Japan Display showcases new screens at FPD 2012

by XB on 5th November 2012

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The FPD 2012 convention took place in Yokohama, Japan last week showcasing the latest flat panel display technology. We took particular interest in what Japan Display Inc (JDI) had to show as some of the developments from the company (formed by Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba) may find its way to an upcoming Xperia model.

The 5-inch 1080p display that we reported on recently was at the show with WhiteMagic and Pixel Eyes branding. WhiteMagic technology has a RGBW matrix, adding the extra white pixel for a much brighter screen or power efficiency. Pixel Eyes is the brand name for integrated touch panels. JDI has also developed a 4.5-inch OLED panel with a 326 PPI pixel density and is expected to enter mass production in fiscal 2014. Another display showcased was a paper-like low-power colour LCD which can display video. Check out a video of some of what was on show below.

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  • penubag

    Now this is innovation! Unlike what our Korean friends do.

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  • Sebastian Garcia Londoño

    1 m.m bezel, digitilizer incluided, whitemagic and the highest ppi and resolution… if sony dont get in 2013 the xperia nexus, i am gonna shoot myself

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Talk from here till the end of world but …. you must know…
    It is still “LCD” which is an old screen -> old technique
    The most advanced screen currently is Super AMOLED HD
    And that’s true…. you cannot deny that unless you’re ignorant or obstinate.

  • megane198

    It is so thin. And JDI uses trademark of Sony like WhiteMagic and PixelEyes.

  • penubag

    “Super” AMOLED “HD” is a gimmick. And know who invented OLED also do you?

    Also by your logic I can also say Super AMOLED HD –> OLED –> old technique. Hardily. Your argument is null.

  • Lunkz

    AMOLED has a overrated colour management. When you take a picture of a flower with a e.g. Canon EOS 1D X and put this image to a phone with AMOLED a phone with LCD and the last one a Display with IPS Panel which one shows the real colours?

    1. IPS 2. LCD 3. AMOLED.

  • Foxey Goh

    Sony is really up there.

  • rickiking

    This is what I’m talking about. The reason why I like Sony, despite the numbers and the marketing hype of other manufacturer, is they invent/innovate. They don’t copy or borrow technology unlike those top 2 manufacturers with copycat issues.

  • Ned

    LOL. That’s nice, dude! And I would support you sacrificing yourself if you include better custom UI and lower pricetags for non-Nexus Xperia.

  • SomeBody

    Somehow I wouldn’t give my S27A950 away for an OLED shit… No idea why… I’m stupid I guess, that’s why… rofl

    LCDs are faster, have higher image quality, have a lot better color reproduction and they are much cleaner & sharper

  • SomeBody

    IPS is a type of LCD, not a different category.

    1. LCD (IPS) 2. LCD (TFT) 3. OLED

  • kurtdean

    Xperia t camera is very good in low light and better than Nokia lumia 920!

  • kurtdean
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTNuHf3ROJA Xperia t Very good low light performance compared to Lumia 920

  • Please make super-low consumption priority, I think 326ppi is good enough already. :)

  • jxPerience

    JDI uses the most of SONY technology! (Whitemagic and Pixel eye) I can see SONY has bigger part of this technology.

  • jxPerience

    ok compare amoled of samsung to old LCD screen of SONY! and you can see OLD TECH from SONY can compete in the most advance screen of SAMSUNG. what more if SONY will use its advance display competing to SAMOLED? for sure samsung display is nowhere near in SONY’s new display.

  • I’ll support you!! Just to make Xperia nexus come true! xD

  • Wow, you’ve beat the record…
    Never seen a person with 27 thumbs down and without a single thumbs up.

  • Wassim

    If Sony use this latest stunning 326 ppi OLED screen from JDI in their next devices, we can see new leadership in the markets in the coming years.

  • Megamind

    I want PS Phone with this screen, Oh god! Sony kills everything.

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  • soshi

    agree with you the most problem with battery consumption is display

  • ?? ?

    44 now

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    where is the link to the OLED display?

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    you guys missed this a display that is 2.3″ with 651PPI http://www.j-display.com/english/news/2012/20120604.html

  • it is stupid to use fullHD on 5″. 300 ppi is optimal. They have too big batteries to cope with such energy consumption?

  • xperia is good but still has a lot of grey noise something like a fog and a little bit less detalization if compare with two other phones.

  • Jan

    JA <3 PI?? CALI

  • this had to be ready for MY YUGA

  • weeeeeee9

    64 nw ;)

  • Lunkz

    Sry my bad.

  • Coolkid

    Great find mate… Where did U find it from, actually…???

  • owl

    Wow. The paper-like display is really a breakthrough! I’ve never heard of a colour e-paper screen with that good a refresh rate before.

    With the low power consumption, and if they make the screen flexible, imagine this: making a phone with the entire chassis made of this (including or excluding the primary display, depending on whether you prefer traditional LCD or this), and suddenly phone colours are a thing of a past. Going for a meeting? The phone turns black at the touch of the screen. At the gym? Hmmm, maybe red. At the beach? Bright yellow please.

    This can even be extended to use as notification “LED”!

  • kurtdean

    from browsing youtube mate

  • kurtdean

    this guest is me btw

  • Basharca

    80 nw ;)

  • Super Suckmoled

    No! 1. LCD (IPS) 2. LCD (TFT) 3. Super Amoled, actually OLED technology is much better than LCD, just Samsung’s Super Amoled that SUCKS.

  • PRo

    81. Count me in !!!!

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  • Coolkid

    Oh… Cool…:)

  • SomeBody


  • SomeBody

    There ya go

  • Null argument indeed.

  • I’m more comfy with the 4.3″ panel; that’s a reasonable screen size right there. Pity, it is not clear as to when it will be mass produced.

  • Truth be told, the Xperia cam is really holding its own here, but damn that crappy auto focus! Another thing I have noticed here: we are actually looking at these fone’s displays, rather than their cameras quality, with the exception of scenarios where the ambiance is quite dark; this is where the effects of the cameras become more apparent.

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