Xperia Tablet Z compared against its major 10-inch competitors [Video]

by XB on 22nd May 2013

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XTZ ComparisonThe Sony Xperia Tablet Z is the latest 10-inch Android tablet to be released. Whilst some of the market has moved to smaller tablets, the 10-inch tablet still has its advantages especially in terms of enjoying media on a larger display. The Xperia Tablet Z takes this a step further by being the thinnest and lightest 10-inch tablet in the market, as well as making it a more practical to use given its water resistant chassis.

If you’ve been debating how the Xperia Tablet Z compares against some of its rivals such as the Apple iPad 4, Nexus 10, Asus Padfone 2 and Samsung Note 10.1 then Recombu has done the hard work for you and presented a great comparison video. The video goes through the strengths and weaknesses of each to give you a better idea of which may be right for you. Check out the video below.

Via Recombu.

Thanks Basil!

  • An outstanding display. I wonder why Sony doesn’t put the same display in their smartphones

  • lovebmw

    The Xperia Z is a winner! bravo Sony, it’s so sleek. the comparison should have been under the shower lol

  • Thanks Basil indeed..a very thorough roundup! .. Been wanting to play with a tablet Z since it was announced back in the Pleistocene Era but there’s still little sign of it appearing in UK stores any time soon. Which is shocking, frankly.

  • Does Basil say that there is no camera flash because maybe he missed that the XTZ has HDR capabilities?

  • DrazenDodig

    Stock android pads have pretty crappy interface… its is way behind ipad. Sony adds the most to that to make it more usable. Plus it just looks great.

  • Viewing angles..tick! The PPI is lame though.

  • Still waiting…

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  • There is nothing wrong with the ppi

  • Easily the best tablet on the market. Just need an 8″ version now

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  • O/I

    All android tablets should cut the navigation bar out.

  • AsadMulla

    Agree. Stock is lame

  • AsadMulla

    1080p over 10.4 screen. Obviously its low

  • AsadMulla

    Good point

  • Obviously if you’re blind.

  • jake

    Obviously its higher than 90% of the monitor and laptop display .

  • ryq24

    Great review! Very objective!

  • Until recently most displays on tablets were 1280×800. Most people were happy with that.
    The Tablet Z is 1980×1200 which is a great improvement.

  • Got mine today and it is so sexy! The display is excellent but a bit reflective. I put a matte screen protector on and its absolutely fine now. It’s really light and I can hold it for ages without my arms feeling tired. I enjoy reading magazines and comics so this is heaven for me. It’s fast and quite responsive. Loving it! Best tablet on the market!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well Smartphones is more for your owne eyes… while tablets its more often shared with others in the family and so on.

  • U MAD :)

  • mike_b

    Actually, i agree 100% anything from 7″ – 8″ would be nice, 10″ has always been too big for my liking.

  • ahmed552

    It depends on what you intend to do with it. The “retina” resolution of the iPad (264ppi) and the Nexus 10 (300ppi) is great for reading, browsing the web etc. But it downright sucks for movie watching. Even 1080p vids lose most of their sharpness, that’s an inherent drawback of LCD technology, anything lower than native resolution looks fuzzier. Since Sony’s mostly a media focused giant, it’s understandable for them to give a ‘sweet spot’ resolution to their tablet just for that purpose. I always look for tablets with 1200p displays, as I’m not much of a reader, but I do watch a lot of videos, movies etc.
    But even for text, 224 ppi is still higher than the 13″ retina macbook pros (217 ppi), and text on those looks sharp enough.

  • Fan Liang

    Although Sony UI is better than the Stock UI, it still look OUTDATED, Sony need to overhaul its UI too. I mean change to the Touch Gestures UI.

  • which Screenguard? Did u buy it in India? Really want to buy one. Price?

  • Rob

    thats what she said..

  • Rob

    Or maybe, and this is just a wild guess, it’s because theres no flash LED on the back of the friggin device.

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