Xperia ZR not heading to UK, France or Germany

by XB on 13th May 2013

in Xperia ZR

Xperia ZR_Press_19Unfortunately, those of you who like the look of the Xperia ZR but are based in the UK, France and Germany will be disappointed to hear that there are no current plans to launch it in these regions. We imagine this is down to not wanting to cannibalise Xperia Z sales or dilute the marketing message in these countries. Either way it is disappointing news. We’ll wait to find out which regions is heading to, only Hong Kong has confirmed availability so far. If the Xperia ZR has been confirmed for release in your country, please let us know in the comments below.

Update: Looks like it’s not appearing in the Netherlands either. [Thanks Maaike!]
Looks like it is heading to Netherlands after all. [Thanks Silas!]

  • burn

    release it in philippines!

  • Jay

    heading to india too…check at

  • PRo

    It’s on indian official site

  • darshan


  • Ken

    it’s heading to indonesia :D

  • Kathryn

    It’s heading to Malaysia. I hope the price is lower than ZL.

  • AGB

    On Twitter @SonyXperiaGB stated that the ZR is ‘expected to be released this quarter so hopefully we’ll have more information soon’. Maybe it is coming to the UK?

  • g.saura

    Heading to Spain

  • Cazador

    Announced to be released in Russia

  • Mathieu Power

    It’s on french official site but this is a mistake, as Sony Mobile FR said.

  • XperiaBlog

    Not according to Sony’s PR team. Same thing happened with last year’s acro S and Xperia V.

  • Michael Hofmann

    The ZR is listed on Sony Mobile’s UK site as “coming soon”

  • Jerry Berglund

    Sweden is confirmed accordingly to

  • XperiaBlog

    Unfortunately, this is not confirmation of UK availability. It is the same story in France, where it is listed as Coming Soon, despite no plans for it to hit that market.

  • poke612

    The point is
    HK never get any confirmed news on ZL, but Euro market has.
    so it is normal that HK can get ZR, but not UK, FR & Ger

  • lovebmw

    NO LOVE for the U.S. as usual! makes me think mh….. perhaps the U.S. manager is either North Korean or Persian. the Xperia Z has not been released yet hahahaha….. monkey business

  • and indonesia too… ^_^
    oh can’t wait…

  • ProWeirdo

    IDC if it’s not on topic, but why don’t I still have JB for Xperia S? Sony postponed it on May, and even some sources said it’s gonna be in a week (week ago), then where is it???

  • yeah because those areas are the only places in the world that dislike the U.S
    options: 1. wait patiently 2. buy it unlocked online 3. stick to your fruit phone

  • mj

    also in Italy is listed as coming soon

  • Silas Arentsen
  • mj

    sorry sony mobile IT say not avaiable in italy

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    It is available in the US. Check the Sony USA store.

  • Zange99

    It will come to Norway

  • CeccoFF
  • Polander

    It will be available in Poland?

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  • ion

    It’s coming to India

  • Michael Hofmann

    Yet the Xperia ZL wasn’t listed on the UK site as it wasn’t intended for that market, so why the change?

  • Guest

    It isn’t available in france but it is listed on frecn site. (SonyXperiaFR tweeter)

  • Chris

    no :/

  • Dickweed

    Coming to Bangladesh?

  • lovebmw

    what is available? ZR is not and the Z is coming soon for the last 5 months! what is available? we are talking about the Z and the non U.S. Existent ZR right?

  • lovebmw

    glad some one got it ;)

  • Dimitris

    not coming to Greece either… Sony Mobile Greece confirmed this to me through facebook… Shit this was the perfect phone for me…. :-((((( What’s wrong with SONY???

  • I want the ZR and I live in the uk, will have to buy an HTC One, don’t want the Z, it’s too big

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  • David J Hilton

    Well, it’s showing on the Sony Mobile UK site as coming soon

  • Babylonbwoy

    Sony france website says “bientôt disponible” !

  • It’s heading to Vietnam too!!!

  • vortex0307

    Korea i understand but what about persian??

  • marshalb

    In india too. the listing just popped up on sony mobile india site

  • lovebmw

    Last you checked, USA and Iran are best friends I suppose.

  • Steen Bo Jørgensen
  • magpie

    Hello, do you know about switzerland, which is not in the euro market ?

  • Bill

    Honestly folks, don’t you think Sony tried selling this in on all markets possible? Sony’s customers are the operators, so if they don’t want them the phones probably won’t be released there. If you want to complain to someone, it should be your local operators!

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  • beardybuck

    Well, that’s a kick in the balls. This fitted the bill perfectly. I prefer a bit more weight/depth in hand, more manageable. A screen that is a more sensible size, and improved battery and toughness…. and not for UK. Feckers.

  • Oh why, why not in Germany!?

  • VenetiCAT

    Yea your right the Xperia v wasn’t listed for the UK either, and it didn’t come.. I’ve never seen a phone on the Sony website UK, that didn’t come to shelves.. It has to come..I really hope it does..

  • disap_ed

    (Incomplete) german page is also available (not on the frontpage yet though):

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  • Available in Italy.

  • Mojo

    With it not coming out in the uk france or germany, does anyone know what news there is about it coming to spain?

  • LilliApril

    Confirmed for release in Norway by Sony Mobile NO. Can’t wait, going to get it for my birthday!

  • alan

    I’ve just asked the online assistant on the sony mobile website and they told me that the xperia zr will be release in the UK.

  • kust0r

    they canceled it. Damn you Sony… It was the ultimate mobile phone!

  • buy it from ebay or amazon !

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  • Sam

    Its coming to the uk because on Sony mobile uk website says coming soon.

  • Núria

    I think it will be released in Spain. Does anybody know when the release dates will be announced? Thanks! :)

  • Tanzia

    I want this in Bangladesh. i really waiting for xperia zr for comming in Bangladesh. I want to purchase it.

  • NaomiT
  • Ashua

    I hope you are right, it either Z, SP or ZR I want to get, I am so tempted on getting a new phone! :)

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  • Moks

    It will be available in the Philippines yay! It’s already up for pre-order in India. Accdg. to the website it will be available June 15 and other at the 3rd week of June. Nice!

  • K

    Sony Xperia ZR is officially taken off the U.K website!!! All hopes are gone. I was geniunely going to get this phone at its moment of release. Perfect size and high end, a gap in the phone market that is really untapped. There was a time when companies worked towards a more pocket friendly phone, now it’s all flipping backwards.

  • Robert Bali

    I get the ZR in Thailand! Buy it at the Sony Store in Bangkok. 2 Devices, Black for me and in White for my Wife. With Special Promotion and VAT Refund for about 306.- € :-)))
    It´s a great Smartphone and we are very happy. I can´t understand why Sony not sale it in Germany. Not everybody want for a all activity Smartphone Glas on the backside.

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