Xperia V firmware version 9.1.A.1.140 rolling out

by XB on 9th April 2013

in Firmware, Xperia V

Screenshot_2013-04-09-22-31-07A new Jelly Bean firmware version has started to roll out for Sony Xperia V (LT25i) handsets. The new firmware updates the build to version number 9.1.A.1.140. This particular version hasn’t been certified on PTCRB, but a slightly older version was (9.1.A.1.138).

Sony released the open source code for this new firmware just yesterday and highlighted that it will be released on Xperia T handsets too. We don’t know what changes this new firmware brings, but if you’ve updated let us know in the comments below.


Via xda-developers.

Thanks lefi!

  • MisterG

    Boooooring… Wheres the update for the Xperia S?

  • Felipe

    Me too….

  • Yayo

    Me Too…:(

  • hasahim

    me toooooooooo toooooooooooooo

  • hashim

    Boooooring… Wheres the update for the Xperia S?

  • booooring, xperia s jellybean!!
    I love sony products but i cant afford to buy a flagship every year!
    support your other flagships with timely updates!!
    your taking the piss now sony!

  • Alex Ruiz


  • raj

    if sony cares then they should release the update sooner rather than keeping us waiting, ob well im selling my xperia s (2month old) in favour of htc one

  • Alex Ruiz


  • yuskhanzab

    glad to hear this update, im about to purchase a new xv today. hehe

  • Beatriz Cruz

    Cool for the V users… but there are some of us, Xperia S users who are yet to see JB updtate… can you please hurry SONY?

  • Dean

    Where’s the Xperia S’s JellyBean??

  • poor Xperia S

    Xperia S jellybean is finally here!

    -Someone from Year 2014

  • Michael Chen

    my ion…..

  • I’m still on update # 91.A.0.490 :(

  • eff

    Here’s some hoping for no more SODs.

  • rus_media

    That is why I have canceled my Xperia Z

  • burrq

    my acro s….

  • Nothing new in their website but it is available via PCC

  • zamaraii

    this update have repaired my lag on walkman app when the screen was off, and the notification lights. that’s what i have spotted ’till now.
    P.S. and stop whining for the S

  • C’mon, still no changelog after donkey years of your fans pestering for it? Seriously?

  • where’s jb for Xperia P? :X

  • I hope that is sign for upcoming Xperia P JB update.

  • Xyor

    I think the reason why Sony had delayed several devices’ update because they all programed the same way, shared the same bugs and functionalities. After they received a bunch of negative feedback on T and V’s JB, They found out that the problem is universal and needed to debug again. A prove would be J, it’s update rolled out as planned but without any new functionality. Since they are releasing debugged Rom for V, I believe the perfect Rom instead of a defected one would be arrived for every device soon.

  • Jobe83

    Me toooo!!! :/

  • me toooo!(

  • Al

    The lock screen hack via service menu doesnt work anymore. The service menu doesnt work at all from emergency call dialer.

  • Busy updating the already updated while the unupdated are left in the dark without a clear future, some of which their agreed time has passed.

  • Smother screen scrolling is all I noticed. I use 7 screens that are full of widgets but still so smooth:)

  • mamaluigi

    ONLY WAY to sony to redeem them selves is to make Functional JB for Xperia S,
    they can take their time…IF it will have better features and will be stable with no bugs.

    take your time sony mobile, Just make it worth our wait! (make easy to root)

  • The Xperia s is the last of the list so hold down your horses. I’m waiting to

  • I think we should forget about Jellybean for XS. :(

  • Teng How Lai

    Hey guys, try this petition for Xperia S update. Together we come strong!

  • silasje1
  • Richard

    I wonder if they’ve pulled the release? I don’t see it listed on their update page. What country site were you using?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Actually we mostly waiting for a fix that fixes our bugs in the phone. I dont care if its JB or not. Still there is no sign of fix issues like Fast-capture in the phone.

  • Richard

    Oh I see it now. Updated. Haven’t spotted anything different yet apart from the service menu not accessible from the emergency dialler.

  • Moyan Hossain

    Yeah, Someone from 2014 Confirm Please.
    WTF is SONY Thinking?

  • I used the global site. I’m a student in USA and it kept redirecting me Sony US which they don’t have V on their site.

    True they updated the site but never bothered to update the change log >.<

  • yuskhanzab

    xperia s user will get justin bieber, not jelly

  • mustafa

    Maybe Sony are going to surprise the xs users with 4.2…be patient

  • SonyFan

    Me not

  • SonyFan

    .but u know? Coding debuging isnt the problem…thats done in 3-4 weeks…they have to test the ROM, then the operators have to test it and google also…so that period can take up to 3months…just calm down…it is going to be good update….its worth to wait belive me ;-

  • SonyFan

    Good Theorie…but u know? Coding debuging isnt the problem…thats done in 3-4 weeks…they have to test the ROM, then the operators have to test it and google also…so that period can take up to 3months…just calm down…it is going to be good update….its worth to wait belive me ;-

  • No, the ONLY WAY for Sony to redeem themselves is to skip JB 4.1.2 and just move to 4.2.2 or maybe even wait till KLP and put that on S

  • fuck Sony

    Fuck you Sony, we have been waiting for jellybean for our fucking Xperia S and nothing until now.

  • xperia s foreever

    i think sony knows that most costumers are xperia s users (like me)
    so at least realese it before xperia p

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Billy Jean

  • dimos

    if they wont give us klp they wont get any money from us (xperia s users)!!!!! from me especially!! no sony mobile products any more(it will be hard cause i am fan of the easy hacking methods of sony phones!!)

  • dimos

    “heard something interesting… the JB update for the Xperia S MAY be releasing by end of NEXT week… and the Xperia P & GO will get JB after the S…

    closing thread to avoid spamming of this thread”
    doomlord said on his jelly bean leak thread on xda
    date: 9/4/2013

  • Kaostheory

    The only manufacturer that can best Sony might be Moto. Want to see what the X offers.

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  • If you’re going to hack it anyway, why wait for the official launch? Just get CM or something. I have Ubuntu Touch on mine, JB update doesn’t concern me anymore

  • rus_media

    It will be released just before “Key Lime Pie”.
    And for sure this is the last update for XS

  • jlk

    Me too

  • Lauris

    inpossible because snapdragon s3 dont support it.

  • rus_media

    KLP? Their developers will commit suicide. Every Sony mobile user knows how they have suffered with JB. For KLP they need at least 2 years to understand. For putting it to just for the new devices, they will get 3 more years. Because they are just designers.

  • Dime

    yes we should forget the JB for xperia s they didn’t even talk about the about when it will be they said xperia p go j at the end of march but as i know xperia p still didnt get it …

  • Anonymous xperia s user

    Me too +1000 others

  • SonyFan

    yes i also think it will be the last update

  • TrixzD

    What about Xperia P and Go that were suppose to start receiving updates nearly 2 weeks ago. Sony really need to at least keep up to date through their blog a bit more regarding updates or they really will be make.believe.

  • TrixzD

    I am from 2014 and bear bad news. We are still waiting for jb for Xperia S but just last week sony informed us they will need at least another year or so to finish it. But hey at least they still remember us S owners ;) That really is flagship treatment.

  • Updating…

  • Jose

    Damn, Sorry guys but I updated and had 1 SOD today -.- I connected via Usb and it respond again without taking off its battery.

  • Naeem H

    I am this close to rooting my XS and putting CyanogenMod on it, if this Update is released soon and with NO bugs.

  • sid79

    Ive updated my T and now I have an icon that looks like an N next to my wi-fi. Anyone know what it is please?

  • It appears to have added McAfee Security to the phone, as well as OfficeSuit (can’t remember if they were both part of the original software)


    Does Xperia V will receive jelly bean 4.2 update? Reply ASAP. Thank you.

  • Where i can find XPERIA firmware updates list, just wanna see the track record, because I want to know which one is new, which is better and which one fits to my device..

  • wow… tell sony to stop making new device model, just focus & fix their firmware first..

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