.

    One Sony, One Smatphone Xperia Z!!!

    Xperia Z = Bravia + Cybershot/Alpha + Walkman + Playstation Mobile and Network + Music Unlimited + Video Unlimited + Playmemories service + Reader Store

  • Akram Ahmed

    sony z is best 4 me

  • paul4id

    The responsibility for $ky apps is entirely with $ky, so complain to them. You aren’t missing much with Music/Video Unlimited apps, and no doubt they will come soon. If this is all you have to complain about then you have pretty screwed-up priorities.

  • Ken Axel

    sell it or keep it too.. haha any sony smartphone is still good after years, at least as a backup phone…

  • Cormac Byrne

    Hey I was just answering the question, do I regret buying it? Yes I do. I gave feed back in order to justify my regret. Don’t concern yourself with my priorities

  • Yo

    I went to buy Xperia Z after watching Samsung S4 features video. Owned it on the second and I know I have made the right choice.

  • InspectorGadget80

    nope I’m still going too SKIP THE GS IV anyway I WANT THE XPERIA Z TOO LAUNCH ON EVERY CARRIER. Com on sony whats taking u so damn long for youre release dates

  • maniacs

    I wonder y would one pay so much to buy a cheap looking phon if 1 would need only specs can buy chin phones tat are damn cheap wit similar specs.coz prefering droid not much is gonna change tats were xperia z kicks in wit beautiful looks n resistant qualities. Stands out of bunch of cheap sh…..

  • gavin1995

    The HTC one?design is just a copy of BlackBerry10 and iphone 5, and therefore, Xperia Z definitely have the best design.

  • Meehh.. Been watching smart phones recently because I am planning to buy one. But then Samsung introduced it’s latest flagship, and I felt like, “Same shit that Apple did on iPhone5”, worse. no design improvement. They should’ve just made it half-inch taller so that they could file patents wars again. LOL

    Sony XZ is a big hit as well as HTC One. All of Sammy’s new features are gimmicks, no need to actually use them. I’d buy the Z when it arrives on April, it’s the best out there right now! :D

  • There is no ‘beautiful’ in Samsung’s dictionary, lmao

  • lmao

  • boosook

    What you say is true, but:
    – sony used floating touch in just one phone, then they abandoned it.
    – if it’s true that lg demonstrated eye scrolling before samsung, it’s true that samsung put this technology in its flagship an lg didn’t, so either lg could not bring the feature to a usable level or they chose to abandon it
    – the battery, which is the most important thing, is 11% bigger than its direct competitors like xperia z and htc one
    – the octa core… Well, we have to wait for the tests, because even the low power quad core underclocks its cores.
    So yes, the xperia z and the htc one are more innovative. The z being the first water resistant real flagship that takes wr phones out of a niche, the htc one has many interesting features like optical stabilizer, hdr audio recording, dual speakers. Yet the gs4 has floating touch, eye tracking, bigger battery, front camera used to keep the screen on… In the end, i think that samsung put the things that are most useful in everyday usage for 90% of the users, while the other two will be appreciated by a niche (users that need wr phones or value the camera and audio recording more than general features).

  • asia piranha

    it makes me more affirm that xperia z is the better choice, in terms of brand reputation, reliability and SONY always reads my mind, the little details that they parked in to the new mobile devices always touch my hear and make my life much easier. Samsung, my last bad experience was galaxy tab 7 plus, in short, a nightmare.

  • You’re absolutely right sir jasper. Xperia Z rocks! Looking forward to its upcoming update. ^_^

  • SXZ

    when SONY brings “Floating Touch” everyone said “WTF, i dont need this!! It´s not useful!!”

    and now, samsung copies it (like everything – it´s the only thiong they really can do) and it´s a revolution?! next galaxy will look like the new iPhone, uses more technoligies that other manufacors used or showed. samsung have no own ideas..!! the software-features – you will never need in everyday use and they are just copied by android apps..

    the only thing, that samsung not copied…the design!! and thats a big mistake!! the s4 looks so ugly with it´s plastic!!

    SONY makes the big innovations and samsung copy them after a year or so and sell it a their big innovation..!! thats so sad… God, please please give samsung own ideas…

    i hope that SONY will show it´s innovations and perfection again with the new update.

    SONY and all the others make the innovations, samsung can only copy!!!

    FU** YOU samsung and I LOVE YOU SONY!! I love you for your design, software, hardware and everthing you are!!

    SONY Xperia Z is the only one who really has earned #1 on the market!!

  • RedsSpider

    I`ve ordered my Sony Xperia Z after watching the Galaxy S4 launch event. The S4 has good hardware , but not that much faster than the Xperia Z ….and buying an Galaxy S4 just because it`s the fastest phone right now would be useless because in a couple of months we will have phones with S800 and Tegra 4 which will be way faster than the S4.
    The Xperia Z has plenty of power in my opinion and looks incredible and if you have one of the good screens it`s perfect :D . The S4 look very boring , I`ve would have been ok with the phone being plastic , if only they would have came up with a new design, In my opinion the S4 is just a slightly smaller Note 2.

  • PRo

    I am using Z….. No regrets at all Best Sony Smartphone ever, Jus waitin for Display Caliberation and it vl shut Samshits mouth :D

  • rickzmond

    The phone have not arrived in my region yet. But once i found out about xperia Z, i sold my samsung galaxy note 2 right away. Now waiting for XZ to be available in my country. and no i will never buy any samsung’s product anymore, it include galaxy S4 the build quality feels cheap and fragile.

    To tell everyone the truth, samsung’s eye control etc is overrated. About the whole gimmicks feature in samsung’s smartphone :

    1. eye sensor to scroll, i will never believe that it will actually work, the smart stay sensor and smart rotate sensor that suppose to keep the eye on if we stare on them and won’t rotate the screen if we are staring on the screen didn’t work for me. the feature needs enough lighting to be able to detect our eye properly.. if not, it will behave very random and instead of helping, it messed up my whole user experience.

    2. i have to admit that i love amoled, but the screen quality didn’t feel just right, it almost feels like i’m pressing on some soft plastic screen that could break easily.

    3. S-PEN is not a very durable innovation, it’s neat to be able to write on screen with a pen, but the tip could stuck after a while, the solution : throw the stylus hard on the surface, so that the tip spring back up (try google this, many galaxy note 2 users experienced it). And that’s a primitive solution, not mentioning samsung’s warranty didn’t cover the user-caused damage of s-pen.

    Sony Xperia Z in other hand

    Beautiful, Durable.. and water resistant.. anything i’d ever wanted from a smartphone

  • Adeel

    got hold of X.Z… well build…. excellent screen…. problem seems to me that TFTLCD can’t show blacks properly and OLED can’t do white properly…. but SCREEN is just excellent.. people saying colours are washed out, bullshit…. Colours are apsolutely fine. the prob is taht OLED shows over saturated colours i.e faker colours…… SONY XPERIA Z realy has a REALiTY DISPLAY…… THUMBS UP………

  • Gagan Singh

    One Of The Best Cmnts With Full Details And that to correct one … well don mate

  • Madsham

    All of us here love and are extremely happy if not ecstatic with out Xperia Z’s, however there are a plethora of non believers out there that unfortunately due to Sammys huge promotion budget will be forced to the dark side and never get to choose for themselves that the Xperia Z is a better phone they will be force fed from the likes of independent phone retailers that Sammys fone is the one to have, but (there’s always a but) we know it’s a better phone, better quality, better made and we will spread the word, turn the non believers, Xperia rox.

  • ZeroCools

    Yep Experia.

  • Sony Xperia Z is the best so far. But I think that the biggest mistake from Sony is to produce a thousand smarts every year. There are so many that I never know exactly difference btw them.

    If they do that they can put all the inovation in ONE phone… The Xperia Z could have had the Floating Touch from Sola, for example.

    And would be great if they stick with one name and start to put I, II, III just like Iphone and Galaxy cuz we would understand that is a top smart and intend to keep and improve the experience of the previous Xperia.

    And c’mon!! Sometime they will finish with all the letters from alphabetic. lol

  • i”m with u man

  • Nixx

    just got the xperia z, i more than happy and would not change decision. S4 looks like S3 !?!?!? they have any design team at all??

    well . the STYLE and good construction are very important for me , so no changings. ! and yes..the water resistance is a selling point.

  • sonypro

    the problem with whitemagic is the extra white pixel reduces pixel density, so getting a full hd screen with whitemagic is harder than without. They need to fit 33% more pixels in the same space to keep same resolution and have whitemagic. So it’s more appropriate for non-flagship phone with a 720×1280 resolution screen (perhaps the SP will have it). It will probably take a year or two for it to become cheap enough to produce a full HD white magic level for mass consumer products.

  • sonypro

    dbl cam is only on appstore…

  • cecep

    Totally regret, if sony release any flagship in near 3 months

  • Ronish

    i just bought mine yesterday and i have owned all sony phone since the Xperia X10 soo u noe where im heading HELLLL NO I DONT REGRET BUY THE XPERIA Z < IT IS ONE MOTHERFUCKING KICKASSSS AND BADASSS PHONE

  • My aim is to have a good performance and stylish phone. It doesn’t have to be the latest but for me, being unique is above that. The S4 fits into my category but it is not as stylish as the Z. So…I have no regrets. Well, maybe until a time when there’s something quadcore phones can’t perform, I will only start looking for a new one.

  • scarmic

    It’all about design. S4 sucks.

  • gregosor78

    Missing Barometer and IR port are the only things I’ll regret on my Xperia Z.
    Raw power can’t compete with design and waterproofing in my case.

  • Abdul Ghani

    asked them that sony logo will remove if i remove the pre installed protector

  • M4cb3th

    None, as the guys at a german news site said: the design of the galaxy s4 blends in with the masses of “no-name” phones on the market.

    but there’s absolutely NO chance of that happening to a Xperia Z ! ^^

    now add the support+community (root already out, systemcode released even befor i could actually BUY the phone…) and i couldn’t wish for a better phone.

    only the fact that some games are tegra only and others stopped to let me download them through google play (plants vs zombies… amazon app store helped there ;) are annoying, but thats not really something that sony can change.

    PS: used a Xperia Arc before, “Pvs.Z” installed with no problems on that… quit stupid situation actually.

  • nope, no regret here but just some hopes:

    1: 3000mAh+ battery becuz sony screen + android os eat to much juice

    2: make the screen same as the one on V becuz it`s much beautiful than Z, T

    3: Add camera button to all Xperia lineup

    4: give more attention to the speaker hardware more than the speaker software, and make it 2 speakers instead of 1 !

    5: kicks out the person who`s making the buttons and speaker positions on their smartphones especially the one who made em on Z :X

  • 6: make their flagship “Made in JAPAN” instead of “Made in china” !

  • sony_forever

    The Xperia SP has glove mode aka floating touch

  • padlock1

    Actually, I was eyeing the Z or the ZL for the longest time. Let’s be honest here. I have now played with them both. The ZL, barring waterproofing is way nicer than the Z to hold and behold. The HTC-1 is by far the nicest looking phone…..ever. I have played with that one too (so not going by photos). I personally think that HTC has “innovated” the most here….not so much on hard ware but, in user experience. I’m not saying I prefer but, it is scores the most on progressive design and UI…..updates, well who knows! The GS4, well….the marketing behemoth that is Samsung will “make this the most successful phone hitherto”…like it or not. The Z and ZL’s also clock lower than its peers but all barr none, think they have a premium product…hence the prices on all units are a bit steep to be honest. The HTC-1 with Sony’s waterproofing or maybe liquipel is probably the way to go. Sorry all you fan Sony fans….

  • Gian Paolo Ibañez

    SONY all the Way bro ! :)) . Wellsaid “Floating Touch ” its from Xperia Sola :) . Sony Xperia Z is Metal not Plastic :)

  • lasttodie1.1

    I’m all Xperia, Pre owned Xpera Mini,Xperia Arc and Now using Xperia S. I just ordered Xperia Z it will be in my hands in a couple of days. Samsung HEEEELL NOOO!!!

  • dinesh twix

    I use a s3 I love it. Some stops say that Samsung is not innovative but it is. They have given multi-Window option Which can run more than a app in a single screen.

    Samsung gave beret performance than the others

    Samsung also gave a best display with saturation and contrast adjustment

    Sony copies Samsung.

    Samsung released Galaxy s2 hd
    then Sony released xperia ion copying it

    Samsung is best mobiles with decent look and I don’t take my mobile for fashion show. I just use it my self I just need the performance. …

  • Ryan Aldana

    Yeah. It’s like buying a car for its in-built air-conditioner.

  • I don’t care if the GS4 had a dozen cores, it is still an ugly phone! Looks like a design from the ’80s!

  • acab

    i just used Sony Xperia Z for 1 day(buy yesterday nite). love it so regret at all especially when compared to samsung..

  • I choose Xperia Z for sure… and need a litle help, just 5 second and I will thanks you so much

    I want Xperia Z so much but not get enough money. But I can get this beautiful and
    unique smartphone with your support.

    A local retailer in Vietnam, Nguyen Kim supermarket made a event that you need
    choose one of five features in Xperia Z: “Design, Power(CPU and battery),
    Full HD screen, Camera, and Connection”, and write about your reason to
    choose that feature!

    I need 300 like of people on facebook to request to gain 3 point, another 7
    point can get from jury of event when they choose my reason post. I just join
    the event and need your help, Sony and Xperia’s fan, and I can have this
    beautiful phone.

    You just need log in your facebook, go to below link, scroll to end of my post
    (blue color and at the end of post have logo and slogan of Sony), and push
    “like”(“thích” if in Vietnamese), and I have one vote.

  • I am Goin’ to get this Sexy “The xperia Z” next week…!! And Hasnain Maec Abbas you just Rocked mah Boy.>!!!! Thumbs Up (y)

  • Agreed

  • Well said, !

  • Xperia Z water ressitant…… (^o^)/

  • Xperia Z water ressintant….. (^o^)/

  • Xperia z water resistant…… n_n

  • Xperia Z Vs HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Very Good But HTC One Win

  • Xperia z water resisstant…… n_n

  • Xperia Z water resistant….. n_n

  • bet1001

    None – I waited to see what Samsung were going to offer. Looked at the gimmicks on offer and the horrible plastic build and went and got the Z

  • this must be an april’s fools day joke. S4 is plastic nuff said. And that aweful Amoled Screen with unreal colors and touchwiz. Looks exact like the S3 just with a 5″ screen…They might as well have named it S3 v2………Love my Sony Xperia Z

  • Franky03


  • disappointed by z

    i really would buy an s4 now. why? 2 points: camerapics are horrible on z, display is way too dark on z…. coming from s2, where both ARE very much better – i can take way sharper photos with the s2’s 8mp than with the z’s 13mp…

  • I have a Xperia ZL and I didn’t know how to set the option “use wireless network” for “My Location”.

    I only find how to configure the option “Use GPS Sattelites” for “my location”.

    Anyone knows how to do this?


  • eww

    I am very disappointed with the xperia Z because I was hoping the camera would be an upgrade to my current Xperia Acro S and it is NOT! My Sony Xperia Acro S takes AMAZING pictures, its way better than what I’ve seen from Samsung Galaxy S4, so when Xperia Z came out I sold my Acro S to a family member in the hope of buying an Xperia Z.

    But after seeng all the poor , horrible pictures taken with the Xperia Z I now refuse to buy it. I am so upset and disappointed with Sony. I can’t believe the 12mp Acro S camera outperforms the 13mp Xperia Z. But after long research I now understand what the problem is, ITS THAT DAM SMALL LENS THEY PUT ON THE XPERIA Z, it lets in less light and result sin poorer images. Whoever decided to reduce the camera lens size should get their ass beaten.

    I really hope they improve on that in the next phone they release

  • Wow are u all working for sony? Im getting Galaxy s4

  • sigh maybe i will get bashed here. and might become marked samsung fanboy.
    but me myself.. like the s4 better.. i have xperia z.
    well if xperia z vs s4 it kinda like a battle of two smartphones
    one with strong body and the other have skills. the xperia z have strong body
    the s4 have skills. yeah some might says gimmick but others find it fun or cool.
    air gesture will make you less touching the screen and it might be a good investment so your screen can last longer.
    there might be a game that can be used only with that sensors. and its exclusive right? while we xperia z user can only bluffing about waterproof and dust resistant. playing game by spraying water on it? –‘ dont think so.
    on the other hand the design same maybe its just because they wanted their phone style and looked like that. like our hairstyle. we like our own hairstyle or fashion and doesnt want to hear others somehow. it may look cheaper and maybe it will attract less thieves to steal it?
    and i feel the xperia z is too big to handle with one hand. its really hard to swipe using one hand so maybe its the reason they reducing screen size in ZR.
    its different in s4 its quite easier to swipe with one hand.
    and about octa core. maybe this year to 2015 there will be many octa-core phone. see this as investment. so when they have octa core you already octa core and no need to buy a new one. and software will optimized hardware.
    samsung features maybe in the future can be optimized.
    so how xperia z IP57 can be optimized? software update i dont think so. i think its already what it is. to upgrade it you need buy a new handset.
    well its all up to you guys.
    if you guys like a super spec hardware with strong durabilty, looks, and it just doing the same like other phone do. by touching screen. on/off power button to check time.
    or you like a nice hardware with yeah ugly/ so-so looks, normal durability but can do what every other phones cannot do. sensors, and anything.
    i prefer wash my hands with those sensors faucets than normal faucets. it feels different right?
    so i have xperia z and might exhchange it to samsung galaxy s4.. –‘

    and waterproof reason to beat other phone it seems like our last hope.
    how many of we use it? even we still scared of our xperia z touch/dip in water. and we cannot abuse it and show it how cool it is to others easily.

    thank you sorry if it seems like i say xperia z is useless bully.
    well i see it that way. our xperia z seems like bully have good brain but not use it and only use physical power. and samsung like a nerd have great brain and use some cool of his brain to make a cool stuff but have ugly faces.

  • Dinesh Twix S

    There is a new monster the S4 Active – the water proof one ….

  • Dinesh Twix S

    S4 is 4 cores… and it will win while competing with z….
    S4 wins Z

  • Jordi

    I like my Xperia Z. no regrets Even if they had the same tech specs I would have chosen the Xperia Z. I just don’t like the TouchWiz interface.

  • Donavan Aarons

    Not even if Samsung paid me to have it

  • Jane Martin

    Your mobile specification is about Xperia Z, Galaxy S4 and HTC One are perfect. If anyone need to know more about iPhone kindly visit I think it’s can be helpful to all of you.

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