Some Xperia SP units suffering from display glitch

by XB on 17th May 2013

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Xperia SP displayThe Sony Xperia SP (C530X) has already been released in select markets around the world, despite a delay for UK stock which is now expected next week. However, some people are starting to report on a display problem which causes the handset to stop registering touch commands. Strangely, the issue only seems to occur when the handset is placed horizontally on a surface. A few videos below highlight the problem. If you are an Xperia SP owner, we’d be grateful to hear if you’re having similar issues.

Via Sony Talk Forums.

Thanks shikh!

  • in settigns you have that option!!!!

  • yuskhanzab

    bad news for a new device!

  • nyconing

    xperia s also facing this problem when it charges with non-original chargers. i think it is a electro-static problem.

  • bombay

    I had that problem with Xperia s

  • It can be from ramm management. It hapen to me also

  • nyconing

    xperia s also facing this problem when it charges with non-original chargers. i think it is a electro-static problem. (seeit clearly, only happen when charge, touch screen will fuction perfectly not in charge)

  • Xperia S is the BEST!

  • lovebmw

    not surprised, when yu have so many phones to look after, i am sure there will be a bobo somewhere!

  • FanAsus

    Me too (since leak JB) :)

  • And me.

  • I had this problem when I connect anything to phone(headphones, charger)

  • Arokhantos

    They probably changed touch sensitivity in an update, which was working before on all smartphones fine, now only works on select few making some bug like shown here.
    Sony has no idea why this happends, probably because their to stupid.
    Same principel as hardware stability issues on some devices that not occur on others.
    not every display is perfect and having same sensitivity, if you lower it you gonna have devices that will have problems, while if to increase it touch sensitivity might go crazy.
    Same with stability some chips have own voltage programmed in them for perfect stability, if you overide that they will either overheat or become unstable.
    Something tells me sony either totaly retarded, or they doing this on purpose trying to cover it up, because they wan’t you to buy their new smartphone, aka main reason why updates are out so slow, they just pretend they have problems act stupid.

    I seriously hope sony learns it lesson before they have to ditch mobile market.

  • niks

    same problem touchpad not working while charging, even with original charger

  • RonRon3050

    And to think i almost bought this phone..
    Shame on u Sony haha:P

    Make.Destroy ;P

  • chong8181

    I did a longer video describing the issue:

  • Herman

    I’m sorry to disrupt your dream, but it isn’t.
    And yeah, I own one.
    And yeah, I like Sony.
    But yeah, there’s a new flagship already, called the Xperia Z. And I can’t wait to see what the Sony Honami will bring (which I’m definitely going to get)!

  • Vlad S

    Actually, the best screen is the one on Xperia V, then is Xperia P and then Xperia S. You can see here Cheers! And a phone with a bad screen is….just bad. And if Z is twice than P. Just incredible!

  • The strange thing is phone works perfect on the same surface while charging.

    One user suggested it can be a static issue. Idk :/ I really hope this is just a software defect and nothing else.

  • rus_media

    Go Sony go……

    Make so many phones in a short with some bugs ofcourse. Don’t listen to the customers.

    (When Sony really needed to come out from backdated software section of Japan, then they moved all the parts into there)

  • afzal

    Really dont get it when people mentioning sony release to many devices this year causing this kind of issue. If sony aware of this issue as a manufacture error it will officially announce to all sp user to makes replacement parts ( xperia s yellow tint display ) But this happen only to some user that might doing a labs test on their device. By the way sony release only 11device include tablet compare to samsung that already release 20device not include s4 mini, zoom and what ever new s4 copy paste names onward.

  • Julio Spinoza

    My Xperia Z screen is not even close as the post above, could be the display JDC or the new update, but honestly, is very good

  • Jason Wang

    Have an Xperia SP. No problems whatsoever. Couldn’t help but get it since it is quite a bit cheaper than the S3 in my country.

  • PRo

    Dude this unit is the demo unit, retail unit is much better and aftr the latest update, screen was awesome….. It was actually better than htc one or s4 in watching images and videos with BE2….

  • Khiem Diep

    Samsung doesn’t have a problem updating their phones on a decent schedule. Especially true for their flagships. Samsung flagships have had Jelly Bean for a long time. And as far as I know Xperia S haven’t received theirs yet.

    PS: I love the support that Sony gives to their mid-range phones. I love my Xperia P with Jelly Bean.

  • afzal

    Yup samsung getting fast update one thing for sure they already had history dealing with google previously. But on the other hand each update just bring quit similar ui and only had minor changes between updates. But when its come to sony major update from GB to ICS to JB it will be totally new xperiance and lots futures to add on each update. I dont think sony fans want a major update end up with a same look and feel just like xperia J had.

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  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks – we added it to the post!

  • Keshav

    Can somebody test by changing the glove mode setting to ON/OFF and report the result?

  • dude please…

    there’s nothing “best” from sony

    there’s only troubles

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  • Sumit Thukral

    think before u buy… ridicules service center, they never pickup the phone (Nehru Place Service Center). my phone hangs from the day i bought it this is second time i am stuck again with Sony service center and it is still with service center for past 15 days and today they say the need another 15 days. I had bought a new phone as work is getting disturbed without a phone.

  • vivek khandelwal

    facing same issue…

  • Lolzer

    BE 2 is just a software to tune the sharpness and colour (by, well, at most 20%). It’s not like X-Reality chip, the colour wont chg much. It still need a good LCD (such as IPS LCD). I dont know why Sony is sticking with TFT LCD… IPS is a newer generation of LCD which offers better contrast, viewing angle and richer colour.
    I’m not a fan of AMOLED with “superb viewing angle with oversaturated colours”, but Sony’s range of Xperia has bad viewing angle. A slight tilt would result in at least 20-30% loss of colour. I’m not using my phone at 170/180 degree, but i dont use it directly at 90 degree either. I use it (and i believe, most ppl use it) at around 100/110 degree, and the difference is huge.
    I believe Sony should change to IPS LCD, or re-create their S-LCD (yes, S-LCD on HTC used to be Sony, and it contains Sony’s technology). They should also fit in X-Reality engine, BionZ image processing processor, dual speaker (Sony’s devices has poor speaker, especially loudness. If you opt for a water-resistant Xperia device, the speaker’s loudness is even lower, probably due to some water resistant coating) and most importantly, big sensor. That would kick Sammy’s ass.

  • kazora

    i did have some problems with the touchscreen at times.

  • don carlos

    try with glove mode off

  • benson

    hey i have xperia sp 2weeeks old.
    never experienced such problem the touch screen is awesome! and one of the best ones out there you can even use the screen while wearing a glove(glove mode)

  • bombay

    ave upgraded to the Z, and i like it more than i though i would, jsut better around apart from styling, S is still best when it comes to that

  • chong8181

    I made 2 of the videos above. I never thought that using a phone on a wooden table or a mattress can be called “lab testing”. I probably should put on a lab coat before I use the phone and get people to call me “Scientist”. :)

  • chong8181

    The problem occurs in both settings.

  • PRo

    Yes brother you are right that Sony is Lillian behind in terms of tech, bt dat doesn’t mean that it has poor performance. I own Z, my ffriend has HTC one, he was taunting me befor he bought HTC one bt now he is aggreed aftr comparing that Sony is the best when comes to watching videos or pictures…… Yes be2 boost colours by 20% bt that is enough to beat HTC one things have changed aftr latest update

  • Dinesh Kumar.T

    Hi am from India and i bought my Xperia SP 10 days back i didnt notice the vertical glitch until i saw this post and afterwards when i checked it out i found that my device does not properly register touch movements while i place on a surface and use and when i charge my phone….pls keep us updated on this issue and hopes its a minor s/w glitch

  • kripal

    I’m suffering from it too occurred on the first day of buy sometimes screen does not respond and more often happen when it’s in charging but now it’s working well

  • Hondaman2318 .

    I have an Xperia SP as well, it’s a brilliant phone in all respects except for the glitch that appears only during charging. I tried to plug in using another socket or an adapter to the wall socket and hey presto, the problem disappeared! Just see if that works.

  • sarbjeet

    I bought Xperia sp last week touch freezs when in horizontal position especially while charging..

  • Tj

    I m having a bit of problem with its touch screen. Especially when it is connected to usb data cable with laptop. It did not respond well sometimes.

  • Mehtab Singh

    My Xperia SP has same problem, when it is at horizontal Or at a surface then its touch not work properly. Sony should replace handset or repair it for free. I have C5302 model.

  • mich

    Hi, where is this option?

  • Brad
  • ak

    i’m having the same problem..

  • GL

    does this happen to all sony xperia SP sold in every country, or only in a specific region?

  • jojo

    Hey everyone why does xperia sp shows only 768 mb ram??
    while so many places i’ve read its 1gb
    I own a xperia sp

  • ash_k29

    I am facing this problem !!! Just bought the handset today :(
    This is horrible…..

  • ash_k29

    and BTW this happens only while charging on my laptop, not otherwise

  • Zhang Jidong

    hi,guys, thank u very much for sharing the information. I went to the Sony center today to try the sp. I did notice some problem with the touch screen in one of the sp. It exists in both settings. but the Z and V work well. So I believe it occurs randomly. It is horrible. I decide to buy another brand. I cannot depend on my luckness

  • Zhang Jidong

    god bless you. hahahahah

  • SCL

    I have this problem also, I don’t think it’s connected to being horizontally placed on a surface, because I experience it only when connecting to a PC or laptop and it’s not affected when I’m charging normally via charger.

  • val

    I just got my Sony Xperia SP last eveing.. a lil disappointed with the touch screen .. it has noting to do with horizontal/vertical … my screen just freezes :( and another concern the camera.. itz supposed to be 8mp …. doesnt look like that at allllll no clarity… no idea if itz coz of low batt or what.. any info will be helpful … thnx

  • Suman

    Im having display problem with my newly bought xperia l, the display quality seemed like cheap china phones, and there are problems in producing black color, the black color is accompanied by white lines.

    Please tell me what to do!

    N sorry for blurry pic..attached

    Please Help!

  • Shreyas

    To solve the touch screen problem while placed on a horizontal surface,
    Turnoff Auto-rotate screen.

  • Arup

    Have been experiencing the unresponsive touchscreen problem as well. It happens pretty randomly and seems to happen only when the phone is connected to the charger or to a usb port on a computer via the usb cable. Once I take the usb cable out it returns to normal. Pretty frustrating for a brand new phone. I guess Sony’s got some explaining to do.

  • vish

    I got Sony Xperia SP few days back and observed the same issue, needed to know if any updates on the issue.Kindly help.

  • Jimmy

    yes i am facing same problem on my sony xperia sp.

  • Neil

    I bought Sony Mobile….after a week, I noticed tat display doesn’t responding to touch sometimes… and its so annoying…frustrating…Such a big brand Sony is and having such an issue… Moreover they can not fix it….OMG…Sony has to improve their Quality testing before launching any mobile…This will b my Last Sony Phone….

  • Oonagh Sloan

    My SP has suddenly frozen. I cannot unlock it but i can start the camera. I cant turn the phone off and im worried if i turn it off i might damage my sd card which i just replaced because one just went on me.

  • Same problem, some fix?? Alguien?? Dioss…

  • Manpreet Singh Mudhar

    I’m facing the same problem of overheating & phone’s battery just draining from like a eighty to a zero and starts overheating while draining and there is no display at that time when battery is draining and continue to be overheated till it gets cool down some about after 2:30 hrs.
    did any one facing the same problem?

  • Pulkit

    I m also having problems with my xperia sp
    It sometimes freezes and get heat up
    Almost every day this shit happens and then I have to reset it
    Can somebody tell
    what to download

  • Same problem here it occurs about once a month. I found a workaround, which works sometimes (but not always) – I use the camera button, which makes touch screen to response.

    I have had to do HW reset few times. It seems to get worse over last few weeks.

  • XAVI


  • douchebagt

    i have had my phone for about 3 weeks now but did not come across any problems at all

  • sourabh

    Same thing happens wimme too…shud I get it to a service centre?

  • Naveen Unorthodox

    same problem help plzzzzzz

  • Manzur

    Dude you needa brush up your knowledge, the ram which you usually see in specs, is raw ram, the actual ram available for user out of the box is always less than that, cuz some of the ram is used for the core os, and gpu

  • Manzur

    remove the back cover, you can see a tiny button written off beside it, press it and hold it for 10 seconds using the tip of pen or similiar object( Don’t use too sharp objects), this will solve the issue

  • oak

    I have the xperia sp and the touch screen won’t respond while the phone is connected to its charger. I have an xperia go too. I plugged the sp to the go charger and it works normally. Both chargers are originals that came with the phones.

  • Peedro

    Eu estou com um problema parecido! Quando estou carregando meu smartphone (Xperia SP) e o boto na posição horizontal o touch não funciona corretamente mas na posição vertical e sem o carregador conectado ele funciona perfeitamente!

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  • reynard

    i am having problem with my sony xperia sp the touch screen is not functioning but the power button and the camera button can be used the only problem is the touch screen is totally unresponsive please give me answer how to fix this

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