JDI develops 5.2-inch OLED 1080p panel; production a long way off

by XB on 2nd April 2013

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JDI 5.2-inch OLEDJapan Display Inc (JDI), which is the joint venture between the display businesses of Sony Mobile, Hitachi and Toshiba, has developed a 5.2-inch OLED Full HD (1080 x 1920) display according to reports. The panel has a density of 423 PPI and uses a RBGW pixel structure i.e. it uses an additional white pixel to the normal red, blue and green arrangement. Sony Mobile branded this pixel structure as WhiteMagic when using a TFT LCD version in the Xperia P.

This panel is larger than the previously announced 4.5-inch OLED 720p panel with a 326 PPI pixel density, expected to enter mass production in fiscal 2014. Don’t expect the 5.2-inch screen to enter production any time soon – reports say it will be at least two to three years away.

JDI 5.2-inch OLED

Thanks Wael and Wesley!

  • lovebmw

    This screen has a promising future, they need to work faster on it.

  • ctmray

    Hmm maybe it will bring better brightness and a lot less drain than the current ones.
    That extra white pixel is the trick.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    We need a battery revelation.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I wonder if PHOLED is to expensive or difficult to produce or whether we will see it launch around the time when OLED starts to hit the market

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    The P’s brightness was around 900 lumens vs Iphone 5’s 550

  • Michael Felton

    this is great news for me actually. this means i can get xperia z or what xperia i end up with this year and have it for two years then i can expect a 1080p 443ppi OLED RGBW 5.2″ display to upgrade to and not feel bad about it because i know what to expect in two years :)

  • Wesley

    If the screens of 5.2 inches WhiteMagic will be available of here 2, 3 years then the Crystal LED Display will not be a reality soon, either for our TVs or for our mobile devices. A Xperia with Crystal LED Display would be feast your eyes!

    Sorry my english.

  • it means if i want to buy new xperia series in coming month, all flagship still using TFT LCD even with cybershoot xperia (if the rumours are true) .. but i’ll stick with my xperia z since display is not important for me :)

  • Anthony Wardhana

    It should be, coz the display type is OLED.
    Maybe RGBW solved the problem for OLED when displaying white colour and still drain less

  • jag

    Yeah.. then you will all be complaining about the burn-in of oled in the screen.. Hehe! Unless they can make a solution for this issue.

  • Jan

    wth? two or three years? hope it will be flexible.

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  • Anthony Wardhana

    Lets hope for the best then

  • Saurab Ghosh

    True..it’s the basic thing for a revolutionary gadget.

  • jag

    Yep. Because a lot of cases/ issues like this happened to the PS VITA… If they will put this OLED to mobile phones then burn-in of display will inevitably occur because of long usage like when you are web browsing

  • Rob C
  • Raffael Oliveira Sousa

    PS VITA uses a Samsung OLED display bro.

  • jag

    I see, i know it’s OLED but I’m not sure about the manufacturer. That’s why ps vita also have issues of this “burn-in” of display. Also samsung phones using OLED screens suffer from this.

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