New Sony C190X model number spotted

by XB on 4th May 2013

in Rumours, Xperia M

Sony C1905Looks like Sony Mobile is testing another entry level handset as a new model number has been discovered. The Sony C1905 appeared on Picasaweb. The image’s EXIF data doesn’t give too much away, apart from the firmware build which is version number 15.1.A.1.0.

Judging by the model number (C190X), we expect the handset will sit somewhere between the Xperia E (C150X) and the Xperia L (C210X). Sony doesn’t look like it is slowing down the number of phone releases anytime soon and seems well on its way to match last year’s number…

Sony C1905

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • reptile64

    Match last year’s number…… and delay on updates……

  • John-Mark Christmas

    Here we go again. Bring out many phones, Show little interest in the ones released before. smh

  • John-Mark Christmas

    Very well said

  • reptile64

    We are still waiting for 4.2 on Z…. they said “right after launch” …..ok Sony..

  • saif

    may be firefox os based device but i doubt that because of software info

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  • the guy leaving Sony

    Xperia ion is my first, and probably last Sony phone. I didnt kno how they worked b4, but after this experience I dont think I lik Sony’s smartphone department too much..slow updates due to them releasing just under 100 phones a year and they have very little thought put into them on top of that. See ya Sony..hello Samsung

  • Dean

    If they keep doing this shit all the time and don’t update the Xperia Z I’m buying a Samsung galaxy note 3 this year when it’s released

  • Zange99

    And Sony will be saying “we will be rolling out the 4.2 update in the next weeks” and a few months and then it will take like a few months until they do

  • Aiman Sufian

    And be the most unfortunate person on earth

  • ? ?

    you should aware that before u bought……everyone knows the example of xperia s

  • xperiaS_lame

    Genius, making your own guess and then counter it right away.

  • ion

    Sony please carefully read this…. I’m using Sony xperia ion & before that I used xperia p & neo v( the best phone is neo v but p doesn’t have battery life at all) so, I buyed ion the phone is superb but the problem I’m facing is camera quality is poor & audio quality bad info and if phone started slow if to many apps are there like 5-8 games….. battery also drying if more apps are there & for calling & phone book there are lost of bug fixes are there…. So, plz fix this in a update of jelly bean & camera clarity pls fix that to…. Plz gain your name for all old handset of 2012
    Album photo reading speed is also slow

  • vortex0307

    another one?!

  • Low end, placed between Xperia L and SP

  • APai

    that’s a familiar line, they said the same at the launch of xperia T, they released the 4.1 update after “just” 4 months.

    to be fair to sony, I guess they develop the latest release for all device from the initial “dough” and they are a bit late to the party – all because they seem to like releasing a device every 15 days.

  • APai

    why ? samsung beats sony to punch with regards to every flagship release. sony is a bit late to the android game, but I thought, they’d sort out their issues with Z onwards. samsung maybe plasticky or doesn’t have the same polish as Z, but their hardware is beefy and the software is updated constantly at least for their flagship devices. hell, the S2 which was released in april 2011 gets JB update before xperia S, released in feb 2012 ???? dude, that’s a full 2 years later!!!

  • Dean

    The Samsung galaxy note 3 might not even be made out of plastic

  • Hello purple screen and heating issues

  • Nothing is getting KLP, there is no KLP, it’ll be Jelly Bean 4.3 which im assuming, no big change to 4.2 and 4.2 has almost no change to 4.1.
    S got the leak official ROM, should be happy by now

  • Isn’t L low enough?

  • Herman

    Even further:
    Xperia S “ICS Upgradeable”? Yeah, after a couple of months eventually.

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  • lolsomany

    actually it seating between L n E

  • branex

    Don’t you see it’s a Nokia? It’s 3110 Classic.

  • branex

    It’s not 3110 Classic.

  • penubag

    Also, hello unethical business practices to Samsung.

    Read about it:

  • Babylonbwoy

    If you want Sony to read your message you better post it on their forum, Xperia Blog IS NOT official site from Sony!!!

  • Arokhantos

    Silly sony we need updates and fixes not new products……….
    My tablet just had first sleep of death btw :(

  • I contacted them before about 4.2 Jelly Bean (not even for Xperia Z), they said “we will be unable to confirm this information until the software has been made available to our developers”
    Seems like they’ haven’t got the ROM from Google at all, this is 4 weeks ago

  • TrixzD

    I’m sure Somebody from Sony told everybody that they would stop releasing so many phones a year or was that a dream I maybe had. Oh wait it was real life and they did say they would stop releasing so many phones and mainly focus on a few different models a year. Oh well at least Sony mobile lives up to Sony’s very own slogan :) Make.Believe. I love my Sony phone but releasing a stupid amount of phones to the market within a year isn’t going to do Sony mobile any favors.

  • Arokhantos

    couple month’s to late by the time it gets out 5.0 comes out you won’t be able to enjoy jelly bean at all anymore.

  • Nono, nononono

    Too many, too similar…
    Fix your damn cameras, I’m still waiting for a Sony smartphone that does NOT totally suck at this discipline.

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  • Arokhantos

    HTC one is kindy worse when comes to updates tough their software is probably way less buggy

  • Herman

    At least Jelly Bean is quite an improvement over ICS. It makes my phone run fast again. I wouldn’t mind if this was the Xperia S’ last update, as long as Sony will do their best to make the Jelly Bean Xperience as good as it can be.

    What ever the next update would bring, it probably won’t be as notable (hence, according to rumours, it will still be called “Jelly Bean”).

  • sony

    Sony xperia C1905 spec

    Pictures later

  • APai

    I already assumed this round will be 4.3, I’m counting on the KLP being released next feb maybe – whatever it is galaxy s3 will be supported in all probabilities, because they supported the galaxy s2 through the JB 4.1.2. don’t get me wrong, I’m not shouting expletives at sony, just stating that sony should get their house in order.

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  • rahkar

    Sony doesn’t read anything on their blog. If they did then they would have released update and fixes on time, shame onn you Sony

    Typing this on Xperia ss took at least 5 mins cause of lagginess, keyboard issue and space bugs in the keyboard

  • rahkar

    Dude sg2 has got jelly bean xperia s still wating for it, pathetic customer service from sony no update on time noo bug fixes no release on outdated release. Constant froze ofof the device, shitty cameraa optimization. This worst my firstt smartphone and now i think my k800i isismuch better than xperia s – noo froze good camera was first cybershot phone and still. Better then xperia s exmor r senor

  • Do you know how many bugs are in the SGS2 Jelly Bean update? and why is it only SGS2?
    1 phone gets Jelly Bean faster is not something intriguing
    on the other hand, there is no, NO bugs in any of the 2011 Xperia ‘phones’ Jelly Bean update P, GO, T, TX, V, J, leaked official JB rom for S

  • The touch buttons doesn’t response, that’s a big bug right there, Frank

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  • True on the rooting. GS2 JB is very buggy though, failed OTA, bettery, wifi, etc

    They are working on something else as well, i don’t think they can get their house in order right now. They have Honami, Togari and this C190X that they’re working on. Also PS4 and Sony version of Google Glass, at least that’s what the rumor said

  • APai

    “GS2 JB is very buggy though…”
    at least they are getting it! samsung might stabilize it over the period. kudos to samsung for supporting the device for over one year!

    actually, the way I see it – sony being a large company – they should either allocate more people towards software, or not release too many phones. flagships ignored is not the way to go about it. I think, frankly, sony will lose a ton of people to samsung thanks to the delay in JB update to several of their phones – most notably xperia S

  • There is no update since the JB was released for GS2, no bug fix or small patch
    S got the leaked ROM with no bugs, isn’t that better? i though that’s what everyone wanted, bug free ROM. What you’re saying now is that you’re okay with buggy ROM but I bet you if Sony release a buggy ROM you’ll moan about it

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  • ion

    Sony is giving HDR to it’s 2012 phones or not??

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  • Everyone can get the ROM from Google, it’s open source

  • That’s what I’m thinking

  • *4.3 Frank

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  • Babylonbwoy

    Reading doesn’t mean listening to what people beg for.
    Typing this took me 30sec with my PC…

  • Aman

    People keep fighting that Sony is not updating Z to 4.2.2 and we are stuck on 4.1.2.. Do people even know what changes when they move to 4.2.2? I don’t think anybody except the hardcore developers know.. Yes coming from ICS to JB is a big boost and Sony should definitely do something about it. But talks for 4.1.2 to 4.2 is absolute absurd.. Grow up people..

  • Hhhh

    Do you know something very interesting? Xperia Z gonna get 4.1 -> 4.2 -> 4.3, because Sony gonna count these as major update, and after two major update, end of support. So XZ user will only know android jelly bean. People are bitching here about Xperia S, but it the only phone (with p, ion, so, acro s) which gonna get TWO REAL MAJOR UPDATE, 2.6 -> 4.0 -> 4.1

  • APai

    JB was released only recently, I don’t know – it might be fixed, the bugs might be there only for a few phones. like the xperia T which has got multiple bugs affecting a few subsets of people. what i’m emphasizing is that a 2 year old handset gets update vs a year old phone – isn’t that a good thing ? who knows/ cares – samsung might deliver a bug free update to sgs2 ? and it might be bug free for a few people ? like on my T I dint have a number of bugs affecting my phone but it did so for others.

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  • the guy leaving Sony

    I have insurance for those issues, plus im tired of replacing this damn ion every other mnth bcuz of that sleep of death problem

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  • howarad

    if is true this

    the c190x is the xperia L with 5 megapixel camera, a 4 inch screen and 4 gb of internal storage.

    it will be intersting if the phone have a dual sim support

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