Sony sold 4.6 million Xperia Z units since launch?

by XB on 16th April 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z WetA report is doing the rounds suggesting that Sony Mobile has sold 4.6 million units of the Xperia Z (C660X) in the first 40 days since launch. Whilst the number sounds impressive, there doesn’t appear to be any hard sources for this story apart from citing ‘financial analysts’ without referring to exactly which one. Sony is set to update the market on its second-quarter performance on 9 May, so no doubt we’ll hear some official info on how well the Xperia Z has been selling at that point.

Thanks ki-hyun, sky and swapnil!

  • Thats potentialy 4,6 million signatures if sony screws up xperia z also like xperia S and xperia tablet s :D

  • agga

    I almost hope they will screw it up xd

  • xperia s owner

    4.6 milion who will see key lime pie January 2015! Once a new model comes out the z will no longer exist in sony’s view just like what happened with the xperia s!

    The xperia E will probably get Key Lime pie before the Z as the J did before the S, non-existent updates!

  • I hope they don’t and adress the issues with software engineer problem, their defiantly overworked and need more man power.
    Chatlog from skype
    If send xperiablog the whole chat conversation and back story maybe they consider doing article about it.

    [15-3-2013 02:30:39] Peter Tat: the problem is that there are less engineers
    [15-3-2013 02:30:42] Peter Tat: but more products

    PeterT is sony community manager over sony america forums

  • YoureaFag

    You must be enjoying your time here, faggot. Have fun fapping over your gayy petition

  • Apple

    Look at all the butthurt bitches in this blog – heads up, if you’re so pissed about your device, which to an iPhone :D Its far more superior than crappy andriod :)

  • Ravi

    I am glad that Sony employees are really good at producing child (smart phones), at the same time advice them to take of the produced child (smart phones).

  • That’s great for Sony! Probably getting them to their sales goal.

  • Apple

    You suckers can downvote me all you want, least I don’t have to cry about updates :)

    Apple > Android

  • CaptainofJUSTICE

    Hello Mr.Troll!

  • PowerSonic

    wat r u doing here in this forum then??

  • David Lettinga

    For someone who loves Apple so much, you must spend a lot of time on a Sony Android blog. No one hear wants your shit, go buy the iphone 5s which will be the exact same as the 5

  • PowerSonic

    Xperia Z does look like a good phone.. But I do have friends who have the phone but has faced heating problems.. I feel these new phones have much power than what is needed..

  • their pissed off xperia z users also you just don’t see them much yet but that will change very soon :)

  • fay

    no rapport but JB for Xperia S is annonced for May in france (sorry for my bad english)

  • galafix

    At least you’re creative.

  • Andrew D

    4.6 million x 650 US$ = 2.99 billion U.S. dollars

    (I just took the 650$ as an approx. price)

    With 2.99 Billion Dollars, don’t yous think they could afford more Devs. to work on the Software?

    Sony,….. Stop disappointing your Customers!

  • impressive … keep up sony
    My sony xperia z rocks :D

  • believe me sony will change soon
    after z they still care for xperia t and xperia v

  • Well say’d now if you only had more thumbs up :)
    Anyway petition to release updates much faster and fix issues :)

  • lasttodie73

    Love my XZ great phone,good work sony :-)

  • I highly doubt it, I don’t Believe that

  • To be honest I don’t care. I have both the Z and S. ICS is good. The only feature I miss in the S, is the missing gesture on the notifications bar. But, although it’s nice to have, it’s not that important.

  • If your so afraid of people signing the petition then you seriously have some issues :)
    Anyway your in a minority, quit bitching about small things :)

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  • The legendz user of internet once said “Do NOT feed the trolls”

  • YoureaFag

    Say the guy bitching about a phone update. Try harder :)

  • Apple

    Then buy an iPhone :D

  • Apple

    The people here butthurt over updates are the perfect targets to convert to iPhone buyers :)

  • Andrew D

    I ain’t doing it for thumbs up Just making a point.

  • JellyBean

    You want JB on Xperia S? Buy a packet of JellyBeans, dump your phone into it – theres your JB Xperia S :D

  • Ramy Ayash

    Are you mad? The Xperia V, T and TX got updates since January to JB so go to hell.

  • good points deserve thumbs up :P

  • Zhiyi

    This is quite an achievement already! How did the XS last year?
    To those who complain about late or no Android updates, what I guess is that Sony’s strategy is to expand and get more market shares. And to do so, they must target new customers, but of course not see the current ones switch to competitors so soon.
    And new customers are interested in new devices, not products that have been in market for a year or so.
    Me i don’t really care if my friend will get 4.2 on his S3 before I can upgrade my Z as long as my Z works fine. Even if this new version is out in 6 months or a year, not sure I will upgrade. I can keep it like this for 2 years.
    If one buys a phone for its future software upgrades, better root it.

  • Xperia

    Best Phone of 2013.

  • Kaostheory

    Haha that was funny! Obviously sarcasm, the iPhone has less features than gb nevermind jb!

  • Yeah, the PC side of Sony, not Sony mobile

  • Da Fan

    Dear Sony please make Xperia Play 2 and combines the best features of Walkman, Bravia, and Cyber-shot into the device. I’m fuckin sure it will be much more ‘impressive’ .

  • i have iphone 3g, 4s and ipad 1st gen and i never ever consider iphone 5 as my new smartphone. superior???? in what terms?????????????????????????

  • Well, i luv my Z so much apart frm its battery life…… Congrats sony

  • resus

    fine… now today testing first miracast xperia z – smart tv via lg bp630 ;)

    video (schlafzimmer mit Samsung Smart TV) and pictures (wohnzimmer Lg Smart TV)

  • NikAek

    LG with SXZ..its like you mix fresh orange juice with coca cola

  • Actualy i’m xperia tablet s owner try again :)

  • Stop being stupid! Z will definitely get Android 5! The S unfortunately won’t but soon will have JB tho

  • It’s a good point. If people have a genuine problem then get involved and let Sony know. No good bitching on here about updates!

  • Digital Minds

    you dont have to cry for updates with ur shitty maps you are driver out of the world anywys loll

  • SonyIsStillBetterThanSAMESUNG

    I didn’t find it that bad?it last for a whole day for me.

  • Dino

    I am from the Philippines. The device was launched on the second week of April. It was hard for me to find one Xperia store that has a stock of this handset. I guess, the market sales of the Z in the Philippines are quite good. Thumbs up!

  • YoureaFag

    Still a bitch, try again

  • they only have 1 team working with updates on android

  • Bob dole

    The fact that you call it converting just reinforces the cultist stereotype.

  • board of waiting

    ^ Rude he just wants see the phone he probably has spent a lot of money on get the update which Sony has turned there back on, can’t you take a bit of sarcasm or humor ?

  • wtf u speaking chinese

  • mine having sudden death issue after .434 update

  • Useless. Android sucks period. Especially for tablets. Best to move onto something better like Windows RT for the tablets.

    Android has “improved” since Project Jellybean but it still sucks pretty hard. You can do more with Windows.

  • LOL, you don’t have to cry about updates…. hahah! Of course not, you’ll just have to buy a new phone just to get a “SOFTWARE” update. LMAO

  • Eugen Hannibal

    Xperia Z is best

  • amazing phone , i wont be surprised if the number was real XD !!!!!

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