Xperia S Jelly Bean rollout commencing in late March?

by XB on 13th March 2013

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Sony JBSony Xperia S (LT26i) owners are feeling quite unloved at the moment. The handset hasn’t received a firmware update since September last year, despite it being the (early) 2012 flagship device for Sony. We get many comments each day asking when can we expect to receive the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update for the handset.

Well it looks like the Sony Mobile Germany team may have given us a clue. In a response to the same question on twitter, it responded “we will begin the rollout of Android 4.1 for the Xperia S in late March” (translated). This would be great news if true, but we’ll wait and see. Sony’s official communication on the matter is that Xperia S owners will receive it from April. At least there’s hope it may arrive early in that month rather than later.

Thanks Nils!

  • Andreas Kießling

    Great :)
    I really hope they release it in march so I can install the official Jelly Bean not the unofficial.

  • von

    As long as its bug free and superbly optimized for the S/SL, I really don’t have any problem waiting until April.

  • Felixjo666

    Finally !!!!! :D
    Time to shut the other bitches up !! 3:D

  • AlexBurnout

    I just installed CyanogenMod 10. Are you seriously fucking kidding me?

  • Herman

    Didn’t we know this already?


    what about Xpera SL?

  • foxy

    when can i get the jb for my tx! they said in early march but it’s 14th today!

  • SonyFan

    same for SL

  • same

  • And in other news the new pope has been elected

  • Carl

    This is going to be my last Sony, I have used Sony Ericsson’s previously and decided to give Sony a chance after they split. Looking at the service provided to their first flagship since their breakup, I have to say it is my last.

    Even the Z is a joke, its a feeble attempt by Sony to show that they can take on the big boys, which I don’t see happening anywhere in the near future . . .

  • Carl

    How is it? Do all the functions work?

  • nix

    disapointed by sony. next time will buy htc or samsung. on current firmware my acro s works really bad. battery is draining extremely fast and camera quality is poor, htc one s with its 8 megapixel camera takes better pictures. htc and samsung got jelly bean in 2012 and we are still waiting.

  • NikAek

    Who is care any more ..better dont ,

  • ProWeirdo

    Yay, thank you Xperiablog, for repeating information, which you posted month ago. I agree with “von”, waiting till April and getting bugless and better optimized JB is not a torture.

  • Kiran D

    No love for Xperia TX?

  • Michael Salib

    I hope it worth alllll that wait cuz if its laggy & buggy & full of shit…Sony will face huge anger & rage from xs users & for me, I won’t hesitate for a sec to sell it & get HTC one or something

  • Guest

    i’ve already shared this news on xperia tl jelly bean fourm :/

  • jmx2012

    are you kidding me? Xperia TX was supposed to get JB along with Xperia T and V. They have almost same hardware. Even xperia J got JB update. Give JB update to Xperia TX !!!!!

  • just_being_real

    I’m using CM 10.1 Android 4.2.2. i’m more of the advance type of user and everything works for me.

  • Feanor

    The Z maybe have a few imperfections (mainly screen quality) but it’s a massive step towards the right direction. Actually if Sony, for the successor of the Z, keeps all the other attributes of the phone and improves on the screen, they will have a nearly perfect flagship smartphone. So, I think they can take on the big boys really soon.

  • just_being_real

    Although I’ve been using Rayman’s OpenSEMC CyanogenMod 10.1 Android 4.2.2. this news is great news for the average users.

  • REAPer61616

    On XDA you can download leaked version of 6.2.B.0.68. No gsm atm, but this was originally build for test device, so nothing new (about not working data/gsm). DoomLord was post this leaked version (

    Hope we will recive update this mounth, then wait for open source karnel and developmant on cm will became more easier and faster. :)

  • Put the link to download the ROM. There are at least three in XDA.

    EDIT: I saw your other comment below. Sorry…

  • mazin

    What a shame, you guys not having JB till now? Was good that I sold it , Sony should find a solution of on time upgrade otherwise the brand will be forgotten.

  • James Earley

    When Sony said ‘after launch’ for 4.2 on the Xperia Z, do we know how long afterwards?

  • calibro9

    I know, I check my TX everyday and still nothing. Absolute BS!!!! I get my ZL next week but want JB on my TX

  • johnh

    gets no love from fxp either! give us a stable rc jb!

  • M. Salman

    hopefully it will improve many things regarding software issues and camera modes..otherwise i’ll switch to Samsung/HTC…its been over an year…kinda disappointed

  • AsadMulla

    So I guess we wont be see you here at Xperia blog any more

  • George

    What about xperia acro S ?

  • Why is Z a joke?

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    ion please!!!

  • crazyfists

    mid q1 is late march?

  • nidou bossy

    I love my Xperia S, and I’m enjoying the feeling of Jellybean with a custom ROMS, awaiting for the official release! :P

  • Andrew D

    About time .
    Couldn’t they bring out the 4.2 version? I mean it’s cool that we’ll be getting 4.1 but it’s too late behind

  • burrq

    how about acro s?is it the same date as xperia s???

  • ussr

    The reason why ur not getting the JB on TX, coz u dont know hoe to do it manually hahaha.. Low context..

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  • rus_media

    Go to sleep

  • rus_media

    April 2014?

  • rus_media

    Sony is the laziest developer in the world. Even Chinese mobile companies do better…

  • rus_media

    Is it possible to migrate from a custom ROM to an official ROM?

  • rus_media

    Mean by Sony.

  • Dime

    I can;t beileve that there is something new about xperia s … finally something about … hurry up and give us the update with no bugs, owners can’t wait take care about the costumers !

  • Sam

    Sony service sucks big time, C’mon I brought a flagship, the first “Sony” smartphone, I guess the most successful Sony phone after the split, the phone which received a buggy ICS update, the phone who did not receive any update since 6 months, the phone whose not even a year old and also the phone for which I spent 600$. Do you care Sony? Coz I do and I’m frustrated!

  • The XPERIA TX when update 4.1? Can not be forgotten TX okay?

    We have been waiting very anxious

  • Uzumaki

    Hope they fix the camera issue in JB for S… It really takes a shit lot of time to get focused… I must say there are many many bugs in ICS… It shouldn’t be considered as a flagship phone ( so many bugs )ahhhhhhh.. Hate u sony….

  • AlexBurnout

    4 REALZ? What ROM?

  • TheChosenOne

    I wonder if Acro S will receive with S aswell. As far as I know they are almost same phones.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Probably the same as Xperia S. Because its the same phone. Only the shell is different

  • Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly B

    SONY is nonsense do not believe sony

    Xperia S Jelly Bean where WTF?

  • jeremy dumenil

    Yes ! You just have to relock your BL if you unlocked it.

  • Beastage

    Just do it already , why is the S late?

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  • dimoa

    You are an idiot..we wont have 4,2 because Qualcomm wont release 4,2 libs for snapgadron s3, not because of sony

  • dimoa

    Not really can flash the official jb ftf without relocking bootloader

  • nidou bossy

    yeah its possible. but to do so, u gotta relock Bootloader to be able to receive/get official updates from sony again!

    .. u need to manually reflash your Xperia S to an old Stock rom, like ”6.1.A.2.45” after relocking the Bootloader, then when u get connected to a wifi or 3g network to check update center in ur phone, or hook up ur phone to ur computer, PC companion will notify you with a new available update for ur phone!… either 6.1.A.2.52 or the next official JB.

  • Jan

    Maybe im not fair but they should deliver 4.2.2 instead of 4.1
    Im near sure that this is last update

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  • jeremy dumenil

    Yes ! I was speaking about an update via PC-companion.

  • Kima

    u mean won’t release for now or never?

  • rus_media

    You are a dumb ass. See where you replied.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Was really excited about it but now that I saw what JB is on my XT I really don’t give a damn fuck about it ! Will sell it asap to get another one XZ or XZ Tablet…

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  • SONY always bullshiting me

    is it BULLSHIT or TRUE SHIT? cause u sony guys always said that n this and all just crapy none sence

  • dimoa

    That reply was ment for u rus media ..i am explaining u that we arnt getting 4,2 because of Qualcom not cause sony is ‘lazy’

  • SEPI

    Xperia TX?! !!!!!!!!???!!!!!!

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  • Kima

    dimoa can u pls explain to me… u mean Qualcomm won’t release 4.2 libs for snapdragon s3 for now or never? r we ever gonna get 4.2 jelly bean? thanx.

  • dimoa

    they said that they are gonna skip releasing those drivers for the s3 chipset….that i think is never…but acording to doomlord xperia s will be updated till key lime pie….also if qualcomm wont release drivers we can start a pettition and ask them to release them so we can have bug free custom roms of newest androids..(as done with x10mini family)

  • dimos

    nah it wont be laggy…i tested the(alpha i think) leaked rom released by doomlord and it was really fast and smooth. it was really smooth,fast,lag free,.the only bug was present was the screen blinking (and gsm of cource)
    but those will be fixed and our phone will run jb like charm…i think it is worth waiting

  • Kima

    thanx for yr reply :) maybe we’ll get official key lime pie, who knows :)

  • vision

    F*ck you SONY with your promises! this is a 3rd or 4th date about update to 4.1 and again no date. I’m fed up with such a horrible support – this my last SONY device!

  • rus_media

    Did I ever asked for 4.2?

  • GKMS

    tx delay Update 4.1 for too long, and no news, I can not buy z again

  • Teng How Lai

    Can’t wait… I love Xperia S.

  • RAJ

    wowwwwwww i love this smartphone .whats the price


    tell me price of this smartphone

  • Kiran

    Shame on you Sony, even Micromax has released 4.1 jelly bean for their last years flagship Canvas 2 HD. Get a life!

  • limpopo

    ?? ????? ????? ????? ??!!! ??????? ? ???????? ???!!!

  • They are not releasing 4.2.2 for XS! Rather can’t! :(

  • amoled

    The hanging S jelly bean… wonder will it still hang….

  • Carlo

    Looking at Sony’s R&D, I have to say they do a bad job with updates. I have used the SE X10, and now my Xperia S, but of which were good before they got updates through SUS. I also read about the problems with the update for Xperia T. I can expect the same for the Xperia S, and since it is taking a while, I can be sure that Sony’s R&D themselves are facing a lot of trouble.

    They make great devices, but unfortunately can”t help those devices live up to their reputation . .

  • annu

    sick of waiting jellybean the laggy ics is getting on my nerves and if camera doesnt stop embarassing me in front of other smartphones m selling this plastic!!!

  • annu

    im sick of waiting for jellybean this laggy ics is getting on my nerves even a chinese phone dials a call faster and if jellybean doesnt fix camera and stop embarassing me in front of other smartphones im off sony forever!!

  • Hell yeah!

  • Michael Salib

    I thought about trying that ROM by doomlord but I found it with no gsm coverage so I went for XZX by naiboc which so close to the upcoming JB. I really hope so

  • fidasek

    Actually, ion was the first one.

  • hope the new software will solve the low memory issue

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  • Pestrdan

    When Xperia P owners will get the JB update?

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  • ville

    Really looking forward to the release! I’ll probably not use the officiall FW but I guess the FXP-team will finally get all that they need to make their rom complete, eg 1080p recording.

  • Hritik

    yup…acro s will get it too…sony confirmd tht ;)

  • featherlouis199

    Jelly Bean isn’t coming to the Xperia P unfortunately

  • wahid khan

    hope that this update will improve the camera clarity of xperia s atleast camera noise.

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  • Tobias

    Where did they say this? I would like to see a source. Thanks!

  • Alex

    I just can’t understand how sony’s best phone until a few months is the last to be updated knowing that Samsung has relased thier updates months ago. It is desapointing. Xperia S was my first Sony’s smartphone, like this, will certainly be the last. It’s not enough update now to 4.1.2 kowning that samsung is already at 4.2.2. We may convince ourselves that it is great and and whatever, but when somene buys a phone like this it’s to be in front. Not a year behind. (sorry for my english)

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  • simar

    This s trash cnt wait too longto get jb update sony is much lazy I shd sale xperia n buy a samsung or htc

  • Santos Gautam

    Why the hell Xperia S gets the update in April? Frustrated to wait…

  • on the official facebook site from Sony Mobile Germany they said the twitter message was a mistake and that the 4.1 update will be rolled out in the 2. Quarter of 2013. If you need more info or screenshot you can contact me

  • SXS

    Sony and most android phone makers aint Apple. They have too many handsets and too many hardware combinations to support/test for each new OS versions. They should have a range of long support models, eg. flagship.

  • max

    Yes t is…

  • 1337x

    Dimoa, you should really read posts properly before calling people idiots, otherwise you make your self look a complete fool. It would appear you meant the message for the poster before. In any case just because someone doesn’t know every thing about a subject you feel is interesting does not make them an idiot. Just like a hairdresser could call you an idiot for not knowing what a particular hairstyle is called, but its just something that doesn’t interest you. Its very nice of you to provide information, but why be such a cock about it??

  • roobs

    just hope that after this update, there aren’t any bug that would require us to wait for another update :P

  • anam

    it is now end of march still no jelly bean update what the helll!!!

  • hahaha

    no, not ion or s, it was the xperia pro

  • xavi

    You are right…me too feel the same…i will never go for sony mobile again in ma life…

  • AlbEagle

    Hi to everybody. I have an Xperia S and i’ve tried different custom roms, even the latest CyanogenMod 10.1 (Jelly Bean 4.2.2) because I was frustrated about Sony not releasing the JB 4.1.2 BUT when i tried the Leaked version of the official ROM it was so fast and smooth and beautiful so it changed my mind and i relocked my bootloader and installed .50 (not .55 because of the rooting) and now i’m waiting for the official release because i think it’s worth waiting. Even if it starts rolling out in April (hopefully Sony will not say it will be released on 01.04.2013 because we know it is Fool’s Day :-) ).

  • Thats y i ended up rooting it and insyalling a custom rom coz updates where buggy, slow and the next iteration is still 4.1 . now I have a rooted phone on android 4.2.2 thanks to the openSemc CM10.1 xperia project by raymanFX

  • Fahim uwais

    why sony only fucks like this ?
    what is the meaning of late march?
    how long we r waiting for this jelly bean update for xperia s (lt26i)?
    otherwise we have to move for samsung bcoz they caring well about there’s customers…
    but sony only know to earn money they won’t care about there customers or users…….
    fucking off

  • ??

    When can upgrade xperia p jellybeam

  • ??

    When can upgrade xperia. P jellybeam

  • ??

    ???????? ???????

  • Roshan

    It is 1st of April today. But no update yet. why this?

  • albin

    where’s the update???!!!

  • its april 1. wheres the update???

  • NAC

    Wtf? its 2nd april now.

  • user

    we have april… but jb don’t see poor…

  • sony fuck

    April 2 but jb?Sony waste

  • Guest

    well iasked them about the time for jelly bean to be rolled out for sony xperia Sl and they said in the second quarter of 2013 mean from april to june.

  • well iasked them about the time for jelly bean to be rolled out for sony xperia Sl and they said in the second quarter of 2013 mean from april to june…….

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  • Mohamed

    Is applicable also for SL?? and when will we receive this update in Egypt??


    I want 4.1.2 for XPERIA S LT26i AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PLS PLS PLS!!!!!!!!!!

  • cyber go

    see here reason to not upgrade sony xperia arc s,u, sola

  • f*** u, u lie who? galaxy note now also not yet get JB, it’s may!

  • be sure b4 say: Galaxy note = may 2013

  • who say sammy update their phones all already? hey! galaxy note also not yet get JB too! it’s May 2013!!! I love sony.

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  • where’s software to get, and how to install? pls

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