Xperia P Jelly Bean test ROM leaks; hints at what will/won’t be included

by XB on 29th March 2013

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Xperia P JB Test_4The Sony Xperia P (LT22i) Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean test firmware, designed for developer devices has leaked. DooMLoRD from xda-developers has managed to boot the firmware to consumer devices and has made it available to all. The test firmware has version number 6.2.A.0.399 with kernel version number 3.0.8 (DooMLoRD says that the kernel will not be updated to a newer version on release).

The firmware has GSM disabled so you won’t be able to make calls, but if you want to preview the firmware, you should be able to give it a test run with both Wi-Fi working and GAPPS installed. Further details can be found at the source link below.

We have included some screenshots from the update. You’ll notice that the camera app has been updated. Unfortunately Small Apps will not be included in the JB update, but Stamina mode will be present. On the audio side, Clear Audio+ is included along with Xloud, the equaliser and Clear Phase. The latest media apps are also present along with the new lock screen.

Xperia P JB Test_0

Xperia P JB Test_1

Xperia P JB Test_2

Xperia P JB Test_3

Xperia P JB Test_4

Xperia P JB Test_5

Xperia P JB Test_6

Xperia P JB Test_7

Xperia P JB Test_8

Xperia P JB Test_9

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Ben, MScorpionZ and Saurabh!

  • jm


  • I’m quite impressed. As a Xperia P owner I can’t understand why Sony would actually spend time and money to update it. But I’m really happy that they are!

  • Erhan TÜTEK

    Why not change the kernel, Why not add a small applications, shit

  • ProWeirdo

    I’m so disappointed. Sony was my favorite for Xmor,BE, music features, camera, screen, but also for nice UI. It’s my oppinion, but I tried out on my Xperia S the new Xperia Home, and it sucks. I uninstalled homescreen updates to original (ICS’s) and now I know that it’s my favorite one, but I want/need Jelly Bean… Is there any app on xdaDevelopers that would let me use Timescape UI’s homescreen? I don’t like the new one because it’s also laggy!

  • Weird

    The multitasking menu looks weird!! Without the small apps window it just looks weird =(
    Prefer the old one… oh well =/

  • Renesis

    I own one Xperia P too. This is certainly unexpected for me.

  • cc

    i’m probably one of the few who doesn’t give a damn about when Sony launches new updates for android. I like ICS and its interface. I’m not very impressed by how JB looks like. Still Sony is my favorite brand :)

  • Issac Gonzalez

    It’s been confirmed that the camera bug got fixed.

  • Issac Gonzalez

    I actually agree with you. I’ll most likely stick to ICS Walkman app, I just don’t like the one they used for JB.

  • Issac Gonzalez

    Indeed, but it’s really cool that our Xperias P will look like the 2013 line of phones. :D

  • Issac Gonzalez

    Are you sure the camera app got updated? It pretty much looks the same. Also I doubt there’s stamina mode there, I know it was confirmed in the thread but he couldn’t even access that setting plus, in Xperia P ICS system apps you’ll find an app that’s called SuperStamina, which is extended Stanby Mode, so my guess is that it’ll keep the same.

    Also it was confirmed that the camera bug was fixed. I’m really impressed with this update to be honest.

  • What battery problem? P has 1320mAh battery – this is the main battery problem :))

  • MpDay

    What about the performance? This is the first novathor to run JB, right?

  • Xyor

    For those screaming babies who are all over the place and complaining the delay of the XS’s JB, please take a look at those comments under this post.

  • Issac Gonzalez

    From Sony, yes. And it’s to soon to tell if it’s smooth since this is a test ROM and has a lot of (test) files that slow down the phone.

  • Nilesh

    I think this multitasking is only in this test Rom because what’s the point of using such multitasking window without small Apps. I think Sony would either add small apps or revert it to original one…

  • AsadMulla

    apps in folders in the app drawer

  • jrill

    What about Xperia S update ?

  • zaid

    Stamina mode
    wooooow this feature is not included in any 2012 Xperia handset

  • Ibiki

    Actually… with mods I have all of it(without butter)but with small apps,and JB4.2 camera

  • Hummm… great news! But the camera has changed? Its seems the same for me.

    Does anyone know if the Xperia S will have the kernel 3.4???

  • I agree. I dont think that we’ll have the stamina mode, but the Stanby Mode

  • yes! it will be present on Xperia S?

  • Lucian

    it’s laggy only in ICS.. you’ll see it’s better in JB.. Isn’t better to have folders in app drawer?

  • Dimitris

    I don’t like so much the light colored call log.
    Does anyone know if JB has option also for the dark scheme like in ICS??

  • It’s just ridiculous that the Xperia E, Xperia P and etc, all get the new goodies, like that awesome new lockscreen, the new launcher without the stupid and redundant home button, the updated media apps and framework, and the Xperia J update was done in a such a lack of consideration for costumers.
    I know this is not an Xperia J related news, but seriously, they updated it like “Let’s just feed Jelly Bean with only stock features and without goodies to those dogs, they’ll love it”. I think they should give us these new goodies as well. Xperia J is more than capable of running them :(

    (they want us to ditch Xperia J and buy L and consider it an upgrade ….)

  • Nillo

    Domnload “Lightflow” in google play, and put the light you want for what you want

  • Xperia S

    Sony keep on omitting Xperia S incase of Jelly Bean….It’s my last phone on Sony…Learn to provide service from other manufactures…

  • Issac Gonzalez

    In Xperia J got new kernel, that’s better. After all, you can manually install the apps missing on the update. But yeah, XJ update wasn’t that great.

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  • Kima

    yes, it will have kernel 3.4.

  • Kima

    it will have extended Standby Mode

  • Kima

    Does anyone know who’s next for update, Xperia S or Xperia P? I know, according to schedule it’s supposed to be P, but what’s confuses me is that the leaked rom for P we have since yesterday while leaked rom for S is present by weeks… What do u think?

  • sinhue

    because unexpected? the update was confirmed in December; but congrats on the upgrade of its xperia P

  • Renesis

    Unexpected in the sense that there seems to be so many changes to the interface. Certain Samsung phones updates from ICS to JB but there seems to be not much difference between the changes.

  • Issac Gonzalez

    I’m pretty sure P will get the update first. Afterwards should follow Xperia Go. But I’m sure Xperia S will get the update one week after Xperia Go.

  • Antonio

    And what are the differences between 3.0.8 and 3.4 kernel?

  • joseph

    The camera app has been updated?

  • Will they change the menu button to recent apps? That would be cool.

  • ill they change the menu button to recent apps/ multitasking? That would be cool.

  • Khiem Diep

    I know right? I’ve been super happy with my Xperia P (except for some reception issues that got fixed) and so glad that it’ll receive Jelly Bean. Companies need to stop making these big ass phones and start making 4″ phones again! Then again, with Jelly Bean update, I don’t see a need to upgrade anytime soon.

  • nice, wel done sony. Love u. :)

  • sanxperia

    please don’t change the menu (6th picture) old one is better…… tis is only suitable for 4.8 or 5 inch screens. for Xperia P is not good to see….

  • sanxperia

    please don’t change the menu (6th picture) old one is better…… tis is only suitable for 4.8 or 5 inch screens. for Xperia P is not good to see….

  • Rolf Martin Schmidt

    But new homescreen and menu app has up to 7 homescreens instead as up to 5 with ICS. So more space for apps and widgets.

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  • Carlo

    Its March 30th, and still no sign of the JB update for the Xperia S. Either the guys who were posting the twitter feeds were pulling a fast one on everyone, or they were idiots when it came to translating the same.

    That being said, if the posts were true it only shows that Sony is in its own world, and need to get a proper calendar if they are to follow schedules set by themselves.

    With this being the last Sony (unless Google releases a Nexus device from them, which I doubt), I will be switching to iOS.

    They may not invent anything, but they did use the Sony camera sensor to its fullest, something that even the manufacturer i.e Sony can’t get the best out if it. They keep things simple and follow the schedule as promised.

  • Kima

    Don’t know what to think… They said by the end of march for Xperia P, today is 30. march and still no update… That means for S I’ll have to wait much longer… :(

  • hkg

    I think there is small apps because the task manager is different from what we see im ics its like 2013 Xperia phones

  • hkg

    The task manager shows that there will be small apps in official Rom I think!?

  • hkg

    Any way if there is not small apps you can root your phone and download it

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  • prateek

    Hey what is small apps? Please tell

  • Froxie

    And you can add them or remove as you wish. :)

  • SMF

    The white theme for dialler, messaging & small app’s icon is so bad, the dark or both is so better for all Sony jb devices
    Sorry bad en

  • nhanha

    hi i would like to ask. i receive notification of upadate center,, 6.1.1.b.1.75..should i update it?thank u

  • GetWay7

    You know what? I think SONY give us a information about update to JB because, they promised that. They share us a only screens to show that they “work” and now waiting for opinion.
    Where is small apps and 3.4 kernel? We still waiting since December 2012 and what they give us? New UI and number 4.1.2. Great….

    Sorry for my bad english.

  • George

    will small apps be available in xperia s/acro s ?

  • Froxie

    You shoud its ICS update.

  • neil

    hope the camera will work in *mp mode with flash currently more thn half screen turns black after a pic is taken…

  • neil


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  • sunilrvishu

    desperately waiting for the update… :o

  • Felipe Pimenta

    You got it all wrong. +Dimitris, no. Unless someone make a theme for it later (which I’m sure someone will).

  • Samuel Serafim

    Agreed. This new Sony Layout is very weird. I prefer the 4.0 version, launched in 2012.

  • sinhue

    but so xperia E has the new look, and that this smaller (3.5 inches against the xperia P 4 inches), and drive less colors, just a matter of getting used

  • Anuwak Soni

    please tell does ‘small app’ works with Xperia p ICS?? if yes how..
    Thanks in advance..hope to get a reply.

  • Guest

    Here is a video of this Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Leaked {6.2.A.0.399} ..chk it out guys…and Vote Up so that everyone can see! :)

  • Here is a video of this Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Leaked {6.2.A.0.399} ..chk it out guys…and Vote Up so that everyone can see! :)…..
    Waiting for JB m/

  • save

    isnt it laggy in jellybean?, i notice it in the video, kinda annoying. it takes time to load an app as far as i observed. correct if im wrong, i do have one too and im afraid to update it. =(

  • TrixzD

    They said April not March jeeze just wait. Yes we understand why Xperia S owners are upset but moaning aint gunna get you your update any earlier then Sony have said unless of course all you S owners want a really buggy rushed JB release.

  • pravz

    You should be happy that xperia j is at least getting jb… Youre better off than angry xperia u sola tipo users…

  • dimos


  • why dont you people understand that this is just a test rom you comment like this is the official rom

  • Froxie

    Omg. I cant believe how some people can be so (confused). This ROM isnt official, its a test ROM and in this video is also test ROM, leaked or whatever you want call it. Yes its laggy but that doesnt mean it will be like that in official version.

  • ARES

    Look son, what date is it? March passes by but still no update for Xperia S. Thanks for your promises now i’m ditching sony products.

  • Froxie

    Maybe they are thinking FROM the end of march not AT the end of march.
    I read some blogs and they all have different versions. Its just misunderstood in transfering of informations…

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  • Tush

    Can anybody tell me..y kernel is not going to update to latest version…n wen the fuck sony is going release jb for xperia p

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  • Chau Tu

    Anyone having problems with wifi on their Xperia p since the last recent update??????! When I turn on the wifi, it’d connect but then after a few minutes it would lose traffic but signal is still strongly visible! read somewhere that its a bug and will be fix after updating JB.

  • mdhun

    i couldn’t see my album pics… :(

  • I can’t seem to make folders within the app drawer. I can definitely make them in the homescreen and I have heard that the new Jelly Bean update allows folders in the app menu itself. I have tried dragging an app over the other but it just jumps back to its position. any help?

  • I can’t see my ALBUM PICS! What can I do???
    I don’t like the light coloured call log and purple walkman theme… my xperia p is slower with the JB, the ICS was much better. :(

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