Sony ‘Honami’ to use biggest camera sensor within Android ecosystem?

by XB on 1st May 2013

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Sony Xperia P camera-580-100A few days back we reported on some leaked information regarding two upcoming premium Sony Xperia smartphones, the ‘Togari’ and ‘Honami’. Togari is believed to run a 6.44-inch 1080p display, whilst Honami is said to be the company’s ‘One Sony’ effort combining some key Sony technology wrapped into one handset.

The leak talked of a 16MP or 20MP CMOS imaging sensor. Well, now a few more details have leaked courtesy of VR-Zone. Their sources point to the Honami running a 1/1.6″ Exmor RS stacked sensor with Sony G Lens. The handset will run either a xenon or dual-LED flash, however a plasma flash is also a possibility at this stage.

The handset will also come with new software and processing algorithms as well as a fresh UI. Much of the software will borrow heavily from Sony’s 2013 range of Cyber-shot cameras. Sony is also apparently working on its own Augmented Reality app similar to that of Nokia’s City Lens. The camera sensor will be the biggest within Android, even more than the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Whilst it will fall shy of the Nokia 808 Pureview, it will be bigger than the Nokia N8.

The report goes on to say that Honami is “being worked upon by every department of Sony and not just Sony Mobile” to create something very special. The design will have elements of glass, metal and apparently even Carbon Fibre says the report.


Via VR-Zone.

Thanks Preetam and all others that sent this in!

  • Visionary

    Just please make it LOOK LIKE ZPERIA S or ZPERIA ZL
    Please, have these things at least
    -Micro SD place
    -Good screen(ips,triluminos….)

    -4,5-5 inch

    -Special camera chip or something special tegra 4 style.(propably will be T4!!!?)

    if possible, make removable battery….

    -Thin bezels.

    sorry this is a repost….SOUNDS GREAT!!!

  • Rishi Rathod

    You mean Xperia S and Xperia ZL, right?

  • And how much will it cost us?

  • Rishi Rathod

    Wow….!!! It’ll be a dream phone……….Sony’s on a roll this year! :)

  • penubag

    Coming to a US provider in 2020 for $999

  • actually October 2013 :) for $200 less than that :P

  • awesome! it’s may be the brother of XZ, not an high-end – it’s super high-end! :)

  • a lot actually

  • not related to XZ at all. different.

  • Removable battery is most probably a NO.

  • I’m definitely gonna love this phone. But not the price.

  • Xperia C

    Lame name. What about “Watercolor HD”?

    That would aktually be a “speaking” name, telling everyone what to expect when Sony ruins the great sensor hardware with their noise-reduction-high-compression-over-saturation crap software.

  • Arokhantos

    Hmmmm maybe i wait till october then :P

  • Still hoping for a sub-4″ 720p (I’ll even settle for qHD) aluminium Xperia in the near future. A blend of the Xperia ray & P. Quad-core, better battery.

  • Yusuf

    If it has a TFT LCD screen I’m not buying it. Must have IPS or AMOLED.

  • After reading that last 2 paragraph, I should sell my Z…. and maybe everything phone that I currently have -_-

  • SP? Its not Quad but close

  • sacrow

    Rumour says it gonna use triluminous display.

    Rumour says . . .

  • Arokhantos


  • Raiden

    Wow wow wow !!! I gonna sell my Z and even sell my soul for this Hyperphone !

  • Michael REMY

    i just cancel my order of xperia z ! i’d prefer wait a little more for this one ! great one !

  • Triluminos

  • Cristi13

    Ok i don’t want to hate but sony is doing this again, they will left xpz without support and they will try to force the users to upgrade(hope they will left xpz more than 6 months in the market). My question is why release xperia z&zl in the first place when few months after you release Togari and Honami, why not try to bring them first and not having everyone complaining abou the screen,camera etc. Come on sony,please for the sake of your fans don’t do the same mistakes again.

    Sent from my Xperia S running Jelly Bean

  • Yusuf

    Xperia S? Jelly Bean?!? How?

  • Jan

    Xperia ZR
    Quad, 2GBRAM, 720p 4.3-4.6
    Propably fits for You. Cheers

  • Cristi13
  • Vasilis K.

    6.44″ display??? That’s a tablet, not a phone! LOL!

  • I just hope it has a distinct “Sony” design. The Z and the ZL were great but in terms of design they just don’t stand out much as the NXT series did. Also, please upgrade the screen quality (better contrast)

  • zgf

    I’ll try to put up with my Xperia S until this comes out!

  • Arokhantos

    6.44 inch thats more like tablet then a phone.

  • Cheng

    “Honami is “being worked upon by every department of Sony and not just
    Sony Mobile” to create something very special” Now this is damn awesome sjit I’m oh so looking forward to!
    Can’t wait! One Sony rocks!!!!!!

  • Well, there’s one for you then :P

    Hint: Sequel to RAY

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  • Lucian

    Honami OMG YES!!!

  • I was going to buy after google announced next nexus but think i might wait till october as well and go for this one if it turns out as good as it sounds

  • Wow! Can’t wait for this phone!
    Screw plastic Sam!

  • Faisal Wibowo

    Um.. I’m just curious.

    i am currently an owner of Xperia Z. Can image/camera processing system be tweaked via software update?

    Xperia Z is a near excellent phone. But I only rate the camera 8 out of 10, not that great. The screen is mind blowing but the colors are slightly less saturated, and I really don’t mind about the viewing angles.

    sorry if my comment is off topic

  • Lucian

    If the quality will be really good I don’t have a need to carry around phone and compact camera. I always look from this point of view. Now I have compact camera that was 200€ and a phone that was 370€ so together 570€. If Honami will be around this price or lower it’s good for me.

  • @@@@

    Damn!! why don’t they announce before i buy my XZ…

  • John

    damm.. I just bought the Galaxy S4. If the Honami comes this summer i will sell my Galaxy S4 and buy the Honami.

  • Sapphire is great for scratches but not for drops

  • surethom

    Xenon or Plasma Flash please NO just led flash, Xenon/plasma is the only way it can be a True camera phone.

    Large sensor FINALLY. I like, just hope the phone is Less than 5″

  • surethom

    Yes same here fed up of the phone freezing & the 3 hardware dots that only work 40% of the time. I was looking at the HTC One or maybe the new Motorolas coming out later in the year, but will hold off to see what this has to offer, Finally A Xenon flash phone (hopefully)

  • well..atleast its better than Xperia Z’s cover glass..even gorilla glass 3 was broken in a galaxy s4 drop test.

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  • this phone will be the greatest in 2013 i think..but it will be too expensive so this may affect it’s sales!!

  • Edvardinnguaq Jensen
  • “Lastly, another site, VR-Zone, says that the handset may run a Triluminos display according to its own sources.”

  • aks

    If these are all true then HONAMI will create a Tsunami for Sammy lol

  • And pls stop using non-oleophobic glass!! And that stupid shutterproof film It just ruin the phone’s premium feel. A shutterproof film to cover a scratch resistant glass? :genuis:

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  • roeshak

    I’m definitely skipping this, never buy phones in H2. With the exception of Samsung, most other h2 devices receive appalling support.
    I’ll wait until the 2014 flagships appear. They’ll be better than this anyway so no point.

  • TechGuyChris

    With a camera like this, i hope they don’t over compress their images like their current phone line up does.
    If this phone is to expensive, will carriers buy it? I know they don’t have unlimited amount of money. Would they be willing to spend more purchasing and marketing power on this one expensive phone raising their operating costs??

  • Rayx

    6,44 inch.. wtf

  • silverwagon


  • kaostheory

    Make one phone! Please! Hopefully they don’t make 2 variations of the same phone with both missing some pieces.

  • Ray 3
    Same specs as Honami but screen size around 4-4.3 inch

  • just dont care..

  • If it isn’t a quad-core, then I’ll just stick to my XP for now. :)

  • the Xperia P is already too big for me. So I’m not looking at anything with a larger screen.

  • Ooooo…. eeeenteresting…

  • It won’t be anymore than the other top end handsets!

  • On contract it will be same as other top handsets!
    Xperia ZL is $560 in USA!

  • Sony ZR my friend. 4.65″ screen with really small bezels!

  • Stop being a party pooper Roeshak!
    You know you want one!

  • Can you also let all the other manufacturers not to release too many phones and only 2 every year cause your not happy!

  • RonRon3050

    How much do u think it will cost guys? im horny about him hhaha;P

  • Wolf0491

    Then you will cancel order for that phone because the announcment for the next great thing will be immnent :D lol

  • i dont think so actually..
    xperia honami is rumoured to be announced at September 2013,
    and maybe release at October to November 2013 at several states..
    it’s reasonable to have 2 flagships a year actually (just samsung did, to have s-series at q1-q2 year and have note-series at q3-q4)..
    with this, xperia Z will be flagship for at least more 6 months (Z release since January)..

    actually the problem is not about the new flagship, what i hope is SONY still continue to support THEIR OLD PHONE (Not only flagships)..
    i still think Xperia P, Xperia S, ION, ACRO S, Z, ZL still require future software improvement, at least 2 years for each phone (Xperia 2012 will be support till 2014, an so on) :)

  • Wolf0491

    I wish US Carriers weren’t so ridiculous so that Sony could get popular over here. On the other hand no one ever knows what my phone is and it wows them lol

  • wish xperia Honami will be around $800 and not go too far from that, or it will lose on competing its rival :(
    (since xperia Z is more expensive than its rival, s4 and HTC One)

  • this is the ONE phone.

  • phablet-tablet hybrid

  • then you wouldn’t buy the XZ :P

  • P and S will most probably not receive further support.

    T/TL/TX/V will get next Android

    Z/ZL will get beyond that

  • good job, but add a slight bump at the back. also expect slightly thicker bezels.

  • AA

    I just hope Honami is not a huge ass phone… (biggest I can accept is ZL) then I’ll buy it.

  • roeshak

    No I don’t. I have never bought a phone in H2 and I’m not about to start.
    I’ll be moving on from the Z in H1 2014. No earlier. Plus I know H2 phones receive less updates than H1 devices.
    I think the 6.4 inch device is fine because it’s going into competition with the note 3. This phone will be up against phones designed months earlier. By then purple would be looking to the S5 and other 2014 flagships. H2 isn’t the season where the battle is fought. Don’t needs to be jetting outs best pot in H1 abs letting them stand the test of time. They shouldn’t need to terse 2 flagships a Uttar. That kinda day’s they need more time to compete.

  • roeshak

    That message was a mess. Swype and the issues with discuss on this chrome browser are to blame for that. I was writing virtually blind. Couldn’t see what I was typing as the text stopped scrolling.

  • Lucian

    Hm, in my country Xperia Z is 649€ and HTC one is 769€ and Galaxy S4 is 729€…

  • The “biggest camera sensor within Android ecosystem”… Ha! … With their crapy software it will be useless. I will see camera comparisons and I will read again same old story: “Samsung Galaxy S4 / HTC One / Nokia Lumia 920 etc are better than Sony Honami because…, blah-blah-blah”. :(

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    hoping for a sequel to Sony SmartWatch MN2 that is waterproof with WiteMagic

  • PVV

    Wow, Plasma flash! Can it be modified to use in repelling some alien attack? :)

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  • Exodite

    “Fresh UI” and “glass” seems ominous.


  • Sorry guys but, nokia cameraphones always will be dominated

  • mike_b

    if they name the Honami, Xperia X then the Togari will probably become the Xperia XL then sony’s naming might actually start making sense :)

  • Because all companies make a better phone after the latest model! Duh!

  • Have you seen Honami?? it almost sounds like it

  • spatch

    Just give me everyting great about Sony tech wrapped up in the Xperia ZL body, but with a better screen.

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  • JG

    I’m gonna love this!!!!

  • jag

    noooooooooooooooooooooOOooOo!!! i still love my Z!! maybe i will just wait for next year’s phone…? or maybe no.. i will just buy honami too wahaha

  • “Honami is “being worked upon by every department of Sony and not just
    Sony Mobile” to create something very special” >>>>>>>>they want to destroy samshit+appshit!

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  • it will be expensive. not for those looking for a fair price.

  • next year it gets even better :P

  • Really? Washed out colors? I don’t even use Bravia Engine, because colors get too much saturated for y liking… I guess it’s user dependant. ;)

  • ooh..

    than bad for my country,

    Xperia Z cost Rp 7.500.000,-, S4 Rp 7.500.000,-

    and ONE is rumoured to be 7.400.000,- (not release yet :D)

  • jag

    Yeah! That’s right!! I hope this development will continue on and on

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  • it’s bigger than Z

  • Zaki Jaaskelainen

    Probably only for the Japanese market… :-(

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  • Steffen Gjærdingen

    ok i realy hope sony do this, becuse they can, they are an camera produser, like nokia isnt so why come nokia make good camera phone.

    Come on Sony!!=)

  • Eisuke

    sorry to ruin the party guys but Sony being Sony, I have a bad feeling it’s gonna be a Japan only phone as usual. and the lower spec little brother with an unpractically big screen being the international version…..

  • Billy De Fretes

    Ga lah, harga sama tp fiturny yg kurang bikin jd lbh mahal

  • David J Hilton

    Could very well be my next phone despite the trouble with the Xperia S

  • Arokhantos

    htc one is 640€ xperia z is 534€ samsung galaxy s4 is 646€
    Here at holland thats with 21% taxes included

  • APai

    why is sony not going after the holy grail of cameras on a phone ? they supply the sensor to everyone. and yet they have pretty much the lousiest output amongst the top tier flagship phones. – sony supplies to galaxy/ iphone and yet those phones do better with their optics and software, with the same damn sensor. wtf sony ?

  • I mean, what’s the use of the ” scratch resistant” if you’re going to cover it?

  • sacrow

    Sony mobile d Indo emang jualnya kemahalan
    ditambah customer servicenya kurang bagus

  • hmm

    Yep, very true! WTF SONY??

  • Rumornya di indonesia HTC One diatas 8.000.000 gan


    YEAH! Me too and the new UI Wowww!!! thx Sony

  • I’m Xperian

    BUT Galaxy S4 has a heap of awesome features such as Air Gesture, Dual Camera, Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Air View, S Translator.

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  • speculator

    I’m definitely gonna be getting this if it’s truly as awesome as it sounds. Though anyone knows if this is gonna be 2nd half 2013 flagship or 2014 1st quarter flagship?

  • You are 100% right. HONAMI, also will not be an exception)))

  • Haldi

    Woah!! If they really sell it as “Cyber Shot” phone it has to be great! There has not been a Cyber shot phone since the C905…… if i remember correct.
    Would be the First Cybershot Android.

    Cant wait for that. Maybe gonna sell my Z and buy this!

  • Cheng

    should be 2nd half 2013… to compete with note 3 (and already galaxy S4..).. they wont release another before S5 I think~~

  • Babylonbwoy

    I have read about Sony BIONZ photo technology that will be in Honami ?

  • Ivan Budiutama

    oh Sony, once my beloved brand. Your XZ’s TFT is a big fail. Sorry, but even with battery stamina, it won’t last. The thing is, people started to use the smartphone on heavy tasks, means the screen will be ON more often than they previously were. With Android became more and more dominant, people will go with Med to Heavy usage, rendering your battery stamina a little obsolete. IF your new Triluminos screen technology doesn’t do the power drain on check, prepare for another “whine mob” about your battery life (again).

    and camera, how should I say it, the camera is not bad but not “WOW”, I mean, there are a lot work around like camera360, but I expect the best, out of the original software, but again I saw the potentially awesome feature failed to shine, really sub par compared to *cough* plastic S *cough*

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Sony in fact I was a big fans of Sony phones in the past. But their released products lately really sub par. dated OS (yes, they need to catch to 4.2.2 already), so-so Camera, the horrendous TFT. I really, really, really hope the so-called Honami will fix things, who knows the new Triluminos Screen will shine over AMOLED and IPS on both quality and power consumption. If this Triluminos as good as the concept (and saves more power than their competitor), Camera that will be best of the best, and a battery that last days on full charge (or the mythical fast charge). I’ll be the first to get one.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    and left the device with 8GB only? I mean, surely they have SD Card availability but again, all applications are best use on internal. In fact, Officially, there is no support for App to SD Card anymore. Unless you willing to trouble yourself with partition methods.

  • Stephen Raharja

    kalau xperia z dijual bekas di indonesia, kira2 brp?

  • yea Haldi,
    totally agreed i’ll sell my z n buy honami !!!

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