Sony to release MHL to HDMI Adapter (IM750)

by XB on 2nd May 2013

in Accessories

Sony IM750_3Sony will shortly be releasing its own branded MHL to HDMI adaptor. The Sony IM750 adapter allows you to connect your handset directly to a HDMI-enabled television, it also has a micro USB port used to power the device. Once connected, the TV launcher application should start. If you have a CEC-enabled television, you will be able to control the phone using your TV remote. You should then be able to enjoy any content from your phone whether it means sharing photos, videos or playing games. We’re not sure on pricing and availability but will keep you posted.

Sony IM750_3

Sony IM750_2

  • It’s about time

  • Babylonbwoy

    Just saw that on french site, cliked to buy it but ended on xperia sola sale page ! damn…

  • Babylonbwoy

    Price is 34,9 on french site but no price on french official Sony site.

  • Bazzi

    Let’s hope this works better then all the generic ones you can purchase that work with the Xperia Z and there is so much lag it’s extremely bad and difficult to use. Not sure how many other people have used on on the Xperia Z but it makes me not want to use MHL on it at all.

  • spatch

    I bought a generic one, and I can’t contol the phone’s content with my remote. Hopefully this long overdue accessory will solve this problem.

  • I think the “lag” most people notice might be an issue with the particular TV set. I’ve noticed other brands respond quite slow compared to Sony TVs in general. I have my Xperia P connected via the TV Dock to my LG and it responds slower than when I connect it to a Sony set.

  • I can relate to this.

  • mhl, even third party ones should have too much lag, may a second or so, dlna mirroring is even more worse when i seen at sony centre ( high end sony as well), the lag was almost two seconds, i use dk22 on tx, not much lag ( probably a quarter of a second)

  • probably true, my dk22 on tx on my sony, has very little lag,

  • even though i have dk22 for tx, wondering if this will work for my phone and sp, (z,zl and v confirmed) as generic cec compatible mhl adaptor, or even other brands, ie, htc sensation, galaxy s2 (s3 and s4 has 11 pins), can anyone try
    also for anyone who has tv dock, ie, dock for s, dock for p and tx or t, are they experience lag on other brands of tv, if yes, how long, sony tv’s seems to be very minimal lag,

  • silverbios

    sony please edit sxu kernel and add mhl support!

  • It’s support for Xperia Play???

  • Eugen Hannibal


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  • Rayx

    I have both a Sony and a newer and actually better Samsung TVs, but when connected to Samsung, there is a lag.. even if I turn on “game mode”, which turns off post effects/smoothing the image by adding more frames. I guess SonySony works best.

  • SonyFan

    Xperia S JB Update is between 21.May and 25.May

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  • Guest

    Is there any third-party adapters that do support CEC control? This Sony one is bound to cost an arm or leg.

  • kaostheory

    Xperia T with Pioneer Kuro and Fosman mhl. Working perfectly.

  • i know im being an ass but does S3 and S4 support this? Samsung’s adapter is really crappy and this one i can use otg when on hdmi

  • filzo

    really need to get this one to fit up with my xperia V… :D

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  • kaostheory

    Nope as far as I understand it, Samsung wired differently. Only the charging part is universal.

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  • macho9556

    I have used all connections available. Micro-hdmi, mhl and miracast. And micro hdmi works best. I still have a moto photon n i still use to play emulators on my big screen n watch movies wit ni lag wat so ever. Smooth as butter. I have th optimus g n wife has evo lte which both use mhl and miracast and th lag is sometimes unbearable!!!!. Cant use mhl for game emulation, lag is horrible. And as for movies forget about it! Miracast doesn’t improve th matter eithr. My opinion, companies should of left it wit micro-hdmi instead. Anothr thing, u need to power th mhl adapter. Miracast needs power to run but i can understand why miracast would. . But mhl is wired why would it need power to run, especially when micro-hdmi didnt. Out of th 3, my opinion, to connect phone to tv is deff micro-hdmi. To bad companies scrapped it already

  • Faraz Baig

    Will this support sony xperia p

  • imparanoic

    does anyone know is this IM750 works on Xperia Tablet Z including if it’s cec compatible

  • Herry Ajalah

    I dont have any HDTV, but i’m not sure if xperia can connect to my VGA lcd monitor?

  • Joseph Grutt

    Anyone know if this would work with the Sony Xperia Play?

  • Bret Homan

    I have had this product ordered from Sony for weeks and nothing. Still says temporarily out of stock. Does anyone know of anybody who actually owns this mythical and unobtainable device?

  • imparanoic

    anyone know?

  • veeran

    i have sonyericson mobile and sony tv with mhl adapter, can i connect to mobile to tv, any connector available

  • Neha Malik

    I think it will be really helpful to me … whats the price of it ? deals15

  • Shaurab

    Hey guys is Sony Xperia M MHL cable compatible

  • Dreamer

    Thanks it’s usefull for me

  • macho9556

    No prob

  • Sunil Sb

    is Sony Xperia C3 dual MHL cable compatible? plz reply, i m goin to purchase it.

  • John

    Does it work with VGA external monitor ?

  • prajapati mohit

    I have Sony experia E3 but its do not connect my t.v .plz….give me solution.

  • Chandra

    I have Sony xperia c3 mobile , can use MHL to HDMI cable is it possible???

  • Mashood Ahmed

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me if Sony Xperia E5 is compatible with MHL ?

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