Sony’s display calibration software ported to Xperia Z

by XB on 20th March 2013

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White Balance Xperia ZFor some reason Sony decided to ship the Xperia ZL (C650X) with display calibration software but left the Xperia Z out (C660X). The software allows users to separately adjust white balance, colour saturation and hue. Given the criticisms in some quarters over the Xperia Z display, it is surprising that Sony didn’t include the software, although we may see it appear in an upcoming update.

Thankfully the apk has been ported over from the Xperia ZL if you don’t want to wait. Your Xperia Z will need to be rooted for the calibration app to work, as you need to set the right permissions. Instructions to get this working can be found here.

White Balance Xperia Z

Thanks Anirudh and Luke!

  • weeeeooooo

    thank 4 sharing :)

  • malih

    I like the idea of calibrating the display of my phone’s display, really useful tool for someone like me.
    But why not include it on all phones? This could be an advantage for Sony.
    This is one thing I want Sony to fix, they do this thing where they include something for one phone and not the other, when there’s clearly no reason not to (other than lazyness of developer).


    Does work on Xperia S ?

  • Xyor

    Seems like all the newly released are having this app..SP, L, ZL..I think after couple updates, it’ll be available for all JBs…since it’s not sth that is very complicated

  • e.d

    does anybody know when the next update (4.2.2) will be available.

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  • jmcomms

    Sony Ericsson used to allow so much customisation of their phones, so what’s the harm in having an advanced menu within Display to let people just mess around with things?

    Sometimes people just like to play around, even if the end result might not be better.. that could also let people change the colour of the status bars, adjust icons, change fonts and select some pre-sets like ‘Vivid’, ‘Natural’ or whatever. Sony TVs have multiple modes, so it would fit perfectly with the Mobile BRAVIA Engine idea – but with some choices.

    If some consumers don’t care for these options, they never have to touch them. However, the fact that Sony has themes (which are fairly dull and uninspiring) it’s clear they see some value but just need to go the extra mile.

  • Awesome setting. Works on my z with locked boot loader but rooted. Improves colours on screen and viewing angles too

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  • ShinOrochiX

    Logical guess: no time soon. As we already know Sony is very slow at rolling out updates, the JB roll out is just about halfway. So 4.2.2 would probably be released by Sony between July-September; by that time Key Lime Pie would of been shown off by Google.

  • pongnamu


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  • Johny

    Hi mate ,
    I would like to flash this software without unlocking bootloader.Could you please let me know to do that thanks a lot.

  • This looks great!

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