Has Sony’s ambivalence towards the Xperia S put you off the brand?

by XB on 12th April 2013

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xperia-sLet’s put the Jelly Bean update to one side for a moment, the Sony Xperia S, has not received an update of any kind since September last year. That is seven months without even a minor bug-fixing update. We don’t know why Sony has chosen to ignore last-years flagship handset, either intentionally or unintentionally, but the perception this gives isn’t a positive one.

One factor that can’t help is the sheer volume of phones that Sony Mobile has to develop for and maintain. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the more phones you release, the more thinly your resources are spread. Sony launched too many handsets last year in our view, over fifteen. Plus, when you factor in new flagships in the second half of the year (Xperia T and Xperia V), there’s perhaps no surprise that focus shifted on newer devices.

We imagine this continued this year in the lead up to the Xperia Z launch. At the end of the day, we can understand the business decision to focus software efforts on new handsets given that this is where the marketing dollars are spent.

The problem for Sony is that in this day and age, when people are buying a smartphone they expect a certain amount of support from the manufacturer. That demand becomes even more pertinent if a customer is spending extra for a flagship product. When people bought the Xperia S a year ago they expected Sony’s ear for at least twelve months.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and many Xperia S owners feel quite bitter about owning a flagship device that was quasi-abandoned after only six months of ownership. The pill has been even harder to swallow when handsets lower down the chain like the Xperia P has received updates, whilst the Xperia S has sat on the sidelines.

This frustration is currently being borne out in forums across the internet and also in our comments section, with many people venting about timing on the upcoming Jelly Bean update. Xperia S owners hope that the update will go a long way to fix bugs that people have faced but also to bring the up to date with newer Xperia handsets (at least on the software side).

Timing still remains a mystery and we’re not even going to guess when the update may arrive. We just hope that when it does arrive, Sony has given it the extra polish that all Xperia S users deserve.

We do wonder what kind of impact all of this has on brand perception. There is already a general assumption across technology sites that Sony is always late to the game when it comes to updates. As things stand, that can’t be argued against. For all the improvements the company made in 2011, it seems like it took step backwards last year.

We know there has probably been a lot going on behind the scenes with the move from Sony Ericsson to Sony Mobile, but people have long memories. Sony will need to re-earn trust for those that it has let down. We really hope that Sony has turned a corner this year and that the ambivalence that many Xperia S owners must be feeling, won’t happen again.

What is your view on this – are software updates a critical part of your decision making when choosing a smartphone? Does the frustration of seeing no Xperia S updates for months put you off the Sony Xperia brand? Would you consider buying another Xperia product or has this put you off? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • given up on sony, had expected sooooo much but in fact you get sooooo little, no more xperia for me, if it carry`s on for much longer then its the noose for sony products.

  • I’ll never buy a Xperia anymore…

  • lovebmw

    Their behavior towards the Xperia S, only proves their future behavior towards the Xperia Z… i can only say “Actions speak louder than words” SONY.

  • Eddie

    Well… The up-to-date software for at-least 2 years old phone is a “MUST” for all brands smartphone, SONY really disappointing me this time, to be frankly, will change to other brand for my next phone

  • Keon Fraites

    I personally don’t mind waiting, but it has been indeed a very long wait on the update, and yes Updates no matter how minor they are, are important especially when they are bugs within the current software that needs fixing.

    I’m still eager to purchase the Xperia Z but I’m taking my time in when I’m going to purchase it because if something newer comes out just down the road after buying it Sony might throw it to waste as it did with Xperia S. The update according to Sony Mobile for the Xperia S is supposed to be in April. It’s mid April now and we have yet to hear any word or even guess work on it’s release date.

    I own an Xperia S and as much as I love the design and the Sony UI skin on it. This is the last month I’ll stay with the Sony UI if the Jellybean isn’t released… I’m going to get CM10 on the scene.

  • Andrew D

    Let me answer with a question,…
    How would youse feel knowing newer devices will be receiving 5.0? Let alone,. Samsung GS2 has got an upgrade to 4.1!
    So, for me,. Yes. I do feel frustrated about Sony’s lousy delays on updates.. Especially when its for a Flagship device…
    Don’t know about he rest, but im pretty sure people will feel the same way i do.

  • 1. This won’t make me sell my Xperia S
    2. Sony would not give a single *sexual intercourse* if I did, anyway :D (’cause I’ve already bought it – so I’ve spent the money)
    3. On the other hand, I don’t see why the Xperia S is so special that it has the delay and other models don’t
    4. shit battery life may make me buy another brand – but it’s just like that with any other smartphone these day

    Summary: on a price/value rate I don’t regret having this phone

    …but c’mon – launch that g’damn update :D:D:D

  • Luka Sabo

    No, SXS was pushed out in a very rough time for Sony. As a human I am sure they had to make cuts and very though choices. My SXS is doing it’s job good enough. A yr old now and not a single hardware issue. Does that mean I ignore some poor aspects of it? No. But lets be honest here for a second, being a little behind in phone software is such a trivial thing in this universe. If that makes you feel betrayed or angry, your priorities are very wrong, IMHO. I would love to have JB, tho. Seems smooth.

  • vlasis

    Truly this is the first And the last time. I was thinking to buy the z but now Samsung galaxy 4

  • nay

    I agree

  • MG

    Im buying an S4

  • TrixzD

    This is Sony mobiles biggest problem they release too many phones especially flagships (which they really only need one a year) and they then are unable to keep on track and IMO its their way of flooding the market trying to push the Xperia brand into consumers heads. I went into a local phone store the other day and they had loads of Xperia devices on display while only having 2 to 4 of different brands. I do however think that with the xperia z they may have changed their stripes a bit and realised they need to improve their business strategy. (I hope anyway)

  • Totally frustrated about the updates. Being the Xperia S owner from day 1 (bought it on the first day it became available in Europe), I already shifted towards a Nexus device. Sorry, Sony, but the laggy phone with slow interface and hardware problems (my phone has those yellow spots on the screen and the screen doesn’t respond correctly with earphones plugged in) does not inspire to upgrade to a newer Xperia. Minus one customer in Russia unfortunately.

  • Juraj Chahine

    100%, exactly.Following my friends recommendation that SonyEriccson was one of the best, I bought the XS, but it has gone to the worse since then. I was sad to know my device was one of the last devices to get JB, and ashamed at the fact that Samsung updated its S2 device and other older ones, while sony did nothing. I don’t know how Sony wants to compete, if they’re releasing too many phones with no costumer care at all, but after this, I will definitely not buy any sony phones again.

  • Actually I love the Sony mobile Xperia Brand, but the fact, that as a costumer you’re thinking about “Is this phone ready for Android 4.2, 5.x, etc. I would buy a new Sony-phone but Sony have to say clear words, and they have to learn that 2 flagship-products in one year aren’t great. I’ve got Xperia T and I’m not sure about getting Android 4.2, but I hope it!

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Current firmware didn’t cause me big headaches, only minor niggles so there’s not much to complain for me. Also I’m sort of a brand-following person and more interested in what my favorite brand would offer in new products than their update schedule.

  • Yusuf

    The Xperia S is my first and last Sony phone.

  • ProWeirdo

    I love Sony. I love Xperias, but that is called disrespecting and not taking clients (like me) seriously. I don’t really care about Sony’s number of phones released this year, they chose such a crappy tactic; lot’s of low/middle-end smartphones. I’ve spent more than $700 (2000z?) to get Xperia S, and what do get? Yellow screen issue, broken plastic part of Xperia S (felt twice), ICS update.. ICS should be in Xperia S at the beginning. Even my old Xperia X10 got 3 Android updates! Why should I try Sony again? What if I would buy this leaking Xperia “A”, and after 6 months Sony will do the same thing? I’m afraid I will need to buy HTC One and try to use it’s pitiful 4MP camera, or use Samsung and live with it’s cheap, plastic body. Or maybe fatass RAZR MAXX? What am I suppose to do? I respect Japanese people and thei culture, but they really behave like a f#cktards.

  • They ignore the xperia tablet s and tablet s1 just same way.
    I wish this petition would blow up aka get so many signatures that sony can’t ignore anymore.
    I’m still considering to buy a xperia SP asswell but i’m slowly starting to change my mind, the only problem is i see no decent alternative yet.

    Atm i just wanna get over to their sony team give anyone on that team a kick under their but for being slackers.

  • feres13

    Sony, STOP releasing so much phones (S,P,U,Sola,ion LTE/HSPA+,neoL,go,acro s,tipo/tipo dual,SL,miro,T,TX,J,V,E/E dual) IN JUST ONE YEAR, 7 of them being flagships, and stop releasing similar but different smartphones (Z/ZL) and get rid of your old phones and simplify your range (Xperia SP or Xperia L doesn’t speak to me like Xperia S or Xperia U)

  • Emre


  • haha dream on newer devices will suffer the same faith they won’t get android 5.0 for a looooooooooooooong time.

  • Yusuf

    Me too. I should’ve bought the galaxy nexus!

  • John-Mark Christmas

    You know why this hurts. I have owned five phones. Four being S.E. and my current is the Sony Xperia SL. My first smartphone was the Xperia X10 (WE KNOW HOW THEY TREATED US WITH THAT HANDSET). I had that for 2 years thanks to XDA. Despite the way X10 owners were treated, I STILL went and got the SL. Like the post said, not even a damn bug fix update. I mean cmon, where’s the damn support. I am REALLY considering HTC for my next phone because this STRATEGY of Sony is utter bullshit. Being a Sony fan is now starting to wash off.

  • blah blah blah xperia s update blah blah. when users of this device started posting on EVERY news on this site, i just ignored them. But when this site starts screamin “Sony, WTF??, etc..” its enough for me. come on people! I had Xperia S! And you know what? “?? ??? ? ?????? ??? ??? ??????? ? ????????! ??? ??????, ??? ? ??????!” – put this to gogle translator and start getiing smarter, ok?

  • alexsummer

    updating the kernel will be old, I’m sure of it. and this will be the last obnoslenie OS. when choosing the next phone to Sony less attention

  • this sucks

    I was seriusly thinking that Xperia S would get JB atleast before christmas and that i maybe even would get 4.2.. But MAN was I wrong! I dont think that I’ve a SINGLE UPDATE except ICS.. So yes im dissapointed and I doubt that I’ll buy a Sony again..

  • I intended to buy the Xperia Z, but I’m not sure anymore. lol

    I had the bad experience with X10 and now with the Xperia S. I’m not gonna make the same mistake again.

    ps.: Also, I’m quite sure that I’m not going to buy the tablet Z anymore. I dont want to be treated like crap when Sony release the second or third flagship of the year. ¬¬

  • Rohan

    Well, I happen to have Xperia S and the thought that cheaper phones like Xperia E, Xperia J are already on JB really really bothers me (especially when JB for Xperia J was released THIS MARCH before S). This is really not the way to treat customers who bought a comparatively expensive phone. On a softer note I am glad about the fact that Xperia S is the least expensive phone with HD screen (at least in Indian market or anywhere else except china!), if Sony really wants to be back in the game, timely software updates and bug fixes is one of the most important steps it should take!
    P.S. – I am no apple fan, I am truly on android side for many features and obv more freedom :-). But when we (read companies that make smartphones) see that Apple has nearly 35% market share in smartphones by releasing “just” one phone every year at very expensive price…why, just why, is that so? My message to Sony (and possibly LG too) is that they have a lot to learn from the fact that Apple gives major OS version updates to its phones released 3 years ago too (even if its UI has remained more or less same, minor bug fixes given timely go a long way). N harm in learning that! I hope you’ll improve and give proper support to Xperia S, SL, Acro S, Ion, P,Go…

  • Sankaran

    bye bye sony, first I became your prey when I bought X10, and I should have learned, Xperia S is the worst smartphone I owned/owning. It started with yellow tint. Then ICS made my phone crap. I have stopped atleast 5 people from buying sony, how is this for you ? Release JB or let us see the wrath of Xperia S users who will spread your bad name. By the way bad name spreads faster than good name!

  • believe me people sony will change after few months
    we can see that in new devices v and t and z the care 4 them
    and after few days they will care 4 all phones u will remember that
    sony changed a lot this year :D

  • sammy

    well at this moment i rly regret buying xperia sl ,, i wish i bought galaxy nexus ,, is a gr8 device and have support more than any device !

  • alexsummer

    ???? ??? ?????????? ????????????? ???? ?????? ???????, ??? ?? ?????? ??????? ?? ??????????? ? ????????????)))))
    ??????, ??? ?? ??? ??? ?? ????? ? ????????? ???? ??????????))))

  • portug2

    I think galaxy nexus, no didn’t have 32 gb, 12 mp camera whitchs is a sucks whit zoom, and another thinks, but now i see what sony is, first it is grand theft auto vice city now the update for good sacke, galaxy s2 have the update and it is older, my next phone ill be samsung or lg, sony never!

  • John-Mark Christmas

    Support Sony. is that too much to ask for? If it is, stop releasing SO MANY handsets. It’s ridiculous. Hate that I went through this with my X10 and now my SL. Show us some interest.

  • Felipe

    Me too, this is sad.. the hope is lost, and the same will be happens to Xperia Z, i sure.

  • BryanMacKenzie

    Bought xperia T after galaxy nexus. I agree the lack of support hurts the brand, but the xperia s was a fail from the start. It launched too little to late. Xperia t was still a bit behind, but the style imo made up for the lateness. Sony finally seems to be getting their act together with the xperia Z and I have been getting updates for xperia T with no complaints. they might just be biting the bullet for the flop S so that they can focus on the future. only time will tell.

  • John-Mark Christmas

    I blame myself. I chose to buy it after what I went through with the X10.

  • suspected sony might make an exit in the mobile market, guess i was right shame on you sony shame on you…..

  • BryanMacKenzie

    Id switch to s4 if samsung could make their phone look half decent.

  • sony must give xps owners xpZ for a gift :D

  • Josip Vlasic

    galaxy S4

  • pavel

    it is not true,my sister has Xperia S,and after release,it has received minimum three updates including 4.0,i installed them personally with pc companion!!

  • Keon Fraites


  • Norio24

    Sony should apologize officially to the XS owners on their official website and promise to change their updating policy

  • I am owner of ion and I don’t care whether my ion got jb update or not since there is XDA :D

  • lasttodie73

    I’m NOT buying a S4 :), it’s to bad that Sony is waiting so long to update the S but whats so EXTREME much better with JB Over ICS? I use both the SXS and the SXZ and I can’t see that Much difference. and what will it take for some people here to be happy with the battery life of phones? I stream music for about 8 Hours a day at work, surfs the nett ,sending 5-10 sms and making a Couple of calls during my work day, when I come home I got 50% of battery life left this is on the S and the same goes for the Z, I’m a very satisfied Sony Xperia owner and I’m not going to change brand Just Because I have to wait for a update.

  • PowerSonic

    Spread the word of ur petition…

  • I absolutely LOVE the Sony phones I have purchased (And I have purchased MANY Sony phone’s). They make beautiful phones with awesome features. All that aside though, the time they take to update the software on their handsets is simply unacceptable. No one should have to wait 6 or 7 month’s for their device to be updated to, what is already outdated software (By today’s standards). Also, Sony make way too many devices for them to even keep up with. Let’s hope 2013 is the year for them to get this straightened out. Although, the last two phone’s I’ve owned from Sony (Ion & TL) have had their batteries ruined by the update each handset got. Irreplaceable batteries are just a horrible design choice for ANY phone -.-

  • as

    Dont wanna get into this but yeah, i dont want to have anything in common with Sony mobile anymore. Just waiting on Nexus 5…

  • nikettt

    i m done with xperia ..never buying a sony phone again…and also i am going to ask people to not buy any xperia phone…this is what u get sony for not caring about us!!!

  • Rayx

    I bought a Xperia S hoping that it would get better than with the Arc, software wise.. but no. Sony released so many new phones and forgot the ‘old’ ones. And even now, they release so many new ones.. People are forced to buy the new ones if they want new features… but no I won’t buy the Xperia Z. Because then the same will happen, again. -.-

  • PowerSonic

    This doesnt turn me down yet. Sony still has time to correct their mistakes. I hope they dont repeat the same with their future products.

  • NikAek

    They have made the same to Xperia Tablet S ,left without any support ,they are good in marketing i admit, to show and promote new products and thats all ..orphan after a few weeks

    Pity to say but thats Sony today ,greedy apple wanna be ..its a shame

    PS: i own the XS the X tablet S and the XZ ..

  • emre



    Well i think that is a critical error from SONY
    that needs to be address because with the Z more people seem that is
    interested in the brand and on the device and software it’s a big thing, I don’t
    see my self buying a different brand and I still have the S I waiting for the
    update but its getting ridiculous the long wait, I will be switching to the Z
    later but it’s a shame that a simple update cannot be deliver on time, hope
    that SONY address this

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Well said.

  • ghfmg

    Exactly! I didnt think it could get much worse then the X10 so I bought the S… Wish I hadent

  • pratik

    Xperia users are fading lyk xperia screeens fade up on tilting it :-P

    why sony, why you did that ? Atleast inform customers about the inconvience caused. V knw ther might b some problems bt respond atleast…

  • Dimos

    That reminded my that i was the worst idiot ever….:/ (twice, first with x10 and then with xperia s)
    but sony remember my words.. you willl lose millions of customers if you keep acting like this (and if you dont update xperia s till android 5.0) the bad name of your company is allready out and you probably dont want to make it worse

  • Tasfique Enam

    I am done with Sony for good! The r the worst in term of support n reliability. Got betrayed with Xperia Play, Now with Xperia P… That’s it I won’t fall for their cheap shits anymore. Next phone HTC or Samsung.

  • Samuel Serafim

    I still like Sony. Everybody loves Xperia S, P and U. the NEXT Family had so much social marketing that the phones sells by itself. Xperia T, SP, L, etc, all seem very similar with competitors and Sony need to spend lot of money doing marketing. This only proves that still exist wrong people working at Sony.
    Sony could be amazing, but sometimes chooses the path of mediocrity when makes PS Vita without Android, phones without personality and slow updates.

  • Spamming sony mobile given me like 20 signatures a day spamming twitter about it 10 every day.
    Yeah if been spreading petition like crazy, would be nice to get help on it tough :D

  • fishyweb

    I had always thought Sony had a poor customer service record, but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt as this looked a good handset. With all the bugs that remain unfixed after all this time, I’ll NEVER make the same mistake again. No more Sony for me. I feel betrayed.

  • blabla



    I have had the apple iphone 4s and 5 ,i have had the galaxy s3 but believe me i have had many problems with both of them,i ended up sending (ESCPECIALLY) the Iphone4s to the store like 3 times! My sister on the hand bought the Xperia S and T and she HAS NEVER HAD ANY ISSUES WITH THE PHONES! Sony may not release the newest versions on time but at least they builds quality stuff. !

    A Question for you people out there,since when do u know the manufacturer SONY? im sure since u were a little child! Samsung is OK,only had once a problem with it,but APPLE? common a manufacturer that is famous since yesterday! SONY IS THE FATHER OF ALL ELECTRONICS! and you all know that! and thats why i got my XPERIA Z WHITE right now!

  • 1 month ago I bought my first android, (I come from a Nokia 808), the failure of video Sony come with updates, but I trusted the brand, and camera, but today it hurts samsung galaxy Ace2 teams are updated to Android Galaxy S2 4.1.2 and you plan to have Android 4.2.2, those things hurt. Next month I sell my Xperia Acro S, and I buy a Galaxy S4 octa Exynos, bye Sony, I thought I promised … : (

  • Sankaran

    yeah, they have plenty of time with the expense of Xperia S customers, they had plenty of time with Xperia X10 customers, they had plenty of time to correct with Xperia Play customers, they had …. common, I want to run away from Sony after getting cheated many times (with X10 and now with Xperia S)

  • Sony don’t do update they release new phones instead yep totaly retarded.
    They would make more profit just sticking to 3 models and updating at proper rate………..
    Ofcourse its already to late for that everyone wants jelly bean, they be ripping off people if they don’t do updates.

  • Marco Antonio Maza Hernández

    I´m actually have a Xperia S but it´s the last sony I will get, I´m very dissaponitment, Mi next Smartphone won´t be a Sony, I will go for the HTC One. Simple as that.

  • g109

    Never again. Next one will be a Nexus for sure.

  • laweezee

    I change already to samsung galaxy note 2, where the firmware updates ease so fast and gaving their customer appreciative value and thats why im looking for. Im satisfied with my phablet.

  • Sony again!? Not in a foreseeable future. My mind is set on the upcoming nexus 5. The lack of a proper schedule for the update was a total letdown, no bug fixes, the camera autofocus issue and lagging… Sony should rethink their mobile division. Good luck to us all.

  • sfordesign

    already bought a nokia n9. i know it won’t have a brilliant future as it is the first and last of meego. i know the amount and varity of apps are very limited. HOWEVER, it is reliable, fast, has a decent camera, and gets the job done (at least for me). and nokia, knowing n9 has no future, still keeps fixing its bugs and adding extra features. unlike sony which doesn’t give a shit about its older flagship devices again and again and again. i have an ion and cmon… it just sucks… slow, battery hungry, unreliable, buggy… and nothing is fixed so far. so byebye sony, a big fan of you since the walkman age but now, big fuck on you!

  • NikAek

    Who is fucking care if Sony is the mother or the grandfather ,can support their products ???the answer is NO ,

  • Ak

    Where is AOSP project of xperia s…. I didn’t heard single word about it from last 6 months.. No bug fixes for xs. 1 update in 9 month… Very good Sony.

  • No more Sony :( Sad but is true!

  • james Valen

    I have a sony s, but this is my last one sony. I think sony will not launch Jb.

  • “The problem for Sony is that in this day and age, when people are buying
    a smartphone they expect a certain amount of support from the

    I disagree, there are two types of Android users, the average idiots who don’t care about updates to begin with, and us geeks who know that support doesn’t come from manufacturers, it comes from XDA.

    “are software updates a critical part of your decision making when choosing a smartphone?”

    Aslong as it’s reasonably up to date(ICS or higher) then it’s fine, hell I’m still on an Xperia U running GB because the ICS firmware was so gimped. And I’m still eagerly awaiting the release of the Xperia L.

  • cristina

    Of course, there’s something that sony need to learn: respect. I’ll never buy an xperia again.I feel like like they are playing with us. They earned a lot of money with xperia s and now we are lost.

  • Yes, Sony does worse than before. I bought their phone partly because of good upgarde. However, they don’t want to communicate with customers after they buy the phones, but focusing on new customers instead. They have no sincerity and I decide to keep using but never buy them again.

  • rusTHC

    I’m sad.. I’ll never buy a Sony Mobile anymore..

  • Petition against these slow updates and fixes and yep i’m in same boat got xperia tablet s that randomly shutdown 3 times a day, and yep i known most android devices sony has all have their own issues it pisses me off to which why i started this petition.

  • jordi

    My next phone will be a Nexus, no more Sony

  • diego

    very very bad for sony…

  • Jerry Berglund

    I dont think this is my last Sony, but I do have to wonder how Sony was thinking when they just left Xperia S out. I bought a premium phone, and is a premium-customer. I cant really say I am a happy one. I was actually more happy with Xperia arc S and even Xperia X10 that both got a least more than 2 updates. How many has Xperia S gotten. Xperia S got 2 updates. 2 lousy global updates. I dont count the operator specifik updates, becuase they only get to some handsets. All other Sony handsets gots at least 3 or more updates.

    Is it possible really that those handsets had so much bugs that they were more important to udpate that Xperia S bugs that is still there since ICS was released last year. Its a year with the same bugs, not being fixed. The feature function Fast Capture- still dont work like it should be. Camera dont work, like it should do. Those are one of the features that SOny was putting up to sell the device. ANd those arent working properly. I still has lag in music, when I surf or use a app that download information. I really do hope that JB do fix those bugs, because its now a year with them. But somehow it seems like Xperia S, Acro S and Xperia iON aint the most important handsets. They all forgotten.

  • Michael Hofmann

    I’ll wait and see how long it takes Sony to deliver on its promise of Android 4.2 for the 2013 handsets before I pass final judgment, but even so an apology for the Xperia S and a free PSM game or something would go a long way to restore a little faith in the brand.

  • stubborn sony supporter

    seriously i should ask sony to give us all a voucher to get new phone for free being a sony supporter for ten over years. remind us all to buy sony phone only when all update is final so we will not be dissapointed.see how they will stay at the third place.

  • Xyor

    Since I always get flagship of current generation…the upgrade is kind of meaningless to me. I will be satisfied as long as they load latest software on. Actually, before I got the Z…the upgrade for T killed my mod….it’s like a spoiler…..

  • Eli R. Jaimes Ramos

    My nexxt flagship wil be a samsung, im on a tablet galaxy 10.1 and its way better than the xperia S even when the xperia s suppose to have better specs, im a computing engennier and you can trust me when i say that the software is everything, and when android comes around samsung by the time is by much better than sony, clean, small and over all FAST

  • Khiem Diep

    I have to say, it feels like the quality has gone down ever since it went from Sony Ericsson to Sony. Every update has annoying bugs (camera bug on Xperia P for instance). Even Xperia Tablet has WiFi and freeze issues. I never had these issues with my Xperia Arc and as such the Arc remains my favorite phone of all time. I also remember receiving a lot more updates that would fix smaller bugs if there were any and usually the updates came in a timely manner. Not to mention that Android upgrades (GB, ICS) came in the same time frame as competing brands. The Gingerbread ran amazingly stable and fast on the Arc.

    Today, Sony is all about quantity, the opposite of Sony Ericsson. I mean you can’t be releasing flagship phones every 6 months and then drop support for previous flagship right away. It’s ridiculous. If they continue to do this, they will definitively lose this loyal customer. I guess I will hold onto my Xperia P (of which I’m very excited for JB update) and see if they continue this strategy but I am keeping a close eye on the HTC One as my potential next phone (4MP camera is a deal breaker).

  • Atlas

    I have given up on Sony’s phones… for now. But I am in love with all the design and stuff, its just the software, camera, updates etc. that they need to work on. Although just because the phones haven’t been up to scratch doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on Sony altogether, I mean their TV’s, PlayStation, headphones, cameras and just about everything else is spectacular and I’ve never had a problem since 1995 when I started using Sony. It would be excellent if they went back to 7 or 8 phones a year 2 flagships, 2 high end, 2 medium end and 2 low end would be perfect in my mind and they all GOT THE F*CKING UPDATES ON TIME. Oh well hopefully they will learn and listen to the customers:/

  • Sheikh Masud

    Nexus for me please. Sorry SONY! Your behavior makes us feel cheap and grounded.

  • Beatriz Cruz

    I have bought SONY productos since a child too. but its been to my disapointment to see the lack of client support and service the label has shown. We spend good money on each device, so we expect to have the big SONY company giving us decent support, a real calendar for updates, and reasonable answers. So far, they hide behind hollow answers and false dates.

  • Atlas

    And they cannot just go on design and waterproofness any more, people have learned the trick.

  • Xyor

    I really start to feel like that people are losing their focus on this update thing. A firmware upgrade is suppose to bring more satisfactory user experience instead of be symbol of manufacturer’s support. I actually think that arc should be left on GB consider how bad the ICS is. So, I rather wait until I could receive a stable useful properly functioned JB. I’m a SL TL ion Z and arc owner

  • anonymous xperia s user

    I will not be buying another sony phone again as I brought my xperia S sim free at large cost to myself and being a flagship device I expected more.

    Samsung has already updated the 2 year old gs2 and how can sony take so long over a phone less than a year old?
    I will not be buying another sony phone and probably not another sony device.

    Next phone will be a NOKIA LUMIA windows phone. Nokia a company that at least knows how to treat and values there customer’s.(I know I will get thumbs down for mentioning nokia but believe me they are far better in every way)

  • After proprietary Xperia S

    I say to Sony: fuck u ….

  • Never

  • my xperia s is soo buggy,
    I love sony but this is inexcusable.
    If you can’t update phones to the newest software in a reasonable time then at least give us bug fixes in the meantime!

  • just a general question,
    my xperia s has the yellow screen tint thing, can i send it back to sony for a replacement?

  • random access memory

    I am a bit surprised that many people care much about updates. But I am not sure why? I understand that there are differences, but are they so special. A different look, a smoother transition? is this worth to be desperate? Or is it that because others got the newer version and you feel bad you didn’t? If you don’t experience problems with the performance of your phone, why would you even bother caring about it? (No intention to offend anyone, just I feel that it’s a bit strange to be so unhappy about this)

  • Right! -_-

  • Luis

    This is the reasson of why sony cant fight vs samsung, all samsung devices have the updates in a very short lapse of time… This is innaceptable… I have a xperia s.. And this will be the last xperia that i will buy…

  • new features would be nice,
    but the reason people are so bothered about the xperia s in particular is that the current software is so full of bugs that it gets in the way of the users experience,
    I only speak for myself here when I say I want new software features but I DEMAND stable software!

  • graveaccept

    Sony must give up releasing new phones and suppurt old phones in order not to lose more customer.

  • Yes and u should have done that months ago dude.

  • Alex Selivanov

    I’m Xperia S user, have been one for half a year, don’t know about you guys, but my usb plug got off after couple of months of active use. Still wondering how it was possible to design it this way. a ridiculous mistake I should say! And yes I am frustrated with the delays in updates as my phone has some minor bugs which can be quite irritating at times! Undoubtedly we’ve got a great device in oir hands but poor after sales support will definitely make you think twice before choosing your next pocket companion!

  • crzy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you will be even more disappointed with Nokia regarding the updates. Last year they left all their existing phones, including their top flagship the Lumia 900 (announced in 2012) with Windows Phone 7.8. And this is final, no Windows Phone 8 for them.

  • Kamesvara

    I have promised to myself never wil I buy another Xperia, customer satisfaction should be the first priority, and so far sony has shown its failure in satisfying us. SONY IS DOOMED.

  • Alex Selivanov

    you can certainly try if it is still in a period of warranty

  • Alex Selivanov

    I have a point mate, but the thing is that most of the customers aren’t happy with the performance of their devices. The quedtion is whether the phone is value for money as it wad priced quite highly. so, no agony for no reason:-)

  • random access memory

    If the current version is really so buggy, I can’t agree more. A stable update of whatever OS version should be sufficient.

  • How would I go about it?
    I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier

  • Not yet, it will if they do screw up the Z’s updates

  • For them to ignore Tablet S1 is reasonable to me since that’s was Sony’s approach to tablet and not Sony mobile but Xperia Tablet S, I think they just forgot that they made that as well

  • NonSonyFanAnymore

    Last year, I’d paid 450 € for my Xperia S. What did I get for 450 €? You know what? A huuuge disappointment. I can’t list here all the bugs in my XS! It never ends!

    No support.
    No good software.
    No joy of XS.
    What the f*** are these there dots? WHY the hell I must swipe all the time, if I paid 450 € ?!
    Can anyone from Sony please answer this Q ?!

    What did I pay and what did I get…
    Who won the deal? ONLY Sony. WHY? Bcause they f***ed all the Xperia S owner, who paid tons of money!

    One last thing, I had worked eight months hard to save money for buying my Xperia S. Does Sony care? I don’t think so!

  • qdos10

    Sony lost one more enthusiastic customer over this debacle.

  • I brought the Xperia S 6months ago and I paid £350 for it, i could have spent £20 to get the Xperia T but I realised there’s not much difference between the devices. Its not fiar because we all paid really good money for this phone, please hurry sony, my phone really is starting to get old after just 5months, keeps freezing when i play music, my headphones that came with the phone dont seem to like me playing music, please hurry! or otherwise you’ll just give me a brand new one for free

  • sfordesign

    and you will be surprised that although Nokia provides fewer updates, their phones are still gonna run better than Sony’s shit phones.

  • Sony should do better in updating software not just focusing in spreading many nex Xperia devices. I remember when i had my Xperia Arc S and finally after 2012 lineup, Sony left ICS lags without any improvement issues. Now i have been using Acro S which is also promised to have JB at least on April this year, you changed the update schedule and i thought ok you’ve been focusing on new devices, excuse me you should learn from the past and don’t let whole xperia users disappointed with the same Sony story like last year.

  • icord

    Last year I bought a play Station vita and a Xperia, and were 2 of the worst purchases i’ve made in my entire life…

  • Bruno

    Really… my Xperia S died out of the blue, and I will not complain, it was a nice phone, although the screen was worse than my latter Samsung Wave S8500, but that is ok, now I only plan to get my new Xperia S and then trade-in for a Nexus 4, and never more care about be forgot by shitty marketing/commercial issues, all I want is to be supported…. no updates no loyal customers, easy and simple as that, if you can`t cope, do not come down to play

  • Sony is Bad

    Even my idk how old Nokia N8 with its dead OS gets more updates than this xperia s.i was looking forward to buyingxperia zl but this is turning me off.xperiablog, can you guys forward all these frustrations to Sony? Now even their other products I wanna boycot

  • andy

    Sony no good

  • cp2020

    Now here we are again. I remember when everyone had been complaining about Sony not being able to make and release on time a true, competitive flagship that could challenge the most powerful devices on the market…really not long ago. I bet many of us here do remember this. Then….Xperia Z comes out. On time, Jb on board fully featured full hd waterproof smartphone that really has no competition at the time of it’s release. Release, let me remind u all , that followed shortly after official announcement. Note that used to be another very popular subject of complaints from many. Sony promising releases we had to wait 3 months for after announcing. Well nobody moaning about that now. Sony is just going through a one of the biggest transformation the company has seen in years. Split with Ericsson, closing branches, general struggle on the market, huge revision of it’s lines of products, changes in management, moving headquarters and so on. Yes…quite a lot of it even for a company of it’s size. Bare in mind all this within a year or 2. XPERIA S users are unlucky to have a handset that had been released right in middle of all this shit Anyway… Point is : despite all this grief I can see on this blog I can truly feel that Sony is in fact improving, but most ppl can only see flaws and no pros. Have a bit of understanding for one. It is not easy to satisfy everyone and every company has it’s downsides, no exception. But the time is needed, changes usually take longer than what most expect them to. I personally think that many on this blog are a bit harsh with their comments such as: ‘ I’m getting S4 ‘. Really? How the fuck a lack of update pushes one to make such an unbalanced, insane and unjustified decision like this I will never understand lol. Seriously tho…give them a chance and wait or go plastic and regret anyway.

  • shanefalco

    my xperia u is the last sony smartphone!

  • dean

    Though Sony’s design is gorgeous.but the next device maybe is nexus.nexus can receive the latest update.then, i wouldnt focus when My S & Z can receive new android Version

  • Apple

    128 dollars now :D

    1/10th of the way to buy 1 new iPhone, please keep bitching everyone! <3

  • it’s not about build quality it’s all about bug fixing and update. i have iphone 4s and xperia z and i feel this is the part were sony must learn that Apple still retain their no 1 position in terms of customer satisfaction http://www.techspot.com/news/52025-apple-tops-customer-satisfaction-report-for-9th-consecutive-time.html . even iphone 3gs (4 years old apple flagship) still get software update whether minor update / patch / bug fixing and major update (not sure if 3gs will get ios 7).

  • Guest

    it’s not about build quality it’s all about bug fixing and update. i have iphone 4s and xperia z and i feel this is the part were sony must learn that Apple still retain their no 1 position in terms of customer satisfaction http://www.techspot.com/news/5… . even iphone 3gs (4 years old apple flagship) still get software update whether minor update / patch / bug fixing and major update (not sure if 3gs will get ios 7).

  • it’s not about build quality it’s all about bug fixing and update. i have iphone 4s and xperia z and i feel this is the part were sony must learn that Apple still retain their no 1 position in terms of customer satisfaction http://www.techspot.com/news/52025-apple-tops-customer-satisfaction-report-for-9th-consecutive-time.html. even iphone 3gs (4 years old apple flagship) still get software update whether minor update / patch / bug fixing and major update (not sure if 3gs will get ios 7).

  • y como sabes que Nokia actualizara sus terminales???? Por que no actualiza toda la gama que viene con Mango???

  • Rhenan

    No more Xperia for me too. Xperia S were disappoint.

  • Panayiotis Papallis

    I love Sony, i have xperia S the Bluetooth stop turning on, and they replace it with new unit, even that was having unlocked bootloader. :)

  • jag

    Wow!! A lot furious customers

  • angry customer

    no more sony, No way !! i favorite it over galaxy but i really was wrong

  • David Leonardo Ardila Herrera

    I have JB in my Xperia S. It was really easy to unlock and flash. My experience with the xperia S has been good and i would buy another Sony when I decide to change it. But there are a lot of people who dont want to take the risk of bricking their phones and sony have not treat them well.

  • sfordesign

    right, like the rest of the world uses custom rom

  • yes me too expecting High like others. But SONY prove themselves a Big time looser. My last one was Xperia S but now i’m moving on Galaxy S4.
    Samsung knows how to support their product and to keep their customers happy. Three Cheers for Samsung.

  • I can’t tolerance it, it even lag when incoming call coming…

  • Go for the Nexus 5 in a few months

  • definitley I will not BUY any SONY products when it’s ICS update late …..
    but, when xperia Z arrived.. i could not stand it.. still love SONY.. LOL

  • definitley again… this will be my last sony device if it takes 6 month to update to 4.2
    plastic land maybe ?

  • Phonefreak

    Given up on Samsung even worse there S2 or so didn’t even gotten jellybean yet and the phone get faulty so easily. Iphone now and than software cause to phone to load bery slow. Many users saying although the pass Sony have slow updated but overall performance and durablity still goes for Sony. Less crack screen less battery issue or dead set.

  • Sonu Babu

    The only company that make good design phones is sony and that was the reason i always bought sony. But updates are an important thing for me. Forgetting their flagship this soon is definitely not good. That is why I sold my Xperia S and bought a nexus 4.

  • Lumia let your contact transfer to the phone easily, n it would be hard and anoying when you want to transfer the contact to another phone. They reject the easy way for the customer, end of user friendly. And i hate that metro UI.

  • Ac3 D Monkey

    I should buy nexus 4 —

  • All I can say that I’m a big Sony fan and currently own an Xperia S, I was originally planning on getting the Xperia Z but I’m now going to get the HTC One Developer Edition.

    Just reading about the Xperia Z complaints with the very weak Speaker that also needs to dry for an hour+, the screen not having a good contrast etc, and last but not least the weak/poor Updates program Sony has leaving lots of unhappy customers who bought their previous Flagship smartphone abandoned..( yes I’m still waiting for the Jelly Bean update for my Xperia S)

    So here I see the beautiful smartphone that HTC have created with the Best Screen on the market, Stereo Frontal Speakers, Zoes, Great Innovative Camera and of course its Slick and Premium Design.. Just reminds me how I felt about wanting to buy the Xperia S when it was announced as my first Android smartphone.

  • rus_media

    I have sold my Xperia Arc S just after 3 months when I heard that it will not get any new updates and bought the Xperia S. Now they did the same thing. There are so many like me will not buy Sony phones again. I was too frustrated that I had to cancel my Xperia Z. Cause I know what will they do again.

  • same here

  • AA

    There is a lot of anger in this thread. Sony you really need to listen to what customers are saying.

  • Mohit

    I am surprised, now sony has got down on both quality and support for their phones… Grow up sony people… Before I used to recommend everyome to buy sony(Ericsson) handsets and now its being changed, even I am getting second thoughts on buying xperia z and tired waiting jellybean for xperia ion

  • mountain

    People, stop just stay there in front of the computer and get out there. You will realise what the world is up to. Do you know how many people out there gives a dam about updates? I did a brief calculation in a public transport, and about 80% of the people out there using S2 actually uses Gingerbread. It is much better that sony gives a better out-of-box firmware.

  • dime

    As I can see there are 153 comments more of them are saying they are angry frustrated, i’m also frustrated from Sony’s updates no support bad politics and even bugged ics, i’m still waiting and still didn’t loose the patience i’m going to see jb update how it would be and they must apologize and prolong the support for Xperia S with 4.2.2 or 5.0 as an excuse to us users

  • fuvk ogf

    Fuck you sony stay in the appliance world bcoz you fucking lozer on the mobile world so fuck off i thought xperia go jelly bean would take place in the end of march itz already fucking april i will not gnna buy sony phones again and i will not recommend it to my friends and to the world

  • rus_media

    For sure I will never buy a Sony product. Basically I had so many Sony products. And I usually change my mobile set within a year. From seeing their ignorant to the XS users(who give them the most revenue that time) I want to get new phones from others. Btw, I had canceled my XZ and I wanted to get a Tablet Z(which would be my first Tablet) that I asked our local provider to stop it. Sony you really need some good developer. May be you are using some people who has no chance to loose their job. Think wisely, now…

  • rus_media

    You are ruining this thread

  • A Flagship Phone With Full Of Bugs :-
    1. I Payed For 1Gb Ram But Got Only 635Mb??
    2. I Payed For 12Mp Camera But Most Of Photos Are Blurry And Out Of Focus??
    3. A Hd Screen With Yellow Tints!!!
    4. Shatter Sound While Playing Music!!!
    5. Waiting For A Bug Fix Update From 7 Months!!!
    6. Have To.Restart Everyday To Cure Lagging And Slow Down Of Performance!!!
    A Company Forget His Flagship Phone Only In 5-6 Months For Which We Payed 650 $ ???
    How We Trust AGAIN This Company In Future If We Are Feeling Cheated Today??

  • rus_media

    My 2nd and last

  • Rizki Krisnanto

    Hum for me that thing comes in second but it sure is sucks…

  • SonyIsStillBetterThanSAMESUNG

    I have the Xperia Play, a bit slow, that’s why I change to XZ, and I like it so much. It works perfectly, well the camera can improve a bit, when it compare with my nexus 7 which have androids 4.22, I see no different. As soon as the XZ don’t have any bugs that affect me, I don’t care about updates.

  • APai

    pretty much! today its xperia S tomorrow it’s something else. it’s disconcerting news when you launch so many phones that you cannot support through a year. sony’s priorities are clouded. if they do not have the bandwidth for support for all their handsets, do not release that many. hell , wasn’t S their flagship phone for a brief time ?

  • jin

    I will never buy any sony smartphones ever again! Xperia S will be my last sony phone, I’ll try htc or samsung but never sony

  • Sam

    What ????you call Xperia S a flagship? the device which is given least importance, buggy and slow updates. I really really do not understand why the hell is Sony doing this, crazy man, Sony really has the best smartphones out there in the market, agreed! but the software updates suck big big time, galaxy S2 which was released long back before Xperia S already has the jelly bean, it has lower specs. And I guess Xperia S was the best selling device for Sony then why this fuck up. Who the hell told you to release so many smartphones, you think too many smartphones = people buy many phones and you earn too much money you stupid idiots? Pathetic, will not consider buying any Sony product, not only smartphone but ANY Sony product after such a pathetic service and attitude.

  • Paul

    fuck yourself Sony, kiss my ass, no Sony from now, Samsung or HTC, even Micromax (an Indian company) won’t act like this and update timely.

  • Sam

    I guess we need to start a petition for the Xperia S. What say??

  • Z

    I have a feeling when XS gets the JB (we don’t know when or if it will ever get it) and that Sony’s after sales on their latest line up gets better the guys that left sony and went to chase other brands would regret it..if Sony is still thinking straight they would not abandon the phone that gave them the biggest push in their life against competing companies (Xperia Z) but if they do then thats a different story a story that i would not follow anymore.:P,im an owner of the W8 i don’t know if you guys ever heard of it its X10’s brother,being my first ever android yes it sucks that it will only get 2.1 eclair but hell theres XDA as others have mention if you freakin hate the company why would you stick with its warranty go and throw it out the window and do the work on your phone yourself and STOP blaming Sony for your laziness.:)

  • naveen

    Dissappointed with Sony. I’m buying an iPhone next. This was one of the reason why I shifted from Samsung and now that even Sony is doing the same I’m definitely quitting android and moving to iOS.

  • lemuel

    It is ok for me to wait for updates… there are so many mod like cyanogen to flash your phone. The important to me is the bigger battery power for xperia phones.. But customers who are longing to update their phones to JB but it doesn’t arrived yet, they are shifting to other mobile brands like Samsung,HTC and LG.

  • dereknobuyuki

    I haven’t gotten a Jelly Bean update for the Xperia GX (only 8 months old) but I would prefer Android 5 KLP.

    In my market, the Xperia X10 still runs Android 2.1 and was NEVER updated to 2.3.X

    In the end, the carrier instead gave people “cash back incentives” to move to other devices.

    In the USA, it’s probably the most difficult position with the amount of control and hoops to jump through that carrier are constantly trying to force upon everyone. Japan is not much better.

    Worth mentioning again but XperiaBlog readers are not the typical consumers.

    XperiaBlog readers are likely to be more tech-savvy and technologically informed than typical users which makes this segment a lot more vocal that the bulk of consumers. Unfortunately, the bulk of consumers don’t care about Jelly Bean vs. Ice Cream Sandwich. We’re lucky that Xperia users are even getting something as close to Android as Sony luckily gives us (Samgsung users are getting something that is now so far away from actual android and Google’s whole design and direction. In the near future, Samsung may not even be Android and the bulk of consumers wouldn’t mind either way)

    So to me, Sony’s Xperia brand is an okay one but I’m not particularly loyal to it.

    3 of my last 5 devices (Xperia X10, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Xperia GX, Nexus 7, Xperia Tablet Z) have been Sony Xperia devices but at the time of each of those purchases, I assessed the various products on the market and chose Xperia products. I’m largely happy with these devices but I’d still asses all the devices available next time I’m in the market for a device.

    Actually, Sony Mobile is extremely supportive of developers (I’m a developer) which good articles and even will lend you devices for testing.

    As for updates, they are nice to have but are not the end of the world as long as it is at least Android 4. It is obviously important to XperiaBlog readers and it is also obviously expensive to develop, test, test, test, test, jump through carrier hoops, test, and test for device makers.

  • ????

    ? ?? ? ???? ? ???. .??????? ???? ?? ???????, ????? ?????? ?????.

  • Carlo

    from an andriod view I liked Sony, one of the best UI. Seeing this, I’ve decided to move on switching over to iOS. I did like the Windows 8, but from what I saw on 7.5 & 7.8, its kinda slow.

    Great job Sony!

  • jundamane

    sony seems to have forgotten us xperia s owners who bought it the first week of release…oh well good bye sony, I’m now choosing between the htc one or samsung galaxy s3/4

  • burrqy

    sorry sony, but i am really dissapointed with you..like seriously..my acro s is stuck with ICS and i am waiting for JB since December..and you promised us the release at Q1 in this year..but it’s already April and i heard nothing about the update..acro s is my last xperia phone.. i am going for samsung or nexus..

  • for me, no much problem. I love sony the best! problem? :)

  • I enjoy xperia so much, xda is enough for me. If u don’t kno, sony really care about xda devs also, they give lots of sth to help xda devs working for xperia. sony <3 for me, I wil never buy other phone if it's not sony phone, I mean my first phone is sony, my next more is from sony ever. I dolove sony. Thz. :)

  • Because You Know How To Install Custom Rom And Root The Phone But Not Everyone Know It..We Bought Sony Phone And Believed That They Support Us With New Software But They Are Failed!!!
    Jellybean 4.1 Is 10 Month Old Software And Still We Are Suffering With Buggy And Laggu ICS!!!

  • Vit

    Was a great fan of Sony and SE. But after this bullshit with Xperia S, my next phone would rather be an HTC.

  • dime

    Look 180 comments Sony read every single comment and think twice about…

  • Pritchett

    I own Xperia S, the strategy that comes to my mind is, Sony’s killing one flagship to broaden the sales of new ones.

    Kill Xperia S so others can get more attention.

  • ProWeirdo

    Xperia S is my first Sony phone, before I had SE W980 and SE Xperia X10, on both phones I’ve experienced issue with not working/charging/connecting USB port of the phone. I couldn’t charge it. I’ve spent about $2000 on Sony phones, and I got no JB…

  • Linda

    Sony is not the only one with this problem, it took me 2.5 years for HTC to upgrade my previous phone to 2 steps down the (back then) current version. Every now and then, companies would say that they would build less and focus their attention on the few, but that never happened.

  • tech lover

    Never buy a nexus , like ever they might look good on paper but are crap

  • sai karthik

    When i first saw the phone i was amazed and bought but now its just shit and they dont even care for there customers whi first bought there device and made it an instant hit. But sony if u ignore us we ignore u thats it i had enough of sony gonna take htc or apple next time

  • Greame Smith

    The fact is Sony isn’t learning from its mistakes, again and again they screw up things for the flagship. Please somebody explain Sony what a flagship is, or at least please read the definition on Google.

  • Stuart

    Sony Mobile is just ruining the brand name. Sony please quit if you plan to continue such a fiasco.

  • coolguy

    Epic fail, so many angry and furious customers, sony go to die.

  • xps

    I am a Sony Xperia S owner and I honestly can say that the experience has been totally favorable.

    I have my reasons:

    – I bought the phone in Late October 2012 and got a huge discount, I paid only 400 USD for a brand new 32 gb XPS. GS3 is 800 usd and Iphone is even more expensive than 800 usd.

    – It already came with ICS ready for download and I no longer need to wait unlike early adopters stuck with gingerbread.

    – I did not get the yellow tint as my unit is of the newer model.

    – There are bugs, slowdowns but only to a minor degree. Most specifically when I use Google Chrome, there are minor slowdowns but nothing that bad.

    This is not a flagship phone in the sense that it blows the competition away. It has nothing to do that really. There are phones with similar or better design. The specs are on par with the rest but not the leader of the pack.

    The people with complains here are the early adopters and it is understandable why they feel that way. Especially the ones with the yellow tint on the screen, they paid top dollar for that. But I view the Xperia S as a mid range phone. I did not expect it to perform as well as the other top of the line phones for the price I paid. I did get what I paid for and then some.

    Sony is the third or fourth placer now in the smart phone arena. It is not a leader, it is just playing catch up.

    Maybe Sony should just explain why the updates to Jellybean is slow and why there no fixes for the Xperia S. I have my speculations. Chief among them is that Sony could just be understaffed when it comes to firmware updates or security updates.

    – Is there a small army working for the software of xperia S or just less than 5 people?

    – Are their staff working primarily on the newer , unreleased models?

    When you say Sony, people immediately think of the Tvs, the Vaios, the cameras, the playstations, basically a behemoth company with lots of resources and manpower. But I realized this might not be true to their smartphone staff, that’s why they teamed with Ericsson many years ago as they lack the expertise in the cellphone/smartphone field.

  • If Sony Don’t Change This Strategy..Soon They Loose The Smartphone Market And Their Customers Too!!!

  • lazysony

    Sony is spending their workforce in the wrong department, infact they have a bunch of idiot and stupid developers who are lazy and sleep during work hours as I read somewhere that sleeping during working hours is allowed in Japan and is considered that you are devoted to your job. hahaha

  • Janak

    that ndeed I m loosing trust in Sony due to this kind of negligence towards their flagship device and my love “Xperia S”.

    Common Sony, show that you care your customers.

  • Clio Creslind

    READ THESE COMMENTS AND WAKE UP, SONY!!! Your customers are angry because they actually care about you and they know you’re going about it the wrong way! How many companies in the world have that, you lucky b**t**d?

    But you’ve not shown you care about your customers, even those who bought your flagship device!

    Flagship devices, like Xperia S, can either be:
    a.) a bridge to BUILD & STRENGTHEN your relationship with the general public, or
    b.) a damning piece of evidence to CRASH your reputation for MANY YEARS to come.


  • marijuanafan

    Sony should treat Xperia S owners with KLP.

  • rahul

    Xperia S was very good as phone. .but dumb support and no updated for it killed it. I alresdy switched to Samsung note II..and my sony resides with my mom who dont want a smart phone. ..so for me phone with no latest update is a dumb phone. ..

  • Sony is a big name in itself, does not expect from Sony wat they had done to XPERIA S. Ignoring this phone means SONY is ignoring all the xperia s users. updates are slow and updates which are issued previously are not as the phone deserve as it continuous wid sony, respect from sony might be finished from Indian market. XPERIA S users are waiting for the updates from a long tym, but Sony is not responding for it . Well my personal opinion is i might not buy SONY handset in future

  • dasdsa


  • Giovanni Pompeo

    So unprofessional and unacceptable from Sony. I bought several Sony smartphones for my family too(X10, Play, Xperia U,… ) , but I think that the Xperia S has been my last one.
    So sad about this. Bye Bye Sony

  • mahmood

    Sony no good

  • ziomus

    Xperia S became a SHAME of Sony already to be honest. The device is totally ignored and abandoned. Even such a crap like xperia j get jelly bean, and even if it is on the list to be updated, it is the last. Sony do not understand yet the meaning of “flagship” word. Sadly continue X10 police when it comes to updates, always last with os updates on the market. Some things never change… And what I can see the same is happening to Xperia Z I already own. Somebody saw so called and promised “fast update” to android 4.2?? Can someone clarify if the sony is doing these updates on its own or with help of outside companys? Maybe that is the reason?

  • MisterG

    My Sony (Ericsson) phone history is quite long and I always trusted them for bringing good phones.. But apparently Sony forgot to change their strategy.. In old times, Sony Ericsson phones were released and hardly got any updates.. That was ok for the customers because the phones were good and there were no complains. When Sony made the step to a general OS like android, they didn’t change their strategy. And thats the fault they made because Android is a growing OS since it is supported with more features and a better polished UI from google itself. So everyone wants to have the newest version of android because the are (mostly) better. That’s a kind of apple-like way of thinking, where even 5 year old phones still get updates. The problem in between are the manufacturer’s changes to android that have to be adopted to every new android version. It’s like inventing the wheel over and over again. And that causes the delay. There are two options now:
    1. Sony puts more effort in updating there phones and less in inventing new
    2. google has to make it easier for developers to implement their things.
    Other branches are slow with updating their devices, too.. But Sony is one the slowest.. To get timely updates you have to buy a nexus device and thats probably what I do next after sticking to Sony (Ericsson) for about one decade.. Sad but true :(

  • noell

    it’s like Taylor Swift’s song.. we are never ever ever, getting some sony mobile phones again !!!

  • Its not only XS in the game, the XP, and XGO also didnt get update yet. Updates are promissed at the end of march and look at todays date. And there is still not apoligize for delay or explenation why updates are failed.

  • putte40

    I actually was close to get a Z but i opted for a HTC one instead only because of the nonexistant support for my acro S. My wife that bought galaxy s3 at same time as i got the acro s have received many updates which improved her phone. Both handsets costed exactly same , premium price right when they game. Only update i got was “find my xperia.”….i am just looking for an eventual update before the One comes.

  • minur

    Hi, I used the last sony xperia s using the product, but I think it will be!

    Offering the best update support .. or samsung nexus products, and I no longer think of them.

  • siva

    I got the Xperial SL in Jan 2013 and i expected that the JB update would be in by february or march. I don’t think i will be able to understand the frustration of the X-S buyers who got it an year ago.

    However, in 3 months i don’t see any issues with the device and functions. So if the update to SL and S are same, things should be smooth for all.

    The frustration to two part – not having the update as promised or even earlier. That means a lot of the addicted smartphone users. Put some junk update or other small fix as a kink to satisfy them. I worked for a reputed computer corp and i know tricks. I guess the smartphone companies need to start thinking like the 80s and 90s computer corporations.

    Secondly, Everyone else got the JB, i am missing on it psychology.

    I would say almost 80% of X-S phone buyers who got it in the first 2 months of the launch, they do buy it to look smart, feel smart and stand out in the crowd among the peers, friends and relatives. So if the X-S guys didn’t get the JB update. its not that phone isn’t working, its just that they feel JB is the next big things in the world that they should showcase to the world.

    I have seen the JB on various other phones and nothing earth-shattering is present there. Its just another version of a software.

    For me, i like a quality product and well tested software anytime.

    Chill and look for the update, its coming soon…:)

  • Law

    My second and last Sony phone. This was already their second chance…

  • Law

    Apple has been around since the mid seventies. Judging by your comment I’m assuming that’s longer than you’ve been alive.

  • coming from someone that gave Galaxy S2 to get Xperia S i feel very disapointed. camera quality is bad. auto focus problems and too much noise. S2 camera was better. i also was unlucky to get a yellow tint screen so i had to give it for replace that took 2 weeks. yes 2 weeks to replace the screen on a new phone. after that i was waiting for an update to the newer android version that took too long and now with 4.1.2 is the same delay while every other smartphone of that range got it a while ago. even my older S2 got jelly bean. if Sony can’t support that many phones then dont make them. make fewer and keep support and updates faster. for me that was the last xperia phone. i like the ui and simplicity over galaxy series but i prefer the faster updates something that sony can’t provide us. I dont see a reason to spend 500 euros or more to a flagship that after 6 months get old without good support and updates while other companies do better on that section. If sony don’t care about us we don’t care about them either. at the end of the day we will win in either way and Sony will loose. we have the option to buy something better instead of spend money on phones with aged specs high prices and low updates circles.

  • Dictator

    “Do not look at how the work started, but as a how completed” – Japanese Proverb. They don’t
    follow it. Shame on Sony.

  • the problems sony had with erricson and the split is their problem and we definetly don’t care about it. we bought soething and we want support on them. if they had problem on the transition they sould give the phones free or under 200 without support not 500 euros without good support. as for xperia z ok is a nice phone but it scratvh too easily and is a fingertip magnet like all sony phones.

  • Abdullah Kakooli

    look, stop complaining, would like speed or quality. if sony released it now for example, it will be laggy and u would hate sony even more, although u asked for it. just wait, they may release it late but as long as its functional its ok. just chill

  • sepi

    And my Xperia TX

  • asa

    Actualy the AOSP already was done. It was open for about 2 months. :))

  • CeccoFF

    Maybe it’s the same reason and for limits which we will never see a Xperia Nexus ….

  • Disqus182

    Sony —Never again. I bought the Xperia S thinking it will be supported well by Sony after seeing how Sony supported their 2011 device. Like you said in the article , they flopped big time in 2012… I was using the Galaxy S before that ..It didn’t receive ICS despite having a capable hardware to run it.. I was like no Samsung ever… So I skipped the S3 n S2 n bought the Xperia S.. But Samsung did really good in supporting the S2 n S3 in 2012
    …Xperia is a good deviice with decent hardware but Sony let it down by less than satisfactory update.. Delay in showing up dialer , message app and the terrible noise level in the camera department in the ICS update… I was disappointed big time… These are things which could be easily solved by a firmware update.. Custom roms don’t have such problems .. Its just laziness on Sony’s part to support past models..


  • Feanor

    Sure the current update policy of Sony is laughable (I’m also waiting for JB for my P which is way behind promised schedule) but the current situation cannot be really a concrete indication for the future. Sony is going through a rough restructuring, most likely shifting manpower or resources from Sweden to Japan. Working in an R&D department myself, I can tell that such scale of restructuring takes a lot of time, manpower needs to be shifted, contracts with subcontractors need to be fulfiled, management decisions need to be taken. To customers’ eyes 1.5 year since the Sony purchasing of Sony Ericsson may be a long time but for the company it’s still very little time to completely rework a new strategy and produce the first results. I am expecting that Sony will normalize its mobile phone busines no earlier than 2014-15. But they are a giant company, so if they decide properly to make the mobile division work, then they will do.

  • Han-X

    Ayn? konu Xperia ion içinde geçerli.

    Sony, yanl?? ad?mlar at?yor.

    Bu ?ekilde sonu kötü olacak gibi görünüyor.

  • If the Xperia S would’ve shipped with ICS Sony would have been the first OEM (outside of the Nexus-line ofc) to deliver it. By a wide margin even.
    Lots of people seem to think the Xperia S is an extremely high-end device just because it was Sony’s most powerful one at the time.
    Sony Mobile has gone through a merger and needed time to adjust. Also, they have not “promised”. They have given a ETA of “end of Q1”. But again, that’s an estimate, not a promise!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well its what I know done. And sony took it over….

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, Xperia Play customer should be happy, they didnt get ICS. X10 I actually think Sony Ericsson did turne the tide. They did actually release 2.3.3 on that one, or was it 2.3.4? What more could you have asked for? Ok, there did not come any bugg-fixes for the last update, and that was the pity. X10 was their first device, se that as it is. They learned from it, and 2011 still gets plenty of updates and bugg-fixes. Its sad they didnt get JB though because I do think that would has solve some of the float problems maybe. But ICS do kinda work good on 2011 devices in my point of wiev. But when it comes to Xperia S, Sony should really shame, because they done all wrong. That Xperia P gets more updates than Xperia S that was their flagship modell. Common, it wasnt even the flagship!!!

  • OK, Sony Xperia S. But what about Xperia P, for example, which was promised to update even earlier than Xperia S?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Have to support Sony there. Xperia X10 I do think Sony did good. Not very good. But good. First we shouldnt even get GB, but after pressure, they did change their mind. The phone got updates for sure. And to be honest more than Xperia S ever gotten. And one more thing. Not that many phone has gotten updated with 2 different OS-versions like X10 has. Remember. It released with 1.6. Updated too 2.1 and latter on 2.3.3. Thats quite good, in my oppinion. 2011 years phones only got 1 OS update in that matter. 2.3.4 to 4.0. And the funny part is that Xperia S actually is a new X10 in a way. Its the only phone that gets updated to new OS twice. 2.3.7 too 4.0.4 and now 4.1.2 something. That only happend with X10 before. Ok, when this happend Sony is kinda showing us, their customers that they do agree with us, X10 should have been released with 2.1 and Xperia S should have been released with 4.0. That means that the next phone that should get at least 2 OS updates is actually Xperia V/T. They got released with 4.0.4 but should really have been released with 4.1.2 so if Sony is going to follow its history, those phone will also get updated twice with new OS. So dont be surprise when V and T gets JB and the one after JB (Keylime they used to call that one). Xperia Z would according to this history only get One more OS update.

  • Okazuma

    I’ll never buy another Xperia in my life.
    Sony has just one way to change my mind, update the Xperia S to 4.2.2 or 5.0 to justify the LOOOONG and stupid wait

  • I’m sure you dont mind i link petition here against these slow updates.

  • this petition is about every android device from sony.

  • paul

    My first and last sony…..updates are just a joke!!! SAMSUNG FOR ME NOW!!!!!

  • Samuel

    Sony is a design powerhouse when it comes to smartphones. Their minimalist design speaks volumes of their attention to detail when they do put in the effort.

    But this focus on detail is sadly lost when it comes to hardware and software specifications of their devices.

    As the article points out, this is due to the saturation of their portfolio with many a number of devices. And if we are to look at the 2012 line, we can see that there were many devices that were released in quick succession. And to make matters worse, some models had a different SoC (CPU/GPU) encumbering the development process which ultimately lead to those devices being dropped from support (a prime example being the Xperia U).

    Another issue is that hardware manufacturers in the Open Handset Alliance are required to provide software support for at least 18 months for their devices. What Sony is doing now is to stretch the interval between software updates to such an extent that they do very little updating in 18 months and then drop support.

    This rapid release of hardware with various specifications and variations of the same software overlays is driving the development team thin.

    What Sony is counting on is sales of hardware through the release of newer models. Their commercial point of view is to get the maximum number of SKU off their shelves and if the interest wanes, then release newer models.

    But what Sony does not realise is that once a customer has been miffed by Sony’s support, then the confidence of the customer in Sony’s products is likely to go down. This customer will then, by means of word of mouth, dissuade those he or she knows from purchasing a Sony device with their own experience to back up the claim.

    What Sony ought to do is streamline the process by having a better portfolio of devices. The ‘tick-tock’ way of release has to go. A flagship every half-year is too much and people are bound to withhold their purchases for the competition which provides a safe bet that their device is going to remain current for the rest of the year.

    Furthermore, Sony ought to release 3 tiers of devices, the high, mid and low end with the high end having only one device for the global market (unlike the Z and ZL fiasco, but just one single device model) while the mid and low end can comprise up to a maximum of two (such as one model with dual SIM and the other without).

    The low end should be released at the start of the year, the mid end towards the mid of the year and the high end towards the end of the year. That way, Sony stays relevant in the eyes of the customer with a predictable release schedule and gives enough time to develop a true high-end smartphone that can take on the likes of Samsung, HTC, Apple, etcetera.

    More so, SoCs from the same vendor ought to be used on their device range (for example, the Snapdragon 200, 400, 600 and 800). This ensures a good tie in with the vendor to provide better driver support and ensures that the software team can focus better on software development.

    And instead of focusing on pushing out hardware revisions, Sony ought to push out software revisions that fix bugs, brings incremental updates and exclusive features. This ensures customers are confident in the brand they chose and also gives a reason to choose the brand as their device will be relevant for the rest of the year. The modification of the software should not to such an extent to impact performance, but provide exclusive features that are within user control to enable or disable. Plus, they ought to make the bloat (if included), user removable. Such subtleties ensure customer satisfaction which leads to brand loyalty.

    To summarize,

    1. Use the same design focus they use on hardware aesthetics on software and hardware development and specifications.

    2. Streamline the hardware portfolio with fewer models.

    3. Well segregated tiers of devices (high, mid and low) with a fixed release schedule.

    4. One high end device per year late in to the year, rather than a flagship every half-year.

    5. Global flagship device models rather than certain markets getting certain devices.

    6. A single SoC vendor to ensure better software development and optimisation at the risk of supply issue.

    7. More frequent incremental software updates that fix bugs and adds new feature, keeping the novelty factor.

    8. Proper customer support that gives a definitive road plan so that customers can anticipate Sony’s product release and support cycle which ensures customer satisfaction and confidence.

    Now that the aforementioned statement is off my chest, my apologies for the long post.

  • raj

    I really what sony have done with xperia s no single update from company not even bug fix orr any thing, that my last phone from sony. Next time i probably buy htc one

  • Nik0la

    Ok, my experience with Xperia S are bad, i got a phone for 450euro and after 20 days yellow tint show up, my phone came with 2.3.7 from the box o.O when all others had ICS and after updating to ICS bugs were huge. Got blury pictures and rly bad focus with camera, low quality sound on my speaker and slow, frustrating software… JB is on the scene for a long time now and its rly disapointing that XS users didnt get at least a bug and lag free ICS. I cant aford to change phones so often but my next choice would be HTC or Samsung altough SONY has best design on the market.

  • Rishab

    Extremely disappointed with Sony’s Update Policy. I wonder if they do realise that its just short of a year since Jelly Bean was released and Xperia S owners have not yet received an upgrade. I wonder how is this company in this competitive game. A game where everybody is trying their level best to ensure the best possible user experience. For God’s sake the phone was released with 2.3 Gingerbread. Sony couldn’t have done worse. One has to work really hard to loose ALL and literally ALL the trust that one has earned over the years. Sony is the most unethical company in this smartphone business. I mean they don’t have any guidelines at all. They even refused to update some of their phones released in late 2012. I wonder if they can continue like this. And I am 100% sure that my next phone is not an Xperia , in fact, I am not using any of Sony’s product from now on.

  • I realized the one hand Sony because she wants to call attention to the market, yet, there are many smartphones released last year. I love my Xperia S and the only problem I have with it is that when I receive many notifications, and I’m listening to music, the music stops. It’s MY ONLY PROBLEM! Maybe because other smaller updates have been resolved when i update in wJanuary and February this year. The knowledge that I will receive the 4.1 for the Xperia S is good. At least I know I have, just have to wait.

    I think if we want android 4.2 or even 5.0 (the one who will be good) is to petition for the drivers. That yes! (like we do in Xperia X10)
    Portugal – 500 € for unlocked Xperia S

  • AlexBurnout

    Maybe I’ll get one more Sony.

  • AlexBurnout

    I’m sticking with Sony, no matter what.

  • Iurii

    ???? ?? ??????????, ?? ????? ??? ? ???? ??? ??????, ????? ?????????? . ?? ?????? ???!!!

  • pobalincek

    I Love my Xperia P but f#uck it, i dont Think I’m gonna Buy Xperia Tablet Z Like I Tought I Will. Nexus Is half A Price And Will Have few updates. Sony Is really good but still. I have a wifi not Turning On problem And this can Be Solved with New android. But Noooo, Lets waittttt. There is No Hurry. Fu#k Off.

  • masht

    I hate from Sony
    I will never buy Sony Mobile

  • yerkovskypaskavittumuna

    Signed! dude!

    post this on FB and aks all to sign just to help you ! a friend surely wouldnt ignore.

  • THNX :D

  • Antonio Ferreira

    I have sony for so many years,

    SE T630, SE V630, SE W910i, SE W715i, SE Xperia X10, Sony Xperia S…

    And i will continue buy’in them.

    Are beautiful’s and magic. They have something special, may not be the best but there is something in them that make they different off all others.

  • sonymobile…not

    dude, imma help ya. imma spread it too!
    thankx to you we got 300 alrady pretty soon

  • jekovsky

    no it will not recieve 5.0 android. Qualcomm will not release binaries for it to be created upon!
    Blame Qualcoom for not getting 5.0 on snapdragon S3 CPU running phones….

  • R J

    I use Xperia P, although it has got a few updates, I still get frustrated by how painfully slow Sony is in releasing new updates to phones.

  • Xperia S is my first and certainly the last Sony phone,better switch to Samsung.

  • Tarun

    no jb update for my Xperia ion…..

  • Moonlight

    SXS is my 2nd and the last phone from Sony after SE T610.
    Will definitely change it for WP8 phones from Nokia, which I’ve used before. Their ALL WP 7.5 PHONES still receive updates!!! Nokia ROCKS!!!

  • Sony needs to put priority on releasing updates faster not new smartphones and tablets.

  • I wish xperia blog would link my petition in every article similar as this one as long it has to do with slow updates.

  • Anu D

    The Last update to C905, (Sony’s once flagship phone broke the wireless functionality.) Sony never bothered to fix it.
    I gave them one more chance with XSL, but now I’ll never buy a Sony product again.

  • neverlearn

    Update is not an issue, its ok if it is late or not as long as the update that will be provided to users are polished! Bad thing about sony is they dont give fixes to the shitty bugs to the XS. That is what people are complaining. They provided an update but its shitty, then there is not even a single effort to show that they are trying to fix those shitty upate

  • .


  • intruder

    Well, the update comes so late because… It will be 4.2.2, not 4.1.2, they are planning on surprising us. Wait and be amazed by the jump from 4.0.4 to 4.2.2.

  • Aravinth

    My Xperia p is the last Sony product, I choose to leave the brand for breaking the update promise and providing false information to the customers.

  • .

    @a9b0a1d8d90fbd2a3aed33f20c9bad87:disqus 4.2.2? Xperia S? From a company like Sony? r u alright? u made me laugh bro! Sony will release 4.2.2 for Xperia S?

  • antebr

    “The Xperia S is my first and last Sony phone”.

  • i started the petition ofcourse i would share it :)
    I think majority off sony’s software team all working on playstation 4 at the momment but thats no excuse to be so slow.

  • Antonio Rabuzin

    Sony we want 4.2.1 Jelly Bean for the Xperia S ……4.1.2 is past !!!

  • Yeah +1 horror story 3x(S,P,Go)and u,sola………

  • cp2020

    They are simply prioritizing and adjusting, just like every other brand. If they use their resources to support newer handsets more than the older ones then it is because they see that it is more important. They will not abandon whatever plans they have to fulfill ones desire for an update, unless they see fit to do so. If problems like this become more important to them and it will start to cause losses beyond Sony’s affordability I’m sure they will address the issue and do whatever is needed to stop that from happening. Again that’s if ‘THEY’ think it is the right move, not anyone else. It is simple … all companies think profits, that’s what they exist for. Don’t get me wrong, the problem with updates exists, no doubt [ there wouldn’t be so many ppl posting on here if there wasn’t], and I truly understand XS owners point of view and all this anger is somehow justified…but how many of us know details about how the company operates, what exactly they are working on at the present moment. NXT series and problems with updates could be a major downside for me and You but maybe for them nxt series are dead because there are newer handsets coming and Sony thinks concentrating on that will be more profitable. Therefore few ppl complaining about a single handset not getting updates is the least of their problems right now. And even if every single XS user decides to switch to another brand, that still doesn’t mean Sony will lose more than what they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of other projects. Like i said we can all speculate here but we really don’t know what is going on within the company. I guess the perfect solution for Sony would be to find that balance. Try to keep older customers happy [ yes i agree with u all, it is very important, we customers need to feel important ] and keep up with the market at the same time. It doesn’t take genius to know that it is extremely hard task to overcome. Obviously to much for Sony at this time but I’m not going anywhere else because i look at my Xperia Z and i see no alternatives. Quality is what matters the most for me and in my opinion no other brand can compete with Sony in that department. One thing will never change …it is always ones choice whom to buy from. Just like U will prioritize before choosing your next handset so will all the companies when making them. The choice is always yours and they know that as well.

  • Name

    Why is this so important to you. Why would any human being with a functional brain act like such a spoiled children over a pointless, mostly cosmetic update of a phone, when there are much more important issues to care about. Is your phone not working well and you NEED the update RIGHT NOW or you’re going to act mad on the internet while tapping your feet hysterically? My XS works fine with ICS, I have no bugs, no slowdows, and more important things to think about than a stupid update on a phone that already works well.

    Literally, smart phones for dumb people.

  • Its The First Phone Of Sony Without Ericsson And They Forgot It Like Ericsson Company….

  • Lois Bernard

    In US, changed to ATT just to get Xperia ion. Service from ATT is poor here in mountain city but really wanted that phone and have sony everything else. Disappointed in software updates. Had to spend all afternoon at ATT store just to find out my phone needed an update in order to act as a mobile hotspot. If I hadn’t gone to the store I would never have known since the phone did not update itself as it should have. ATT store had a link that I did not have have. Also bought Xperia tablet S. Random shut downs. Laggy video. Same problem. No updates, no information. Very poor customer relations, Sony. Great looking product though.

  • lolsomany

    is someone can re post this in Sony Mobile, i gladly support him

  • AMIN

    sony’s support is a real joke

    they can’t solve a little bug in 3 update: They released 3 ICS update for X-Ray and from first update there’s problem in notification LED

    And after all this problem still remains


    thanks XDA for solving problem in few dayss that SONY can’t solve it in 6 month.


    But I know I repeat this mistake and buy SONY phones again and regret again and buy again and …

  • I love my XPS, it was like a bright future when i first brought it, i love it until now, but the suuport for it has only shattered my thoughts of the brand itslef, even custom rom’s seem’s to have reached its end. sad but true all the way

  • Abhishek

    it is really frustrating that so much time has passed and still there is no word on jb update from sony. i used to love xperia phones but now i thing i may have to find another brand that is more regular with the updates

  • Guest

    well said.. hope they won’t if they not.. puff!! *GAME OVER*

  • Armadyne

    I think Sony should make their own OS, develop Vita OS or partners with BlackBerry.

  • Guest

    where my Xperia S Jelly Bean ?

  • Guest

    no, Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z at least !

  • Guest

    somehow the next nexus made by sony and then u buy….??
    joking.. hahahaha!!

  • Fawwaz

    Late updates doesn’t bother me, but I hate the fact that Sony is always late for updates.

  • FabT

    3rth and last

  • Just wanna thank all off you guy’s for signing the petition thank you! :D
    Anyway here is the petition for those that have missed it.

    Petition to release updates much faster and fix issues, also do like to note this petition aplies to every android device from sony.

    Together we are much stronger then individually :D

  • Aristarchus

    Besides the JB-upgrade, why fix something when it’s not broken?!?

  • silasje1

    1. Is normal. Android OS uses ram too.

  • try htc….they have hell of collection this year

  • +1

  • “Japanese people and their culture” ?!!

    how come this is relevant with our subject ?

    do u think “sony ” rep Japanese people and their culture

    plus , what’s wrong with other companies ?

    the 4 MP in htc one is better than our 12 MP…..and samsung owners, they are happy people….

    don’t worship sony becuz it’s sony !!!

  • “Xperia P has received updates”



  • some devices have random shutdowns or yellow tintish screens or glitches or laggy ui.
    Fixes are important else might asswell buy something else.
    The more is broken the more they have to fix the more they delay them self.

  • “I use both the SXS and the SXZ and I can’t see that Much difference”

    really ?!!

    well i’ll be damned if i buy xperia brand again !!!

  • Guest

    Your dead now? Ok R.I.P :(

  • p

    we need custome 4.2 jb for XS

  • Michael Salib

    dear Sony, plz show some respect to all ur loyal clients who paid some good cash to carry ur products(i would call myself one of them cuz i’ve been using ur phones since K750 passing by 4-5 phones till i got the XS). When a Company like u announces the date of updating XS with JB at end of March & here we r @ mid April & nothing is out so that so disrespectful. when u announce a date stick to it u r a big company for God sake.yeah i’ll be fair also JB on Xperia feels a lot different than on other devices like SIII or NoteII(almost no change than ICS) but All these years & clearly nothing changed in ur policy towards flagships replaced in months by another flagships like XT, XV & XZ & forget all about the old ones…No bug fixing..no improvements..no new features adds..as if its not ur device. Firmware updates arent like “oh wow a new update..love updating” NO!! its all about bug fixing, performance & battery improvements plus new features so that i can use the phone without any fuckin lags or force closing or waiting for a min to see who is calling or listening to music without interruption or rebooting everyday or AT LEAST not to push me to unlock the bootloader & root it to put some custom ROMS to get a stable performance & good battery life. listen to ur loyal clients cuz without them u worth nothing & u’ll go down FAST. i can see it coming

  • typical company-fan….

    i thought there’s only isheep….now i realize there’s also X-sheep (xperia fan-boy)

  • Luis

    first and last!!!!

  • Michael Salib

    nobody would care about any updates as long as his phone is working perfectly & has no lags or bugs or “sudden death”…there’s no perfect firmware on any device but at least when u pay some good money on a sony phone u expect a lot from it…lagging & force closes & things like that can make u hate the phone. so when an update is released gives u what u want & fix all the bugs & also give u more features as “others” have on their devices…u won’t see all these complaints.

  • TechGuyChris

    Sony seems to be a make you wait forever company now days. Since I’ve been waiting forever for the Xperia Z, I think lll continue to wait after its release for a full year to see how Sony treats this phone. If they treat it the same way as they treated the Xperia S, then clearly I shouldn’t buy anymore of their phones
    . My only issue is by that time i Wonder if ill Still have an interest Sony because ive lost alot of interest and patience with them this year cause of waiting already for this Xperia z.

  • Sam

    1st and the last. Xperia S needs special treatment, 1st Sony device, 1st flagship, 1st device tested for AOSP. Last to receive ICS and then no updates for almost a year and a crappy camera.

  • APai

    I have an Xperia T now, 6 months down the line we barely have the bug free version of 4.1.2, we did get the buggy version of the JB a couple of months back – but it’s not quite the same experience. what was supposed to be “JB soon after launch” turned out quite different. 6 months down the line, I still don’t have the proper non-buggy version of JB. sony should stop releasing 2 dozen phones per year. if they do, then I probably will not go for another sony phone – because clearly, they demonstrated that they do not have the bandwidth to support all the phones.

    sony, you make some decent phones, you may have done it with the best intentions of pricing phones for every segment – but xperia S is a testimony of your priorities gone awry.

  • china

    XS has a much larger number of users than other Sony handset, but what Sony did makes them sick.
    beautiful design but long long waiting time for update, 1st and last Sony phone

  • zodiac

    Sony dropped a clanger with the Xperia S. No question about it. For me it goes even further back than September.
    The fact that the phone was developed with a dedicated menu button also makes updates not as straightforward. I moved to the Z but the treatment the S got was reminiscent of what happened to the X10.
    For me, if Sony even dare repeat that sort of crap with the Z, then it will most certainly be my last Sony device. That sort of shamefully poor support must never be repeated. SIMPLE!
    Indeed to be honest, the test for me is 4.2.2 by end of May-early June. Anything later and I’ll be moving on next year.
    I can completely understand the frustration of S users bearing in mind that 4.1 was released in June of last year. To still be waiting for that update is seriously not on.
    Let’s hope we don’t see another flagship this year too. Let’s hope the device planned for H2 is a note style competitor and not a new flagship phone or else I fear we’ll see history repeating itself.
    The standard of support expected these days is at such a level that releasing more than one flagship phone per year will do nothing but wreck any chance of meeting that standard.
    For me it’s the reason why if I ever do decide to move from Sony, it would be to Samsung. Say what you will about their designs but their level of support is only beaten by Google themselves.
    I mean the galaxy s2 has received a 4.1.2 update. That’s a phone that was released almost a year before the S for crying out loud. So if Samsung should at the end of the year, sell far more devices than Sony, HTC, & LG put together, the premium design lovers amongst us shouldn’t be surprised. They are not where they are for no reason.

  • serein

    We claim Sony should apologize for their updating policy of delaying the update for Xperia S

  • Benny

    I have a XS (stock) for a year now and am happy with theI ICS installed phone except for the camera and some minor delay. Honestly my friends and I are interested in getting the XZ because we are hyped up with Sony’s great marketing job this year. But when my friends (all iphone, Samsung, nokia users) asked me about how my experience with the XS, I, being unbiased, explained the good/bad. After all the analysis and debate, the Samsung S4 is clearly the winner based on the overall satisfaction and company reputation. Sorry Sony, your phones are beautiful but we waited too long.

  • Sony apps use to much ram compared to normal apps.

  • DE3S

    4th and last

  • Dmitry Perets

    I don’t understand why updates per se make such a big difference for people. It looks like many of them don’t even care what exactly was updated. It is only required to have a version number higher than before. I think this is ridiculous. I choose a phone based on its current feature set. If it has convenient UI, well-performing hardware, stylish design, good stability and whatever else needed – I choose it. If later I receive an update with some more cool features – great. But that’s a bonus for me. And that’s the last thing that I would take into consideration when choosing a new smartphone.
    I mean, when you read comments on this blog, it seems that even if HTC (or whoever else) releases an ugly phone with shitty display that crashes every 5 minutes, people will still prefer it, because – WOW – it releases updates every Tuesday and Thursday. Which is by the way not true… I had HTC Desire S, I got exactly one update during all its life – from 2.1 to 2.3.2 – and that’s it, so I really don’t see any difference. But anyway, that’s not the point now.
    The point is that a shitty phone that is updated periodically shouldn’t be preferred over a good phone without updates. Otherwise it is ridiculous! It’s like people are looking for attitude and not for a smartphone. But attitude is a completely different story!

  • Jack

    I have Xperia S and I already started advising my family members and friends to avoid Sony products including Sony mobiles. Never going back to any Sony products.

  • rus_media

    Exactly I sold my Xperia Arc S for wireless dropping issue. And they never solved it.

  • Dmitry Perets

    … so which one to choose then?

  • rus_media

    You are ruining :S You are disgusting and sorry to say that

  • Carlo

    Switching from android to iOS . . . courtesy Sony

  • AMT16

    First and last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You forgot the fact that their more smartphones then xperia z, anyway you will be anoyed sooner or later asswell cous android 5.0 will come out soon while sony still has’t updated everything to jelly bean let alone jelly bean 4.2

  • This will be my Last SONY phone! Sony is full of Sh**!!!
    My SL is very laggy when im still using stock rom.

    Look Sony! Samsung S2 and other old Samsung android device are now on JB! So what are you waiting for? We support your brand and buy your flagship crap! But what do we get? Full of promises and lies? Thats horrible!

    Actually we are planning to buy XZ or XZL but after this? I dont think I will buy it!

    Yes xperia phones is very elegant because of its design, PerioD! thats it!

    Sony Xperia:

    Good Design and materials

    Lack of after sales
    Lack of customer support









  • i wonder why you deleted my comment!

    Xperia S users wait for more than a year to get their JB update?

    Samsung s2 already have JB even other old samsung devices..

    even we get update… for sure its very minor update… we are not happy anymore..

    too late sony… too late!

  • Xperia

    I Love my Xperia T

  • Not all smartphone users know how to root flash roms and do some mods on their handsets… they only depend on what updates brings.

    Some bought it with their hard earned money and its Sonys obligation to give us the update.

  • .

    I wonder whether Sony looks at this page!

  • fubhknk

    Disappointment,i like sony because of their unique design and attention for details but thetr update policy is Beneath contempt.
    Hope the protest will change it and they will Come to their senses.

  • Yes… Our S and SL is laggy and have a crappy camera when we are using stock FW.

    BTW we paid for it, so SONY must do their part.

    and that is to give us support and update for our handsets that we buy from them.

  • XS user

    I Totally Agree

  • sfordesign

    awwww this is so wrong. if sony makes its phones work reliably then ofc we will have so much more patient. while i bought my ion i thought it would be fast and reliable, but it’s almost totally opposite. plus there is no information about ion’s jelly bean or any big fix update yet! however, that’s okay for me because i am done with it and i bought the nokia n9. fewer apps that’s for sure, but nokia, knowing it has no future yet still keeps fixing its bugs and bringing new features, and the phone works fast and reliably, so i am happy with it. see the difference?

  • E7

    Yeah! the chance to say Hi windows phone and GOODBYE lagdroid/$ony!

  • amk

    Planning to get rid of my xperia s soon have waited enough for upgrade to jb will go for some other brand

  • Rafal

    I’m SX S owner too – that’s why in future I will buy only Google Nexus always up to date devices, instead flagship Sony or LG or HTC or Samsung devices, which will be abandoned after several months after release. Waterproof or anything else is not going to change my mind. Good luck Sony.

  • Luck you. My Xperia S has a lot of bugs.

  • raj

    the answer to article question?

  • raj

    why would you buy window phone? i rather buy sony old phone rather buy windows phone-No APPS

  • edf47

    reach coments to 1000

  • And since putting ICS on it, mine has been freezing on and off, sometimes for more than half and hour.

  • AMT16

    SONY!!!????? ?????????? ?? 4.1.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • dime

    Look, yestrday when I post a comment. There were 154 comments now there are 326 Work much more on software updates and Sony will be first in mobile industry

  • raj

    you are saying that it ok for them to take almost a year to write code for xperia s, my friend got jelly bean update on galaxy s2 which was released way before anyone heard about xperia s why should i wait i didn’t spend £400 on xperia s for nothing, i expected better customer care support from sony (after sepration from ericsson).

    even speaking of quality, xperia s got update to ics last in xperia line even after ics update camera app doesn’t good photos it compressed image so much that image quality is so bad in comparsion to k800i which takes much better photos, walkman app is so buggy that it doesn’t even notice i have deleted the music file from the phone, album same as the ginger no big difference, and so xperia branded keyboard is also buggy that i can’t even browse the internet properly, i had to download swift key from the play store if that what you call quality then i don’t want quality. i rather have jelly bean for my xperia than have quality of apps from sony in my xperia s i can get that from play store with out risking anything, i could flash my xperia s there are chance of risking my phone will become brick as i don’t have good understanding installing rom or mod, if my phone become brick hen what the point of spending £400 on a phone when i get proper update on time.

  • paul4id

    I stopped being a Sony fan after they stated they had no plans to make any more QWERTY devices.

  • raj

    i was big fan of sony design products even but i slowly starting to hate sony product specially the sony mobille they hardly listen to thier customer request they promised to release android 4.2 for xperia z within a month of release guess what they forget that.

    Xperia S

  • raj

    i don’t like waiting for jelly bean update for almost year, if you like waiting it cool. but i don’t like it so that my last phone from sony , im not coming back to sony anytime soon
    Good byeeeee sony hello sammy, htc i hope nokia was in the android bussines atleast they would have released android 4.2 for all of their device by this time.

  • raj

    i really hope nokia do come into android bussiness

  • my xperia tablet s has like ton off bugs that yet have to be fixed.
    If we gonna talk like that might asswell go make big walk around sony and just go for other brand like samsung or asus.

  • lemme guess random shutdowns yellow tint screen glitching user interface, laggy interface?
    some issues if read about others are issues i have my self also on my xperia tablet s.

  • Ola Stensson

    My next phone will not be a Sony phone, it’s ridiculous that this flagship xperia s I bought one year ago still doesn’t have jelly bean. My next phone is an HTC or a Nexus.

  • Dmitry Perets

    But this is again a completely different story!
    1. What makes you think that upgrading Android to JB will make the phone more stable? Let’s make a clear distinction between major OS upgrades and bug-fixes! Major updates != stability improvement! Newer versions of Android are not necessarily more stable.
    2. As for bug-fixes – they should be done, especially if there are critical bugs. But before saying “enough, I’ll go to HTCSamsungWhoever” you need to make sure that those devices have less bugs. Which is not true, in my opinion. So again, it’s like: “Sony doesn’t release updates, so we will buy another device, even though we can’t really say that it will be more stable in any way”.
    As for Nokia – can’t really comment, because I never used it. But if some feature is missing and you really want it, it won’t help you to have a super-stable phone without it.

  • ville

    Well.. Even though I use CM, and don’t really care about the official FW, I still think it’s wrong by Sony to just ignore a device like this. After all official JB will probably improve CM even more.

  • Kaostheory

    The amount that I use new features, it’s not huge to get the next update. I was happy with gb on my x10, and am fine with jb on my t. I do think bug fixes should be handled quickly though. Sammy might be doing better with updates but in the past have been very buggy. I’m just glad I didn’t buy an iphone, I’m amazed at how many things can’t be done or are so difficult on such a popular phone.

  • I had a original Sony mobile many moons ago, then a Sony Ericsson k750, w200, w880 (in gold), k770 and x10…and now a Sony xperia s. I tend to get Sony as I love the way they interface with me. I don’t get them for the updates etc….but when all other phones out are getting updated ie Samsung galaxy s2…it does piss you off a bit. I think I’ll always be a loyal Sony mobile user…but a frustrated one.




  • Kima

    14. april and nothing… so sad… :(

  • Ashua

    Good point, we can’t blame sony reconstruction and re-establishment takes time, patience is the answer, as once reconstruction is complete everyone can be happy and satisfied! :) and Plus at least sony are bring jelly bean to xperia S, to all dear owners of xperia s just be patient and you shall be happy and receive your long awaited Jelly Bean update! :)

  • I got rid of my Xperia S about a month ago. It was just too frustrating to use anymore. So I switched to a Lumia 920 and no issues. All the apps I used are available on Windows Phone as well.

  • I had the mini pro. They stopped it at 2.1 :( I would have been happy with 2.2 because you can move apps to the SD card at least. :(

  • I uninstalled some from Sony, somehow they are just like decoration and useless

  • The software side on my SXS is very poor…lags here and there, not enough free memory…for god sakes, its 1 gb ram…(available 600 or something, free 200 to use, when multitasking, lags like hell) anyway…i am not complaing to sony, my old SGS2 was smooth and awsm, it behaves like a flagship phone..not SXS though, even low end devices could pull off multitasking much better…1.5 gh dual core my as* ….still feeling like a low end device…i hope its on the software side though, and i really hope…the jellybean update…will solve all the issues i have been facing…even the cam focus issues….i cant even show off to friends..so..i dont care…if it takes another 2 months or so…just sony, make it damn sure, that jellybean is smooth and bugless as possible

  • Mark Azariah

    Maybe blame Sony for poor CPU choice? Sounds like it was slightly outdated from the word go to be honest

  • Mark Azariah

    The Xperia Z is already screwed. They might finally get 4.2.2 by christmas, when key lime pie is already out. Some of Sony’s decisions on the phone as well are just puzzling, for example the Sony logo being printed on the shatterproof screen protector? Cmon Sony give up on all of that and just give us gorilla glass. Also why would you ship the ZL with a screen calibration tool, and not also give this to Z users? Also I’ve seen so many complaints about the Z being shipped with dead pixels, which is believable because I had some on my Xperia P. The worst thing is, from the rumors we already know Sony plans to bring out another flagship in the summer! Then you will forget the Z like you did the S, and I bet that phone will come 1 OS update behind. Sony we love your design ethos, your UI, but your business model is abysmal.

  • Mark Azariah

    The Xperia Z is already screwed. They might finally get 4.2.2 by christmas, when key lime pie is already out. Some of Sony’s decisions on the phone as well are just puzzling, for example the Sony logo being printed on the shatterproof screen protector? Cmon Sony give up on all of that and just give us gorilla glass. Also why would you ship the ZL with a screen calibration tool, and not also give this to Z users? Also I’ve seen so many complaints about the Z being shipped with dead pixels, which is believable because I had some on my Xperia P. The worst thing is, from the rumors we already know Sony plans to bring out another flagship in the summer! Then you will forget the Z like you did the S, and I bet that phone will come 1 OS update behind. Sony we love your design ethos, your UI, but your business model is abysmal!

  • cp2020

    It will not get me annoyed as my XZ is doing just fine on 4.1.2 . So if LP is out and I won’t get it [ although it would be nice ] in a timely manner , that won’t make me post cries for updates from Sony or completely abandon this great device. It is powerful and stable. Plain and simple. Of course official updates are always welcome but there are also alternative ways of making the most of your handset , visit XDA. Sure most people won’t do that much to improve their experience but then i’m not sure if android would be the right choice for them. Please don’t get me wrong. It is how I look at it, it’s just my opinion but I understand people for kicking of when their phones need fixes and there’s been nothing on a horizon for months. I did not forget about other phones I own XPERIA P as well and it’s promised update is as already late. Sony has really no excuses here cuz it’s been like forever, but i can’t complain cuz my XP is working with no issues. Thing is…they are aware of it and we can only wait and see what they are going to do about it all because clearly there’s a need for an improvement here and it’s a big mistake on Sony’s behalf. Just like releasing ‘milions of phones’. Let’s hope they will improve and we see some results of it soon

  • Michael Salib

    Is Sony putting JB updates so late so that XS owners get fed up with their phones & get the feeling”ok, that’s it…it’s time to change & buy the XZ to put my hands on the JB” and give the new XZ, ZL, SP phones a better chance to be sold is that it?!!

  • Lol

    Now I’m having second thoughts of buying the Xperia Z or waiting for the next flagship phone. :| Please Sony, a lot of people are trusting you so please don’t throw away that trust. -_-

  • Michael Chen

    I only use xperia for my life?unless they go broke.

  • Software and hardware go hand in hand when it comes to great experience for the userid any device! I’m a Xperia S user, intact I’ve read this post on it and am replying to this through S! Belie me the ICS update to me seemed like a pushed on(I.e. Released in a hurry) it has a lot of bugs and sometimes causes my phone to hang up in the worst possible ways! What’s bad is that when I see my friend having a phone of same value and specs have a smoother experience on ICS after receiving a software update makes wonder if invested my money in the wrong place! I felt so, rambling sick that I landed up buyin and iPhone5 and now use that as my daily driver and the S just when necessary or when I feel like it!

  • Lol! This is also something I hate S isn’t even able to catch up with my typing! I gotta go back to every single word and correct it before I post it! The keyboard just starts to hang up!

  • n0bby13

    5th and last

  • APai

    sorry, that’s ridiculous, what do you mean “crap”. we are splitting hair these days between flagship phones. even though the N4 is made by LG and you might not like LG, clearly its far from crap. besides, it beats the pants off every $350 phone out there, a similarly priced sony phone looks phony in comparison.

  • dime

    maybe it is all about to to buy xperia sp like an update to xperia s … and they are going to our nervs … i ll let them to finish with s with every support and than it will be interesting what brand to buy … when im going to buy a new phone after few months but also im not going to tell people how sony phone is ok … and also when i was buying this xperia s a friend told me dont buy sony phone they are lagging but i said now it is not ericsson, there it will be better, but it is worse …

  • ed

    when people buy flagship phones they expect premium products from manufacturers. part of being a premium product now a days is being updated regularly for at least a whole year. if it doesnt go that way, then it might be considered as sub par or below industry standards.

    so in the future, why would anyone shell out flagship phone money for sub par quality in after sales service?

    don’t you feel like you were robbed of some sort?

    are we going to go through with this again?

    are you going to buy another xperia phone and risk being outdated even if your phone has the coolest/most amazing feature/camera/case/size during its product launch?

  • thomas engdahl

    My second and last, i alla really sad i bought it

  • afzal

    Ics or jb i still love the design. Even now already upgrading to xperia z. I will always love the xperia s.

  • “if they had problem on the transition they sould give the phones free or under 200”
    Try reading that again and see how ridiculous you look
    and the *scratch too easily is on the screen protector, not the glass

  • What if the next Nexus is made by Sony?

  • Bender

    These comments… Children without beloved toys or something. You people act like toddlers in sandbox. Grow up!

  • 2.3? For X10? Form a company like SE?…/s
    they did it before, i see no reason why they couldn’t do it again,

  • What happened to the “Best OEM of 2012”??? Seems like they’ve dropped it

  • What is this updating policy that’s everyone is talking about?

  • The yellow tint is a defect and if you have it, you should’ve return it when you got it and ask for a new one

  • There are company-fan for every company

  • …you can turn that off

  • superfly

    If there ever was a time to stop using Sony this is the wrong time everything they have released so far in the last 6 months has been good and everything planned for 2013 is way better then the xperia s yes xperia s was a flop in some area’s but with my new XPERIA Z I’d say SONY getting rid of ericsson was a very good thing since the xperia Z is the first sony only model.

    My xperia Z runs smooth no lag what so ever it’s build quality is good and it has already received one up date 2 weeks after I got it so to me SONY is moving in the right direction.

    This is all due to the new CEO who only took over in april last year he personally over saw and signed off the xperia z he wants sony to be the 3rd biggest smartphone manufacturer that’s why the xperia z is the first sony flagship that can compete with the big boys.

  • You should work at Sony

  • FFA

    my 4th and Last

  • ziomus

    Hello Sony, do NOT X10/XS my Xperia Z!!! Where the hell is promised, so called “fast update” to Android 4.2???

  • dude

    nope….wont happen. Dont get ur hopes up

  • Rick

    I have been an old customer of Ericsson/Sony Ericsson/Sony mobiles but i must say that the ignorance towards the so called flag ship is more than annoying!!
    Most probably my next smart phone will be a Samsung instead!!! Sony totally lost my trust with their handling…..

  • soroosh

    first and last sony phone . will never come back to sony again.

  • XiphiasGladius

    I’ve personally given up on SONY. At the very least they could’ve fully polished the Xperia S with timely bug fixes. But seems the 2010 & 2011 flagship fiasco is happening all over again.

  • grinder

    Pathetic after sales service by Sony.

  • Mambodoodle

    Exactly the same happened to nearly all of the 2010 and 2011 Xperia devices. Even though Sony announced further bug fixes for those devices, they prefer to ignore their own promisse for a couple of months now…

    I don’t care about software upgrades, I just want a fully working firmware without any bugs!

    But Sony simply doesn’t seem to be capable to provide working firmware updates and that is why I’m never going to buy a Sony smartphone!

  • Shame

    It is already week 3, no update for the xperia p or S yet, ridiculous! Sony cannot keep up to its promise.

  • Alex

    Are you want Jelly Bean? Just buy Xperia Z. lol haha.

  • Afn5

    u r so right

  • EMRE

    no more sony for me. its enough.

  • Afn5

    my brother has the same issue with his arc s

  • Afn5

    i have the yellow screen issue too! :(

  • proliant


    My first Xperia was Arc, then Arc S, both phones were nice in terms of audio quality (playing flac). Update was slow, so I replaced it with Cyanomodgen. Never look back for Sony’s update.

    Got a Xperia Mini (S51SE) and changed to Xperia S (SO-02D). So disappointed with SXS audio quality! Unfortunately, my SXS had locked bootloader. Couldn’t install Cyanomodgen.

    I believe I was lucky as I didn’t get any hardware issue, but in terms of audio quality as a Walkman, SXS was just a bit better than my Samsung Galaxy Note (then you know how bad SXS was, IMHO!)

    Was my SXS lagging? Not really as long as you got root access and removed all those bloatware.

    I was very disappointed with SXS. As a flagship phone last year from Sony, its price tag did not match its audio quality at all! I had sold my SXS last month and got a Huawei Ascend P2 (GL07S) instead of Xperia Z. Why? I trust Dobly Digital Plus more than Sony.

  • My purchase decision was mostly based on hardware.
    When I have multiple options that satisfy my requirements or desires on the hardware front, the likes of software support become the deciding factors. Currently the experience my XS has given me with Sony would definitely cause them lose that round of decisions against (for example) HTC

  • tomk

    first and last…

  • xperia owner

    where is the words SONY MAKE . BELIEVE

  • qwerty

    Why can’t Sony release update for previous flagship Xperia S when they release so quick update for Xperia J?
    Also, what about SL, Acro S and P?
    Sony, please listen to us and speak out about when those phones will be updated. Please update them. It’s illogical to not to update those phones. They have the capability to run even 4.2.2. But we want the 4.1.2 badly!

    People under and above me are eagerly waiting for jelly bean! You can’t send them back in empty hands! That will be extremely cruel!

  • qwerty

    Sony won’t make us believe anymore.

  • qwerty



  • Guest

    you’ve the pc/laptop, the internet connection, can read/write in english and why not? go and learn on XDA forum.. :)

  • Bingo! I can’t stand the random shutdowns… It really piss me off.

  • raj

    you might liked the windows phone but i don’t like wp i rather have android 1.5 than wp os on my phone. i don’t see anything interesting in wp none so far.it going to take microsoft arms and legs for me to buy thier phone.

  • raj

    seems like sony paid you to say that on this blog.

    if you are going to say that other manufacture paid me to say that, let me tell you that im unhappy customer of xperia s and i want more from my phone what i have paid for that would good customer care, better software update on time just two im asking sony to give nothing much, if they can’t give that then so long sony GOOD BYE.

  • raj

    im going for nexus brand

  • Well, the people here paid for a premium *so called flagship* product and they want timely updates and let’s face it, Jelly Bean on a flagship like Sony Xperia S taking this long to come, there’s just no excuse (other than: we don’t care about you customers, buy the Z now, because lol). So, if you think we are all children without toys, what are you doing here? You some kind of pedo or something? Seriously…

  • Couldn’t agree more. Seriously, even the Galaxy Mini 2 got Jelly Bean… I’m not trying to compare both phones, but let’s face it, entry-levels from Samsung, even if plasticky, get JB and I’m always getting updates on my Note 10.1 (yep, already got like 5 in less than 6 months). Sony continues this bullshit. Yep. Sony : Make.bullshit.

  • As an Xperia J owner, you guys should stop saying : how Xperia J got Jelly Bean faster. Well, duh, the Jelly Bean update was horrendous (yep, same old lockscreen, no new launcher, no new wallpapers, not even the freakin icons or bootanimation), so it took them like 5 minutes to release it :P
    Jokes apart, I feel sorry for every Xperia S owner here. I think we should tell Sony to change their moto… to Sony , Make.Bullshit.

  • So xperia s also has same issues as xperia tablet s :(
    I guess sony will screw up some day giving my xperia tablet s yellow tintish screen bug to :(

    Anyway i’m considering to buy htc one maybe by the end of may seen some pictures quality looks better then anything if seen from sony.

    4 ultra pixel tough people say its only a 4 mega pixel camera.

  • drshbaby

    my 5th and the last :)
    but ,, pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz SONY ,, give us the Update :(

  • weeds

    it is really frustrating..! when you next to your friend and suddenly the whole phone freezes…! and its more funny when the keyboard process stops when typing this comment…:@ I think you are absolutely right..! I guess if Xperia S got a decent ICS update..! alot will not be complaining about the JB..!
    I will re think about buying a new Xperia phone…??!!!!!

  • Dr. Stranglove

    I’d wish I’d get the JB update sooner, but aside from that, I’m pretty satisfied with it so far. I didn’t buy it on day one, but about half a year later when it cost me only half of the RRP. I do have a soft spot for Sony, I like my PS3 and will buy a PS4, although there are a few things that might keep me from buying another XPeria. Slow updating is one, the other is the S’ poor viewing angle and black levels. I’m not going to replace it anytime soon, but I think my next phone will have an AMOLED display.

  • JenH

    I’m a XS owner…… totally agree with you. I just don’t understand why sony released that many phones last year…. I could buy XSL in 2 third of the XS price when I bought mine one…. oh that is just sad….. really sad.

  • name

    1st and last

  • Celalettin Dogan

    Sony is now dead to me. Because it’s irresponsible to not a brand. Jelly Bean look forward to 6 months. It would not be enough…

  • It’s not only about the Xperia S, also applies to the SL, acro S, ion and P users. Never had any idea about such a long delay and inferior updates and that too with a flagship device. Very disappointed.

  • Jerry Berglund

    In a way I think its the reverse. The Software is much more important than the hardware in a sense. But I do like my Xperia S too despite my software-bugs

  • Jerry Berglund

    But Sony aint bad with updates. Just a little slow.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Apple dont sell 1 phone? They do sell what I know iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and still they do sell iPhone 4. So thats three phones. So they still sell a phone thats almost 3 years old that just tells how fanatik some of those apple people is. Still bying old hardware just because it has a apple-logo on the back. But I do understand what you saying. In a way I think the reason is because Apple got very fanatic and loyal customers and users of their product. They are also good at keeping this people. Sony was once good on things like that too, but lost a lot to Samsung that almost copied apple’s thing. The reason why Apple is big is, because of they kinda sell a package. Everything is working with apple products, but not as good with other manufacturies. Sony is doing the same now. All their products is talking to eachothers good. But they also have to keep android true, and it shall work and talk with others brands as well. And of course that do make a problem. A Sony phone dont work as good with a Mac-Computer, but iPhone does. So in a way the package deal that Apple offers is more complete than what other brands can compete with.

    And then we have this thing. Apple only sell and tell what their customers should like and tell mumbo-jumbo things like, they done some research of this and that, and found out that is what people want. Sony and others is actuall not doing this. They more or less talk about how to make their tech more individual and for working for you the best. Thats why Sony make phones to suite all kinds of hands and people just to make you more individual.

  • Denis

    ??, ???? ????????? ??????? ????????? ?????? Xperia SL. ? 4.0.4 ?????????? ???????, ???? ??? ?? ????? ?????????? ? 4.1.2 ? ???? ???? ????? ??????? ??????? ? ?????? ?? ???????????? ? ?????????? ?? Sony!

  • Sony is just trying to delay the update and making users wait longer by giving false promises like how the Sony Poland team said that the Xperia S update will be releasing in a few days. There have been so many rumors about the update.

  • mustafa

    Hopefully won’t repeat the same slow update schedule as 2012. The problem was they released too many phones and now they’re having problems with updating them. So I suggest giving Sony one last chance either this year or in 2014. By then they would have hopefully sorted their sh!t out, and will once again be the best

  • Niels

    I agree. Sony Xperia Sowners are totally forgotten. For now I have owned serval Sony/SE mobiles, but this is the end! Sorry, but that’s not how Sony should treat their customers! So bad!

  • lukasb

    again, again, again sony. From X10, Arc, now Xperia S. [maybe Xperia Z next year?]

    Extreme late update,
    Finally update come,
    Tons of bugs, lags,
    and sony forget it.

    Please sony, read all this comment! or i won’t buy xperia z

  • Frustrated Xperia S user

    Any news on jelly bean?

  • Michel França

    Vendi meu Xperia S justamente por estar com um Smartphone antes carro-chefe e hoje ‘TOTALMENTE ‘ defasado.

  • lol

    i was thinking that the purpose of buying and android smarthphone was to root it and unlock the bootloader and have fun experimenting roms and stuff. Im happy with sony and i will buy sony again

  • ak

    samsung releasing its new note 3 with S Orb panorama feature..and this feature will be ported to s3 and other samsungs devices, We all knw that samsungs design sucks but they gives customer satisfaction with new features like in s4 ,,Sonys phone looks way better than samsung bt talking about features sony is behind samsung htc …No new feature from sony :((

  • Yoshi

    Considering Apple and Samsung flagships this yr, bye bye SONY!

  • suraj

    please release JB update for sony xperia s all sony users are waiting . . . . Do fast

  • oh you mean i didnt put euro or dollar? well put anything you like. and probably you are the idiot here since i said the screen and not the screen protector. i know there was a protector and remove i it to see how hard is the glass but it seems like it is a cheap one.

  • Thilo Langbein

    I’m tired waiting for an update too. Next device is from Google or HTC.

  • Nico

    I bought an Arc S, at that time the flagship of Sony.
    My phone was random rebooting itself. After I tried some tricks like sticking some foam on the inside to make sure the battery could not move i had my phone in repairs for 3,5 months thanks to miscommunication at Sony. In total the phone was shipped 3 times!!
    The first time when I send it in I had a very clear description of what was wrong with the phone (clear to me as a tech repair guy it needed a new mainbord).
    During this period the phone dropped in price so much selling it second hand would have meant I lost quite a bit of money.

    For a moment I was thinking of buying a Xperia S but then it became clear to me Sony likes to sell new phones and doesn’t care about their current customers.

    Also I do not understand why they release so many ‘flagship’ phones in so little time.
    Wonder what all those people with previous flagships like the T, V etc. Thinking owning a flagship but not for long.

    In my family we all have Xperia’s but I think they will not be replaced by new Xperia’s.

  • bodhi

    My Xperia S was my 4th Xperia, and my 12th SE phone in total, and it will not be my last. It isn’t in fact, as I’ve just bought a Z. However I really don’t get the fuss about having to wait for updates. There is very little difference (software wise) between the S and the Z (only Project Butter makes a big difference), other changes are very minor. Obviously there is a big difference in hardware, the user experience is quite similar, just faster. JB is on the way for the S, and in the meantime ICS seems to work pretty well on mine, so I don;t get the fuss. It’s called patience people, the S2 has only just got JB, and it was Samsung’s closest competitor to the S.

  • never again

    I just now question what is the point of spending a lot of money on a flagship device anymore from Sony anyone thinking about getting a Z will probably get as good service as a J owner so whats the point of buying Sony?

    I just hope they realize that people covering there Facebook walls in criticism about there poor record with updates will undoubtedly tarnish the brand and result in fewer Z sales.

    Surely they need to release some sort of apology and a some idea of time frame unless they want more negative feedback?

  • Carl

    Yes, you’re spot-on. I bought the Xperia S and right now I really feel “nope, never Sony again”. The lack of updates is true both for this phone and fore the Xperia Tablet S which was promised a JB update soon after release. That was 7 months ago. This is unacceptable, I love the design of Xperia Z for example, but I wouldn’t dare buy it. Sad but true. Nexus next time.

  • Kostya

    ??????? ??????? ????? ?????? ? ????????. ? ???? ?????? ??? ???????? ??????? ? ?????? ???. ?????? ? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ?????? ?????? 625 ???? ??? 830 $.
    ? ?????? ????????? 4.1 ???? ??? 4.2.2 ? ? ??? ????? 5? ?????? ??????, ? ??????? ??? ????? ????????.
    ????? ???? ????? Z ?? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ????, ?????? ? ??????? S4

  • susi

    Sony is only interested to introduce new devices into the market like hot buns. They are not interested in the old buyers. Weather it may be a flagship or mid ship, Sony don’t have time to care that. They are busy with new devices.

  • kust0r

    It had SERIOUS display issues…
    Still it was (is) a great piece of hardware and design

  • 15/4 and still no update for xperia S. Sony haw nice phones but the support on them is so bad that makes you think twice before you buy again a phone from them. Xperia Z should already had 4.2.2 but still no news on it

  • surethom

    Yes, My next phone will not be a Sony unless they release a cybershot phone with Xenon flash.

  • Oh I’m an idiot because I read it wrong, what shall I do… /s compared to your shitty English btw you didn’t said that its the screen protector or the screen, you just said that it “*scratch too easily” Dragontrail and Gorilla Glass 2 sure feels cheap, not

  • reza

    ???? ????? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? ??? ?????

  • I have been an se fanboy ever since I began owning phones. I like the brand for better quality and have owned all the flagships up to Xperia Z.
    I must say, I am disappointed to a point where I have to move. HTC has quality built looking at the HTC One which is even better than Xperia Z. HTC does a better job when it comes to customer satisfaction. I will not buy the Xperia Z .
    Sony Sucks

  • brokenkid

    bought the sxs as the cheapest top of the line model with an hd-screen – with no ics installed. never thought this is such an laggy phone. i am awaiting that update urgently (for a long time now…), still hoping for a fix on this. if i would have know before i´d never have bought this! had an htc desire before (with cm 4.2.2 this is running even faster than the sxs, believe it or not…) and htc wasn´t much better with their update policy. so my next phone will be a google nexus, i am so sad of this. i don´t care about software features and preinstalled apps and stuff. i want my phone running and always up to date… and i don´t think this is not wanting to much! has been a mistake not choosing the last nexus :-/

  • bless u for this post cause i agreed with the XS users but omg they where anoying.like ants on sugar in every post, crying for JB. now they can rage here with reason

  • where is update for XZ jellybean for XZ ^-^

  • Dipish

    Just flashed CM10 (freexperia build) on my SXS yesterday. Love it so far and think I’ll stick with it.

  • Dipish

    Yes, Sony really disappointed me with their device production strategy and consequently their device update strategy. They still make very nice hardware (though I’m among the lucky people who has this yellow spot defect on the screen, grr!) and I love the camera but I’m seriously considering getting a nexus device next time. Even if it’s inferior spec-wise. Because who cares if the hardware is powerful but the software is laggy and crashes sometimes?

    I do want to give them credit is that their Android customization is pretty good and the apps are mostly good too, way better than what you might get from Samsung or HTC, but even good software has bugs and regressions and it just NEEDS to be maintained. That’s exactly the area where Sony’s been bad. It’s not a disaster on it’s own if some apps force close and list scrolling is slow. This can be fixed. The disaster is when it keeps happening over and over again and nothing is done about it!. The company is basically saying “We don’t give a crap about that anymore, we’ve just launched some other 5 mediocre devices so now we need to put all our effort in trying to sell those…”. Sony, this is silly.

    Also, I’m disappointed in Sony because they don’t offer Global Warranty. I bought my defective SXS in another country and there is no way I can get it replaced now, even though the “yellow spots” defect has been publicly acknowledged by the company. How do you like that?

  • rodrigo

    xperia z an obsolete in 1 year like xperia s? i think so..google phone my next smartphone for sure ;)

  • Yeah…

    I’m waiting to see if the update will fix those problems and improve the UI experience. But if those fuckin problems remains… bye bye Sony.

  • Mehdi Solamannejad

    Go for CM 10.1 ! 4.2 is much more fun than 4.1

  • why every body keep saying:

    sorry sony , i bought another brand…!!

    dude don’t be….won’t regret if i were you!

  • Salman

    providing updates is a separate issue. Sony has provided schedule for its update and hasn’t been up to that schedule which frustrates the users..:/

  • como dueño de un xperia s solo dire que nunca mas le comprare a SONY me cambio a SAMSUNG LA HAS CAGADO EN GRANDE

  • baloosh

    its april and i dont have jb in xperia s i will never buy sony again i was a sony fan from start w810 k660i c903 w995 aino arc s xperia S now i will not buy sony anymore thanx for being late

  • Robert Paton

    I am certain of one thing my next phone will not be Sony

  • I’ve given a lot of thought to this issue. Here are my conclusions:

    If you want Sony to continue driving innovation in the mobile space, you must continue purchasing the products regardless of how the corporation approaches Android updates. Realistically consumers need to understand that to enjoy the latest versions of Android they must buy the latest Xperia devices.

    If you want innovation to die in mobile, by all means stop buying Sony products. Think very carefully before abandoning Sony. Sony believes in us. We must believe in them.

  • sonus

    You guys with the Xperia S, thin you have it bad?

    I bought the Xperia SL, the updated version to the Xperia S. I completely fail to understand why Sony would update a phone’s hardware, and then completely ignore its software. Despite having being clocked at 1.7ghz, the SL is a complete laggy mess. It sometimes takes over 1 second just to switch to the homescreen. I’m completely ditching Sony and Android next go-around. The whole laggy UI and abandoned/delayed sotware update was never a problem when I had WP7 (in fact my two year old LG WP7 device received the latest WP7.8 update – its 6th software update in the lifetime of the phone, before my SL gets Jelly Bean; And Jelly Bean is practically a year old!

  • sonus

    I’ve owned several Sony/Sony Ericsson phones. In fact the least expensive phone I’ve ever bought was my last WP7 device, a phone made by LG no less.
    My LG Windows Phone 7 is TWO years old, and still runs significantly faster they my Xperia SL. And in addition, it was updated to the latest WP7.8 a few months back.
    My Xperia SL, cost me more money. Lags in doing simple tasks like pulling up the addressbook, or homescreen. And despite being only 6months old is still late to run an even older Jelly Bean update.
    I was more happy with my crappy LG phone then I’ve been with any of the high end Sony/SE phones that I’ve paid well over $600 for. So I can only imagine how happy I’ll be if I get a high end WP8 device this time around. Ohh, and unless your world revolves around Instagram, Windows Phone has the apps you need.

  • sonus

    So did not do well with the X10, nor are they doing well with the Xperia S/SL!

    You fail to realize that Sony released both pones with an out of date OS. When the X10 was released with 1.6, Android 2.1 was already out and on certain devices. When the Xperia S was released with 2.3, everything else already had 4.0.

  • raj

    people if sony does decide to not release android 5 for xperia s or any of 2012 devices then we all protesting against sony.
    reason why might not release android 5 for xperia s or 2012 devices.
    hardware problem
    they don’t support the device anymore
    might not be able to give the experience to the user that they want

    are you with me!!

  • lol guys do u think that sony care about u or even care about this article ! OFC not ,, well it had ur money and gave u a creepy phone i guess sony do a great thing with ads it make us feel that xperia s is the best phone on earth then after a few months we faced the problem its sux ,, and xperia SL is way worst ( i am owner of one ) ,, its laggy , bugged , sloooooooooooooow , and worst those phones didnt get a bloody attention ! ,, i regret having xperia sl i wish i went for galaxy nexus at that moment at least no bugs or if is it got fix fast ,, we here suffering near a year and beg for JB update wile JB 5 is about to release ,, finally for every XS and XSL owners sony knew to make fun of us and get our money so suffer in silence .

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  • Way to slow if ask me considering they can’t fix software properly on time no have to wait like 6 7 maybe 8 month’s untill they fix their crap.
    Its as if prototype devices are acceptable…….

  • mAx

    I have to agree . I have Xperia S. This will be my first and last sony device . I actually chose X s having in minde that SONY is behind that smartphone and it will have good and constant support. Well i am very disapointed.

  • Tu?n Anh

    “SONY: make.believe”
    well, this becomes really ironic

    Sony is great, but the tactics and decision it chooses are sometimes ridiculuos

  • dimos

    Hey android isnt buggy-laggy….buy a nexus to see the difference

  • thomas

    yes,never more a sony phone,in my family we had 5 units,never again

  • Igor

    Hello, everyone! I’ve been using Xperia S for a couple of months now and must say that even though I experience some minor problems (i.e. after finishing conversation my screen is black and locked/probably my fault for not setting something up and then I must unlocked it if I want to end the call, or sometimes lagging in music when I switch data package on, some slow responding/I think because of many apps I put on the phone) I must say that I am impressed with craftmanship, since I opened Samsung Galaxy S2 and compared to the service manual of Sony Xperia S and there is a BIG difference in quality of making. I’m sure that Sony is taking time to make things right but I am pleased the way my Xperia is working since the Samsung Galaxy S2 had much more bugs and I was very dissapointed with that phone. Now, I use my Xperia with this small issues and I am very pleased with it all in all. Of course, I’m too waiting for the update hoping it will solve this problems I have and make it a little faster, but I really believe that Sony is working hard not to dissapoint us with newest FW update.

  • Ryan Stargell

    I lost my Xperia SL on a train to Italy, and I couldn’t be happier. My next phone will be a Nexus. If Sony does a Nexus, I will no doubt buy it. They make, in my opinion, the best product with the crummiest support. At least if I had a Sony Nexus (How sexy does that sound?), I’d have crummy support with the most recent android version. However, they completely abandon the owners. It’s their business model that extends beyond their cell phones. Vaio, Playstation, and Xperia; all of them get cast to wayside in favor of the new thing.

  • Matthew

    Dissapointed flagship phones are expensive and because of that you should expect proper support.

    Which use does it have buying one when support is not included.
    Sony keeps it’s mouth shut which makes it worse and the buyers feel betrayed.
    If i only knew that it was going to be like this i would have thought twice before buying my xperia s.

    I am truly sorry for buying and having faith in Sony.
    If there is so much going on behind the curtains then DON’T release so many phones it reduces quality in support and creates situations like these which is sad cause it doesn’t have to be.

  • drshbaby

    yah yah ,, and what !! -_-

  • drshbaby

    i agree with u :(

  • Yarold Russián

    This probably will be my last Sony Cellphone even if they update more often, i paid for a flagship, i deserve a flagship support.

  • about updateds samsung is doing best job :D
    no doubt

  • ? ?

    the only should be happy is theres so many source on xda……………………but actually few can really be used???????(???)???????

  • Ameer Zul

    Dude, after i got a taste on how sony treats XPS user, this will seriously be my last sony phone. Sony, you let us down. 11month delay of jellybean. if they make a jump to 4.2.2 on XPS i can still forgive but its Jellybean. thinkin of selling XPS after i got my hand with S4. samsung has better update support, S2 still gets Jellybean after 3 years. 3 years!!! -.-

  • i have an android 2.3 smartphone (xperia sola) and also a android 4.03 xperia s tablet. then, i glade of android 2.3 on the smartphone and i don’t understand why people need and want and clam android 4.x latest. android 2.3 on smarpthone is enough ! i miss nothing (else a application firewall to choose which application is allowed or not to connect ot the net – it is a lack)

  • Coolkama

    Last three (6 years in total) renewals, all have been Sony.. X10, Arc, S….. and all have disappointed me, my renewal is the start of the year, i get the “Flag Ship Product” i expect the rest of the year to be budget models, cut down models, etc. NOT for a new “flagship” model to be release within 6 months, and for my phone to be forgotten. to see cheaper phones get better treatment and more up to date software than mine. sony takes and takes and never earns any sort of customer loyalty. next renewal, i will no longer be even looking in sony’s direction. no matter what the specs say.

  • M Chan

    I got the Xperia S when it first came out in Canada and I’ve been so disappointed by the lack of support this phone got. There was so many little issues this phone has together which the lagginess of the operating system that i have moved on as well. Sony is clearly showing that they just can not support their products properly. I went on to another Android device and it is total night and day for the experience so far. Sony has done whats best, losing customers.

  • nik

    I quite agree, I’ve Xperia Sola, good phone but been facing issues for some time now..
    1. I’m glad Sony released updates for my phone but it seriously slowed the phone down with ICS update.

    2. Sluggish response especially in contacts and call history. Sluggish to pickup calls.

    3. The phone goes slow after some time and no it isn’t just because of the apps loaded. 4. And now one side of the damn screen is not touch responding well.

    I like their designs but seriously I cannot recommend Sony to people.

  • It’s not 3 years old. S3 is not 2 years old. S4 is not a year old. However I completely agree, update support after 2 years is incredible.

    Iv’e heard HTC is just as bad as Sony is…

  • xdir

    SonyMobile is pathetic, it appears when Sony bought out Ericsson they forgot to retain people who knew something about mobile telephony. Honestly what exactly make Sony any better than Samsung or even Huawei? they used to be aspirational like Apple but now appear happy to relinquish all its brand loyalty and reputation and become mediocre.

  • mr.E

    Yes! i JUST GOT A ZL

  • mr.E


  • smicks

    Will never buy Sony again feel very let down.

  • Shalin Nagori

    Dear Guy’s

    I know that Sony has made u people quite miserable for software issues but for the first time the r paying attention to the non-worthy display of their current flagship phone(Xperia Z) !

    that aside Sony is aware of that problem ,look at the improvements to future xperia’s :-

    1.Tri-luminous display (for better contrast & better viewing angle

    2.biggest camera sencor for Android !(http://static.xperiablog.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Sony_Honami_camera.png)

    I m an Xperia E owner ,I personnaly recommend all Xperia fans,owners to WAIT till Sony cleans up its past !(no offense )

    thanks !

  • rakul


  • behrooz

    ???? ??? ??????!! ??? ??? ???? ?????

  • John Greene

    sony crapperia!! i have to result to rooting my phone and flashing it just to get jelly bean.

  • Alessandro

    First of all, I’m from Brazil and I’m using Google Translator to translate this comment, so sorry for any grammar error. I would like to share with you my complete outrage with Sony Mobile

    I am a frustrated user of Xperia S and my brother owns a Xperia P. As you already know

    Jellybean for the Xperia P had been released a few weeks ago, however the Sony Mobile Brazil has no release date here in JellyBean. If I had not unlocked

    my bootloader Xperia S would still be in 4.0.4 build .45 which was a totally bugged version

    and had an issue where I was having my battery drained about 20% every night. It was then that my bootloader unlocked and upgraded it to build my .55 and all these problems are gone. However I am angry at the delay in the launch of the Sony Xperia S to 4.1, as it can take over a year to launch and deceive your users this way. You still have hope to see the release at the beginning, in Brazil we’ll have to wait many months after the official release to receive the update, as well as the users of Xperia P here in Brazil are still waiting for JellyBean. My angst to so much because you have no idea what things cost here in Brazil, in Brazil, the Xperia S is still costing around R $ 1,300 would be equivalent to U.S. $ 650.00, is absurd. Xperia XQ launched in Brazil costing R $ 2,050 which is equivalent to U.S. $ 1,025. Total nonsense, paid dearly for not having any benefit or service from Sony, Sony is able to delay more than a year to release an update for a phone that was until then the top line. I believe that Sony does this believing that their clients owned a Xperia Xperia S will buy a Z, ZL, ZQ. But with such a service think Sony is completely wrong in its market strategy. We Sony customers are completely dissatisfied and can not stand to wait and be treated this way by Sony.

    Not to stop here, I say that I also have an old Xperia Play and I’ve been fooled again by believing that Sony would get Android 4.0, not counting the times when shooting photos with the Xperia Play only increases my anger, because sometimes I have the impression that the photos taken with my play is better than the photos full of noise taken by my Xperia S. : (

  • Juan Camaney

    Dude, when this was posted it was already Q2, and there was not even trace of any news of whether XS would be getting an update after all. Then they backpedaled and now it’s starting to roll out “at the end of May”.
    It’s a fucking PR blunder no matter how you look at it.

  • Juan Camaney

    YOU have no bugs. YOU have no slowdowns. The people who actually use their phones have found a lot of bugs and instability from this phone.
    Now get off your high horse.

  • hasif

    fuck yeaH!

  • Wanton

    Yes. Yes it has.

  • DImos

    and it will probably get 4.2.2(sg s2) while our xperia s will probably not get any other update

  • F*ck_Sony

    I’m waiting for Ubuntu Phone to be published and say «fck you» to Sony updates. I don’t expect anything good from Sony. Of course I’ll update to Jelly Bean if we really have it one of these months; but my expectations are definitely away from Sony.
    Let’s hope Ubuntu be what users want and not another deception -like Android and all its Java crap-, and especially Sony and all its updates crap. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait more than 6 months to see…

    Of course this has been my last Sony phone, at least in some years (one can’t say «no» forever, and even less in this industry). Even if Sony makes the best phone ever and the competency can’t reach them, at least my next 2 phones, that is, at least in the next 5 or 6 years Sony has lost a client. It’s a matter of dignity.

  • Lets not talk only about Xperia S. There is also Xperia Ion which seems to be even more neglected than Xperia S. Sony has great design and build quality, but the software update policy is really very bad. Next time would think twice before buy any other Sony smartphone.

  • cs098

    I honestly don’t care about updates as long as, the boot loaders are unlock able and easy to unlock. Fxp always brings the latest asop software. Don’t like Samsung cause, design sucks don’t like htc and nexus because lack of removable battery and sd card.

  • JKZ

    I could only consider buying another Sony (having a few over last five years) if its a nexus device. I get very disappointed with every single device after a short time

  • Nander


    I play their game and buy every year the next flagship, so I dont care about updates for my no longer used phone (got the Z now).

  • neveda1

    a bit..it’s bad that they should ignore a product completely..
    sony is a great brand..i’d pefer it over many others..but such thins matter..not now may b in the future..!

  • AlexBurnout

    No, fucking, thank you.

  • sehryar

    I’ve just updated my Xperia S to latest android OS and this time it changed the Sony earth wallpaper that I was using and now my original live earth wallpaper not even listed in the phone’s wallpaper list in the settings.
    last time my phone was updated to previous android OS it lost the ability to display 3d pictures and since has mot been possible to do so.
    has anyone else experienced such things after an OS update and does anyone know of a solution to it?

  • Carlos

    Agree. First and last Sony phone. I’m an android lover, but I think I’m switching Samsung asap.

  • Garrob

    I wouldn’t have minded so much if there was customer support on line but Sony seem to think they can man their support forums with uninformed fan boys. I get the distinct impression that Sony decided that they don’t need to have expert support when they can just give fanboys (and girls) “super user” status and they will act like they know what their talking about enough for Sony to not need to bother. I loved the idea of Xperia S and how good it appeared to be at first but as time has gone by it has become an increasing list of niggles, disappointments and frustrations. I now feel guilty for telling people how good i originally thought it was as they may now make the mistake of trusting Sony. :(

  • jah

    its a sony piece of shite software…have first two updates for experia s jellybean…first one took out my messaging, wifi, etc…2nd one failed to fix this and many other bugs…eg power saves whether asked to or not…thinking of getting an iPhone…at least apple has a reputation for products that work …i owned 2 sony cd players (shelf style) back in the day…both died within 1 week of 12month warranty expiring…excellent redundancy engineering but no soul! soulless sonY! :(…this phone’s screen and camera are great imo…but phone’s functionality for over a year now has been hopeless… :(( WILL NEVER TOUCH SONY AGAIN!! P.S. sony joined with BMG a couple of years back…BMG got rich during wwii using concentration camp labour…well done sony u f***ing dinosaur!! work out that you are obsolete and were evil anyway and just f***ing die!!

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