Xperia S Jelly Bean update landing towards end of June? [Update]

by XB on 21st May 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia S

Android-Jelly-BeanSony’s official communication around the timing of the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Xperia S (LT26i) is that it will arrive from the end of this month. However, Sony Mobile Russia SMM representative Dmitry Lazarev has commented on Twitter that it may not appear until the second half of June.

He goes on to say that there is no specific reason for the delay and that the “firmware is actually ready and actively tested. You will like it.” (translated) However, to keep hope for an earlier release, he does say in a later tweet that he cannot rule out the firmware arriving earlier. Let’s hope there is no delay and that we see Jelly Bean arrive for Xperia S users by the end of the month.

Update: Dmitry has been in touch with us to clarify the comments made. He wanted to emphasise that his comments were based on personal opinion rather than receiving any official word from Sony Mobile Russia. Sony Mobile has officially talked about a late May release for the Xperia S Jelly Bean release and we have no reason to believe there will be any further delay at this stage.

Xperia S JB delay


Thanks Denis!

  • EMRE


  • awful sony same as x10

  • Carl-Johan Nilsson

    Let’s wait and see before we jump to conclusions. One employee saying something does not make it so.

  • luke

    you are kidding me????

  • Ares

    Now this is how sony supports it’s products. Excellence at it’s best . Thank you Sony

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    just could everyone get over themselves… this is a fan page not a page to complain… you don’t like sony go to sony and tell it to them. I like sony, I have up to date had and still working x10i, Xperia Neo, Xperia S, Xperia Z… (Had couple of samsungs which are rendered useless due to instability and quality)

  • Fawwaz

    I wanna fuck Dmitry Lazarev

  • Chad Sexington

    You have a love interest in Dmitry? Maybe you should contact him directly for that kind of proposition.

  • It could be true for Russia. Sony is notorious for phased release of firmware upgrades. Nordic regions might get it in of May with the rest of the world getting it through out June.

  • Michael Salib

    Just wait & see guys….wait till end of may then screw Sony & its employees as u want if its not gonna be released this month. And if this is right, unlock ur bootloader & test it urself with the” working” JB leak by DoomLord.

  • Lucian

    This doesn’t mean anything for official release…

    Jelly Bean is ready and I think that first batch of phones will get it next week. And then following next weeks next batches.. It won’t come to all countries at the same time as it never did before…

  • r0

    It is fucking pathetic… Same situation as it was with Xperia X10. I have such a bad luck – it was actually my previous android phone…

  • Arokhantos

    How predictable another delay, why am i not suprised.
    Come on sony give everyone what they expect, because thats what makes your customers more loyal to buy your next product, not forcing them right away in a year to buy a xperia z.

  • Arokhantos

    It will go in one update, unless their 2 xperia s hardware with different specs hardware.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, and according to a Sony Employeed in Canada its allready rolling out in small portions. So as long not the Sony Mobile blogg has said anything. I take all news with a pinch of salt (as we say inte swedish when the news doesnt seem trustworthy)

  • Alex

    The x10 was also my previous phone and I’m now stuck with a buggy ICS phone that freezes so often to the point of being totally un-usable!!

    Cheers Sony, you’ve already made uoi my mind for my next phone

  • portug2

    I think In the end of may, yes it will be…
    I am wrong FU** OFF SONY

  • I thought this was a news and informational site and not the lead cheering squad for the Sony Mobile division.

  • lulz…

    firmware is actually ready and actively tested. You will like it.
    BUT ILL NOT GIVE IT TO YOU CAUSE I IF U W8 LONGER U WILL BUY XPERIA Z INSTEAD OF updating this shitty year old xperia S… so pathetic.

  • I think Sony will certainly regret it when all of us Xperia S users are due upgrades next year. No chance in hell my next Android phone will be a Sony branded device.

  • Arokhantos

    I boycot samsung for that reason, they are like bose they use 10 dollar materials advertise big and sell for 600 dollars.
    Oh never again will i buy samsung devices.
    Anyway i think everyone knowns already this is’t oficial sony blog, does’t mean their allowed to vent their frustation here, just ignore if don’t like it.
    Anyway i’ll always like negativity when it comes to samsung :D

  • Arokhantos

    like last time ?
    Well its still not end may but still, this kindy explains lot about sony and how they deal with stuff.
    Why can’t they give rough estimate instead of unrealistic estimate just keep people silent for a while.
    from a company that has make believe in their logo, you would expect that could trust them least to release update on time like they promise.

  • aligamz

    He is probably just trolling, or he doesn’t know shit.

    If this is indeed true, then what the fuck are Sony’s developers doing? Picking their noses? Totally unacceptable.

  • Jv Sykes

    I’m using the leaked JB,everything works great…. At least it isn’t the laggy and slow ICS

  • Ricky Rangire

    All these times i was waiting patiently,silently…checking this blog everyday since i bought my SL,for a moment i read those two words xperia s and jellybean together,i was like finally ,but it is rather opposite…although i m very happy with my phone now,and i could have waited till june or even july,if sony haven’t made that promise of end of may,now its impossible to wait anymore…,i just hope this tweet is casual and they will deliver jb on time before end of may…

  • is this guy who call him self XB ( the author ) wanna piss us off ?!

    or this blog is just bullshit !

  • Wow I wonder which will get released first: the sex-tape of Fawwaz and Dmitry Lazarev’s encounter or the Xperia S Jelly Bean update..the race is on!

  • Shitsung is the best and you know it!

  • Lucian

    They update according SI numbers so some get update immediately while some get it later.

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  • Arokhantos

    they can kiss my ass, no way i’ll buy shitsung ever again.
    i rather do seppuku.

  • aligamz

    If you don’t like this blog, then what the hell are you doing reading it? Fuck off.

  • Feeling you, bro. Reminds me of Sean Penn’s line in ‘The Game’ :”They just f— you and they f— you and they f— you, and then just when you think it’s all over, that’s when the real f—ing starts!”…c’mon Sony stop mucking S owners around, it’s really lame.

  • Ok. I give up. I CANT STAND SONY ANYMORE. Enough is enough. It’s not reasonable that Sony take so much time to release the FUNCKIN JB. Definitly I’m not buying any Sony until the company start to behave like a BIG company.

  • Arokhantos

    insert sarcasm next time then lol :)

  • Guilherme Brant

    Shitsung….. maybe SAMEsung is better , look their phones all of them look the same

  • joe

    To be honest I’ve given up yeah I’m keeping my xperia s for a few more years but all I know is just never to buy a sony phone again I should have brought a razr maxx at least it would have managed to through a day without needing a charge every few hours and would have got the jellybean update in reasonable time.

  • AlphaTrend

    End of May = Sony is very bad, but at least release the update.

    June = Sony go to the fucking shit.

  • Arokhantos

    they look oke, but its all cheap 10 dollar parts on inside sold for 600 dollars.

  • Surely you remember that one Xbox guy that got fired the next day right?

  • Maybe it’s for Russian firmware?
    Let’s just wait for this end of May.

    I like you Sony but damn Sony get your shit together.

  • angry user

    I already unlock BL and installed Jelly bean rom.. and it’s so nice! :)

  • Most people don’t know what the x10 looks like..can you draw us a picture?

  • Arokhantos

    does’t matter still gonna buy playstation 4 especialy after sony stocks wen’t up after xbox reveal.

    I wanted to make my next console choice based on features and which ever gonna be bigger online.
    Thats clearly not gonna be microsoft this time.

    Also its not like ps4 runs on android software.

  • It got no games too, no backwards comp. game linked to account etc… bullshit that only a bullshiter can come up with

  • Krishna

    I think sony’s developers cannot handle things at a constant pace !! SONY should donate to some XDA developers(developing members) or hire a few XDA developers(developing members),so that they(XDA developing members) might help and eventually we get faster updates !! wake up now sony !! please dont make us walk on you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arokhantos

    As if thats a problem with xbox one and ps4 still being 1080p for gaming, i could see this as problem before with ps3 backwards comtability for ps2 games.
    But not at the momment.
    Gonna be able to buy a ps3 and xbox 360 anyway for between 50€ to 100€ anyway

  • What the fuck are you talking about?

  • Anatoliy

    Me, my family, my girlfriend using SONY… I will wait until end of may after that I can say F*ck you sony with your support. No JB in the end of May = all my family and me go to HTC and my friends will never choose sony by my recommendation.
    sony make.believe = sony f*cking.forget
    I’m fed up with you sony. If you can not make firmware – don’t do it at all!!!

  • Trainer

    If Sony Mobile doesn’t release Jelly Bean update before the end of May,it’ll loose a large customer base.. Already it has a bad reputation of releasing the updates very lately… If they don’t keep up their promise,they can’t be reliable in international market’s, where other players have been successful..

  • zell

    i just hope this update be super stable and brings more feature than JB on XT since it took eternity to be released.

  • I think Sony’s biggest hindrance is that they release far too many phones every year. No company can possibly keep up with updates when they release 20-30 phones every damn year. Sony needs to slow down a bit and focus on perfecting fewer models. You can’t fine tune on your devices when your developers are all over the map trying to develop software for 30 phones.

  • dzandwz

    Tired of Sony always “Make Beliefs”… Waiting too long… Switched from Xperia S to S4 with 4.2.2 JB. Finally I feel up to date!

  • Synonymous

    Is Russia 1st to receive updates? Because Android OEM updates are not seeded worldwide except for Nexus devices though. So the update might still be at the end of May (in specific countries) and Russia will receive it on 2nd half of June.

  • sfordesign

    sony tries to MAKE you BELIEVE that every time it provides shitty products and supports, it will be better later so that you will buy its next line of shitty products and supports. brilliant slogan imo.

  • kaz

    translation: give up, just go to samsung or somebody else who cares about their products

  • Mat Jeng Jeng

    If this happened to Xperia S, what will happen to Xperia Ion then? You gave me a big smile and passionate to wait, Everyday i’ll checked for the update news. But now this will make feel so down. Is it fun to make your fan feel sad?Ha SONY?

  • Walkalone

    Its been listed on the Vodafone Australian Software Update page since about 2 weeks ago, moving from “Sony are preparing this update for testing” to its current status as “Currently in testing” as of 16th May. The page is updated every Thursday, so well see where its up to tommorrow.

  • Kevin

    That is not the reason they take so long updating their products since Samsung has even more phones than Sony.
    Sony 20-30 phones
    Samsung like 64 phones
    So… phones ain’t the reason.

  • Carlo Lim

    Sorry mate, but I guess you’re stupid. This blog is “the most” helpful blog for “Xperia Users”.
    Now, if you think this is bullshit, maybe you can call yourself the same.

  • Hehe..Google Is Going To Launch Android 4.3 On 10th Of June And Still We Are Waiting For 10-12 MonthS Old Software!!! Even They Can’t Able To Make A Bugfree ICS Update From Past 9 Months!!!
    Sony’s New Slogan :- “Make Costumers Fool So Never Believe”

  • Carlo Lim

    Come on guys. It’s not even the last week of May yet. Let’s give SONY a chance. I know it’s hard (I’m tired of waiting too) but heck, at least, our phones are amazingly designed.

  • Lol. I gave my xperia s 2 days ago and now I am a happy S3 owner with 4.1.2 and in 1 month 4.2.2.

  • Carlo Lim

    yea. enjoy you’re plastic phone!! It’s great isn’t it?
    How’s the LAG? Please don’t tell me it doesn’t lag cause a lot of SGS3 owners (including my mom) are complaining about it.

  • Carlo Lim

    oh and yeah, you’re not using xperia phone anymore, so what’s the reason to be here? I guess you regret downgrading From Xperia to Galaxy huh?

  • But Samsung doesn’t update all their phones. Sony updates ALL their phones. it might take way too long, but they update them.

  • Xyor

    No more excuses, go home and **** yourself Sony.

  • Teng How Lai

    The lag on S3 is almost zero compared to Xperia S, how about this?

  • deepak

    its a n attempt by sony to drive everyone to root their xperia s so that warenty is void.

  • michael

    if so,then ion,acro s,sl the same?

  • plastic yes but still more beutifull than xperia S. sony got better UI but that;s not enough to stay on them with the crazy delays on the updates. even LG updated the 4x that’s older than S

  • will never ever ever again buy SONY

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  • gizmomp

    .197 firmware a little bug 2g edge is very slow.

  • usjsjjshsnsbsb

    December 2012: XS JB update scheduled for early march
    Early March: XS JB to arrival by the end of the month
    Mid March: XS JB to arrive by 2nd week of April
    Early April: XS JB to arrive by end of month
    Mid April: wait for next week
    End of April: XP and XGo JB released…. Sorry XS users, we lied 3:)
    Early May: just a few more days XS users….
    Mid May: Oops, we lied again… Sorry XS users

    23, April 2035 : much anticipated JB update for XS finallr released!

    no wonder shitty Samsung sells more devices, even though they’re plastic crap!

  • Prabhjot

    fed up with Sony’s delay…i am selling my Xperia S!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rodrigo

    im pulling a ROLFLMAO XD i was owner of a Xperia S,i never liked since i buy, HORRYFING smartphone,now i have a nexus 4 and it is spectacular i love it ;)

  • rodrigo

    jelly bean 4.3 for the Xperia Z…yeah no worries dude it will come out in the second half of june of 2016 LOL XDDD

  • It does not mean anything. Dmitry Lazarev told me that the update may still be in May he just does not warrant renewal Russian users in May soree just obni be updated later, but at the same time to update may be released before in other countries.

  • t does not mean anything. Dmitry Lazarev told me that the update may still be in May he just does not warrant renewal Russian users in May soree just obni be updated later, but at the same time to update may be released before in other countries.

  • Zulugula Mobutu Seseseko

    Xperia S my first and last sony device

  • Cheng

    -.-” if you hate sony that much, why still visit Xperia blog?-.-” u can consider to sell ur S and get anohter plastic Samsung or annoying Iphone…sigh

  • Sony started to censored links to this article on their own site.

  • djabag

    I don’t understand why Sony even consider updating this old phone. Stop crying over the fact that updating this old model will not be first in line and be happy that you finally will get the update at all !

  • We paid for that update! If i wanted a phone without support I wouldn’t buy Sony, but some Chinese noname

  • Carlo Lim

    maybe. but sad to say, we are not only talking about Xperia S here. I’m using Xperia Acro S, which doesn’t even lag yet (even once) and I’m still on ICS compared to my Mom’s SGS3 running JB.

  • Andrew D

    Bye bye Sony

  • jkfjjkf

    I can’t stand you people. Sony finally released an official statement and you believe all the rumors. Just wait and see it happen.

  • cars1dA

    Or never gets xperia s 4.1.. Buy a new Sony phone if u want JB…

  • YEAH


  • joe

    When your waiting till December to get your xperia z update you will be moaning as much as we are.

    When even the ace 2/ xperia p / xperia go/ galaxy s2 /htc one s/ rarz/ razr maxx gets jb before us, We at least deserve it

  • djabag

    Where did you get that idea ? You paid for the software that was installed when you bought the phone.

  • yah me too :(
    now ,, i think it’s bad to buy new mobile from Sony ,, idiot Company :(

  • at least , they release the update before Sony did !! -_-

  • yah ,, maybe HTC is better :)

  • Look! He said that this will be his last phone. So original and it’s never been said before…

  • MetadonPatient

    Why buy a new Sony? Buy something else.

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  • Yes and they all look shit.. but hey this is getting off topic

  • Herman

    Don’t you get it?
    Sony made us believe the update would arrive on time.
    That slogan fits Sony perfectly…

  • betochee????

    ????? ?? ??? ????…

  • 123

    only samsung

  • faisal

    The update for Xperia P was ready one month before but still I have not received it in Afghanistan

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  • Elixir

    Because I like sony,I will just wait even if there is no JB update

  • Make.Believe: Sony ‘make’ the ‘believe’ you will get good customer support. Oh well, lesson learnt….let’s move on.

  • Lucian

    Sony releases updates in batches according to phones SI numbers so some might get it later. But official rollout is still due end of May..

  • Lucian

    You really can’t wait for one more week?? Official rollout is still due to end of May, nothing has changed.

  • Lucian

    You really can’t wait for one more week?? Official rollout is still due to end of May, nothing has changed

  • Salman

    haha hilarious

  • It’s pretty simple. In time when you make a decision for buying phone, you consider all the positives and negatives and make your decision based on that. Sony clearly stated that those phones will recieve updates and said WHEN it will happen. If I would know that they are liars I would buy from other brand. Not supporting your products in this branch and days is simply not acceptable. Even Chinese makers recognize that simple fact and supports their phones more that Sony.

    Samsung clearly knows how much important is support for their customers. Samsung S3 will be updated next month to 4.2.2 jelly bean and we are still on ICS. No need to be genius to understand why Samsung sold 95% of all android phones in Q1 2013

  • Lucian

    Official rollout is still due to end of May… This means nothing.. Trust only official Sony Blog. Last month every contact support of Sony and Twitter accounts were saying when we will get update and they were all lying.

  • Lucian

    Official rollout is still due to end of May.

  • Alvin

    They got a new firmware with ptcrb certified, so if roll out delayed, it is mostly probably not the firmware is not finished but the company’s ‘dirty marketing trick’ and damage its reputation.

    I don’t think it is the case because Sony stated that the roll out will be at the end of May, and there is a leaked firmware that the upgrade is mostly done. There is nothing delay but the roll out may be in phrases in which Russia will get it lately.

  • Adam


  • wtf ???

  • this is getting ridiculous i give up

  • Ricky Rangire

    I can,i am…i like sony and my phone too…may be some lags,late software update (but who doesn’t have problems apple,samsung,nokia,htc,lg…come on) but my phone has enough reason to make me smile,and to be sticked with it, i know this wait is going to be worth enough,if it gets delayed further more even then i m going to wait,but then it be really difficult…i just hope your words stand correct mate

  • That went well.

  • No’s 2G edge

  • Big Love? .hey what you do in your own private life, man…

  • Lucian

    You know what they said on official sony mobile blog:

    “We’ll bring you the latest info when we can and, as always, you’ll only find the official details right here on the blog.”

    So I really don’t trust anyone else even if they claim to work for Sony…

    And I think I can say, at least this time, that update WILL arrive next week. It’s been a month since leaked JB .197 at it is almost without bugs. And now, JB .200 is already certified at PTCRB so delay is not possible at this moment. Update is ready to rollout, there is nothing else to say..

  • Vitali

    I will not wait and suffer one more month with this phone and shitty ICS… i will change my phone to galaxy.. f*ck sony.

  • Lucian

    Official rollout is still due to end of May.. Nothing has changed because of this guy that claims otherwise.

    Quote from official Sony mobile blog:

    “We’ll bring you the latest info when we can and, as always, you’ll only find the official details right here on the blog.”

  • blaster

    why dun they just announced “we’ve decided to strip the JB upgrade for xperia S due to performance issue”

  • Lucian

    Jelly Bean for xs is already certified and ready to rollout just wait for next week.

  • Vitali

    I hope so.. Because I like sony and their phones.. good design and quality.. and i have not problem to stay with ICS… but this shitty ICS is so laggy, drains battery, and makes the phone looks like a cheap and shitty phone…

  • Lucian

    True, just like all the employees were lying last month regarding jb updates.

  • Lucian

    It’s already certified.. official update is still due next week.

  • Lucian

    Official update is still due end of May..
    Trust only official Sony mobile blog

  • Hope they would come with 4.2.* version as a sign of forgiveness. I dont get, how it took so long, to deliver update, that was ready and testing in middle of April..

  • “Trust only official Sony mobile blog”

    i can’t stop laughing !

  • X-sheep -_-

    can u say Ba’a’a’a’a’a ? , im sure u can

  • fucking troll..

  • “which doesn’t even lag yet (even once)”

    becuz u r fucking sheep u can’t notice any more


  • Lucian

    What? It’s true. For now end of May still stands. If they will say on Sony mobile blog that update will arrive in June then there is delay. Right now nothing has changed.

  • will see…

  • Lucian

    Indeed. And JB has been certified by PTCRB for quite some time now so I think that it will arrive end of May.

  • no no no !

    it’s 4.1 ! , there’s no magic in the universe will change 4.1 to 4.2…

    no way man, noooo way !

  • ++++1

    man u nailed it !

  • surethom

    1000% Pathetic, If True?
    Coming in April,
    Coming start of May
    Coming End Of May
    Coming in June

    Pathetic Sony, Getting fed up the the stuttering phone & having to restart the phone 3 or 4 times a week, My Xperis S Needs an update to run properly. Well Sony You have GUARANTEED the loss of money as I will be giving if to some other company

    Do Sony not get it, if they want brand loyatly & our Cash they NEED to release Software updated Much Much more quickly

  • surethom

    I got a tweet from XperiaGB & they say they still have no release date, this does not look good with only 9 days left in May.

  • Lucian

    Last month there were tweets that rollout has already began… And Sony’s contact support also said that it has already began. And they all lied. Sorry but I really don’t trust anyone.

    If there will be any change on Sony’s official blog then I believe you. For now the last official announcement is still end of May.

    Maybe they aren’t supposed to say when or they simply don’t know on tweeter.

    Who knows which countries will get it first.. Isn’t it with Sony that Nordic countries get updates first? And it also depends on carrier, maybe that tweet was for some carrier in GB? Who knows… We shall see next week.

  • FolkCleric

    You can buy a big piece of plastic running stock, or you can wait for the update a bit longer. Choice is yours.

  • raj


  • The software is in my opinion still better and easier in use then a Samsung or HTC interface. But the new firmware rollout sucks monkey balls.

  • Suckdroid

    Dont blame Sony, thats bcuz Android , u know? “fragmentation”

  • fucksony

    FUCK YOU SONY _()_

  • Mat Jeng Jeng

    Wait and see. U promise us till the end of this month. We kept on that. If there is nothing there. THE HTC WILL RULES THIS ALL OF SONY’S FANS.

  • ProWeirdo


  • Joe Merol

    GB always gets stuff incredibly late, if at all.

  • Carlo Lim

    LOL.. you’re funny.

  • kaz

    Sony, “make.unbelieve”

  • kaz

    above mention sony website showing latest update for xperia s is

    Latest available software: 6.2.A.0.200
    Release date: 2013-04-24

    so what the f…. is this….

  • Alex

    This comment full of hate.

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  • Naruto

    Whats wrong with this guy ? putting the same comment everywhere … Idiot

  • Aokde Gharra

    lol someone is about to get fired :D

  • Kazim

    update coming this May Conform by sony Agent.

  • shenrong

    No more sony HP… and for PS4 best wait till PS4 slim…. :P

  • Lucian

    I have too much time?
    Well, everyone is saying the same thing so plenty to reply lol
    Oh, thanks for the compliment ;)

  • Xperia $ user

    Sony .Make believe

  • Lucian

    So JB will arrive in 2 days according to this, nice.

  • Alex

    No that’s April, not May :P I often check that very page to see if the date changes, looks promising as I only checked it a week or two ago and it still had the 09-2012 date as the latest update. Fingers crossed

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Update: Dmitry has been in touch with us to clarify the
    comments made. He wanted to emphasise that his comments were based on
    personal opinion rather than receiving any official word from Sony
    Mobile Russia. Sony Mobile has officially talked about a late May
    release for the Xperia S Jelly Bean release and we have no reason to
    believe there will be any further delay at this stage.

  • Nope.

  • yay

  • They’re trying to ‘persuade’ S owners that they already got the JB update now…mind games!

  • please check the link it states that xperia S

    Latest available software: 6.2.A.0.200

    Release date: 2013-04-24Latest available software: 6.2.A.0.200

  • Abbas

    End of may stands upto
    end of may.afterwards it will change to end of June.that’s it.

  • Cool story bro…needs sexing up a bit though..i recommend reading the comments of fawwaz for inspiration :)

  • How much do you want for it?

  • he said ” end of may”…

    so it’s in june or july ….etc

    what’s up?

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  • XDA, man, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

  • sub

    when i earn little more money i sell my xperia s and no more sony, htc one or samsung s4active with fast firmware upgrades will be my next phone

  • dev29

    xperia s is plastic too ._.

  • Disappointed

    What Sony do is only selling pack of new phones but not the updates, your chance of promise is running out, i’ll never buy another one.

  • Carlo Lim

    You think you’re funny? If you hate XPERIA phones then you’ve got no reason to be here.
    Unless, you’re just pretending to have a better phone when you can’t really afford to buy a new a one.

  • ” If you hate XPERIA phones then you’ve got no reason to be here”

    and who the fuck u r ?

    ima an owner of xperia s….

    but i don’t worship people or company like u..

    fucking sheep…

  • Xtr3me

    But SGS3 got a more powerful CPU than X’S. So it’s possible that SGS3 doesn’t get any lags but with a better CPU it’s not a surprise.

  • kostas

    not without bugs… has many and serious, can you use the 1080p recording in this leaked? i dont know for you but ia can find many users who are very angry with Sony`s attitude!

  • Carlo Lim

    I am who I am. and you’re a loser.

  • great that u admit…

    being loser better than being sheep XD

  • Rene

    since the update version to 6.2.A.0.200 the internet connection is no longer usable. ask for quick solution

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