Sony Poland says Xperia S Jelly Bean update due in a “few days”

by XB on 2nd April 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia S

ThumbnailWe never know whether to trust what members of Sony Mobile’s social media team say when it comes to firmware updates. Case in point, a few weeks back Sony Mobile Germany hinted that the Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update would be out by the end of March. However, more recently they are now talking of a vague Q2 launch.

More often than not they are wrong when it comes to firmware timelines. We’ve seen it so many times before, a date is hinted at before it is retracted and the company line is towed. Anyway, as you may have noticed recently our comments section has been besieged from understandably frustrated Xperia S owners waiting for info on the Jelly Bean update.

Well to give Xperia S users hope, Sony Mobile Poland has said that the Jelly Bean update is expected to go live in the next few days according to a reply on Facebook. We wouldn’t go celebrating just yet though, given all of the above. Fingers crossed.


  • Keon Fraites

    Lets hope they’re right with this update coming to us in a few days bit.

  • Xyor

    Here it is, news about XS’s JB….I wonder why there isn’t any angery ion/Acro S owners

  • Sagar

    Fingers crossed :d

  • Nek0

    Sony please, make it happen!

  • xperia s user

    Hope its right this time nah

  • Antonio Rabuzin

    2. April ?? :P

  • sepi

    Why???????? :-(

  • Nek0

    I was thinking the same, hope it’s not an april’s fools joke

  • Fawwaz

    We need it for Xperia Ion too :3

  • Guest

    How about Xperia Ion and Acro S, I hope a same time :D

  • I think they mistook April 2 for April fools !!:/
    But fingers are crossed !! :)

  • here is one ION user … grr ..

  • Hannad Ahmed

    I would laugh if someone still but ” jelly bean xperia S when….?” in the comment section.

  • i hope ION’s update will come after XS as soon!!

  • Sagar

    Link to the thread?

  • Xyor

    Me too…

  • Xyor

    But you’re not angry…right?

  • Carlo

    Sony as a phone manufacturer should go and bl0w another manufacturer. Tired of waiting for JB update for the Xperia S. I will say that Nokia who’s put all the eggs in the Windows 8 mobile basket, seem to be doing a better job. Seems like some companies will never change . . . No matter what advantage they have. A donkey, will always be a donkey no matter how much you educate it; it will never become a horse . . .

  • daniel rosca

    ok! I stay linked! I thynk sony start to pee on clients and all they are selling is just nice shaped empty boxes…!

  • Michael Chen

    too late,too late, but i’ll wait,baby, I’m from China.

  • Allowmetodoubt

    So what happend to the other phones that was supposed to get it before the S? I dont think they will release JB to several phones in a few days…

  • ohkk, So Xperia S users turn Over, Nw Ours Turn, Wher…… Whr is the 4.2 Update for Xperia “Z”…lolzz Tell me Sony Wherr….. Wherr Sony Wherr !!!!!

  • ml_konvicted27

    I have been patient in waiting for this jellybean on my xperia s, though it seems a long way run to wait, still i amthankful an update is comingg along soon. However, I stickrd to what sony mentioned regarding schedule of update. However my concern is, up until this moment xperia p hasn’t received yet the update. My gripe is that if this would be the case, we would have to wait a little longer for our update, worse case up until end of april. Hope this would not happen and the release for xperia s jb will materialize the soonest possible. Still excited for the update :)

  • Võ Ph??ng

    Same Here Bro:(

  • AA

    I think they’re trying to change by not releasing a lot of phones this year (so they don’t need to maintain so many devices). But I agree that this updating schedule is intolerable. The reason why I need an update so badly is because my Xperia S needs to be rebooted about every 2 weeks now due to sluggishness. I am hoping an update will change that.

  • SONY,you like playing this waiting game a lot eh?

  • and they said they would release 4.2 update for Xperia Z within march.. Way to go! April is here already

  • Carlo

    The marketing strategy of Sony is sad. Release a bunch of units, and ingore them in the following year. They did this as Sony Ericsson, and they continue to do the same on their own. Great job!

  • SonyFan

    and now the Xperia Ion Acro S Users will troll…
    Xperia Z will get Display-WhiteBalanceSetting with 4.2.2 update which is in two/three weeks

  • Abdiel Acosta Gallegos

    Xperia p????????????????’

  • Wolf0491

    I have the Ion and the Z I should start yelling in every post for updates on both it obviously helps

  • :O

  • Sam

    Rightly said, dunno what the f***k is wrong with Sony. Retarded.

  • Babylonbwoy

    “as you may have noticed recently our comments section has been besieged from understandably frustrated Xperia S owners waiting for info on the Jelly Bean update”

    That’s the less you can say, every damn blog post comment section there are XS user whining for the update. Do like me and sell the mother fucker, I’m zen now that I don’t have to think/wait for an update that should have come 6 month before !

  • Babylonbwoy

    march 2014 ?

  • Xyor

    I have TL too, And that would absolutely be helpful for getting updates

  • surethom

    I had a tweet from SonyXperiaGB & they said it should be out within a few weeks after March, Hopefully??

  • Raymond

    Just a question, it’s great to see Xperia S finally getting Jelly Bean, but what happened to the 4.2.2 update for the Xperia Z at the end of March? Hmm.

  • I only trust on Sony Mobile facebook.

  • surethom

    Tweet from SonyXperiaGB.

    “Our blog currently states it is planned in the subsequent weeks after the end of March. Any new info will be posted there – Aimee”

  • Wolf0491

    TL Haas jellybean? I updated my sisters and my friends already

  • Xyor

    I know…just making jokes on angry XS users

  • Laurynas

    Thanks Sony !!

  • Please sony mobile try jelly bean for Xperia sola and u.

  • don’t be so excited!!! we all know the ‘few days’ of sony. count around 20 April +

  • sam5700

    Looking at these behaviour of sony….me definately not going to buy sony phones from now and nor going to recommend it to anyone also………
    farewell sony!!!!
    hello samsung,apple and nokia……..ds companies keep their customers happy…..whereas sony just keep their customers wait,wait and wait…….

  • DeLorean75

    Sony Mobile is constantly struggling to keep up with Android updates. Too slow for my taste. They must improve. Guess I’ll have to buy a Nexus next time.

  • typed on xperia s

    Well Where to start in this mess. Firstly from what I can gather thee jb update for s and p is first then ion whenever the hell that will be secondly sony said It MAY! Release its update at the end of march so really theirs no guarantee on thee release of the almighty baked jelly beans and although it is frustrating im not going to let that Put my phone down ,update or not its still a pretty kick ass phone for e.g I dot know any other phone ass of yet that I can plug into the tv and play all my favorite old ps1 games and use a ps3 controller to make life easier. So inn conclusion im sure its worth waiting for and if you are too impatient and cant wait buy bioshock infinate to kill the time cus its an absolute sick game 10/10 anyway thats my opinion

  • Mazin Hanna

    hhhhhhh, no comment, I already did. But still I am awaiting this from SONY cause once it released others competitors will have already released 4.2.2.

  • emre


  • Dime

    Is this really possible because i thought it will be at the end of april and don’t bother myself with this stupid update … but let see maybe they read our comments :)

  • essamhammad740

    Brothers here is what Sony support reply to me

  • Few Years? Very nice Sony, Samsung Galaxy ace 2 has already JB

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  • smith

    Wpierw SONY musi wyprzeda? zaleg?o?ci magazynowe z Xperi Z, ZL a dopiero potem b?d? robi? aktualizacje, bo w taki sposób nic nie zarobi? na nowych smartfonach. Prawa rynku, to wszystko!

  • Oh, I thought its the people who complained that flagship should get JB updates first. They did didn’t they? Update the flagship first, T, TX *etc* then S

  • Fark you Sony.. Why so friggin long for a update.n s n ion get update b4 acro s

  • I think its trying to communicate to us

  • Guest

    New sad information ):

  • Sad news ):

  • rus_media

    Ericsson took all the professional developers with them when they divided from Sony. Lazy Sony, go to sleep again. Software and OS development is not for you. Give it to Samsung or other. You should only produce the set. As so many companies use your parts.

  • rus_media

    Believe it or not. I already canceled my Xperia Z. Cause I know they will dump it within a year.

  • rus_media

    They already lost a group of Sony fan for this

  • rey33

    enjoying cm 10.1 while waiting the update B)

  • DrStrangelove

    I really hope so. But I don’t share the hate, I enjoy mine even with 4.0, and when I bought it I already knew Sony is slow.

    But Sony often does strange things that seem positively brain damaged. Because they don’t make any sense in any possible way.

    It’s a less important matter than JB, but what the hell are they doing with the settings button on the home screen? It obviously should open up the settings, right? First they change its function so that it does exactly the same as tapping on empty space on the screen, then they disable it completely.

    I mean, what’s the f*cking point in that? What were they thinking, or rather, what were they dropping? Sometimes they really amaze me.

    Here’s hoping they’ll fix that with the JB upgrade. We’ll see.

  • ???

    sony loves lying do not believe that Samsung and HTC to upgrade Jelly Bean for a very long time with Samsung note S2 2011 models can only be ashamed to say SONY

  • How is that a sad news? :/

  • when the jelly bean release in Gujarat (India) …..???? for xperia S

  • Dean

    Hoping more, Losing more. i don’t hope anything anymore?_?

  • rohan rathod

    sony givexperia ion jelly bean update fast after xperia s

  • Last time Sony Germany said Android 4.1 of XS would roll out in late March, and we can see what happen after that. The company always “leaks” the firmware, home.apk, Find My Xperia etc. in order to let you shut up for a while. They never learn the lesson from the angry customers as well as the effective update done by manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC. They don’t know what is customer loyalty. They only regard upgrade as a bonus or marketing strategy. When the phones are still in great stock, they roll out updates quickly and always sell those phones. They release many phones every year with limited stock, so they do not support much for each phone. We will see the next year that Xperia Z owners complain the upgrade because there are more and more flagship phones.

    Sony always think of selling phones, and does not devote time to after-sale services and support. They are shit and irresponsible.

    At least, they should tell customers the approximate time, but they didn’t. Rather, they said vaguely that XS will follow up after update of other phones. The update can be in April, May and June and even 100 years later. When you ask everything, they give you words without any answers or meanings. I think the update of Xperia S will be done when they finish selling Xperia Z.

  • when will it arrive the SEA region =————————=

  • And when S was the flagship still it received the ics last

  • When S was still the flagship, they were updating phones normally. Oldest to the newest, arc/s/neo/ray then the NXT line.

    The feedback they received is that people want the newest flagship to get update first, so they did, T/TX/V was the newest flagship, S is not the flagship anymore

  • Leong chun kuen

    Sony… I believe… Why the update so slow because you guys have some new special features for us right? Please say yes

  • ABG

    Once they receive JB they will start nagging about Key Lime update.

  • hahahahaha…………..where is that jellybean for X’S guy

  • ProWeirdo

    That’s the proof that people shouldn’t trust Germans! Polacy s? najlepsi!

  • so for a S user he recieved when his phone was the flagship, it recieved the update last, well because fuck sony, and when it wasnt the flagship still it will recieve the update last. I really think sony people are not mature enough to handle a smartphone business successfully, even though they recieved a boost of fans when they restarted their Xperia line, sadly they lost a major chunk of their supporters due to this fiasco.

  • I think you didn’t understand what i wrote. “it received the update last” you were going to get the update before T/TX/V/J. When it was still the flagship, Sony were updating phone normally, first come first serve but apparently people didn’t like that, they want the newest flagship to get update first and they bitch about it.
    When T/TX/V/J comes out, they’re the newest flagship (phones), S is not the newest flagship anymore. So Sony they did exactly what the customers want, the newest phone(s) first.

  • screwing S both ways

  • Why? It’s a good device even for today’s 5inch 1080p Quad cpu standard. Mine is running Ubuntu Touch (Xperia S) so getting JB doesn’t concern me that much since i have XZ now.

  • xs

    Update dont make money!!! Support of Sony is like ***t!
    First Xperia Z to make much money!

  • I don’t think there ever will be KLP update for XS. Xda is the only source.

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  • Ney

    That what happens when a company releases 14 phones per year.

  • anon

    Why is it so important anyway? Is your phone not working on ics? Is having jb SO IMPORTANTthat you can’t use the phone without it?

  • well, I am mad, but decided to hold on. I know manufacturers are like this :(

    as they have said upgrade will be available, it hopefully will be available, so its best to wait for a little while to get a quality upgrade instead of a half assed one.

    and as I feel probably this would be the last upgrade for the ION. I will just go with another ROM as soon the upgrade hits. xda community are awesome :p

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  • dime

    Waiting and waiting it’s not problem Sony just keep on like this… Why not to wait more!?

  • vision

    Sony, we are so fed up with your promises!!! Look at Samsung and on their List of updates and learn the lesson… SONY you already fail few dates with JB for SXS so stay in tune please fail mid of April – I believe in you SONY!

  • Roshan

    This may be my last sony phone.

  • roobs

    and why is that sony said that xperia P and Go would receive the update before the S? :P

  • Did they get the update yet? No? Then no. Either that or maybe because they’re NovaThor

  • rus_media

    May be you are new with Sony’s behavior

  • well well well.. it seems my brother acro s will have to wait another 1 – 3 months,
    it doesn’t matter for me if jellybean upgrade for xperia Z will not coming “after launch” as sony said before Z launch but i’m kinda hope when there’s an update for xperia Z, image processing, superior auto, will get an update too

  • XcDcS

    I lol’d!

  • safuan

    lolz…why xperia p update 1st?why not s…?

  • safuan

    lolz…why xperia p update 1st?why not s…?

  • Basharca

    If you want the update to change that, you need to do a factory reset after updating, trust me the performance of the phone will blow you away!

  • Joseph Billing

    Do you just mean turning it off and on again? You’re supposed to that every 24 hours. X10 was the same. I doubt that will change with the update.

  • Ge098

    Sony, If you are going to make us wait this long, have the decency to let all of us have unlockable bootloaders. I would have got Jelly Bean 4.2.2 through Cyanogenmod AGES ago. But no, Sony has to fuck it up (my Xperia S says ‘bootloader unlock allowed: no’). This is what discouraged me to buy the Xperia Z. It is one beast of a phone but Sony you are a piece of shit company with really bad customer service and are really fucking behind in updates.

  • hadi-anwar-ajis

    fuck you SONY shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hadi-anwar-ajis

    what the hell is wrong with SONY????????

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  • Ray

    I am a previous Xperia ray owner and I am quite satisfied that Sony gave me the ICS update for my ray at the first time. But after shifting to my Xperia S, things are starting to get worse. Not to mention the JB update, even firmware updates are nowhere to be found. Well having JB isn’t a big deal for me actually, it’s just that I don’t want myself to be out of the crowd. Please make it happen as soon as possible, Sony. If JB doesn’t arrive soon, I might consider an XZ?

  • I am waiting jelly bean since it was first announced, so a FEW DAYS delay would be acceptable, though a LOT OF DAYS or A FEW MONTHS delay that always occurs would be extremely frustrating… I can’t wait any longer!!!

  • George

    hahaha i reboot every day dear

  • George

    how can we talk to them online like that? can someone give me a link please? Thanks

  • Sahir

    Nothing certified for Xperia P yet, it’s already april forget about release and then XS. Sony kiss my ass.

  • xperiaSowner

    Sony normally do not listen to what people has to say, or what they want, its as simple as that, every xperia S owner wants S to get updated first and so applies for all other devices, Sony updated T/TX/V early to get high sales rate for these devices while they were still hot in the market.

  • Either you don’t understand what I wrote or you’re colossal idiot

  • akizora


  • Piyush

    FEW DAYS? How much? Its 3 days already.
    I am so annoyed with this update shit. Make it happen sony!

  • That means I won’t be able to access certain websites once Jelly Bean is on due to lack of Flash, unless they come up with a solution.

  • Gareth Bale

    I don’t ‘make’ believe in Sony anymore and the other stupid smartphone makers. I’m going back a few years to the glory years of the Nokia 3310. F**k them!

  • Oren

    just use boat or firefox browsers

  • ??? ?? ?? ??

    ??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ..?? ???? ??????? 5 ???? ?? ???? ?? ????? ???? ??????? ?????????..????? ?????

  • xperiaSowner

    Why is it so that no one understands what you want to say, its either your are super idiot or your genetics are imbalanced :P

  • *you’re

  • Alex

    What is faster: JB for Xperia S or HL2 ep3?

  • raj

    i think we are just keep giving sony chance one after another, sony will only learn hard way if they don’t care about their loyal customers.

  • raj

    i already told my friends , family and relatives not to buy sony phone anymore if you want a phone buy from samsung atleast they push proper(less buggy os) update, s2 already got 4.1 treatment and xperia s still waiting, i bet by the time sony release 4.1 for xs samsung would already have release 4.2……

  • raj

    #####################ONLY FOR SONY########################




  • Xperia go

    Xperia go just needs a jelly bean. It’s realy good phone, but OS it needs newer…

  • mad max

    even micromax canvas 2 got a jelly bean update i think this tells a lot.

  • dime

    In a few weeks or months they mean…

  • anonnn

    two years ago… bye sony hello nexus

  • koma

    Days will turn to weeks and weeks will turn to months

  • a week later and still no update. i think in poland they dont know very good english. i imagine they wanted to say in a few weeks or months.

  • raj

    xperia t/tx/v is not flagship phone anyway

  • suraj

    Wht the hell ru doing sony developer why xperia s not getting JB ….

  • Sony GEEK

    well it is always as all said . the flagship always get the last update . waited for two weeks no news for XS J.B

  • tiggerlator

    I dont understand all the whining, what does a feww days or even weeks matter? My s works fine on ics and it is a good device. Jb will come so just hold on and enjoy it when it does.

  • Xperia S Angry Owner X(

    Yeah Seriously I’m sick of this BS!
    Sony -_- Why?

  • XPERIA S JELLY BEAN UPDATE is Releasing in selected Countries : Check it out Here :

  • fadi haddad

    Sony a few days may perhaps be a few months?!?!?!? I was waiting for the update from February and April will finish but with no update Samsung is developing more than you are Sony

  • Random

    lol. first they said by the end of march. on 3rd april they said “in the following days”. Bet you anything the update won’t roll out before may.

    xperia s is my first android phone. Bought it used for extremely cheap in June 2012. Since then, they released Ion, Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia Z. On the other hand, Samsung released the galaxy s3 at about the same time. Difference is, SGS4 hasn’t released yet. And then, the updates. I’m not even in the right mood to speak about these. If they keep going on with this bullshit, I can tell for sure this will be my last Sony device.

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