Some Xperia Z handsets dropping dead; Sony says a fix is coming

by XB on 20th March 2013

in Problems, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z RIPWe have come across numerous reports on forums that people’s Xperia Z handsets are suddenly dying. From what we can gather, the phone is working fine and then suddenly dies, with users unable to switch it on. A hard restart (power button + volume up) has worked for some people but not for others.

There doesn’t appear to be a particular pattern of why this is happening. Some say it is related to low battery status, but it has even happened to users who have plenty of charge left. Sony Mobile says it is aware of the problem and that a “fix for this will be implemented in next software update”. Have you had this problem with your Xperia Z? Let us know in the comments below.

Xperia Z Dead

Via AV Forums, Sony Mobile Talk Forum (1, 2, 3) and xda-developers.

  • James

    i hope they also fix wifi because damn my wifi signal sucks big time on my Z… when my old iphone 4 gets 4 or 5 stripes connection my xperia z gets nothing or 1 -.-

  • No issues here

  • NikAek

    No problem of these , usually mods cause these ,root yes but no mods ,no problems

  • radheck

    Update to JB my Xperia S!!!

  • rickiking

    No problem of this kind here. I had this problem before on my sony tablet, but was fixed after an update … This is can be fixed.

  • i check almost of death report and most of them have this problem after unlocking bootloader or rooting… However they solved problem with hard reseting the phone. vol.up + pwr

  • XcDcS

    No problem yet.
    However, the next major upgrade should include looooots of fixes… I hope.

  • Dimos

    OH MY GOD STOP IT……. I also dont like their update scedule i also feel anger but i am not being so spastic…in every post of this blog i see “where is my xperia s update”
    if you want to protest you should call sony themself to complain no post in every thread of xperia blog!!!

  • Rammstone

    Day 6 with my Xperia Z and I’m blown away by it. Sweet phone

  • Alex

    Hopefully this isn’t a major problem with the phone, Sony need to iron out major glitches like these if they want to become a big player alongside Samsung and Apple (they also need a better update schedule!)

  • turner

    haha. ugly display. underperforming camera. now, dropping dead.

    sony’s doomed.

  • No problem yet. Got since 20th Feb

  • Mine died after 6 ou 7 hours and never gave sins of life again… i returned the phone and give up geting new one… i m going to wait 5-6 moths to buy another one… when ther is every bug fixed! For now waiting for my JB update for Xperia S :)

  • NikAek

    haha ,glad you cannot have it ashole

  • Heizungswurmknochen

    And now upload the new firmware to your dead device. Ooops…
    No matter, just remove the battery and plug it back in. Ooops, it’s not removable…

    Congratulations, Sony.

  • My Only Issue is wifi Hotspot ,,Every time it says error while thetaring :(

  • Someone

    Happened to me on my Xperia P, pressed on shutdown instead of turning data off in device options dialog, and the phone never turned back on :-/ I hope the Xperia Z issue is limited to a small set of devices, I’m planning on getting it as a replacement …

  • Someone

    I don’t think a removable battery is a big deal, I faced the same thing on my Xperia P, I disconnected the battery from the main board (since the battery is non removable) and yet nothing happened, if it’s a damage in the NAND chip, even tearing down the phone to peaces wont solve it :)

  • Thats what i think after 30 minutes with the new out of box 600€ beautil brick on hands…

  • Hannad Ahmed

    OMG I feel for you bro ! I think i would rage soooooo harrrrddd.

  • SonyFan

    yes it happened to me and they replaced my phone…reason: battery was low(0%) and couldn’T charge and turn it on

  • ZeroCools

    Xperia Blog and the readers don’t want your daft comments, if you want JB flasha custom rom it isn’t that hard unless you may be illiterate.

  • turner

    somehow i am happy seeing many sony fans here but i’m just disappointed the number of fans defending sony in various forums online don’t translate into sales.

    sony should be a close second to samsung now if we look at how many sony fans are actively defending the xperia line on the web.

  • Xperiatic

    Overheats. Sniff near the ear piece or camera and it smelt like burning plastic. Battery backup is pathetic even on Stamina mode. My Xperia Active was far better.

  • You have no idea… i recive my phonne by mail at work after more than a month waintg, put in charge for 30 minutes and turn on… but no time to enjoy it because i was working… late at night at home… after configuration of wi fi and import contacts from the cloud… turn off to do a simple reboot… never wake up again… nothing! i was mad… so mad…

  • Ryan Aldana


  • ??????

    Yes, it happened with my phone yesterday.

  • NikAek

    Pedro take your glasses out wake up and look again ..

  • wedjat

    hi, what is the battery life? can you share your experiance

  • wedjat

    how long does the battery last?

  • Gaz24

    Had this phone since release day and had this several times now, plenty of charge and just died. reset using the up volume and power button and turned back on. very frustrating so hope its fixed with update.

    Also wifi signal sucks even next to my router, forever losing signal, but apart from this, great phone.

  • Oh god.

  • camera need update!!!!

  • v8b

    Not happen to me till now , but i hope sony release an update and fix for this issue . And for the buttery for the first day it doesn’t last more than one day with 3g on but after 4 day the buttery life get better and it’s take 3 days with 3g and normal use to dead .

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  • Julio Spinoza

    Well,maybe this will help you guys, in this video you can see how simple is to remove the plastic back cover!

  • James Earley

    No problem so far on my Xperia Z but the WiFi bug is driving me mad

  • Decompiled

    I had this a week and a half ago. I assumed it was because of the app I was playing with. A hard reset (power button + Volume up for five seconds) fixed it.

  • Reese

    For the same reason people shop at Walmart instead of Main Street – price trumps all. Those plasticky Galaxy phones are inexpensive compared to the Xperia Z. Until the Xperia line is more price competitive I don’t think anything will change. Some great marketing would help too! I’m constantly assaulted with Samsung and iPhone ads. Have never once seen an Xperia ad on my TV.

  • Wolf0491

    I don’t have the wifi issue or the issue from this post. An amazing device. I have c6603 and it’s perfect.

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  • xhsjdfufh

    I’ve had this problem with my Xperia P to the extent that it’s been back to a Sony Repair Centre who simply reset the device and sent it back, still ‘broken’. No acknowledgement that there is a problem with the device, which ‘dies’ at least once a week for no apparent reason.

  • cp2020

    Same here 9 days with this device and not a single issue. Battery at max capacity now after few charge cycles [ and it is pretty good indeed ], rooted 2 days after i got it and it is flying.

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  • seb

    the number of bars you see is not necessarily related to the real percentage of wifi signal the device recieves. Maybe Sony is just more true

  • Rammstone

    Today it has been on battery for 15 hours and 45 minutes with 56% left now, which is more than good enough for me. This involves a fair amount of use during the day. The power saver modes are great too. My wifi turns off automaticly when I leave home which is nice.

  • James

    Maybe, but explain to me why i also lose Wifi? so no bars at all.. it just connects to 3g while i never had that problem with other devices and i’m not the only one with this problem when i read other forums

  • Nabil
  • Carlo Lim

    LOL! Maybe you’re just too poor to have it mate. :D POOR YOU.
    UGLY DISPLAY HUH? I suppose, You didnt even touch one yet. :D

  • gavin1995

    Apple have hell lots of problem as well as Same-sung

  • gavin1995

    Ugly display? you gotta be kidding me;
    under performing camera? None of the normal user will care about those crops, as it works perfectly for us.

  • total tuning

    First phone was DOA out of the box, quickly replaced but have had maybe 5 or 6 times phone switching off without warning, always restarted with the 2 button press but takes a few mins sometimes

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    no problem :)

  • memo

    I have mine since 28/02, never had Amy problems with it except the weak WiFi receiver, WiFi sucks big time, my TX WiFi is like million times better….
    If sony fixes the WiFi, then the z will be the ultimate smartphone…,

  • mountain

    I tried to drain my battery a after I bought my phone. Once I drained it, I recharge the phone using the wall charger, but it cannot be turned on. Even when I unplugged the charger, the charging red light is still on. Just as I was about to return my phone, I plugged into my computer, and it magically returned back to life!

  • ramdom

    My WiFi signal is really weak on z. My nexus 7 can pick up WiFi signal in bedroom no problem but z says out of range or just disconnects. Really hope Sony issue fix soon, but otherwise the phone is great! Battery life great, listen to music all day at work and battery still has loads of charge.

  • turner

    oh come on mr. ugly is ugly in comparison to other flagships. i’m not saying this because i dislike sony. in fact i’m an avid fan. i just want sony to realize its mistakes. why on earth are they still using the displays they have been using that did not attract many buyers? please help me understand. is to please people like you or to be consistent with their stand that viewing angles are unimportant?

    i don’t give a damn about viewing angles. what i want is for sony to be successful, to gain market share. i want sony to attract buyers who have been accustomed to superior displays like the ones used on htc. they were able to come up with the xperia ion which had a really impressive display. why can’t they do the same for the rest of their devices? if it’s true that they are using different display panels for different regions, why are they doing that when it can alienate some users or even fans?

    if we like sony, we have to help them improve. we can’t just sing praises when they don’t deserve it. what’s wrong with addressing the criticisms made by fanboys of other companies?

    i always thought sony is a great company that’s why i’m getting disappointed.

    ” I suppose, You didnt even touch one yet”

    this is the typical argument of people who want to justify their owning of the device. yes, i have not owned one because i’ve found other devices that are better and cheaper when i did my comparisons. i’m a sony fan but i can’t just give my money away to support a device that does not deserve my support. xperia ion has a better display and reasonable battery size. there is no reason to upgrade.

  • turner

    don’t be in denial. even xperiablog posted how the unprocessed photos on the xz look better than the ones that have undergone sony’s noise reduction processing.

    are you sure you want your favorite company to continue acting like this? i want my fave company to be the best. i can’t act like nothing’s wrong when something obviously is.

  • Guest

    back in the day when I still used X10, I read a lot of tutorial and drew a conclusion for myself, never root, unlock my phone in any circumstance, it can go brick without precaution. So I guess people have to take the risk doing that.

  • Silverwagon

    Have no issue with my XZ yet, screen looks good, WIFI is as good as XS, nothing to report really.

  • Kaostheory

    Similar problem with T, reset has worked so far.

  • GMFf

    Same here, just a red signal light, can’t startup at the moment

  • may be ur wifi is not supported by Z as my friend had this issue but when he changed his wifi, problem just solved

  • Sean

    I seen loads of Xperia TV ads and billboards,newpapers etc. And as for price the Samsung top phones are just as expensively priced

  • fikry

    Come on xperia z design its true that youre having Auto Power OFF issue, Wifi capability issue, & overheat issue..please solve them okay during F60..I’ll buy Z during by F100 =)

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  • Same for me happen on 4th day, My phone suddenly dead, i had sent it for replacement. hope new will work proper…

  • KnightFox

    I noticed that you might be right. I personally think that SONY fones sometimes are quite picky with WIFI router. I love it anyway.

  • James

    Ok, could you explain to me how? Or give me a link

  • Akhil Nair

    I cannot get.minimum. 8hrs battery life in minimam using,battery draining well ad it compared to other smart phone,really disappointing me my new xperia z. May I know xperia z’s battery problems will b solved throughupdates

  • amit

    over heating issue and weak wi fi receiver wifi dont work properly.Battery backup is pathetic even on Stamina mode

  • amit

    even talking and handsfree sound is also very low

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  • Mathan kumar

    Even I have had the same problem. My phone dead on the day I had received it and Its very disappointing news because my expectations were huge. When I reported this issue to Sony they replied saying the server is down which had added to my grievance.

  • eff

    Though I’m a Sony/Xperia fanboy I’m glad sites like PA are bashing Sony
    for this issue.I mean come on Xperia V/Tx and now even Z?

    And the developers at Sony take ages to implement a solution.
    Just patch it and make a small update within at least a month.
    If Sony wants to beat Samsung they should learn from their mistakes
    or get bashed like this till they become aware that issues like this
    turn the customers away from Sony to other manufacturers.
    Sony I sincerely hope issues like this would be minimized in the future.

  • How to update phone when it doesn’t on…

  • ProWeirdo

    Does the Z has fast charging like S?

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  • sonz


  • becks

    I have a orginale Xperia Z with unlocking/root, and still have the issue.
    Had it the first time after watching a NBA game with NBA Game Time and happend serveral times, but yesterday I removed this app had 54% battery when I went sleeping. In the morning it was dead, after hard reset 21% left.
    Anyway there is nothing “solved” with hard reset, it’s just a workaround till the next death.

  • becks


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  • Jennifer

    This happened to me with my brand new Xperia S, the phone worked great for two days, then I turned off and never came back to life :( I really hope that Sony’s customer service can fix my problem :(

  • I have this problem. died 3 times so far.

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  • Mr_Joseph

    heavy use max 7-8 hours.

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  • gargamel

    buddy, i used to be a SE fan, not anymore, sorry… What version of Android is your phone running and what are the chances that you will see Android 5.0?? Close to zero, I guess.

    However, Samsung has been doing ok lately when it comes to updates. the S2 is running 4.1 and will upgraded to 4.2. It’s a February 2011 phone! Shall we check Sony February 2011 phones???

    BTW, for me only a Nexus phone.

  • pat

    after two days of use my xz it was frozen with black display and blinking LED. only power button + volume up was working… now it works fine (19 days).

  • pissed off

    had the phone less than 2 weeks and its deid. great, what a waste of £500
    how can you update it if you cant turn it on?

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  • PVV

    After been using Sony phones for some time I have got a strong opinion – Sony makes great phones but its software department is just terrible. It always seemed to me like they hired a bunch of students kicked out from some community tech college to do the work.

  • Alex

    Yeah I know, Apple have reached a plateau with their sales and interest of the iPhone, nobody cares anymore

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  • Jordi Ras

    the first time charged at 100% battery says on STAMINA MODE 16days left…
    1month ago 100%battery charged stamina mode says 6days.
    Sometimes I wanna shutdown my phone and not appear the shutdown menu… need to reboot with shutdown button + vol+button

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  • check ur phone with other wifi system

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  • Job

    I am Samsung Fan Thought I will buy sony product just for a change. I bought Xperia Z a week ago and i browse for 5minutes it heats up a lot any solutions please.. I Am Regretting buying Xperia

  • Job

    I cannot play any games on it because it heats up.

  • mine died after having low battery (couldn’t find my charger) with 2 different XZ and hard reset doesn’t work , i cant update if the phone doesn’t come on. ilove sony but this is bad.
    btw the first phone died after 3 days the secondafter 4weeks

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  • Does’t suprise me at all, especialy considering past issues sony has had

  • i hope my xperia Z never get this issue. very good battery (charging only at 1 am until 5 pm) , watch 720p movie (around 2 GB per movie) & playing real racing while go to my office, listen to the music, tweet, upload photos to path, facebook, whatsapp etc.
    wifi signal is good, display is awesome..

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  • Karls

    I bought xperia z on the launch day 12.03.2013. It was awesome till yesterday. But today morning 21.03.2013 it went off dead. I tried to hard reset but even that didnt solve it. I had to take it to the sony service center and update the software, they took almost whole of the day for them to solve the issue. Then the phone is getting hot while playing games and browsing. Sony has to solve both these issue. It is not expected for such a high end phone.

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  • Wouter Heijligen

    Sony just released 10.1.A.1.434, you can find the ftf here, I just uploaded part 1, part 2 is still uploading :)

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  • Lucky you… my died after 5 hours… didn’t have chance even to enjoy something… only recieve 2 phonne calls… by the way… sound on phone calls its excellent compare to my Xperia S its much better! (in fact its the only thing i can compare to Xperia S, and bild quality… way better

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  • Iram Ali

    Mine is working absolutely fine too!

  • laurent133

    i also had this problem while i was takeing a video and useing whatsapp and music at the same time
    the quad core should handle this i tought but the screen went black and nothing reacted
    then i put it on the charger and it started up again thankfully
    weird problem for such a high end japanese device i expected more..

  • Iram Ali

    Some phones aren’t worth updating cause they’re using 512Mb or less. You happen to mention the S2 but fail to mention the other 50 or so handsets that Samsung won’t update!
    The Experia Z/ZL will be upgraded to android 5 that’s guaranteed!

  • travellingdruid

    My handset died tonight about five miniutes ago…. hard restart appears to have worked…. hope the software update comes soon!! Apart from this issue a great handset!!

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  • Does Anyone know when Xperia Z going to be available in US? How did you guys even buy it. I dont seem to to find it anywhere.

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  • Sony xperia tablet s having issues tablet s1 having issues, now xperia z having issues, next xperia tablet z having issues.
    When is sony gonna learn and fix their broken hardware, instead off pumping out a new product to fix the old one………….
    I’m considering a sony mobile and tablet boycot.

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  • Abhishek Khandelwal

    Oh ! me in dilemma now. jus planng to buy today and read the blog . phew :-(

  • Jee

    I’ve had the issue and my phone isn’t rooted. I also fixed with a hard reset. 1st time I’ve had any problem with any phone I’ve had since my last Sony which was that long ago it was a k800i. Not amused at all. If it happens again I’ll be cancelling my contract and going with another phone even though there’s a lack of options. IPhone is shit for the money. S4 is ugly as fuck. Never liked HTC’s. New BlackBerry is a joke and Windows 8 phones such up Nokia are an even bigger joke.

  • ToharLalua

    Thank god I was saved by this. I had initially preordered xperia Z on indiatimes on 9th march but due to their pathetic service where they couldn’t even ship the phone till 21st march I cancelled the order, I think I’ll wait for the next flagship from sony now.

  • fabrik

    Thank you for the tip, hard restart helped me to restart!

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  • bnmalmo

    I have the same issue with my Xperia V. I need to take out the battery – to get it going again…! :-S
    Really hope for a S/W update soon !

  • 3 weeks with xperia and this morning it died, refused to take a charge and refused to turn on. ‘hard start’ has turned it on but am not overly happy it has happened!!!

  • Manish G

    Guys I am confused whether to buy the xperia z after reading about the sudden death issues with some handsets. Is the problem specific with some units of a particular batch or is there a trend that can be evaluated to avoid being landed with a defective piece. Is rooting the cause or downloading a particular app. Can anybody throw some light on the issue

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  • Left my phone by bedside last night with almost full charge, i have all battery saving features turned on and mobile data is turned off, my phone is three weeks old and has not been tampered with, no dodgy apps or anything, it was dead when i woke up this morning, luckily it came back on by hardbooting it but i am now a bit scared to use it until this new software fix comes out, would be good if we had an idea when it will be comin, im a lifelong sony fan but you would think something more urgent should be done by sony when so many of their new flagship phones are dying for no apparent reason

  • Tommi

    A week old Z (unrooted/unlocked) and it suddenly became dead by just being in my pocket. Hardboot helped but still…not nice…

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  • Rhys

    mine stopped working this morning, hard reset worked but WTF this is supposed t be a £500 phone thats not even a week old !

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  • well i guarantee u will love this phone its realy amazing. so much i didnt take off the safety plastic. most ppl kept asking me what it was

  • prash287

    Absolutely perfect phone..I have been using this for past 2 weeks..

  • rhysct

    Brilliant phone but mine died last night while using the camera. A hard restart sorted it but still.

  • I bought a Xperia V, and on the first day (yesterday) the phone became very hot at one moment (standby in my pocket), and in the evening it suddenly restarted twice (the phone lay on the table). Now, on the second day the phone died twice.. I don’t game and I am not an intensive user.. I don’t know what causes it to die or to restart..? It was not a low battery, that’s for sure. If these problems occur again, I will contact the seller.. Nevertheless, I think the phone is great!

    Best regards :)

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  • Dizzy Kanga

    2nd day of owning it and put it on charge over night. Woke up and didn’t turn on. Though luckily, I just found out about the Hard Restart, or I’d be screwed.

  • if u don’thave the XZ i feel sorry for u . no bug or whatever hickup can match the phone experience. trust me best phoone fromsony ever

  • chris

    yup i just had it and only had the phone for half a week , suddnely come back to my phone and nothink was happening

  • chris

    and was fully charged

  • Lenart

    So what phone to choose? Nexus 4, priced at 1€ and 32€ monthly fee, or Z, priced at 90€ and 32€ monthly fee. I think in this case the Sony is a much better choice, assuming that the price different with no contracts is about 400€ and here it’s 89€. The Wi-fi problem, I don’t care about that. I’m gonna have 7gb on LTE every month in contract so that actually is not that kind of a problem to me. Also the useless Sony apps (not all of them), can they be permanently deleted from the phone? In this case, Nexus suits me so much more, it’s pure android and nothing else added.

  • No sudden death on my Sony Xperia Z over here

  • v

    It seems the brand new Xperia Z is suffering from similar problems as the Xperia V, which was only released in December 2012. Is it possible then that either Sony is incapable of producing technically advanced phones that have been checked and work properly, free of bugs and battery problems? It certainly seems so.

    Check out the problems with the Xperia V on the following link, particularly the ‘Random freeze in Standby’ issues (often referred to as ‘SOD’ or ‘Sleep of Death’), for which there is still no solution (finally now confirmed after over a month and a long-term campaign to force SOny to reply to its customers).

    If you get no joy from Sony Mobile here then try ‘direct messaging’ then on the Sony Mobile Facebook page for your own country, and get a refernce number and the name of the person you speak to. Keep a record of all communication with the company.

    If that doesn’t work and Sony will not refund your money for another sub-standard product then I suggest you send a copy of everything to various Tech and mobile phone magazines and ask themn to take up the case for you. Sony will not do this as they wish to keep problems quiet (on here) and away from the attention of the public and media, so you may have to force their hand! Try things like GSM Arena, CNet, TechCrunch, What Mobile, Mobile Gazette, Mobile Choice, and any others you can find (do a search for ‘mobile phones’ on Twitter for instance).

    Frankly I would insist on your money back if your phone does not work without problems. The Xperia Z is after all a new phone and Sony’s flagship. Good luck… I think you are going to need it!

    : V

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  • Ali

    My phone has died on my today, I did manage to get it back up and running again with the hard restart, but it had 64% battery when it shut down.

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  • Can the Sony experia z play videos while doing sumthing else??!??

  • Chhedup Lepcha,

    First,i was very excited to own (buy) this. Experia Z phone after seeing it’s specifications and reviews + positive comments but,now i’m very disappointed to
    know that it is dying never to reeboot again what should i do, weather to buy or not, if it is the big problem what’s the use of buying it,waste of hard earned money and i really very badly wanted that phone notwith-
    standing other make android pones like Samsung, Nokia etc, to name it few, Are you Sony branded people going to fix that lousy bugs A S A P on next soft-
    ware upgrade, when? do it soon
    and fix the date at an earliest. Reply A S A P. Chhedup Lepcha,
    Kalimpong, West Bengal.Phone no. 9800014379.

  • It’s hard to be a SE fan, since Sony bought out Ericsson.

  • Mike

    Had my Xperia z for 3 days n the battery looks fine on standby but if I play any game or start browsing the battery comes down too fast like around 40% down in 3 hours…… Any of the Xperia z users facing the same prob?….. Should I get it replaced?

  • pbentley21

    i just had the same problem and the hard start and + volume brought it back to life

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  • I’ve had two xperia z handsets over the past two weeks and both suddenly died without warning. The first stopped completely and could not be charged or restarted. The 2nd Xperia was able to rebooted after a hard reset (power button and upper volume button). Interesting to note that both problems occurred after I installed a SanDisk Ultra 64gb Micro SD XC (which appeared to work without issue). I have since replaced with a 32gb SD card and no further problems have arisen……so far.

  • Bry

    Anybody used the fix yet to stop the ‘sudden death’ syndrome. It was a mission to download the software onto the computer to then update the software on the phone. Once it was all complete the phone just now randomly freezes. Any ideas? I think that something so basic (i.e. a functioning phone) is more important than all the extras. My first Sony, and I like it a lot. Just wish I could use it now!

  • My screen goes blank when i am on a call and is difficult to bring back on when call has ended

  • @ns@f

    Does this problem occurs in india?

  • Ansaf

    just a luck

  • jshare

    Hi, yes happen 3 times already (in 3 weeks old phone), the freeze happen overnight while the phone on charge. this is my second phone that i heat just cuz these issues (Nokia Lumia 920). seems there is no better phone than iphone .



    I am K Sudeer Babu here, I am using Xperia Z from 20 days… For me Sudden death happend more than 5 times.

    When we will get update…?

    Pls update me when it got released.

    My Email-id :-

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  • tasha

    just had this issue, contacting o2 as it will not turn on :( dead phone only had the phone about 3 weeks!

  • Jamesgreen26

    Hi. Love my Xperia but have 2 problems.
    1. Loud speaker is very quiet,And get even quieter after getting the whole phone wet. I saw online about ways to suck water from the speaker through the little slit. It helped a bit but still very quiet. My desire HD before this had speaker on the back so if put down sound would reflect / amplify from the surface. Thiscant happen wirlth the Z but feel it should still be louder. randomly stops while playing. I normally use PowerAmp and even used the walkman app and same happens. Headphone controls are off and and tried with stamina on and off.

    Can anyone shead some light please.

    and auto correct needs work.:’)

  • Roddler

    Had my phone for 4 days, had about 43% charge when I went to bed and woke up to find my phone dead and not responding to charging.
    Thankfully, the hard reset worked for me. I nearly fell out of love with my sexy new toy.

  • Violamaniac93

    Enjoying the conversion from iPhone to Sony Xperia on Android; however my Xperia died suddenly this afternoon with 72% battery. A hard restart worked but I am very disappointed that my new phone is so susceptible to failure.

  • jk


  • Suemoo

    literally just happened to mine! £500 paperweight

  • Raymond

    Had mine since 28th of February and it just happened today, luckily a hard reset worked,its quite scary.

  • ben.k

    Am going to say this for my wife she has the Z and am on my galaxy note 2 same as the galaxy s3 and my phone I have had for 2 months nothen wrong but my wife has had 3 going on 4 Z in 2 weeks I think that sony has made a brick my wife cant use any apps or it will crash and she cant use the standards live wallpaper that uses your gallery as standard with the phone as soon it crashes that wallpaper stops working and its just a blank screen. My galaxy is running jelly bean and so is the Z so why do I not have problems and my wife dose ??? Word to sony DO NOT RUSH WORK. IT CAN BITE YOU IN THE BUM.

  • Hi I have just had the same problem although the hard restart suggested above has
    worked but but given the phone is less than two weeks old it has raised some concerns regarding his reliability for the future

  • Zahid

    Day 2. phone died. rebooted by holding volume up and power buttons. came back on.
    Day 6. phone was charging. when unplugged it was dead. pressed buttons, no response. plugged charger back in . rebooted again. it came back to life……worrying

  • stuart

    3Rd time it’s turned off In 3 weeks of having it. Not Good when each time it happens over night and u rely on the built in alarm. Hurry up with a fix sony

  • jignesh panchmatia

    After the update I dont find throw option on my xperia Z anyone facing this problem

  • jumbodilligaf

    had my xperia z for 27 days and its dead !!!!!! seriously not happy with it what so ever not getting another 1 !!!!!

  • mcknife

    mine just dies 67% battery left, restarted after i found out about the power button + volume up hardstart

  • This just happened to me. Good thing this page was easy to find. I was freaking out already. Any idea when the update will occur?

  • Tex

    Mobile fine one minute then dead the next.cannot turn or get a charge into it

  • dhaval

    my xperia z giving a problem sometimes toch but doesnt responce after restart works fine but then it happen again…

  • Mine just did this and I came to find this article so I want to document my experience. I did not bootload nor root my phone, it’s using the original OS that came with the phone itself.

    I’ve been having issues where after using the headset, the phone will no longer route the sound to the loud speaker (means when the phone rings, it rings through the speaker that you’re supposed to put up to your ear) unless I do a reset. Btw… has anybody run into this issue?

    This time I turned the phone off after a Viber conversation to reset the phone, and it will no longer start. Just like that. The battery was at about 27% at the time I turn it off.

    The only thing I notice was that there was a software update that just came yesterday which I let it update… not sure if that could have caused the issue.

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  • Aqib Khaliq

    It has happened to me twice today and to be all honest I am fucking fuming. I am very dissappinted in Sony manufacturing and I wish you all death.

  • i bought Xperia Z last night, got system update to 101.A1.434 and after updating i can’t download any app from Playstore, my browsing has slowed up, what should i do ???

  • acab

    mine is working fine too..almost a month use it..

  • Marcus “Qilex” Påhlsson

    Oh my god! Thanks i had panic this morning about my phone not starting, Thanks for helping me, powerbutton + volume up fixed it.

  • Marcus “Qilex” Påhlsson


  • Marcus “Qilex” Påhlsson

    Kidding me? I seem to have the Sony Z comercial in front of my face 24/7 ;)

  • hanaf25

    Can someone tell me why my Xperia z sound while playing a music and ringtones was so so slow?

  • Can any tell me the battery life? N y the phone get so hot while watching a short video,or while playing games?

  • Karen Sharkey

    Im absolutely disgusted with the comment “they dont know when the next update is coming” !!! U pay hundreds of ur hard earned money 4 what is supposed to b the most advanced phone on the market that now appears 2 have a serious fault and ur fobbed off with a non committal comment by sony … This is my 1st and last sony handset thank you !!!!

  • Warning Warning Warning
    Bought this phone 6 days ago
    2 hours ago, it magically stopped working
    Should of stuck with HTC

  • Raj

    Thats what hapened to my phone. Couldnt turn on, still had batter left. thanks for this post managed to turn it on by pressing two buttons.

  • CraigMetcalfe

    Just had this problem on my partners phone, the Power Button + Volume Up restart worked! What are the details of this problem?
    Thank you for this article!

  • my wife’s experia wont turn off unless it gets rebooted first

  • Plb

    Hold volume DOWN button and power button until vibrate and should reset

  • Reto Disk

    That was my last Sony device… Have been a loyal customer for years for a variety of products (Xperia T, Xperia Arc, Sony Vaio, Sony TV, Sony PS3, various Sony Walkmen MP3 Players, Sony Clié). I see no improvement on Sony’s side to make an effort to listen to their customers. In the past – each time I was disappointed (Atrac, disabled functionalities) I gave Sony a new chance when I bought a new device.
    The latest Xperia Z is the last straw that broke the camel’s back for me: The phone comes with an ever increasing collection of useless software (Music Unlimited, PSN, etc. all are unavailable in my country) that provide no functionality… The much hyped Stamina functionality is not properly working. The phone died several times – using the Power+Volume Up woke it up which was tedious. Last night it stopped charging and died completely.
    I now have a useless $500 brick lying around my home. Sure Sony will repair the phone, but I am seriously annoyed by the whole Xperia Z package and you will spot my phone after repair on Ebay.
    It’s definitely time to switch companies. The new HTC One doesn’t look too bad… (I am actually about to leave for the phone store to buy a new phone).
    Bye Sony…

  • michael

    hi marcus, can you please tell us how to do it? appreciate your help…thanks

  • Kimberlea

    Had my phone for about 5 weeks and loving it. Plenty of charge last night and woke up this morning to dead phone. Very disappointed!

  • Mine freezes up after been left on charge….come down in morning and have to do a vol up and power button reset…..nice phone but…..

  • Gaurav

    There is a major issue with sony xpera z heating up, during telephonic conversations. This is t a extent that you need to keep it away from the ears. In 21 days, since the day of purchase, have already sent it for repair 2 times

  • Silvano Rossi

    hi guys, i’ve a problem with my Xperia z.
    when i call the monitor dead and i can’t use the options of the telephone only when the conversation ended.

  • Silvano Rossi

    hi guys, i’ve a problem with my Xperia z.
    when i call the monitor dead and i can’t use the options of the telephone only when the conversation ended

  • Silvano Rossi

    hi guys, i’ve a problem with my Xperia z.
    when i call the monitor dead and i can’t use the options of the telephone only when the conversation ended

  • Lijo Jose

    bot an xperia z on 15th of this month at till atleast 10 times its shuted down and after that i need to wait atleast half an hour for a auto re start , we cant do anything at these time, i eagerly waitied for atleast two months to buy this phone and now i am totally disappointed

  • mina

    This is the first day with my new xperia z and the phone is “dead”can’t get it ON. Help?!!!

  • Anuradha Pawar

    got my xperia z 2weeks ago….it hanged for sometime n got heated(the phone was connected to d charger) ….i think only the display was turned off cos wen i tried calling my no. it was reachable….i was not able to recover d phone it started on its own after 10 min…. after 2 days same thing happened but this time my cell was even hotter(this time d batt was low approx 28%) it was hot for quiet a long time so i kept it in water for 2 mins :P….and bingo!!!!! it started flickering its red light indicating low battery i suppose…i put d phone on charging…. I DELETED D HIDE IT PRO APP WHICH I HAD DWLOADED JUST 2 DAYS B4 THESE INCIDENCES…NW MY PHONE HASNT HANGED SINCE THEN…TOUCHWOOD….REST M IN LOOOOUUVVVEEEE WID MY XPERIA ZZZZZ

  • billy

    turned off… wont turn back on and been on charge for 8 hours, a week old, bad times.

  • billy

    just taken the micro sd out of my xperia z and after 8 hours of not working it tuned on!! try removing your SD card then holding down the power and volume up button.

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  • Isla Murray

    Had the Xperia Z for 2 days and its dead as described in the article:( O2 sending out a new handset and assure me that of the hundreds of thousands of handsets they have sent out only around 100 have had this fault..
    Just miffed i will have to set the phone back up again to where it was..

  • paulie151

    Can’t access emails or any calendar app, internet doesn’t work if I’m not connected to wifi. Any ideas? Not had this phone long and it’s already doing my head in.

  • Isla Murray

    How long did you wait in between each death? Im returning my phone in 2 days so hoping it switches on for a short time so i can sync everything i have onto PC Companion before it goes back:(

  • roberto

    I just use xperia z 3 weeks ago and the volume is not working already, why?

  • mo

    After 2 weeks of using the Xperia Z first the app icons dont open unless pushed in the top left corner, and now after updating the phone yesterday, when on a call the screen goes blank/dead and comes back when the call has ended. Frustrating when you go to someones voice mail and have to wait to go through the whole cycle before the other end hangs up. I have read quite a few of the forums and it seems the Z is riddled with bugs, for a premium phone, this is not what hard earned money deserves. I have always used HTC handsets from the desire up and never had any bugs in any of their devices.

  • sajid

    Hi there!!
    bought my xperia z last week ..
    last night i received a software update 10.1.A.1.434 notification..

    and i have no idea how to update it .. plz.. kindly help me out ..

  • ceebee

    had mine exactly 3 weeks and it’s just died.

  • sonyfreak

    hey guys , how long does sony ericsson xperia need to have full charge and how long can u use it when the battery is 100 % ??

  • deee7

    first day of my phone; can’t open it; it is not possible that an expensive phone and a good brand like Sony make us pay for something that doesn’t work…..deceived, I will never buy a Sony product again…..

  • carol

    Phoned dropped out overnight – missed the alarm – missed my appointment – not happy

  • rachel n

    I had this problem… when I picked it up it was hot. when you rang the phone it did not go to message bank and message that were sent to it during this time never came through. Thanks for the info the hard restart got it going and the battery was 61%

  • i have problem with my Experia z , i cant play any downloaded music from internet . music player shows file can”t play , if any one know for this problem solution please , help me …

  • Lee

    Two Friday’s – two ‘drop deads’. It worked with power plus volume up this time…

  • Laltesh Kumar

    Dear Mr. Samuel

    Thanks for your mail received after 2weeks without solution and hope you

    and your team will waste my time again.

    Kindly arrange to investigate matter with your distributor and service

    center why they are cheating with customer??.

    I was fan of SONY products but now fade-up due to cheating by distributor

    and service center.

    Please provide to me your contact details per return.

    Thanks and Regards

    Laltesh Kumar

    +91 9313905782

  • Laltesh Kumar

    Dear Mr. Samuel

    ref to my earlier communication for my Xperia -Z.As you know that 1
    month is going to pass for purchase Xperia -Z and still not working due
    cheating by your distributor and service center. I have visited many
    times and requested to them provide to me solution as early as possible
    but they have refused to give me proper way of solution and not provide
    to me any contact details at higher level of person who can provide to
    me solution.

    Persons related to Sony distributor and service center in India are not qualified and no sense of taking with customer.

    your kind information and necessary action – I have also contacted with
    your customer care they have issued ticket Id for replacement of new
    set against incomplete set but your distributor and service center yet not replaced or not provide any solution till now. If your distributor ,
    service center even customer care will not provide solution to customer
    SONY will out from India market.

    Your service center is not keeping log book / complaint
    register so customer can not proof of visit. Please take action in this
    regards and details of visitor to service center should be with them.

    Hope you have understand my problem and your position in India and I am waiting for your necessary action in this regards.

    Waiting for your positive action immediately per return.

    Thanks and Regards
    Laltesh Kumar
    +91 9313905782

  • Laltesh Kumar

    Dear all,

    If you will buy SONY product in India and need support from service center and customer care. It is very difficult to get proper solution.

    No Contact details at higher level in Sony India so nobody contact to them to get solution.

    I have received message from Mr. Samuel but my replies are going undelivered that means we can not contact by mail also.

    Thanks and Regards
    Laltesh Kumar

  • Laltesh Kumar

    Dear all,

    SONY products are good but problem with distributors , service center and customer care they are not taking care after sell.

    Thanks and Regards
    Laltesh Kumar

  • Laltesh Kumar

    Dear all,

    Can you provide to me contact details like emails, phone no. and cell no. of CEO, G.M. etc in India for my SONY Xperia Z solution.

    I will be appreciated if you will send to me above details to my mail ID

    Laltesh Kumar

  • I’ve had this phone for about 3 weeks now and it’s absolutely fantastic I moved from iPhone 5 for this and it’s much better until this morning when I came to turn the phone on and it wouldn’t switch on luckily the hard reset worked come on Sony release the update its such a let down for such a good phone

  • Helen

    Xperia z – got today, can’t get an image from my own album to fit the wallpaper for the main screen…help?

  • Salina

    My sony experia s will not turn on after battery dying I have charged it but its not changing also I have tryed pressing the power button then volume up button but nothing is happening does any know what I can do???

  • Cat

    It happened to mine but it died naturally and I put it on charge over night and in the morning it wouldn’t turn on. Couple hours later I tried again and it turned on but with only 2% battery. But even when it was on charge it wouldn’t turn on. It seems to be ok atm.

  • Just tried to update the software on my Xperia Z and it won’t turn back on. When I press the on button there is a orange light too right that flashes three times but the phone doesn’t turn on. Any one able to help?

  • ankur

    got this phone a week ago and now i am facing this problem

  • shunter

    What is wrong with my z when my emails won’t load up and when you delete account and ‘re register the email account it just sits and tries sync

  • David

    Yes it has happened today, I was using the GPS and when I arrived at my destination it turned off. Hasn’t turned on since, was not low on battery but I am charging now still nothing. :( Pissed off this is my 4th Sony phone all of them have been excellent so decided to buy the flagship then this happens.

  • Sandeep

    I have the same issue.. it has happened twice in 1 week…. however the hard restart seems to work… does anybody know when the new fix will be available…

  • mark

    i had i for like a month and it died to. and it was realy hot. almost so hot you could not even hold it

  • Ronald Grant

    My phone wouldn’t turn on!

    Then I tried your hard reset tip and it put it back on. Let’s see what happens next…. I’ve had the phone 3 days

  • Penelope Stephensen

    Yes my new Xperia ZL has just died. Ther eis plenty of charge left. It has frozen on FM radio in standby. Power button and volume up does not work. Opening up the back and clicking the SIM card doesn’t work either. It’s dead. And I am heartbroken. I was thinking it was the best phone on the planet….til this happened! What to do. Take it back to Bell tomorrow.

  • Penelope Stephensen

    Dead ZL. Wow I read this and thought …no, Sony no. I brought home the zl today. I was knocked out …for the day. I was thrilled with the camera and radio. But It died on an almost full charge….using wifi a few hours later. I am charging it now to no avail. I considered the HTC one too

  • dan


  • WMax

    Same problem with the Xperia V… now just 2 months old. Also a part of the display suddenly stopped working. Is started in the night from 8-9 of April. Before I started charging on the 8th. All worked perfect. In the morning, he died. I did all I can to reanimate it, and succeed, but now without USB, a continues rest procedure starts when there is no USB power connection.
    The display still does not work partly.

  • Thomas

    Had the phone for 2weeks and the screen cracks out the blue? Not happy

  • Penelope Stephensen

    Phone is back on. I used the on off button next to SIM card at the back od the phone. But the phone needed a complete charge after being dead all night. I still love this phone. But it worries me.

  • VijayChandran

    S myself too facing the same problem ,,!! after 1 n half hours its restarting automatically. after the first update the problem occurs pls fix it as earlier as possible.

  • Erick

    Why I can’t save web pages in Xperia z

  • MsAlaze

    I hv the Xperia Ion, just rcvd it today by mail. Did the upgrade then the phone got stuck w/only the SONY Icon showing so I researched on how to get it out of this mode which led to me doing a Hard Reset/Force Shutdwn… now it won’t power on!!??

  • vydurya

    Imm experiencing horrible battert life..used to last 15 hrs nw max 5-7 hrs wth sttamina mode..highly disappointed!!!my reason for buying this ph was gd battrty llife

  • effy360

    When I make a phone call the screen automatically locks obviously but for some reason it wont turn back on automatically when taken away from my ear the only way to end the call or voicemail is to restart the phone any ideas or should I go back the store of purchase

  • Guest

    only red signal light, not working even with the volume up combination.

  • mekerooo

    I had my xperia z 4days ago.. had a sudden shutdown after a day, I dont know what to do then, but I saw in the internet that by rebooting the unit(power + volume up/down), it might work well again..and it actually worked absolutely fine, until now.. The software of the unit that Ive bought is already updated.. I’m not disappointed with my xperia z even if it had the same problem, because as of now im totally satisfied with the quality, performance, the large screen with thin body…Perfect for my desire! the wifi also works well, although there’s a heating problem with the battery.. that’s something negligible for me,..

  • mekerooo

    try rebooting.. long press power + volume up/down :) that worked for me..

  • Ali T

    I experience it tonight!

  • arcy

    my sony arc’s charge icon permanently on red @1% but charging fine, obv. just dies when out of charge but i’ve no idea when it’s going to happen. done a reset and reloaded up to date software anyone got any ideas? :)

  • Johan Erasmus

    Hi, very nice so far. Well done Sony!
    After the new software update, my phone is not charging any more. I am sure you will have that fixed soon.
    Snr developer.


    my second new(replaced after one week) sony experia Z boots the internet at home and at work.

    It seems to cannabalise other ip addresses? Still cant fix this issue-any suggestions?

  • D_Man

    Hi guys,

    I received my Sony Xperia Z headset on saturday and have been using it
    for 2 days but found during several calls the screen turns unresponsive
    and black and I cannot do anything, e.g. cannot hangup, cannot put on
    speaker etc. 1 time the unit became completely unresponsive until about
    5 minutes later. Could anyone please tell me what the problem might be?

  • heb het ook en krijg hem ook niet meer aan reageert ook niet als ik hem op de computer zet of op de lader

  • Mikey.

    Had an issue with mine. once the battery got low i plugged in my car charger, after charging for an hour or so i couldnt open any apps. had to factory reset for it to work.

  • giuseppe

    I just got my Xperia z on the first week of March and after five weeks it just died, got it on contract but didn’t get insurance, I took it to the carphone warehouse to repair, when I went to pick it up they told me the fault wasn’t covered by the warranty but they still gave me a new handset, if the phone was not repaired I wouldn’t pay the contract cos it’s not my fault, the insurance has nothing to do with this,

  • digi

    Similar problem with TX. Twice replaced already…

  • deano flan1967

    mines went dead when it was on the charge. I used the (power button + volume up) and it just restarted I have the phone 2 weeks,

  • New phone from Three network, phone has died like this twice.

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  • Harvey

    Mine wouldn’t turn on after about a month if having it then I tried the volume on button thing and it worked

  • Harvey

    Mine wouldn’t turn on after about a month if having it then I tried the volume on button thing and it worked

  • Menno

    Have a ZL which I hooked up to my computer and it stopped charging. The handset was still going strong, but it would not charge anymore. Sony has offered me to replace the handset…

  • Soozypoo

    Yes,my xperia z died within 4 days of having it ,would not charge or turn on ,i even took it into a phone shop to make sure there was nothing i was missing and believe it or not they stood there trying to figure out how to take the battery out lmao,after telling them it doesnt they tried to charge it and again nothing,i ended up sending it off to sony for a repair which took 10 days they said it was a charging issue,so far it is working ok but i dare not let it fully run out in case same thing happens agains so always bang it on charge when it gets to around 10%

  • abhishek

    Day 21 my experia got hange once a day from last 5 day how to handle this problem….

  • k findlay

    two weeks into having it.. it died this morning but i just restarted it with the power and volume up buttons and it came back on. But if i am honest i wasnt impressed that happened so soon

  • razib

    It gets extremly hot while talking over internet and Video is working as if there are Scratches. My be mine is defect. It’s been 1 week so i think I will replace. Does anyone else has the same problem??

  • Farhad

    had the phone less than 2 weeks and its deid. great, what a waste of £500
    how can you update it if you cant turn it on?

  • Farhad

    even the long press power + volume up/down didn’t work for me, What I should do?

  • Farhad

    Mine same, Died 4 four times in one month and not worked in the last time even with hard reboot, I wen to Three shop, and they told me I need send it to repair for 10 days :-((

  • Terry

    i have the problem mentioned so is it a fix is to be released soon to solve the problem?

  • farhad

    Really don’t know, just disappointed , mine died , the phone and the £500!

  • Can anybody offer any help. I am connected to wi-fi at work – XperiaZ sees the network and says connected. But when I try browse on Chrome or download emails etc it says çonnection failure. I can connect on wi-fi at home and it gives me no problems??

  • Danny.Danny

    ive got the xpeira z and the battery keeps on dropping low very quick sometimes it doesn’t charge like once i lft it on 14hrs charge and it went from 30% to 85% the back was just really hot please tell me what to do
    btw i have it on stamina mode and low battery mode aswell

  • Anyone know why mine worked fine for half a day, I charged it as the sticker said on the back, plus on opening there was 60% charge in it already. I kept trying the update but it kept coming back as unsucessful! So started to arrange screens, add email acc etc and kept trying update in between- always failed, then my battery died so I out it on charge, an hour later I try to switch on and it just goes to sony start up screen- where it says SONY and turns off again, I put it on charge another hour but whilst on charge the light remains red and the SONY keeps going off then on every couple of seconds, like its stuck switching on and off or something, all attempts to switch it on either do nothing or take it to SONY then off again!!!!

  • dawn Gulliford

    Mine has frozen a couple of times, and is now sending old text msg to ppl… Very confused..

  • suyash

    How to switch it on its driving me nuts

  • dimstav

    xperia z working for 3 weeks drop dead! what the F*** is happening with sony?

  • Mohib Salimi

    Yes i had the same problem and with the same pattern its now solve.

  • voxleo

    Not just the Z – We have had trouble with the Xperia Ion (Lt28i) and Xperia U (St25i) as well, both having issues with charging the battery or keeping a charge for any length of time. (The U was possibly related to an update of OS software it didn’t agree with, but I haven’t been able to get it turned on to find out if that is the issue or not.)

    After extensive researching on the battery life issue and then the charging problems, i have learned quite a lot more than I ever wanted to know about li-on batteries (which actually DO have a memory effect, but it is CUMULATIVE such as when charging and discharging repeatedly without going through the entire cycles either way); and USB connection standards (Turns out some cables charge and don’t sync and others sync and don’t charge and some do both depending upon which pins are shorted with resistors in the plugs, but there isn’t any way to tell from looking at them which one of the three varieties they might be – nice, huh?); and charging current requirements for today’s average smartphone as compared to the limitations of certain USB ports providing abilities on laptops, desktops or hubs of whatever sort (and this relates to the resistors somehow such that if the cord isn’t containing them it doesn’t matter if you are connected to a 1A source like the wall charger because the device will sense it as a 500mA port instead, which slows the charge); and that all that relates to the proprietary tricks that Apple likes to play with their equipment so they can charge you 2/3 more for their stuff that would otherwise do the same thing as the universal options (Sony products in particular do not play well with Apple chargers for some reason).

    What all of that means is that we were having phones lose charge even as they were plugged into the mains to charge overnight!

    So we went through all sorts of digging into the background stuff to see what we could turn off to prevent it sucking power and lowered screen brightness etc. etc. – and I spent the weekend combing the net for deals on external batteries and new charging cables to make sure we have the proper sort and also some higher amp chargers since apparently even connected to the wall, it was limiting the charge to 500mA instead of the 1A provided because of the cord not being right. I plugged in the U several times to get the red indicator led and come back 2 hrs later to find it dead, no lights at all. Did this over and over for two days, tried removing battery, charging while removing the battery and putting back in, and any number of other hoodoo fixes to no avail. Even bought a new cord to make sure it was right and STILL no luck. Tested the battery and got ZERO volts and INFINTE resistance, so I’m thinking its a battery problem, but then I tried ONE last time and this one connected to the desktop PC on a USB port that I KNOW provided power (unlike some other laptops where not all ports are powered, but maybe only one or just some – not lableled which, of course) because the mains charger was Apple variety. Now it is actually a green LED for the first time in more than 3 days of trying to charge the bugger, but I am nervous it won’t last.

    Sony quality is not a fraction of what it once was. I no longer trust the brand at all.

  • Gnani

    Sony invented a bomb called Xperia Z, don’t know when it blows when suffering internet, playing games and videos and answering to a call.

  • Krasy

    I held the off button in the back of the phone and it worked. Nothing else worked not even hard reset.

  • stewinz

    Please can we know when the next implemented software update to fix this problerm as I use my fone for a buisness

  • Gnane Rao

    Sony invented a bomb called sony xperia z, don’t know when it blows, best smart bomb.

  • Gnane Rao


  • Gnane Rao


  • Having this problem right now, day 2 with the phone, red led blinking, and more then 90prosent charged.

  • step35

    Yes I have had this exact problem and a hard reset has not resolved the issue. When my phone went out is was over a 50% charged. I just placed a call in less later it was no longer working. I can hear it when it connects to my pc and I can see the red light come on to show it is charging and it goes off when the phone is fully charged. My question is how can an update resolve the issue if the phone is not working properly?

  • how long does it take to charge the sony xperia z it took so longggggggggg for me


  • pame Thompson

    Mine has done the same …. gutted…

  • jemin_007

    yup i had the same problem but by pressing power button + volume up it started.
    but whats the main cause for this fault ?

  • Talia

    Used New Xperia only three days and returning it already. Won’t allow me to hang up calls once I’ve answered a call, or if I’m calling any number, I cannot terminate the call. Ie, if I’m calling the wrong number or want to end the call prior to it being answered by the other party, voicemail etc
    I cannot access my screen AT ALL during calls. It’s completely blank. I cannot switch the phone off by using the power button. In fact, I need to physically remove my simcard and wait a number of minutes until the phone realises there’s no sim.

  • harry

    Mine is dead… Useless

  • raz

    I had my phone 2 weeks it died couldn’t charge it get to Telstra store they gave me new handset. I’m wondering is there any where Sony experia z backs up photos? App program? I only had 10 days imported to pc via USB cord once didn’t get a chance to get the new 100+ photos of my 1yr old :(

  • S.S.M Dev

    i just had my phone freeze and could not restart, did a hard reboot (volume up plus power) and it restarted, sony xperia z

  • Chile

    I bought my Xperia ZL yesterday and now I have this problem ¬¬

  • Lise

    Yes!! Just happened now.

  • then how can i fix it?, it’s work not working from yesterday? and can i fix it or not?

  • it’s not working**

  • you just saved freaking my phone man i freaking thank you, bless you bro!!

  • Ghaith

    i am a big sony fan i was going to buy it ,but now after all of this i am having second thoughts about getting it !

  • can

    I have the same problem too. When I connect to the wifi, it runs well just a few seconds but then drops.

  • SSingh

    m also facing d same prblm ma sony xperia zl is dead nw it is not responding since last half an hour
    what i do to start the phone
    plz help me out

  • Sirzech Lucifer

    Yes it happen to me too but I manage to fix it by restarting

  • Mine has just done this and i’ve only had it a month… NOT HAPPY SONY!!!!!

  • roni

    mines just gone off now and wont turn back on, when i try the light flashed red on and off but still wont turn on

  • vipul sahni

    yes same thing happened with me while playing radio it died and after about 15 minutes it restarted again and worked fine

  • crushed

    can i lose all my data when this happens ?


  • matty

    Everytime I speak to someone on the phone they can’t hear me but I can hear them what is causing this and it’s not my volume as everything is up

  • Mark McCormick

    Have a sony xperia only 7 months old. started to just randomly shut off, usualy when power was less than 50% slowly got worse and worse to the point where it wouldn’t stay on unless plugged in. Finally died today, wont turn on, wont do anything.

  • Jesse

    or Sony Xperia Ion froze or will not power on. Simply hold the Volume Down + the Power key then count to 20, if there is no response then let go of the keys and then briefly press and release the power key and it should start right up.

    thats what got my 1 week old xperia to turn on.




    I pre-registered to Sony XPeria Z in February prior to its arrival to
    the market on 28 February.

    I have been duped in, I understood soon after having my hands on the
    handset that it was a deception, marketing trick I fell for.

    In the very first week, handset stopped working, all function tools
    froze, especially when I am on the phone call function buttons mutes, I could
    not END the call even when I removed Sim Card (unlike iPhones this phone turns
    itself off/on when removed/insert the simcard) the call still goes on for another
    2-3 minutes then turn itself off. In other words to make a 10 SECOND its about
    4-5 minutes procedure that I had to follow.

    Other issues I had to faced I could list down as follows,

    Internet service did not work (tried with the guidance
    from technician from Vodafone all possible reasons – did not work)

    Battery would drained too quick in several hours
    (also used in stamina mode)

    Camera quality to poor

    Sound quality was poor too.

    Some of the factors I may be comparing with the quality of Samsung
    Galaxy S series and iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 as I used them for long time.

    After chasing up a long replacement procedure it took me about THREE
    WEEKS to get a new one to replace: I was advised to updated on two occasions, then been accused of using a Sim Card not
    compatible of with the handset 3G/4G service, later handset wasn’t in stock for a while, then
    handset was sent to wrong address, etc, eventually I received a re-condition
    handset in different colour than what my initial choice (was black, but now

    My operator Vodafone was
    consistently blaming handling procedures of SONY. Unless they receive the
    handset tested and if the engineer agrees for a replacement then they replace
    it (and this procedure would last 28 days).

    I possed a Question to Vodafone: What would you want me to the within
    those 28 days while I am waiting for my handset to be tested? Answer was an
    apology, they were only following Sony’ Guidelines…..

    In the mean time I tried enormous afford to express my shocks and dissatisfaction
    of his product; there no way to get in touch with SONY – horrible customer
    service – I wander how they still survive in the market, probably – as being an
    old Sony brand lover can guess- they are using up their established brand name
    (when there was not much alternatives).

    I have sent numerous emails, letters addressing number of different
    levels of Sony Corporation in the UK, Europe, and even in Japan. In response to
    my tens of emails sent to Sony I only receive a ‘no-reply’ generic/templates
    email responds stating someone will contact me soon, AND since then I have
    being waiting for someone from Sony to contact me regarding the issue. (it’s
    been nearly two months now – I guess they are still investigating whether worth
    to deal with the inquiry….)

    I have also tried to contact SONY on the phone, managed to get through
    to PAUL. I explained the situation, I received an apology. I complained about
    the repairing procedures, they reminded me of I am entered into a sales contract with Sony
    meaning that I accept companies policy and handling procedures too, so does not
    give me to have my say.

    Any way back to my new replacement Sony Xperia Z, (changed from black
    to white one now).

    When I am on internet a 100% full battery last about an hour (no way near around 10 hours as
    stated) and talk time is about only several hours (2G: less than 4hrs etc, haven’t
    tried 3G or 4G).

    Obviously the problem still lies there But I gave up, waiting for my 12
    month short-term contract to end,


    D O NOT EVER-NEVER BUY SONY BRAND AGAIN…. (Especially Mobile Phones –
    because it is clear that they can’t make good phones, and they should leave this
    industry and go back to what they were good at)


    my xperia z is died just now but i tried to do whats written above, thank god that my xperia z is working again


    Don’t buy this phone……… Sony Xperia Z


    I pre-registered to Sony XPeria Z in February prior to its arrival to
    the market on 28 February.

    I have been duped in, I understood soon after having my hands on the
    handset that it was a deception, marketing trick I fell for.

    In the very first week, handset stopped working, all function tools
    froze, especially when I am on the phone call function buttons mutes, I could
    not END the call even when I removed Sim Card (unlike iPhones this phone turns
    itself off/on when removed/insert the simcard) the call still goes on for another
    2-3 minutes then turn itself off. In other words to make a 10 SECOND its about
    4-5 minutes procedure that I had to follow.

    Other issues I had to faced I could list down as follows,

    Internet service did not work (tried with the guidance
    from technician from Vodafone all possible reasons – did not work)

    Battery would drained too quick in several hours
    (also used in stamina mode)

    Camera quality to poor

    Sound quality was poor too.

    Some of the factors I may be comparing with the quality of Samsung
    Galaxy S series and iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 as I used them for long time.

    After chasing up a long replacement procedure it took me about THREE
    WEEKS to get a new one to replace: I was advised to updated on two occasions, then been accused of using a Sim Card not
    compatible of with the handset 3G/4G service, later handset wasn’t in stock for a while, then
    handset was sent to wrong address, etc, eventually I received a re-condition
    handset in different colour than what my initial choice (was black, but now

    My operator Vodafone was
    consistently blaming handling procedures of SONY. Unless they receive the
    handset tested and if the engineer agrees for a replacement then they replace
    it (and this procedure would last 28 days).

    I possed a Question to Vodafone: What would you want me to the within
    those 28 days while I am waiting for my handset to be tested? Answer was an
    apology, they were only following Sony’ Guidelines…..

    In the mean time I tried enormous afford to express my shocks and dissatisfaction
    of his product; there no way to get in touch with SONY – horrible customer
    service – I wander how they still survive in the market, probably – as being an
    old Sony brand lover can guess- they are using up their established brand name
    (when there was not much alternatives).

    I have sent numerous emails, letters addressing number of different
    levels of Sony Corporation in the UK, Europe, and even in Japan. In response to
    my tens of emails sent to Sony I only receive a ‘no-reply’ generic/templates
    email responds stating someone will contact me soon, AND since then I have
    being waiting for someone from Sony to contact me regarding the issue. (it’s
    been nearly two months now – I guess they are still investigating whether worth
    to deal with the inquiry….)

    I have also tried to contact SONY on the phone, managed to get through
    to PAUL. I explained the situation, I received an apology. I complained about
    the repairing procedures, they reminded me of I am entered into a sales contract with Sony
    meaning that I accept companies policy and handling procedures too, so does not
    give me to have my say.

    Any way back to my new replacement Sony Xperia Z, (changed from black
    to white one now).

    When I am on internet a 100% full battery last about an hour (no way near around 10 hours as
    stated) and talk time is about only several hours (2G: less than 4hrs etc, haven’t
    tried 3G or 4G).

    Obviously the problem still lies there But I gave up, waiting for my 12
    month short-term contract to end,


    D O NOT EVER-NEVER BUY SONY BRAND AGAIN…. (Especially Mobile Phones –
    because it is clear that they can’t make good phones, and they should leave this
    industry and go back to what they were good at)

  • angel

    My experia v suddenly died. i’ve tried the suggestions given but still it is not working. :'(

  • had the phone less then two weeks but its still working fine. i loved the battery back up as well. no issues yet

  • @facebook-100000561106947:disqus, download super video from google play. its an app just like floating video which you can use while doing other work on sony.

  • CDL Watts

    My Xperia died inexplicably overnight. Worked fine yesterday but wouldn’t switch on today. Didn’t even seem to recognise that the charger was plugged into it. Not a battery issue as far as I can ascertain – I had over 70% battery life remaining. The ‘Hard Reset’ technique did work and the phone seems to be ok now, but it has knocked my confidence and I just hope that either (a) this doesn’t happen again, or (b) if it does happen, the Hard Reset works a second time. Signed up with the network provider for a 24 month plan so I sincerely hope that Sony will have a fix in place in a software update download else I could be faced with paying a contract with no workable phone to show for it…….

  • Irvine

    I bought my xperia z last month april 19 however this day i turn off my phone to charge it. But it does not open anymore.. This is not good. Do we have fix now for this issue. Please help. Thanks

  • Irvine

    It works fine. Thank elias. This is right volume up + power

  • Last night while I was working with my xperia z…it suddenly went blank…no matter how many times I tried phone remained dead. I had done hard reset.. But the phone did not responded.I was very worried.just now I switched on it and it got on without any problem.last myth when it was dead it had a charge of 37%.I had bought my phone just the other day(10.05.2013).

  • paul webber

    have had my z for 3 days cant turn on or off.Can use it if i connect charger but thats all.i do call in work and so far lost $400 not f&^%n im still charged buy my carrier though.

  • corny

    Mine Xperia has just done this is there a cure , all I get is the Sony ericsson screen thennothing

  • TB

    Thanks for this. Mine shut down inexplicably overnight. I couldn’t turn it on this morning, when I plugged in the power, the charge light didn’t come on. a hard reset (power on + volume up) fired it back up again. Thanks for the tip.

  • akaklol

    well i have had 2 of these phones now and the 2nd i have had for less than a week and now it has died wooo this phone is a pile of wank

  • purple

    As of two days ago, mine is constantly doing this, every time I’m on a call it does it. I have to hard reset it every time to get the screen to function again. It’s such a pretty phone too, I hope it gets fixed quickly!


    turn off my mobile, but turn it back on… even no response when I plug into the charger!!! SAD


    cant turn it back on*

  • Xairin

    can not turn it on T.T but now it already can
    ty so much :)

  • Xairin

    it works!
    ty so much -^^-

  • marinel tumangday

    I have a one month and one week old Xperia Z and I have been having the same problems. My phone wouldn’t turn on after I have turned it off and it has happened twice. The power button + volume up worked for me though. Can’t wait for the fix. It’s so troublesome.

  • Betzer

    wow 4-5 hours and its dead you shoud get this phone……..

  • betzer

    had mine for 4-5 hours and its dead and that doesnt work………..

  • x z

    my phone is blackedout ryt aftr one ring whts goin on !! all i can see is a lit up black screen

  • Li_ion

    Hi, i have just updated my xperia Z following the new releas on Android 4.1.2 today. When i turn off my phone, it automatically turn off and turn on and turn off none stop (sudden death). Anybody knows this problem ? Is it from the new release of SONY ? And how can i reset my XZ ? Thanks

  • Jason

    Just happens for me completely out of nowhere! Hard restart worked though, thanks for the tip ;)
    Hopefully it doesn’t happen again!

  • Eshwar

    My Xperia Z died all of a sudden just before an Hour.. I was worried.. While googling,found this page.. Tried Holding Power button and Volume Up button as said on this page.. And there came the Life again.. Thank you so much!

  • Ganesh Arya

    What you people have made sony. My phone is dead since morning, I am trying to switch it on through the power button but nothing has happened. I have invested my plenty of money over this phone and now its not working, right now the dead body of Xperia Z is there in my hands.

  • Iv had my Xperia z for a week, was playing around trying to change the font and it went dead on 21% battery left. did a “hard restart” and it came alive again.

  • Eleri

    Sony Xperia J Died, now not turning on or charging??

  • Ana Dias

    Yes. Just today. Battery half full and all of a sudden, the phone dies. Waiting for the next update in the next phone is not a good response, I think. I am upset, to say the least. Haf the phone for 1 month and then it goes dead.. Really sad and upset.

  • Slater Sam

    About the above fault, I had a full charge on my phone after leaving it charging over night, un plugged the charger and the screen was fixed black leaving me unable to use my phone. Fortunately the hard restart worked for me though..

  • ak

    having the same issue.. tried to update with new release SONY sign flashing on and off but no sign of life beyond that … leaving it on charge not sure what else to do with it :(

  • Ihsan Duzcan

    Thank you Elias, your formula has worked fine on my dead XZ. :) That is: volume up + power.

  • Ihsan Duzcan

    and now Pedro?

  • Mjd Khaled

    My Xperia z working on gsm mode only and whan I but it on wcdma there is no network I’m using line supports 3g and my area support 3g with full coverage plz help I’m using orange Jordan line

  • jojo

    I had the same bad exp experience. Day 8 with my Z.

  • kelly

    my sony xperia z is completly dead and is not turning on at all..i tried using volume
    and power button together but unfortunately nothing is happening..what is the solution for it?/

  • mrread

    Mine died this morning, only 1 week old. Hard reset didn’t work and Vodafone had to replace it. A bit annoying and a massive waste of time. Sort it out Sony.

  • Nevil

    Mine stopped working after new system update
    reboots again and again i suggest everyone to store their data in sd card.
    to store useful data in sd card. take care happens suddenly!

  • fucker

    for you also ok. it’s 6 days. for me buying from ebay on opening the cover and switching it it does’nt turn on hard reset not turning on. see my situation. that’s why i again buyed htc one and ip6.i did not buy this idiotic sony xperia z.shit fuck sony.katrina kaif fucking lady with americans nad saying”the best of sony in smartphones”.on seeing her sexy body only i bought xperia z . shame on her sexy body.she had sex with americans hardcore.

  • fucker

    if katrina come infront of me i would really fuck her 1000 days very hardly till she lacks sperms in her body nad it will be public

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    i will lick her breast pussy and lip kisssssss. iw ill screw utill my full penis go iside her pussy and keep it 1 full hour and she shouts and her pussy weakens.

  • daniel

    Hi I just brought a Xperia z very happy with it overall but a few issues the calender doesn’t work it says it cannot open and also it won’t charge in the car using either a sub connection or through the cigarette lighter, although it days it is charging.
    Any help would be appreciated

  • Olla

    After five months with my Xperica Z, and while I was holding it outside in the sun, it suddenly stopped working and turned off! and it is not turning on back no matter what! I wonder if it is dead as described in the article!

  • Basel otba

    my Sony xperia z fall down From my hand and is not working any more!!!

  • cheqm8

    I’m not sure if I am experiencing the “dying effect”. I recently updated my software. Days after, I updated a particular app called go sms and a few minutes later, I found it difficult to send messages. Later on, my phone hanged and there appeared a settings icon before it died down. I tried restarting it; but it only showed “SONY” then “XPERIA” and the “flowing colors” animation on the screen then die again. It continuously went on until the battery was completely drained. I really need help.

  • Thomas Tunstall

    were you ever able to fix the problem because my phone will not turn on or charge whatsoever

  • Sameer

    Yes I am facing the same problem with my XPERIA Z. I purchase 1 nad half month before.
    It goes dead and have to restart by pressing power + up arrow button.
    There is no particular scenario. It happens any time. Just few days before got the update for the system. I updated the same but problem is not resolved yet. SONY has not mentioned about the fix for this problem in that update.

  • faas

    my xperia z is not a water resistent…water enter into my xperia Z camera gap…:(

  • Fozzy

    I had this problem since day 3 with my ZL. All of a sudden it would not turn on even with a full charge.
    The phone would not turn on or do anything. Had to open the cover on the back and hit the tiny reset button and then the phone woke up and worked normally.
    Now it seems to happen once every 8-12 days and only when i let battery levels hit below 40% and i don’t touch the phone for a while (couple of hours).
    However, again, a simple hit of the tiny reset button gets it running again. Annoying little issue but livable. Would like an update to fix this though.

  • chris

    Hi my experia z got wet n battery went tried to turn it on its coming on n just starting then goes black tried power on n volume button but its not working

  • Paras

    My sony xperia Z on off button is not working…last night I put my mobile under tap for 5 secs n after sometime its on off button is nt working….pls let me the solution…what shud I do…??I

  • lyndssss 18

    Had mine for a month now and I love it! Except all the ads that come up on everything, anyone know how to stop them popping up every 2 minutes?

  • Zbo

    My Xperia Z freeze on me just now became very hot. I thought maybe the water got into the phone even though I make sure all the flaps are secured… Then I tried removing my sd card and the screen jump back to life. Phew that sure scares me.

  • niyat

    yes the same thing happened with me.the phone suddenly switches off but i turned it on by pressing the power and volume plus button…anyways i hope the new software will be released soon,i am waiting.

  • sumedh

    Battery went zero percent and xperia z died now its not starting

  • joseph

    ive had it with my xperia t but i did a hard restart and it worked

  • nisha choudhury

    Yes this just happened with my handset….xperia z 2 months old….

  • cowan88

    I am currently having this exact issue with my LT28i and no button configuration or charging of phone will turn it on.

  • SamV

    My Xperia Z had more than 80% battery charge left, I switched it off and it did not switch on again! Fortunately the “hard restart” worked!

  • Moritz

    Have the same Problem.

  • Suresh

    Yes I’m facing the same problem… Please get it fixed soon!!

  • Issjuh

    I have my Xperia Z for 4 weeks now and it suddenly stoppend working. I pushed the on-off button with the volume up-down and that worked. Bud I´m a bit worried about what might happen to the Phone if he breaks down after 4 weeks already. If this keeps going on like that and there isn´t going to be sollution, I think I´m done with this Phone verry quickly. Even though I´m nutts about this Phone. Pardon me for my horrible Englisch, I hope it´s clear enough to understaind what I´m trying to say.

  • me

    yes same problem, battery was full but nothing happened, read a forum and the power and vol up worked, new phone too xperia sola

  • Demonlay Wai Yan


  • Kaylee Dennis Tefa Shadwos

    I have had mine for 5 mouths and two days I get this probem all the time. Not only that but the hole phone frezzis and won’t respond to anything I do it gos go hot wile it’s doing this that I fier I will melt the case I have it in and take it off the only thing I can do is wait untill it finely resets itself. I have noitce it also resetz it’s self at 25% it has done this about 10 times wile haveing it I am not shor weather to take it bc to the shop and ask them wot is going on

  • hacked off

    nine dIED AND im not impressed , no way am i sending it to be repaired ,its funny it dies when i start syncing it with shit

    what sony perving on my files or something !! Im never buying a sony or android for that matter again , inconvience!!!

  • A Disappointed Sony Customer

    Day ONE (yes, day ONE) of my Xperia Z, and sad to say I am NOT “blown away” by it. NEITHER is it a “sweet” phone. IT WON’T RECHARGE. For a pretty darn expensive phone to have a problem on its first day, DOES NOT say much for Sony’s ability to join the best smartphones in the world.

  • EWillowbug

    yes had this problem just now. I was trying to update when it stopped. I thought it was flat but and when I charged it turned on but only got to the screen that says sony before dying again.

  • Ahsanur Rahman

    Is there any body to tell ma how can I fix dead screen for Xperia z. Pls help me

  • kartikeya

    hey…is sony xperia z ultra repairable?????

  • Cristle

    My Xperia just started the randomly shutting off thing n it happens all day long. I sometimes have to do the reset n sometimes I can simply turn it back on. On a few occasions it shut off with full or near full battery n when I turn it back on the battery is at 1%. My camera has been acting up as well. Please fix because I love this phone.

  • tab

    My Sony Exeria ion does it every time I disconnect the charger

  • Balu

    Within 2 weeks of getting my Sony Xperia Z, the phone stored charging. Nothing I did helped. I tried using an electric charger, my car charger and charging it with my computer, nothing helped. Has anyone else experienced that problem? If so, how was it resolved. The feedback I received from my service provider seems dodgy to me.

  • claratabo

    Less than a month using my brand new Sony Xperia Z and after having o battery left, it never turned on again. I’ve had problems with the battery charger ever since I bought it. Lovely xpensive phone…

  • deeeezed

    How about my ZL’s death…actually it’s on its deathbed. It won’t boot up on its own (even with Vol +/- and power pressed. Once it’s plugged in through Usb (or wall charger) it will power on with no issues and work normally. Once unplugged, it’ll get all wonky and going into the wrong app or menu will cause it to shut down. I’m running totally vanilla, although I had the phone unlocked to use overseas

  • abhay tiwary

    Fix to “Nokia Lumia Battery Draining”
    Watch Solution at Following Youtube Video:

  • Abhay Pandit

    Fix to “Nokia Lumia Battery Draining”.
    Watch Solution at Following Youtube Video:

  • nicolas

    moi aussi j’ai eu un probleme de ce genreavec mon Z1 a savoir batterie pleine et telephone en veille, plus possible de l’allumer ou meme l’eteindre avec la LED verte allumee en continu sans aucune vibration.
    Aprés des recherches j’ai trouver une astuce de forçage : maintenir enfoncé le bouton power et volume + simultanément
    Résultat, miracle il s’est réveillé mais quand meme ça craind ça fait que 4 jours que je l’ai acheté :-(

  • vivek

    Softwaare update means kya.suppose u guys will send new software in next year.till that day what about phone it remain dead?? Again again repair

  • finny

    apparently my sony xperia z just died on me just now. Had to google and i forced restart it. Thank god it worked…

  • mwii01

    my xperia z does not charge when its off.once i boost the battery and try charging it then,the top back part heats up and can only charge upto 67%.then i can only use it for less than an hour…want can be wrong with it and can it be fixed?

  • xperiazultra

    holy shit…my xperia z ultra is a month old and it suffered a sudden death, a big thanks to your tip i was able to bring it to life back again..

  • Daniel Tiernan Crompton

    I’ve got the latest software and I regularly have this problem if the phone is on standby for more than 30 mins or so. Hard reset does work, but I don’t want to have to do this every time I want to use it!

  • Thani

    I went to charge my experia z yesterday and the very fragile chip inside the phone that it docks into moved twice as i tried to slot it in and then snapped off altogether. I can t charge or use my phone at all! It would still definately be under warranty. I v e called up the optus store where I bought it and just to have it even asessed will cost me $49. Then they can still say that its my fault and ‘physical damage’. They would then quote me a price to have it repaired. Sony Experia Z YOU SUCK. I wish I had gone with samsung. I am very unimpressed and won t ever be buying any sony products ever again. POOR MANUFACTURING.

  • Annemarie

    Vanaf vorig jaar december het toestel en het beeldscherm valt constant uit, alleen met force heropstarten verhelpt dit probleem!!!!!

  • kev

    The walkman app keeps crashing…can’t play music……it starts up plays for few seconds and then crashes…..downloaded pro player and Google play same issue……

  • Xperia z

    Walkman the music player keeps crashing plays for a few secs and then goes off….dwnlded pro player and google play….same issue just can’t y music….any solution..

  • Maxwell Morgan

    Hi, My xperia Z worked fine until yesterday when it just shut down. I was taking photos and it was about 30% battery when it just went dead. It hasn’t tunred on since and when I plug in the charger it just vibrates intermittently. Had the phone for 8 months and really like it. Wasn’t planning on changing unless Sony brought out something really better, so I hope there’s a fix .

  • Sunny Garhwal

    6th month with Sony Xperia Z, and it died suddenly. At the time of its death, the battery power was nearly 53%. Even hard resetting has proved to be a futile exercise.

    Ultimately, reverted back to the durable HTC phone..

  • Dave Sadler

    Shut the fuck up man…..Your such an idiot who wouldn’t know what to do with a real woman!

  • carmelita carino

    My Sony Experia Z CE 0682 and I tried re inserting the SDCard but to no avail. I did the hard start and it turned on. Wish Sony can fix this problem, very annoying especially when the phone is needed badly.

  • Juan Manuel Rivera

    I have this problem with Xperia ZL….. !!!

  • Thomas

    The hard reset worked for me, thank god haha

  • Wika

    I have problems with sudden stop in contact, message and call log. It is very annoying. Can anyone help?

  • Tsais

    after the latest update (singapore Feb 7 1014), my phone’s wifi hotspot does not pass internet to connected devices, even though the phone itself can access the internet just fine.

    USB Tethering attempts simply produce an unnamed “tethering error” and the software is not automatically being installed on plugging it in, like it used to be before.

    If you need your hotspot/tethering, don’t get this update!

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  • Cybertracke

    The same problems with my Z while talking to my girlfriend my phone switch off and won’t reboot

  • frustrated Sony Lover

    it doesn’t work Jesse… In have done all that… and my Sony is all gone

  • Hector

    IS THIS A XPERIA FAN PAGE? CAUSE I FOUND SOME PEOPLE SO SATISFIED WITH THIS TOASTER!!! With all due respect I got a question for you people, Are you guys from places where ICE DOES NOT MELT??? If I am right I request you people try this phone any place where water does not freeze outside, I can bet you will discover its overwhelming temperature is enough to poach an egg. SONY could have informed us about this “Feature” or a warning that this set is only for ESKIMO. And in the end something from me to SONY- You Lied Us SONY… Dont Say It Did Not Get Hot Before Launching.

  • p

    Fortunately have not had to deal with a cracked screen. However, my Sony
    Experia did recently just up and die on me for no reason at all. March
    3rd or 4th, 2014 my phone just stopped accepting a charge. I tried
    several different phone chargers, but none of them worked. So,
    eventually my phone ran out of juice and shutdown permanently. Nothing
    would bring it back to life, so I sent it in and they replaced it.
    Interestingly perhaps and on another note, they kept asking me if it was
    water damaged, and I said no. They asked me to check the white strips
    to see if they were still white (if not it indicates water damage). So,
    despite all they hype of taking this phone under water or being
    water-resistant (or even water-proof) I’ve never bought into it as my
    latches stopped properly sealing within the first couple weeks I owned
    my phone … no way they would keep any water out .. no chance! What’s
    interesting is that despite positioning this phone as being
    water-resistant, from the way they kept asking if I it had water damage
    or if I had taken it in water, they certainly seem to change their tune
    about water-resistance or proof once you have a problem with the phone. I
    even said to T-Mobile rep, water damage? I thought it was water-proof.
    He said water-resistant. Perhaps they should stop pushing the photos
    under water thing if they aren’t going to replace the phone once it does
    have water damage. Haven’t tried it, and won’t any time soon. Again,
    the seals don’t work … wouldn’t ever dream of taking this phone in or
    under water.

  • Flynn Sharp

    confirmed a hard reset worked for me.

  • hrishi

    iam sick of xperia z.want to throw it in dustbin..few months back some software issue and it was replaced and now its switched of on its own and not even charging.i regret so much for buying this shit

  • Alexis Pivot

    I was using my xperia z when the screen stopped on what I whas doing.
    When i do forced stop, the phone stop but when I switch on, the problem still appears.
    Please help me.
    (Sorry for my english, I’m french)

  • Olumide

    my sony xperia z has been dead for 9hours now and i have tried all the hard reset and power button too but its still not coming on or if i try plugging it to power to charge too its not giving any sign even if i connect it to my laptop please what can i do ?

  • Yaseer

    My phone has died after I dropped it with the cover on. No cracks resulting from the drop. I tried to reboot by pressing the power button and volume up key but no luck. I even tried charging it but still no luck. What a piece of crap. I’m gonna switch to Samsung. Better phone and better after sales service.

  • barbbfly

    yes mine had died 2 x’s had it since jan 2014 a z1 i took out the simcard and put it back and it works – sony could you tell rpgers mobile server in winnipeg that this is happening? its bad when u lopose all contacts pics and i’d have to pay 50$ to rent a backup ph to wait for fixing mine -i am also paying 8$ for insurance a mth and its obvioUsly a LEMON PH!!!

  • hipster

    siss just tried the fix for her xperia something arother…. worked first time… brill brill brilll thanks…

  • Zenfanlosean

    My sony xperia z suddenly stopped working. What should I do? I tried the pressing power with volume up and vice versa, but no sign of life.

  • Ashref Raj

    Oh my God!! My phone was working till last night. Today morning I showered my phone ( with all flaps firmly closed ) And I turn it off. After I wiped off the water, I cannot turn on my phone!! Help me. When I connect the charger, the notification light blinked red once, the same while removing the charger. No vibration, no sound, nothing! Even the liquid indicators turned red!! Help me get rid of this! :(

  • rob

    hard reset worked- thanks a lot! beforehand the phone just suddenly lost all life, didn’t even pick up that a charger was in.

  • Jasim

    Hai, My Xperia z phone has some problems.. There is a sudden drop in battery Charge, then i checked the battery usage, it shows me that google services have consumed 91 %, i wondered because all google related services are in off. Then how it came?? After that i just switched my phone to safe mode, its working fine.. Still i can’t understand what happened at that time.

  • sergio aguayo

    xperia zl died again after recovered at movistar repair service. same symptons, no reason or pattern. is there a fix or shall we have to change model or brand?? tks

  • soon_to_be

    My Xperia Z keeps dying, what the hell is wrong with it?

  • MIhyay

    I had the phone for almost a year then it started too shout down . I had the latest software and I send it out with SONY Canada for a repair when I got it back the repair man said ” 9 Software application problems” “Defective Battery” all though I have just had it back less then 24 hours ago. The phone seams Okay. hours

  • Jennifer Sauer

    My Xperia already sometimes would just deactivate itself, which was weird. But now, for already three nights in a row, when I wake up it has turned itself off. I keep the phone charging at night so it can’t be that it is out of power. This is a very annoying problem because I can’t trust my phone to wake me in the morning.
    It’s a 1,5 year old Xperia James Bond edition

  • myia ng

    After update the lates version of xperia z,everytime after answer the call it will always death

  • thea

    i have also an xperia z phone but after charging it doesn’t power on

    i tried power on + volume up but it doesn’t work for me

    pls help!!!

  • edwriter

    My phone just died yesterday. Full charge. Can’t turn it on. Getting mailed another one but I’m not keeping it long.

  • aliciaslou

    I bought my xperia two days ago, went to sleep, put on charge , i woke up with a phone who does not work.. –* Thank you very much for the advice (volume up + start) it worked!!!

    Ps: apparently the new update of the software does not help the problem ..

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  • ankur

    My Xperia p have same dying problem, its battery percentage get fluctuates, n when its near to 30 % its dies a sudden death…. Anyone please help me , I even had master reset , n also hard reset as mentioned above, but none was helpful

  • Bryn Jenkins

    my Xperia Z has died after 5 months. The battery was on a low 5% when it died. What shall i do? Bryn

  • Ryan

    I have had my Sony Xperia ZL for at most 7 months then all of a sudden my screen starts slowly fading away then the screen just shuts off and will not turn back on and the battery was at like 94%. I have also tried hard restart and nothing happens. My phone has never seen water, it’s been in a case and has had a screen protector on it since the first day i bought it. Then out of a blue it just dies. I am fucking pissed.

  • Chin Jun Lin

    My Xperia Z power off automatically even it has plenty of charge left, I can switch on but it will also power off when it is switching on…Is this the battery issue?

  • jeremy

    My xperia z (6603) just died as well completely dead, I’m not really happy about this regardless of what sony says, if this was an update issue from sony, the phones should be replaced.

  • Jit Thakor

    i have sony xperia Z1, yesterday my mobile died with full battery while in fb app, i have been unable to restart my phone, prior to this sudden death i updated my mobile to the latest software via companion. I have tried all methods .. pressing power button + vol together
    charged mobile for 4 hours + still no sign of life ….. totally annoyed and angry as sony equipment are good quality and reliable ,,,, until now … do i return back to apple ?

  • Francis

    For me it is my Xperia C is has died suddenly…fourth time in three weeks. Is there a fix for this?

  • Zudin Bpz

    hey my xperia z is on and i can still touch it but the screen is black and i don’t know what am I touching i tried everything but doesn’t work please help me

  • Emanuel Handoyo

    What if I run out of battery? It can connect to the charger but It won’t charge? I charge it all day but nothing happened

  • Olivia Pope

    My Xperia suddenly went out of charge and will not Charge or Power up anymore. When a power cable is plugged in, it blinks red three times and goes off. It has been off for two days now. Do I throw it to the dustbin?

  • Haider

    This problem is start when I update my phone jellybean to kitkat .. Its really irritating

  • Haider

    Please solve this problem

  • amsohco

    is dead…
    my phone is one month it just want off and nothing can be done, tried all the kominini….
    super fantastic phone but this issue is b******b

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  • Pravash Sunuwar

    My phone is not opening. I left it to charge and when I tried to use it. The LED light is still glowing! Can anybody help me???

  • Pravash Sunuwar

    I accidentally poured glue in my volume key and now it doesn’t get pressed!! How do I solve this problem?

  • Kevin jeyaratna

    same to mine. My phone is Sony Xperia M2 but it doesnt Work. Please Help. I tried but the light is working but not charging.

  • Thomas Ngu

    Mine just died yesterday, out of nowhere, had it for 2 years. Tried the hard reset, and still nothing. Battery was fine. May need to send this to sony themselves to fix it.


    My sony xeria Z1 is automatically turning Switchedoff
    even when it is 30%/ 40% / 50%…. And it is charging from 0% when i
    plugged into charging..

    Some times it starts with screem Android is Starting..

    Can u please suggest me whether i have to change my phone battery or another problem

    pls be suggest this email…

  • liko2k

    My wife’s z3 compact died after few weeks of use…It would not charge it would not switch on, it was not a simcard problem. Sony has to acknowledge the problem! See for yourself how big it is…­/Sudden-Death-of-Sony-xperia-Z3-Compact/td-p/877­345/page/16

  • Badhan

    i have rooted my sony xperia tx with KingRoot, but after restart it didn’t start. then i tried to software update with sony pc component, but it couldn’t take update. now it doesn’t take charge also and only sony logo is show up then screen shows nothing. now what should i do?? could u please tell me???

  • Mariyan Hristov

    And how will I update the software if I can not start it at all ?
    I have been trying everything for 2 months now since the battery drained to 0 and it’s not starting. Holding different combinations Vol + / – + Power , without Power button. Nothing happens. Red light sometimes show , sometimes not.

    Sony have to send new phones to those who are experiencing this frustrating issue with physically perfect phones.

  • Sah Silvestre

    O meu também tem o mesmo problema… no primeiro dia pensei que fosse problema de descarga da bateria, troquei e não funcionou, tentei fazer o reset mais não funcionou o que devo fazer?

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