New Xperia U firmware (6.1.1.B.1.89) released

by XB on 19th April 2013

in Firmware, Xperia U

Xperia U_1A new Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware build is now rolling out to some Sony Xperia U (ST25) owners. Firmware version 6.1.1.B.1.89 was certified back in January for all NovaThor-based Xperia handsets. This same firmware is now rolling out to Italian-branded Xperia U handsets for those on the TIM network. People that have downloaded the update talk of performance enhancements in apps and across the whole system. At this stage, it is unknown whether we will see a wider release for generic handsets. If you’ve downloaded it, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Xperia U_2

Xperia U_1

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Aaron and Abdul!

  • Mature Xperia S user

    Useless, off-topic Xperia S users rants coming!

  • Matej

    Haha, I bet they are all going to be like “ZOMG, i got JellyBean!!!”

  • zaid

    Wow it still receiving updates

  • I hope they will release the update for Sola as well as it is barely usable currently.

  • Norio24

    I thought that the Xperia U was already dead to Sony!

  • rohith

    waiting for “Jelly Bean” on my Xperia P….

  • i dont care about the U why not the xperia S i’m so sick of waiting for jelly and beans ^^ btw i don’t own an XS i got XZ

  • Samuel Serafim

    Nice news. Thanks Xperia Blog.

  • galafix

    Online petition for Xperia S 4.1 update that needs 100,000 signatures that would probably have all signatures before the update comes.

  • Carl-Johan Nilsson

    I used to love coming here and read comments from a great, loyal, intelligent community of Sony fans. Now it’s just a bunch of idiots screaming like little children for the candy that was “promised” them..

  • I love Sony. :) problem haters? get out of here pls! :/

  • mid-may…

  • And when the petition have 100,000 signatures, the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update will pop out of nowhere like magic?

  • f*** them! @@@

  • why have they come here ifthey’re like this!!! nahhhh BITCH PLS

  • back

    Sony still playing with my nerves

  • rus_media

    I am a XS user and fed up with Sony’s behavior. But I don’t understand what will do this petition! When they are totally neglecting the XS users. Bored with this petition advertising…

  • rus_media

    4.0.4 is not a Jelly bean :P

    So calm down :P

  • CptPineapple

    The ones complaining about the “complainers” are getting pretty anoying too..

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  • boosook

    Probably it’s because you did not pay 200 euro for the U just to discover that it’s unusable with ICS…

  • aligamz

    Then what the hell are you complaining about? Troll…

  • gunboat_d

    i didn’t like the ICS upgrade for my U. but i traced the issue to my chrome acct. sync’ing bookmarks etc would cause anything browswer related to result in keypress lag of several seconds. disabling that brought me back to normal.

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  • niharp94

    Can anyone tell what are the improvements over the previous firmware. ?

  • drshbaby

    hell yah ,, they are :(

  • Sony is Love!

  • sarcasm is something only ppl with brain undrstand i guess

  • EowynCarter

    If you don’t use radio FM or smarttags, install CM 9 :)

  • Alberto Javier Euan

    el unico problema es k no se puede rootiar

  • Evolution

    I have just updated my XPERIA U to ICS 4.04 [6.1.1.B.1.89] Italian firmware and its working better than all previous os.

  • niharp94

    Will it be available in India?

  • Oblivius

    It can be rooted with the previous metod… (.10 kernel)

  • yamaha

    Will this new update be coming to UK

  • AprendiendoPC

    It’s better that 2.3.7 ?

  • John Santos

    does it fix the wifi problem?

  • Daniel Madu

    I have have been waiting for the update in the uk for over a year now. My mobile carrier is T-Mobile/EE. When will the update come out?

  • Anton

    yeah but only in Italy on TIM. What about Germany and other countries?????

    Instead of updating their first devices continousley, they rather release awful phones as the tipo,miro, j etc.

  • Lucho

    I would like to know the same thing

  • Fernando Gomes

    Is the wifi bug fixed?

  • Chris_551

    Just dropping by, and I know that’s old news and comment won’t be read, but I got an Xperia U ST25i like two months ago and only recently updated it more than a week ago.
    The phone’s quite fine on the outside, although doesn’t seem very powerful.
    Sony does good looking stuff but there may be something left to be desired on the inside.
    So I had factory settings thus far, android 2. something, and the original firmware.

    Now I’m battling with firmware 6.1.1.B.1.54, and there are so many menus that are gone.
    I cannot take screenshots anymore by keeping the power button on. All the touch buttons at the bottom of the phone seem to have been stripped of their functions. I really liked the original version, you basically had two sets of options based on how long you pressed on the button.

    Plus I can’t find the folder where pictures and videos are stored. Originally, it was easily accessible. Now I have absolutely no freaking clue where the hell that app is located in the phone, aside from some very cumbersome and partial alternative found in the native camera app.

    The most amusing part is that I’m actually using the phone to make tests for apps. So I should be very pleased that it’s been updated to work with Android jellybeans. But as a sort of casual user, I must say that the experience is quite miserable now.
    OK perhaps that phone isn’t fantastic as it is, but it was fine for what I could do. In fact, the original setting was quite agreable in comparison, I got used to it.
    The phone was cheap so it looked a good deal to me as I was looking for a quick grab.

    I made the update through the PC companion software (which is terrible, sluggish and painful to use — I never thought you could make something worse than iTunes).
    A friend and dev I know said he used to be a good Sony client, they had solid hardware but now most of their softwares are subpar, if not downright crap according to him, and showing him the “new” firmware just was another occasion to fuel his disdain for Sony products. I was gratified with a “see?”. Makes me sad.

    I don’t know if this comment will be read, but I’ll fave that page nonetheless, in the hope that someone replies and tells me I’m not the only one being quite “disapoint” with the downdate.
    I have no idea what the ICS btw, but what I know is that I wish to return the phone to its box settings ASAP.

    Thx for reading anyhow.

  • Tr?nh Qu?c

    I’m from Vietnam and I’ve not received new firmware yet :(

  • Tr?nh Qu?c

    I’m from Vietnam and I’ve not received new firmware yet :(

  • India

    I’m using Xperis U and still haven’t got this update. Now, I’ve been reading that 6.1.1.B.1.100 is also out. I’m still stuck with 6.1.1.B.1.10. Sony PC Companion says that my phone is up to date. I’m a user from India. How can I get the 6.1.1.B.1.100 update? Any help is welcome.

  • Ann

    I still haven’t got this update?!

  • vaibhav

    any bugs

  • Shamz

    I’m a fairly new xperia U user and what i can i say i was extremely happy with the device at first but then they released the ICS update it completely ruined the user experience, for example, the phone lags an awful lot and basic apps such as the native browser take a lot longer to come on than it did on the previous software. Now all I’m saying is i really don’t like the ICS software on the xperia U so I’d like to see Sony change this either by allowing the users to downgrade, which is currently unavailable or releasing the android 4.4 (KitKat) in the near future as 4.4 was designed for 512mb Ram devices, it also allows sony’s older devices like the xperia U and other with a 512mb Ram to get back into the smartphone market as useable phone.
    Thanks for reading, and i hope Sony act upon this.

  • stoatsngroats

    I have updated, but have a problem now with Wifi – it has stopped working, so has bluetooth, and maybe my GPS too. Sony have an udate via PC companion, but I use Windows 8.1, and there software won’t udate via this OS…. so I now have an unuesable Xperia U!!

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