Black dialler mod for Xperia T and Xperia V running Jelly Bean

by XB on 8th April 2013

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Black dialler ModOne part of Sony Mobile’s Jelly Bean UI that we haven’t been too fond of is the white background that is used across the dialler, contacts, messaging and email apps. The black UI that Sony had used up until the Jelly Bean update was much easier on the eye in our view. Well the good news is that a mod has been released for Xperia T and Xperia V handsets running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

The mod provides a nice dark finish to the dialler, contacts and messaging apps. If you want to see how it looks in practice, check out the video below. More information can be found here including download links. The mod can be installed by flashing the mod via Recovery.


Thanks nikol!

  • cp2020

    Now that’s a good idea. I must say I would prefer dark dialer on my Z. I could try doing it myself actually if there was a way to successfuly recompile systemui and framework-res. I can’t get passed that.

  • jip

    Imo, White looks nicer.

    And use less battery, so …

  • SonyFan

    it doesn’t lose less battery…

    on LCD Displays it doesn’t matter if black/red/green/white background…it always use the same power…

    Amoled Display use less energy if the screen is black(dark colours) but it uses a lot of energy in white background(brighter colours)

  • TomHanks

    why less?

  • Adrian

    What is the clock widget name?

  • Vinay

    The only thing I HATE about Xperia Z is its white Phone/Dialer and Messaging applications. I like the Black theme of these applications on Xperia S (ICS 4.0.4). Sony should at least give option to change it to whatever color the user want.

  • I have the white in my Xperia S and it’s way hotter than the black!

  • a

    TypoClock Free

  • SK-CZ

    there’s no need to compile framework or sgur. you need only phonebook. apk :)

  • what? I’m sick of black on my Xperia S! android has become increasingly dark # fact!

  • SEPI

    On XDA said “for T, TX & V”, sony says for “T & V”
    sony, u have a phone this name is TX
    sorry bad EN

  • ProWeirdo

    The fucking April began already, and I still didnt get my sweet Jelly Bean of Xperia S!!! Despite the fact that it’s probably last update for this model, Sony shouldn’t postpone it and lie. I reconsider my thoughts about going on Samsung or HTC…

  • ProWeirdo

    I think that he wanted to be sarcastic and racist… I interpret it as: white’s superior color + it’s nicer than black.

  • When does the Xperia t get the update? T mobile UK. Im sick of waiting!

  • FRKD

    I like the white one….

  • Dean

    Xperia S………

  • then go ahead, stop complaining

  • Dime

    he could write what he want ,a complaint with a reason is a good copmlain :D

    i have tired of waiting JB on XPERIA S and waiver of everything about xperia s so i don’t care anymore when the update will come , so billy i suggest you to do the same thing

    sony will lose some customers and that’s it :)

  • DragonClaw

    Time to dive into MIUI world. :)
    Android has opportunities to theme. So it’s just what you want. You find it too dark, theme it.

  • DragonClaw

    *Sony will loose some customers and that’s it :(

  • chocowilliam

    Looks like Nokia-ish. And its good.

  • Great that Sony has also updated its Android Os for better satisfaction for the users.

    I got my xperia mobile from located in UK which provides free shipping.

  • steveboss

    White color is fire eyes, the uncomfortable and the ugly

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  • AsadMulla

    I have a white XZ with white dialer. Looks fresh

  • Apple

    Each bitch that bitch about the Xperia S update makes me 1 dollar, please keep it up so I can buy 1000 iPhones <3

  • Babylonbwoy

    we are discussing black dialer mod here, not this damn XS update, do like me and sell your XS, outdated stuff.

  • Dime

    i will sell when i’ll go to other company brand for now it’s ok xperia s and about black theme or white, black is much better like it is on my xoeria s

  • Xyor

    Come on, don’t be sensitive, he was just talking about the UI color

  • Kamesvara

    it is hard to believe that Sony still shows off their face after their failure in meeting the deadline of the Jelly bean upgrade for Xperia p and s. I start to doubt, actually I have doubted, their good will in providing best service for their customers. It is not surprising when their used-to-be-loyal customers start to flirt with another better products like htc, lg, or samsung. I am truly dissapointed with it, and so are the other xperia p and s users. It is better not to give any hope for the update if they can’t make it real on time. Good service has always been the strongest reason why a customer is loyal to a certain product. When they are made dissapointed, they will leave, and I strongly believe they will tell to the world how they have been treated. Sony, if you can’t keep your customers happy, don’t ever regret the fact that you are loosing more and more customers.

  • cp2020

    What about messaging theme, that’s not a part of phonebook app or is it?

  • israelchris

    Something like this but, for xperia p with jelly bean? Please…

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