Stock Jelly Bean ROM ported to Xperia sola

by XB on 1st May 2013

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Xperia sola JBA few days back we reported on stock Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware being ported to the Sony Xperia U, well the same has now happened to the Xperia sola. Both of these phones are not being treated to an official Jelly Bean update by Sony, so it’s great news to see unofficial ports.

As before, munjeni from xda-developers has done the hard work, porting firmware build 6.2.A.0.400 from the Xperia P and Xperia go. To install the ROM you will need to have an unlocked bootloader and be running a stock Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. The JB ROM can be installed from recovery. Full details including download links can be found at xda.

Xperia sola JB

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • for sure u late a lot in updates but this year u doing very good
    sony..keep going
    u r the best this year really
    we all believe in

  • No One

    sony didn’t make this update , xda did :s

  • boosook

    LOL! (I hope it’s irony…)

  • camera works on xperia sola?

  • HotTech

    As usual, hot Sony software, on a phone that they just dumped. The only reason we have this is because of those awesome XDA devs! Thank you devs!

  • thts why sony have a good relationship with devs..

  • hans

    It’s still Sony made, just some blown fuse get straightened by xda devs.

  • PRo

    Are der any bugs like xperia u ??? Please reply me xperiablog…..

  • utsav shah

    Actually it’s still Sony who did this.

    They did release the source code for the new kernel!

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  • ProWeirdo

    Speak for yourself. Last flagship is still waiting for Jelly Bean. Your model probably got Jelly Bean, and I know you don’t really care about others, but before you say something, get to know that S didn’t get JB STILL.

  • ProWeirdo

    No. Sony just made it possible, but devs made it.

  • It’s so sad that we have to keep relying on these developers for Jelly Bean instead of getting the official one

  • Arsal Ansari

    Shame Sony isnt giving update to xperia Sola for JB.While at the same time GO is getting it,

  • mirost1

    Munjeni is our God, the rom he ported to sola is awesome – everything works as it should. Where are sony now??? Long live munjeni.

  • Theoreticaly the firmware is made by sony but for differen models, bravia engine, xloud, camera app, walkman and media apps and all sony specific features are made by sony not by munjeni. Munjeni gived us what sony didnt whant to, simple as that, its like they worked togeder. Sola coldnt have STOCK JB without both of them, sony and munjeni :), personaly i like the stock sony better than vaniila android

  • Hi,
    I want to test its’s camera though. I have doubts about it. I bought a Xperia Ion two weeks earlier. The 12.1 mp camera on my phone is not satisfactory as compared to S3’s 8.0 mp camera. The performance is pretty good but I’m unable to run multiples app at the same time. Thanks to One Browser which has a multi-tab feature which allows me to surf through all the social

  • Lorenzo

    Also, ported to Xperia U (but camera and led bar don’t work and there’s a battery brain issue)

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  • mustafa

    Sony is still number one. You don’t see devs working on jellybean for the ace or y, do you?

  • i know but it’s upcoming like a lot of old phones had update nw

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  • that’s cool news indeed!

  • Michael Salib

    Unfortunately its still so buggy & lags a lot…dev need to work more on it..but im sure they will figure out a way to make it almost perfect just like the XS leak which will be also adjusted by Doomlord & naiboc. These devs make a huge effort to please millions of ppl…thank u guys

  • Xeon Shu

    The link is invalid D:

  • chris

    IMP Query… does it still give the touchscreen problems like it would on sony’s ICS version??

  • Speedy

    why they don’t get the “drivers” from the 2.3.7 android because with that android works best camera photos video visibility “night” and put them on new android like 4.0.4 …because with this new android camera works veery bad lagget and i can’t make photos in disco (night)…

  • dashang

    link is not working

  • Mohammed Al-Jamel

    Invalid thread specified. This can happen for a variety of reasons– most likely because the thread or post you are trying to view has been moved or deleted. Please return to the forum home and browse for another similiar post.

  • Hasham Khan

    Hello guys my xperia sola isn’t receiving the ICS updating from the pc companion or from the update center on the phone…. It says it is upgraded to the latest software please help

  • Amsakanna

    Does floating touch work?

  • Ben Ling


  • Ben Ling

    led illumination bar don’t work

  • Guest

    hello i m using xperia sola, i like to update for jelly bean may i how to do & does it make any problem after updating…

  • Prem Anand

    hello i m using xperia sola, i like to update for jelly bean may i know how to do & does it make any problem after updating… I m waiting for reply

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